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Young Adult Sex Story: Hannah wants to know if guys like it better when girls are shaved down below. So she asks her step-dad to do it for her because she wants to make sure it's done right. But she couldn't help what happens next.

Caution: This Young Adult Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Oral Sex   .

Notes: So, for some reason lately I’ve been obsessed with this. Then the other day, this popped into my head. I probably could have wrote more but I ran out of time and figured that I’d just post like this. Plus it could lend itself to another story.

My regular caveat. I’m not an author, I just play one on the internet. I like this creative outlet for my fantasies and hopefully some of y’all like it too. It really helps me to visualize when I write.

Tuesdays were my wife’s busy day at work. She was always right on time, leaving the house at 8am and rarely returning before 5pm, her days filled with conference calls and customer consultations. Most of the time, I enjoyed these days because it gave me some quiet time so I was able to get a lot of work done myself. Plus, it made me miss her more for when she got home.

This Tuesday was no different. It was currently 10am and I was in my office deep into solving some technical issue so I never heard my step-daughter, Hannah, come downstairs. She usually didn’t even get out of bed before noon while school was out so I wasn’t expecting to see anyone at this time anyway.

She went into the kitchen and grabbed a bowl of cereal and then plopped down in the office chair at the other desk. She sat there watching me work for a few minutes before I turned around and saw her watching me.

“um you’re up early.” I said.

“yeah, got up and couldn’t sleep so I figured I’d come down.” she replied.

“OK cool.”

She watched me work for another 5 minutes, while crunching on a bowl of dry cereal. I was mostly not paying much attention to her, except that after a while the crunching was starting to annoy me.

“What’s up? You don’t usually hang out in my office.” I asked as I turned around.

“uhh yeah, well, I uh,” she stammered. It was unusual for her because she was normally pretty straight forward and didn’t really mince words. I must have looked a bit shocked because she stopped talking for a moment.

“Is there something wrong?” I asked. “everything OK?”

“umm, no nothing wrong.” she replied. “it’s just that uh, I uh, OK, I have a question.”


“Do guys like it when we shave our uh, you know, uh ... our pubic hair?” she asked as her face turned a little red.

I was definitely a bit surprised at the question as she normally didn’t come to be about sex related stuff. It must have shown because I hesitated before responding.

“I uh, didn’t want to ask mom because I felt funny about talking to her about this.” she explained.

“Well it depends. A lot of guys like a hairy bush.” I replied. “For me, I do like running my fingers through it but I guess if the ask is because someone is going to uh, perform oral sex then yeah, it’s kinda nice when it’s shaved”

“Hmm OK, thanks” she responded.

“Can I ask why you are asking this question?”

“No reason, just curious”

“OK well if you have any more questions I can help with just let me know then.”

“Umm, Mark?” she said.


“I want to shave, but I’m scared I’m going to do it wrong. Can you help me?” she asked.

I was totally not prepared for this question. My mouth must have been hanging open for a second before I responded. “uhhh yeah I guess I can help you.” I managed to get out. “I mean, I do have plenty of experience shaving”

That comment seemed to break the ice a bit and she visibly relaxed a bit.

“OK cool, so uh, what do we need to do now?” she asked.

“Well, there’s definitely a few stages here. First, assuming that you’ve never shaved before, we’ll need to trim down what’s there. Then we’ll put a hot washcloth on it to soften up the hairs a bit, makes shaving it a little easier. Then we’ll lather it up and shave what’s left.” I started. “And the most important part at the end is to put on another hot washcloth and make sure you put on lots of lotion to keep it soft and stop any ingrown hairs. Plus, it feels better!”

“Um, OK that sounds like it won’t be that bad.” she said. “Can I take a shower first before we start?”

“Sure, just call down when you’re done”


She took off and went back upstairs. A few minutes later I heard the water running and I tried to get back to work. It was a noble but futile attempt as I thought about what was upcoming when she got out. I mean, she needed help. Check. It was something I had experience with. Check. I didn’t want to invalidate her or make her feel bad. Check.

“MARK!” I heard her yell from upstairs.

“Coming” I replied.

I headed upstairs and headed into her room. She was sitting on the bed wearing her pink bathrobe.

“Actually, I think this might work better in my bathroom downstairs” I said. “So come on with me”

I turned and walked back downstairs without looking back. I heard her get up and follow me as we walked down the stairs and back around into my master bedroom.

“Alright, uh, first we need to trim it down so we can shave it.”

I was thinking this was going to take a bit. So let me explain a bit about Hannah. For starters she was not very girly girly. She was a big girl, probably 5’8” and easily 240lbs. One of the reasons I was so surprised about this request was because she had never overtly exuded any sexuality at all previously. She never got dressed up, she never shaved her legs, I had never seen her go on a date or even seem interested in men. Or women! Also, she was half Latina so I was kinda figuring that she had a pretty hairy bush. Guess I was about to find out.

“OK so uh, what should I do?” she asked.

“To trim it, it would be best if you were sitting down. Let me get a chair from the kitchen.”

I ran out into the kitchen and grabbed one of the chairs and brought it into the bathroom.

“So uh Hannah, this is going to get a little um, personal. I want to make sure you’re going to be ok with uh, exposing yourself like this because I don’t want to make any mistakes here.” I said.

“It’s OK, I get it. I knew it would be this way when I asked you.” she responded.

“OK, so time to throw modesty out the window.” I said as I gestered to the chair. “Disrobe and have a seat!”

She hesitated for a moment before standing up and pulling on the sash of her robe. It opened up a bit and she hesitated for just a moment before dropping it to the floor. She was totally naked underneath as she picked her head up a bit and strode as confidently as she could to the chair and sat down. I was a bit surprised that she was topless as well, I guess she figured that if she was showing me her pussy, she may as well show everything.

“So uh, I can do this two ways. The first is via scissors, second is buzzer. The buzzer will be much faster and cleaner but you may not like the whole buzzer thing down there. The scissors will obviously take much longer as I’ll need to manually cut the hair.”

“Buzzer” she said.

“OK, as you wish” I said with a smile. I figured a little humor may help defuse the awkwardness of the situation.

I grabbed the buzzer and found my #1 blade. Figured I’d get it as short as possible to help with the shave. She was sitting with her legs together, hands in her lap covering her pussy so I hadn’t actually seen her bush yet. I didn’t see it when she disrobed as I didn’t want to stare and make her feel uncomfortable.

Luckily I was planning on cutting my hair soon so I had the cordless buzzer all charged up. That should make it a lot easier to get around without making any mistakes.

“Alright!” I said. “Let’s get this going” I kneeled down in front of her and looked up at her. She was looking really nervous and something else that I just couldn’t put my finger on. Anticipation maybe?

“Hannah, are you sure you want to do this?” I asked

“Yes” she replied without hesitation and then moved her hands and spread her legs in front of me.

I was pretty much right on about her bush. It was jet black and thick. I could smell the scent of her shampoo and a little bit of her musk when she revealed it to me. I saw a bit of a glisten between her lips through the thick bush. Despite trying not to think about it, my dick totally did and I had to shift a little bit as I got rock hard in an instant.

“Let’s shift you down a little so we can do this nice and easy” I said as I turned on the buzzer. I reached up and started at the top and ran it down taking off a nice chunk of her hair.

“Relax and don’t move because I don’t want to nick you”

“Yeah don’t do that!” she said with a grin.

Her legs opened wide as I continued to work the buzzer in and out, taking off most of the thick hair until all that was left was just a little more than stubble. It took probably close to 10 minutes to finish. While I was working, I wasn’t paying much attention to what she was doing but when I looked up, her head was slightly back with her eyes closed. I also noticed that her musk was now overpowering the scent of the shampoo and the slight glisten was now definitely more pronounced.

“OK done” I said. “Let me go head up the washcloth”

I grabbed the washcloth ran the hot water until I had the right temperature and soaked the cloth. She remained in the same position as I left her, slightly slouched in the chair with her legs spread wide. I placed the hot washcloth on her pussy and she jumped a little.

“Sorry,” She said. “That buzzer kind of got me all uh, tingly”

“No worries, just leave that there for around 5 minutes and we’ll get started with the shave”

I got the little broom we left in the bathroom and started to clean up the mounds of hair under her from the buzz. I was a little surprised at how much hair we actually took off as I tossed it in the garbage pail. I spent the rest of the time cleaning and putting away the buzzer. Hannah mostly watched me work as I tried not to make her feel like I was looking at her sitting there naked.

Once I was done, I figured the 5 minutes was up so I grabbed my can of shaving cream and put a new blade on my razor and went back over to remove the washcloth.

“Looks good, let’s go to stage 3” I said.

“Uh huh”

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