Devon's Nude Day

by Kal Darov

Copyright© 2019 by Kal Darov

Erotica Sex Story: Devon tries to deal with his coworker. He finds out that sometimes things aren't what they seem.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Coercion   Fiction   Workplace   Sharing   Mother   Daughter   Group Sex   .

He was preparing to enter yet another bedroom on his corridor. He knocked once just for show. Apparently no one was using it, so he tried the handle. The handle would not budge. He tried it once, twice, however it remained firmly in place, unmoving. He turned his head and observed the new predicament with wide eyes. He had the special tool that would allow him to breach the door that stood in his way. He used his deft fingers and the door beeped once. He quickly opened them and rushed inside.

He had no time to spare.

He rushed through the small hallway and into the bedroom/living room. He knew what to do. Collect the trash from the bins. The one in the living room and the one in the bathroom. That done he rushed towards to the window. Pulled the white satin curtains. The sun was so bright it almost hurt his eyes. Opening the windows he let the fresh air rush inside the room. Morning city jungle just jumped through the window like a violent intruded. He grimaced in annoyance.

He turned and evaluated the room in its entirety.

The bed needs to be made. Bathroom cleaned and the entire condo vacuumed. He had no time to spare.

Watching the task he had on his hands he sighed. Inwardly he was a little bit ashamed to be working as a male cleaning lady. However it was a job, it got food on the table and few other necessities.

A noise at the front door roused him from his daydream.

He looked up and saw a nice looking woman, “Devon you need to re-make the bed at 503.”

“Yes, miss Lane.” Devon answered.

She smiled widely and a second later she was gone.

Devon sighed. That’s another redo he’d had to attend to. Too many of these.

“I thought this would be a cushy gig.” He whispered.

Devon worked hard. When he was working, his work took every ounce of his attention. Some thought it was a good thing. Devon just thought he was being a serious about his job. He took three days of practice to get acquainted to the job. Yet he still made mistakes. Rookie ones.

There were few things that he needed to remember. Rooms were prioritized as 1 or 2. First rooms were often free and needed cleaning extensively. The other still had occupants and just needed the essentials. Emptying the trash, making the beds and providing the bathroom with fresh and clean towels.

That said he was back in the 503. Standing and watching the bed spread all over the floor. Someone destroyed his work.

“Again.” He sighed.

He remade the bed. It wasn’t easy, but he did it in record time. It was not pretty, but fast pace work would often result in a sloppy work. Tough.

For this day the rest of the rooms were done in similar fashion. It took him some time, but he started to like working here. He was in the elevator heading down underground to where the employee’s dressing rooms were. He stepped out of the elevator and walked down the corridor entering the locker room and stopping in front of his locker. The lock needed his number. He scrolled through the selection and the lock made the releasing noise.

“Devooon.” He heard a sultry voice whisper behind him.

“What do you want?” He said with some venom, more than he was intending to. He hated when women spoke like that. Usually it meant he needed to do something for them.

For nothing.

He hated speaking as if the party was a bug on the wall, but the women usually insisted making his life a living hell.

“That’s not how you talk with your boss is it.” The woman purred.

He felt her hands on his shoulders. She slowly turned him towards her and the next thing he knew were her lips on his. The kiss was needy, yet it was slow, methodical and exploring. He felt her tremble, she pressed harder on his body, yet he felt nothing. There was nothing for him, like kissing a mirror. The kiss was just empty.

Once separated she whispered with need, “Fuck me.”

He watched her, observing her every reaction, “No.”

The woman shivered, “Why not?”

“I don’t like you that way.” He whispered.

“Aren’t I pretty?” She said blinking her large black eyes.

“Yes, you are.” He whispered.

And she was. The woman looked breathtaking. Devon’s heart was thumping away happily, but deep down he was prepared. Emotionally he couldn’t believe that this breathtakingly gorgeous woman was interested in him.

“Then why?” she asked desperate.

He watched her eyes as they started to water, he wasn’t sure if it was another of her ploys to downgrade him. Her constant games in which she played with his feelings like a string instrument were far too many and he had enough. Yet he wanted her. He hated his teetering emotions, but he was burned way too many times to count.

“It’s complicated.” Devon whispered.

“Nothing complicated about you fucking me.” She said as a matter of fact.

There was something about her, he could not pin point what the issue was but he stood in silence. He was silently watching her every move, her tears dried up and she looked like she made a decision. She separated slowly from him.

“I know what you need.” She whispered as she watched him dead in the eyes.

Then she begun to undress. He watched wide eyed as one piece of clothing after the other landed gently on the floor until there was nothing to dispose of. She stood in front of him, hand on her hips, a sultry sway to them that made his cock lurch. She looked fit as a fiddle. He noticed that she kept her body in shape.

He felt uncomfortable, “What – what are you doing?

“What does it look like? Showing you my assets.” She purred.

He took a giant breath, “But why?”

“Devon, my dear Devon.” She turned her back towards him.

He saw her ass bounce as she jumped on her toes, His hand twitched as he was about to grab her meaty ass from behind. Devon felt his member swell and lurch in his pants. The beauty was breathtaking.

“I need you.” She purred. “I want you. Make me yours.” She finally whispered.

He saw her red hair cascading down over her shoulders, come to a halt right in the middle of her back. Devon groaned, then unaware, he growled. She started shaking for some reason and he could see the copious amounts of fluid seeping down her leg. Devon still could not believe that this was happening to him. He closed his eyes and leaned on his locker. Trying to push away the bad thoughts. The thoughts that wanted to bend her over and fuck her silly. This wasn’t real. She did not love him.

He felt something, he slowly opened his eyes and saw her ass rubbing up and down his profound erection, “Uuuuh, I’m going to love this.”

“M – Miss Lane.” He whispered.

She looked behind her back, “Tina.” She simply said. Her back touching his chest, one of her hands caressing the back of his head, while the other descended downwards.

He shivered, she felt him and then softly moaned, “Tina please.”

He felt her fingers trying to open up his black pants. She succeeded in record time and his cock dropped down, pointing to the floor. He still had ways to go before he achieved full rigidity. He felt her hand slowly and softly circle around his budding erection.

“My, you hid something amazing from me.” He saw her licking her lips.

She quickly turned and gave him one of her soul scorching kisses. Devon wanted to push her away to tell her she didn’t love him, yet he was attracted to this beauty like a magnet for some reason. Her charms were on overdrive. He felt her fingers slowly pump his cock until he was erect. The motion was deliberate and even though his eyes were closed, he could vividly see her hand moving in circles. Sexily trying to awaken his penis.

Tina slowly turned towards him, taking time to kiss him all over his face. His dick was rock hard and waiting someplace warm to park itself into. Tina quickly jumped up making Devon grab her by the ass while she, at the same time, impaled herself slowly down on his cock while snapping her legs around his waist. She shivered for several moments, then started quickly pouncing on his member over and over. He felt everything. Devon also felt that he was getting taken for a ride. And it was like throwing a cold bucket of water on him. There was no passion behind the act. He just felt like he was being used.

Her hips undulated like an experienced belly dancer while trying to take more of him with every downward stroke. Stoking her fires to greater heights.

“Devon! Devon!” She chanted.

Every slap echoed through the room, then she started cuming. He felt her juices explode on his crotch and wet his clothes. She shook through her climax, he managed to kiss her during this making her screams silent. Allowing him to hear the rest of the men coming towards the dressing room. He quickly pushed her clothes away and under his locker. Devon then shimmied quickly towards the showers. Tina still in his arms shaking like mad.

He managed to remember, through his climbing passion, to draw the curtains and let the shower run on maximum. He hoped that this would at least soften some sounds that this woman was making.

“Fuck me.” She kept whispering over and over.

He finally kissed her out of his own accord. She wailed in her climax. The sounds she was making were being muffled by his own mouth. Devon felt the vibrations all the way through his body.

He could hear some of their conversations, he stopped for few moments to see what they were talking about, “Man, the woman is gorgeous I tell you.”

“Yeah but she is frigid isn’t she? I don’t like them that way.” One of the voices responded.

He felt her feet urge him to continue his movements. He kindly obliged.

For once he felt as if someone cared, she cried, cupped his face with his hands and cooed words of encouragement. He just watched her and listened to her kind words. The men seemed to gibbering on about nonsense. Very soon their words were illogical, Impractical. They were just an illusion that meant nothing at this point in time.

The woman in his arms panted and begged. Silently chanting something beneath her breath. He couldn’t understand what, yet he figured it was important for her. As she repeated the words. Over and over as a mantra.

He noticed she was about to have a massive orgasm, at the same time his cock knocked on to something, he quickly kissed her again silencing her incoming wails. She grabbed at him and he could see her eyes roll back inside her head. The next thing he noticed she was limp in his arms.

“Fuck.” Devon whispered still cradling the needy woman.

The world came back. He was no longer deaf. Devon no longer heard that loud ringing in his head. The profound silence bothered him so much. He was afraid that the men figured out and were now moving towards them.

Devon managed, with the unconscious woman in his arms, peak through the shower curtain just to make sure they were alone. And they were. The area was totally empty and sometime during their fucking the men left. He smiled.

He walked out wet, gently carrying the spent woman. Slowly he took her unconscious body to a bench and softly lowered her on it, then used his fluffy towel to cover her naked parts. He somehow felt the need to be a gentleman, even though he saw every inch of her gorgeous body.

He opened his locker. There was a big mirror on his doors. He took an evaluating look. Devon’s clothes were soaked and he only had one change of work clothes.

“I need to go home.” He whispered gently trying to wipe away the water from his clothes.

“Mmmmm, you can come with me to dry your clothes.” She purred.

He switched his attention to the smiling woman, “Why did you do this?”

She opened her eyes and said, “All in good time.”

He wanted to ask her more, but decided not to push his luck too much. Devon bent and grabbed her clothes, then gently placed them right beside her head.

“Thanks for that. “ She looked a bit apprehensive, but he thought she’d just regretting her actions.

Then she spotted his still erect member, “Holy shit, you’re still hard as iron.”

He smiled demurely, “Yeah it will pass.”

“You didn’t enjoy? You think I’m a slut don’t you?!” She fearfully asked.

“No. I did enjoy it. But it was kind of sudden for me. I really think you are gorgeous.” He said.

Devon then took a deep breath, “I’ve been with a lot of women, but usually they would run away after they get what they wanted. I’m not into one night stands. I kind of hate them. Besides I think my cock says enough.”

She smiled widely, “Oh I know, you were hard as iron.”

She watched him for few moments, then as if she was making a huge decision she stood up. “Let’s go to my home. I have a lot of things to say to you. And show you.”

They dressed quickly. Her face looked sad as she put her clothes on, she bit her lips watching Devon’s body disappear while he picked his pants up and finished dressing. The T-shirt and his shoes went off draining them both of excess water. Tina smiled demurely and silently mouthed ‘Sorry’. He shook his head but nevertheless he smiled.

She led him to her expensive car. He lifted his eyebrows looking at the newest Tesla model. “How?” he asked.

She smiled, “All in good time,”

He was a little apprehensive of entering the expensive car wet, but her smile and the sudden appearance of a wild towel on his seat made him relax. He sat and felt that the seat was being slowly warmed up. Devon wondered how much the car did cost. They were off like a speeding bullet. His eyes bugging out at the sudden acceleration and her laugh echoing throughout the garage.

An hour later they were climbing up the stairs in a wealthy looking neighborhood. He didn’t know the name of the street, Devon never did ask, but the house they were climbing towards was massive. The stairs alone looked to go on towards infinity.

Devon was no architect. Hell, he cleaned rooms for a living, yet he noticed the house had an old tone towards it. He remembered few documentaries about old Tudor homes and he figured the style was about the same. But the scope of this mansion was something else.

Devon started sneezing right beside the door, “Bless you.” Tina said.

“Thanks. By the way I’m getting cold.” He complained.

“We’ll be there soon.” She said rubbing him up and down his shoulders.

She couldn’t miss the opportunity so she gave his prick a squeeze here and there. While they were walking the grounds he noted that there were people working behind the bushes and strangely they were all female. Hidden by the hedges they were giving him appraising looks which he thought were kind of strange.

Eventually they reached big oak doors. He waited for Tina and she turned widely smiling towards him, “Welcome to my humble abode.” She exclaimed.

“Humble?” He raised his eyebrows.

Tina laughed, “Well, you should’ve seen how it looked before my mom and me renovated the place. Now is much more beautiful.” She shook her head at the end.

Devon was looking mesmerized at the hallway which was as big as his whole apartment. He thought that at least judging by some of the shoes and coats that were neatly stacked one by the other.

Tina chuckled happily she was enjoying his reactions, “If you think this is insane, you have to check the rest of it out.”

Then her clothes started to come off one by one, “One of the simple rules we have here is that there is no clothes. We live a strict nudist life.”

Devon gulped, “We?” He asked. Sneezing again.

“Yes, we.” She exclaimed and butt naked entered the giant double doors.

The doors swung open, “Welcome to mansion Lane. Been in my family for generations. Built by my great – great – great grandfather or something. Add few ‘great’ I guess.”

“Let’s take those clothes away.” She claimed and attacked him.

One piece after the other left his body and landed right on the floor. He wasn’t aware how wet they were but their landing and the splatter of liquid showed him how much water his clothes retained.

Devon saw women working butt naked. He looked. Devon also was slowly starting to get embarrassed. For them and himself. Tina smiled and took him by the hand guiding him through the large foyer. He noticed Tina’s ass bounce as she went from maid to maid hugging and groping. His cock lurched in his pants. The clothes were picked up by a random maid without them noticing anything. The working women smiled and said their hellos. Not bothered by the way Tina was greeting them.

She turned towards him and smiled devilishly, “My Devon.”

She ran towards him and in front of everyone started guide his cock into her waiting mouth. Devon groaned at the feel of her soft lips. Tina bobbed and gagged several times on his erection. He looked at the maids and noticed that, strangely, no one was paying attention to their lustful activities.

Tina choked several times on his cock, loudly at that, an eventually popped the tool out of her mouth, “Delicious.” She purred.

Devon felt his knees shake as the sensation was just too overwhelming. He watched her turn her ass towards him and shake it, “Pick a hole.” She moaned.

He watched in disbelief. Devon forgot all reason, it just was not there, and he found himself almost instantly on his knees dragging his tongue from her pussy to her ass. Tasting her in the process. He rumbled with need. Devon’s fingers raked the taut skin on her ass cheeks as his mouth started tasting her juices.

“Oooooh! Good choice.” She moaned.

“God you are perfect.” He gasped.

She smiled, Tina’s heart was beating so fast, “Thank you.” She said since all thoughts and words just evaporated from her mind.

She felt him growling silently and it just enhanced the experience, “God! Right there.” She shook with need.

“Play with me.” She panted.

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