The Stag Night

by nwsubguy

Copyright© 2019 by nwsubguy

BDSM Story: A trip to a fetish bar turns out badly for one stag party member

Tags: Ma/Ma   Slavery   Gay   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cheating   BDSM   MaleDom   Sadistic   Revenge  

The stag week had been going better than expected. Ben, the guy a week from marriage, had been having a great time enjoying the last few days of freedom in Amsterdam. Even I had managed to put an ill-advised night between myself and his fiancée out of my mind, at least enough not to give away what had happened to Ben.

All in all there were 5 of us and the week had been spent mainly drinking and exploring the seedier areas but on the last night the best man Mark had suggested visiting a fetish club that he thought would give Ben a suitable send off into married life. I’d had one or two sessions of being loosely tied up but had never really got into it and considered myself fairly vanilla so I had no real idea what to expect from the night but was willing to give it my all in an effort to keep Ben happy.

From the outside the club seemed like any other. There were a couple of bouncers at the front of a pretty large queue made of people in both normal night out clothes and some others in more extreme, and often revealing, outfits. I started to head to the back of the queue but Mark stopped me and said that he’d called ahead and got our names on the list so we could go straight in which, considering the cold weather, seemed like a definite blessing. We all gave all our names to the bouncer and they just nodded as each of us went in but as I went past one patted me on the shoulder and said “hope you enjoy your time here” to which I just replied “thanks” and hurried to get in. Looking behind me on the way down the corridor I saw the 2 bouncers laughing to each other over something.

The view that greeted me when we made it to the main club room was truly bizarre. In addition to the normal sight of people dancing and at the bar I could make out men chained to the walls, naked people being pulled around by dog leads and what looked like people mummified in rubber. On closer look even some of the tables had people locked in cages underneath. More than a little bit shocked I turned to Ben who looked from one side of the room to the other taking everything in before turning to Mark and saying it’s perfect. I had no idea he was into this kind of thing and found it a little odd he was happy for his best mates to see his kinks but from the looks of the rest of the group they all seemed pretty pleased too, even if a couple of them seemed to find it hilarious rather than anything more suggestive of secret desires. Mark then pointed out an empty table made of a cage with a hooded naked guy locked in and we headed over while Mark went to the bar.

Once Ben had stopped laughing at the sight of the caged man I leant in and asked him if this was his “thing.” He just laughed again and said it might be his last opportunity to see this stuff and that Mark had an early wedding present for him too but that he couldn’t say what it was yet. I was about to ask further but was stopped by Mark returning from the bar with the drinks. When he’d handed the drinks out he said that the guy at the bar had told him that they were going to have a show of some sort and that they needed a volunteer. Since the barman knew that it was a stag group he’d wondered if anyone would like to put themselves forward. Ben agreed that this was a good idea but since he’d promised his fiancée that he’d maintain a look but no touch policy through the trip he couldn’t really do it.

Despite my protests it was decided that as I was the only one without a partner I should do it so even though I was hardly enthusiastic I quickly finished my drink and went over to the bar to ask for more information. The barman just laughed and said not to worry, the only danger is being a little embarrassed. Having seen a few people being spanked and stripped naked while I was there it didn’t take too much thought to guess at what kind of thing would be happening but as it didn’t seem too bad I agreed. He pointed to a door next to the counter and said to just go through it when I was ready and as I was already battling my nerves I went straight through in the hope that the sooner I started the sooner I’d be able to get back to drinking.

When I went through the door I was met with the sight of a wide variety of bondage equipment and clothing, as well as a huge muscleman who must have been nearly 7 foot. He looked me up and down and asked if I was the subject for tonight’s demonstration so, while desperately trying to ignore the fact he was wearing crotch less leather trousers with nothing on underneath, I nervously said yes. He told me to get undressed so he could get me ready and when I hesitated taking my jeans off he pointed out that it was stupid to be embarrassed of undressing in front of him considering what everyone in the bar was about to see me fully naked anyway. Accepting he had a point I quickly took it all off.

Once that was done he said just a few things were needed for the show at which point he grabbed my arms and cuffed them quite tightly behind my back and quickly cuffed my ankles too. I started to yell at him to stop but he quickly stuffed what looked like a penis shaped gag into my mouth and told me to be quiet. I was pretty immobile at this point but he lay me down and put my still cuffed legs into a kind of sleeping bag that came up to my waist but still left my arse and dick fully exposed. He then strapped this to make it even tighter. He picked up a blindfold and brought it over but stopped just before he put it on and said that Mark had told him not to use the blindfold yet. My heart jumped at this point as I wondered how he knew Mark’s name and why had Mark given instructions in the first place. The muscleman also seemed a bit alarmed at what he’d said but then smiled and whispered to me that he shouldn’t have said that but it was too late to be much of problem.

He stood me up and placed me upright leaning back against a metal pole which he then tightly strapped me to. Smiling at me he told me to wait there and then left the room. I waited for around 5 minutes unsuccessfully trying to free myself before I heard the music stop. Guessing this was going to be my moment I listened as hard as I could and heard the announcer say that a special event was about to occur and for everyone to look to the stage. At this point the muscleman reappeared from the door and walked over to me. With a wink and a smile he said “showtime” to me and proceeded to lift me through a curtain onto a stage in full view of everyone. Ben, Mark and my 2 other friends had moved tables right to the front so I could see them clearly. The only one of the 4 who wasn’t laughing hysterically was Ben who was giving me a look of worrying satisfaction.

The muscleman strongly slapped my arse. I grimaced, much to everyone’s amusement and watched as he moved off the stage making room for a guy with a microphone who looked at me grinning and shouted into the microphone, “Well I promised everyone a show!” to cheers and laughter.

Many questions were flowing through my head and once the cheers died down they were to be answered.

The announcer painfully slapped my cock and said, “Tonight we have a few very special guests. On this table here we have Ben who is due to be married in a week and is on his stag week. Unfortunately this gentlemen here (slapped my cock again) slept with his future wife no more than a fortnight ago.” I looked down at Ben who was still staring at me, “now, I know he feels bad about it, though probably a lot worse at the moment than he did earlier, so his friend Mark has come up for a way for him to make up for it. Everyone will be able to see we’re missing a decoration here” he pointed to an empty alcove in the wall across the room between 2 others which both had a figure in, “so Mark arranged to sell us this guy, with his consent of course, and give the proceeds to Ben for his honeymoon. Now before anyone gets too upset for our new addition I want to ensure you he happily volunteered for this, told his friends that it’s a perfect way of making amends and living his fantasy, so all that’s left to do is get him ready for his new home. Of course when the reality of this decision just hit him he’s probably had a change of heart but is too late now”. I was desperately shaking my head but no one in the crowd seemed to doubt the story or they just didn’t care if it was true. At this point the announcer gestured to Ben who stood up from the table and made his way over to me.

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