Naughty and Nice Naturist Nookie

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Tony visits an adult naturist resort and loves the pussy that comes after him. He'd never been pursued before and is thrilled by it. Some serious relationships with lusty women develop to his great joy and satisfaction.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Teenagers   BiSexual   Sharing   FemaleDom   Water Sports   Nudism   .

I’d always wondered if I could be naked around other people. Well, ones that I didn’t know quite well, anyway. Then I had the chance to answer that big question, thanks to a friend’s donation of a week-long stay at an adult naturist resort because he couldn’t keep his reservation. OK, packing would be light!

My pecker behaved itself better than I expected, perhaps because I, or it, was a bit self-conscious. No one else seemed to be and I relaxed. The first hint that things might not always be the same happened after dinner when an attractive blond approached me. She was quite young and looked like she kept herself in shape. I guess when you are naked that’s something you can’t hide.

“Hi! I’m Krissie. Let’s go for a walk on the beach. It’s very scenic at sunset.” She took my hand before I even responded but I wouldn’t have turned her down anyway.

As we walked along the lake’s edge I realized I hadn’t told her my name. “I’m Tony and this is my first time here.”

“I know that. I’m a regular and I looked you up when I didn’t recognize you ... or this.” She reached for my soft cock and gave it a squeeze. It got bigger and she held on to it for a bit. “It seems to like attention. Most of them do in my experience.”

“Wow!” I thought. “This isn’t what I expected. I thought naturists might be asexual. This one sure isn’t.”

We arrived at the marked fence that warned outsiders about what was contained within. Dusk had turned into moonlight which let us see where we were walking as she led me away from the water a short distance to a secluded place. Removing a blanket from a plastic case laying on the sand she spread it out and pulled me down. “You aren’t gay are you?” I said I wasn’t and her next statement shook me up.

“I love to fuck in moonlight and tonight is perfect. I’d like to start with me on top.”

“Shit!” ran through my brain. “I’ve always had to make all the moves. This is wild!” I got on my back on the blanket and she inhaled my seven-incher, making happy sounds as she explored it orally. Her hand caressed my dangling balls. I couldn’t reach any part of her with my hands, though, so I focused on the pleasures I hadn’t had for a while.

“Krissie, you’re getting that thing real worked up and it’s loaded in case you want a mouthful.” She was humming as she fucked it with that talented oral cavity and indeed she got a taste of my stored up cum.

Pulling off and swallowing she commented, “Tastes fine. Helps you to last longer the next place it’s going.”

She moved up and aimed my still-hard shaft towards the stars as she engulfed it inch by inch. I looked back and forth from her lightly-furred crotch to her grinning face. Both were lovely in their own ways. Catching up to what was so fast in developing, my hands reached for the firm, stand-out tits that were pointing at me. She jiggled them as my hands approached and made happy noises while I stimulated them in all the ways I knew. Leaning over she put each nipple in my mouth for that kind of attention.

Her pussy was hot, wet, and snug as she bounced on my happy cock. It didn’t take long for her to moan and shiver in an orgasm. I’d never gotten a girl off that easily. But I had few opportunities to even try. A doubt flashed through my mind, “Would I get to do this again? Guess I’ll just have to ask ... later.”

She came again as my dick dumped its contribution where sperms are supposed to be left. After laying on me for a bit she pulled off and helped me up. No, I was done with that kind of “up” for a while. I helped her fold the blanket and put it away for another time, and maybe another partner I figured.

We didn’t talk on the way back to the cabins. She gave me a little kiss as we parted. I’d have to look for her the next day.

My sleep was alternately sound and laying with my hand holding my resurrected pussy-filler. I hadn’t figured that already being naked would expedite sex. Of course it does. You can size up what they’ve got and don’t have to remove any clothing barriers. Krissie has demonstrated that quite well. Would I get another romp or were other women similarly inclined? I’d better rest up if either was the case.

I’ll be damned, although I actually hoped not, but there Krissie was at breakfast in the dining hall. She beckoned me over and introduced me to Shawna, a tall and thin brunette with an abundant and dark crotch covering. “Tony, my friend wants you to take her where we were last night but she is kinda shy, until she gets going that is. Y’all have fun. I’ve got plans for the morning but will look for you at lunch.”

I copied Krissie’s style by taking Shawna’s hand as we walked. She helped spread out the blanket and got on her back with thighs spread. I started with kissing her neck and ears, moved down to her conical and quite firm breasts with big nipples, then kissed my way south. As I was about to mouth the black curly jungle she stopped me, “You might not want to taste there.”

When I inquired about an experience I rarely got to enjoy she murmured as tactfully as she could muster that it had been “busy” already this morning.

My reaction was to “taste” it with my steel-like shaft, plunging into the still slippery socket and pounding. She wrapped those long, lanky legs around me and her hips thrust back. Each hard thrust elicited an “uh!” until we both made our max pleasure sounds as we held each other tightly. My shaft stayed hard and kept moving in the hot hole. She was delighted and urged me on as her passion began rebuilding.

I couldn’t hold back verbally any longer, “You love cock, right?”

“Oh yes! Hardly ever get any and now two in a row and you just keep going. Never had that happen and I love it. FUCK ... FUCK ... FUCK...” That’s what I did until I ran out of sperm and energy. We snoozed with our crotches connected until Krissie showed up.

We didn’t know she was there until her hot piss stream tickled and soaked our connected crotches. “Let’s get her,” I whispered in Shawna’s ear. We moved together and got our company down on the grass. As my helper held her down, I aimed my hose and blasted her crotch with hot yellow liquid. As it entered her cunt I saw some whitish cream being floated out. “She’s been fucking before coming here. What a rascal,” I thought, so I knelt between her legs and put my re-hardened dick into the mess. She was giggling and pretending to resist.

I couldn’t get off so soon after doing Shawna so I pulled out and we all went to the water and cleaned off. The sun dried us off quickly as we walked back to the main area. I took them to the beverage bar and ordered a beer for myself. The two women wanted cold tea because they were underage, I discovered. They were only sixteen to my surprise. I was more than ten years older! At least they were legal fucks.

They didn’t spend time with me for a few days, to my surprise and dismay. I saw them in the company of other men and boys. When we did get back together it was balls-deep again. As I had surmised, those other males were “new-cumers” like me and needed checking out. The gals giggled and glanced at each other as they told me.

However, I hadn’t been lonely or horny. These youngsters weren’t the only females who liked to welcome men. This time they might be ten or more years older than me and often married with absent spouses. Who was I to complain when a lovely mature woman with hefty breasts and an eager pussy wanted my attention, especially seven inches of it buried between their lonesome legs? They knew what they wanted and put plenty of energy into getting it.

Myra was a good example. Late thirties blond sporting some lovely d-cups that swing enticingly as she rode me. She made no bones about enjoying boners when her husband was not around and I wasn’t the only one who visited her vagina either. She even asked if I wanted the scorecard but I passed on that at the moment. Her comment, “I sure like young hard cock like yours,” was mostly what I needed to hear. Of course, filling her hot slot was the payoff and I did notice when she slipped into my bed late one night that it was very slippery as I easily accessed it. I left it even slipperier for whoever she was going to after I dumped two loads deep.

Back to my teenie-twats. They had become quite a team, nibbling on their friend’s sensitive places as I took turns stretching them with my big banger. It took little persuasion to find out any details I wanted about their promiscuity.

Shawna giggled as she told their sex secrets. “It’s so cool being here. I never thought I could just lie on a beach chair and spread my legs to show off my pussy to anyone who walked by. I especially like it when it’s oozing some male stuff too. Not only do some guys come talk to me and can’t keep their eyes off my crotch but a few women seem to want to try it too. Krissie and I do it to each other but I’ve never invited another woman ... yet. Would you like to be part of something like that? Maybe you could fuck me, and stick it in them as they cleaned up your stuff right after. Dou you want to try it with Krissie and me first then we go looking for fresh stuff while she’d busy doing whatever with the bunch of guys she’s met?

I told her I’d met some older married women who might be adventurous that way. She nodded and fingered her twat as we talked. I didn’t leave until I filled it once more, to her happy delight.

Myra was ready for more of my deep attention. She’d tried some other cocks and said mine was the best. When I mentioned Shawna’s idea she got breathing deeply. “I’ve wondered about that and having you involved won’t make me feel lesbian.” I reassured her with another round of pussy pounding that I never thought she was. Her place was available so I went to find Shawna.

Krissie thought she might be down the beach so I went looking. Sure enough, she was riding one guy while another was filling her mouth. When she saw me she finished off both and sent them on their way then laid on her back to offer her hot and drooling cunt to me. My response was, “I’ve got a woman who wants to try the idea you had earlier. Let’s go to her place.” She rinsed in the lake and we headed back.

When I told Myra how I’d found Shawna her nipples hardened. “I’ll just start by tasting when she’d already collected. You are going to fill me while I do it, right?” I emphatically reassured her.

It was hot seeing the two getting so well acquainted and Myra’s attractive ass in the air was a great target for my lust. I fucked gently so her oral ministrations wouldn’t be disturbed. After both had orgasmed, but not me, Shawna asked, “I’d like to swap positions with Myra but you haven’t cum in her.”

Myra chuckled, “You will taste man in me, don’t worry. This isn’t the only cock I’ve met here.” The swap was quickly arranged and I was now enjoying Shawna’s wild and wicked young pussy once more.

Before I came again Myra made a suggestion so Shawna and I carefully rolled over to put me on the bottom and her reverse cowgirl. Myra’s tongue caressed both of us as the young cunt moved up and down on my shaft and when I began to spurt Shawna rose off me and Myra got most of my shots in her mouth, then applied them to the recently vacated twat. Wild and fun stuff, we all agreed.

We talked for a while and Myra agreed that exposing her horny crotch to the “general public” was quite stimulating and had gotten her some long and hard new acquaintances, like me. She wasn’t missing her husband very much but when he came back would Shawna like to fuck him? The answer was to make introductions and maybe.

Bradley, Myra’s husband, sported a short but thick penis, and it was uncircumcised. That combination was quite unfamiliar to Shawna and Krissie so they wanted to see how it felt in their mouths and cunts. Myra suggested that the two of them stay at her place overnight and she’d spend the time with me. Everyone agreed to that. Bradley gave his wife a happy kiss and whispered a “Thank you” that I heard. He’d already fucked her well-used snatch on returning, I knew.

Myra and I had a fun evening, going down to the beach. I watched from a distance as guys checked out her quite attractive crotch and tits. She spent quite a bit of time talking to one guy who was pretty hung and mouthed to me, “wait here”. She walked off with him and was back in fifteen minutes. I joined her as she explained she’d fucked him every day of this visit. Her twat was leaking cum as she laid back to show it off. I decided to take her down the beach right then as my horns were growing.

“You’ve been here before, obviously. Tell me about it,” she insisted as she rode me with her slippery parts. She came twice hearing how I had screwed Krissie and Shawna on this very blanket as my initiation into the lively sex life of the resort. Her comment: “Isn’t sexual liberty fun? It has made me feel more like a woman than anything else in my life, even marriage. I don’t screw around at all back home but the carryover from these visits keeps my relationship with Bradley healthy and strong. I hope you can do that when you reach the commitment stage with someone.” I reassured her that I was learning a hell of a lot this trip.

So that’s how it went and I returned to my regular life a changed man. The friend who had given me this gift was owed a big one in return. What could I do? Perhaps treat him to the next visit. We’d have to talk about his experiences if he’d been there before.

Steve was pleased to hear an edited story of my time. It was going to be his first visit so he didn’t really know what I’d been through. He’d hoped that there would be some sex though and I reassured him about that. We arranged a week near the end of the season as my treat.

I had contact information for my key women who fortunately didn’t live an unreasonable distance away. The young ones, Krissie and Shawna, would be very pleased if I would visit. They had to be careful around home to keep their reputations but that left them horny. Since they could drive I also invited them.

Myra returned an “open-thighs” invitation. She also had to be very discreet about getting other cock where she lived and her husband would accept my visiting after how well I had gotten to know her at the resort.

I had a girlfriend during all this but it was a platonic relationship, not by my wishes however. She wasn’t a virgin, she admitted, but had been burned in two previous sexually-based situations. I was attempting to be patient and caring to see if that would “open” her up. When she asked about my week without clothes, I gave rather vague answers which were not good enough for her. Finally I just let it all out, figuring it would either make or break our connection.

Paula sat in stunned silence as I told her how busy my body had been while I was away and that the other women involved wanted more of it. I watched her expressions carefully to see how she would take this unexpected news.

When I finished, Paula began to cry. My gentle inquiries got her talking. “I’ve had two relationships that had sex. Both of them I quit when I realized that they were just using me, not really caring for me a s person. That’s why I won’t get intimate. I guess I can’t blame you for enjoying those women honestly and maybe I envy them but what would you think of me if I did that?”

I could sense her confusion and concerns so I was very careful what I said, “Paula, we all have to learn about the wonderful and dangerous thing we call sex. I learned more that week about women and how we could interact than I ever imagined. It was wild and pleasurable and amazing though. I still have lots to learn I’m sure. I’ll share what I have learned if you are ever ready for it, I want you to know.”

She hugged me and was quiet for a while. “Tony, you are different than those other men so I guess I should treat you differently. Although the outcome hurt, there were parts of the sex that felt good and I liked. I’d like to trust you but now you have these other women that you know intimately that want more of you. I don’t know if I can share you that way.”

“I guess I can understand your concern. I had that too before I really experienced sexual sharing in its best sense. But it has to be your decision. Just let me know.” She hugged me and gave me the wettest kiss so far in our times together as we parted.

I was going to visit Myra and her husband that weekend and explained it to Paula who now knew why. She said nothing except she’d like to see me as soon as I returned.

The time with the married couple was just as you might expect, having fun in and out of bed which also meant we fucked anywhere in the house that an appropriate position could be found. She thought my cock pumping her as she sat on the running washing machine was quite “interesting” as was having the two men in the house take her from behind as she was preparing food. It was warm enough to screw in the backyard in the dark even though we could possibly be seen from neighbor’s windows.

I came home well satisfied but remembered to call Paula. She wanted to come to my place since she still lived at home. I offered her some wine from the box I kept in the fridge and it was clear she didn’t know how to start whatever conversation she had in mind. I sat next to her with a glass of wine in my hand and tried to get things going, “How about a toast to making good things better?” She looked at me kinda funny and we clinked glasses and too a drink. “Your turn,” I said.

She thought for a moment then raised her glass towards mine, “To getting a greater understanding.” Clink and drink again.

“What do you want to understand better,” I asked, knowing full well what it probably was but determined to get it out in the open.

“I’m not sure why I’m here with you, just back from a weekend of lots of sex. Am I right?” I nodded. “You probably wouldn’t have any energy for me if I wanted it.” Now that was a leading question.

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