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by Smirkin

Copyright© 2019 by Smirkin

Erotica Sex Story: Young woman ventures to an adult shop and finds more than she bargains for.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Rape   Lesbian   Fiction   Light Bond   .

I was looking for a new toy for myself, browsing for anything that stood out. Saw many interesting things, some stuff that I couldn’t even imagine being used. I was just looking for a simple dildo, but to which one from that point. I was have difficulty deciding if I wanted something bigger than I already have, or did I want something thicker. Did I want it to be slick and smooth or closer to the real thing, so many choices.

I change my focus and begin looking at clothing, trying to decide still in the back of my head which to choose, which do I want.

“Can I help you with anything?” I hear spoken, I turn around to see a slender woman, sort of tall, green piercing eyes that could stare through you. Long dark hair in a cute side braid, it gave her a bit of an innocent look. As she smiled you got the feeling she wasn’t near as innocent as she initially appeared though.

“Yeah ... I mean I guess so, just browsing currently” I replied while looking her over, not really interested in women but occasionally I see one that seems to interest me and make me wonder. She definitely did exactly that!

She begins looking through the rack holding, grabbing several outfits, holding one up into her line of view while eyeing me. She leans her head side to side as if she is trying to imagine me in the outfit before handing it to me. “You should try this on, I think it would show off your chest nicely and bring attention to your hips, you have the hips to pull that one off!” She says while smiling. I accept the garment and begin to head towards the fitting room, looking at this outfit. Not quite sure how I feel about it, but interested to see what it would look like on me, what will it hurt to find out?

I enter the changing room and hold it up in front of me, looking into the mirror before setting it down and undressing. I even remove my bra, so I can try to get a better feel for the outfit, I slide the skirt portion up my legs onto my hips and zip the side. I straighten it some as I look in the mirror, I tilt my head observing myself and do a side glance, curious how I look from that angle. So far I like it, it’s a simple pleated black mini skirt, in a patent leather style with a red stitching.

I grab the top and realize I’ll need help putting this part on, I don’t want to take any chances messing it up while trying it on, it’s a corset style but has an overlapping cross style on the side with a red lace in the empty spaces, as there are also laces for the backing ... Not sure how practical this would ever be. Still curious to see myself in the whole outfit though, I peek my head out the door calling the cashier over asking if she could help me dress.

She turns and smiles and heads towards me cheerfully. “Of course! The skirt looks amazing on you by the way” she states as she closes the door behind her. She reaches for the top, opening it all the way placing it against my torso, and guides me to hold it against my breast as she pulls it snugly around. “Is that too tight?” She asks, holding it still as she threads a lace though. “No, it’s good, not too tight at all” I reply watching her continue in the mirror as the outfit takes shape. It does show off my breast nicely, causing them to be a main focus. Once she’s finished lacing the back up, she’s gives me a glance over and states she has something that would go great with the outfit as she leaves the dressing room.

I take the opportunity to check myself out, loving how it makes my breast pop, they look so full, and the whole outfit in general makes the person in the mirror look amazing. Hard to believe it’s me! I do several playful poses, entertaining myself in the mirror when I hear a knock on the door from cashier.

“Look what I found!” Cashier says with excitement in her voice as she walks in, holding a pair of red heels and lipstick. That’s not the only thing she has though, I can’t help but notice the dildo she has strapped to her over her pants.

“Apparently that’s not the only thing you found” I say while laughing and gesturing to the strap-on. She joins in the laughter while handing me the red heels. “Try those on, they should complete the look, and don’t mind this, was just curious how hard it’d be to put on” she says while continuing to laugh.

I grab the heels, thinking to myself they’re much taller than I’m used to. I begin to slide them on curious to see how it looks together as I notice her applying the lipstick on the mirror. I stand up completely and do a bit of a swirl and pose looking at myself in the mirror. The heels really do pull it all together.

“So how do I look?” I ask her, turning towards her so she can see better. She gestures with her hand for me to turn around, as I do a complete turnaround.

“That outfit was made for you! ... Hey do me a favor and kiss me, this is one of our new lipsticks and it’s supposed to leave the flavor on the other person’s lips. I want to see if it does or not.” She said as she takes several steps closer to me. I feel a bit awkward and surprised but I can’t resist at the same time, she’s very attractive. I lean in and softly kiss her lips, feel a bit of a tingle on the back of my neck, just as she pulls my chin In and kisses me, firmly placing her lips against mine, feeling the lipstick smear some onto my lips. She runs her tongue along the crease as she pulls away. I reach up and touch my lip, that kiss excited me more than I thought it would have. I lick my lips and softly pull my bottom lip in biting it involuntarily, tasting a hint of peach. “I can taste peaches...” I say while looking away.

“Great! That’s exactly what it’s supposed to taste like, if you want you can turn around and I can go ahead and help unlace you.” She states.

“That would be wonderful” I say as I turn around. I feel her step behind me, feeling the dildo from the strap on press against the skirt, I shift and take a step forward further against the wall, she begins fiddling with the lacing, and it isn’t long before she has it undone. I let the top fall into my hands and set it down as I feel her touch my back softly running her fingers down my spine.

“Your skin is so smooth...” She says and begins to rub both hands up my back and steps in close to me and kisses my shoulder. Immediately sends a chills through me, I try to brush it off and turn around. While doing so she grabs my shoulders and then turns me away and forces me against the wall. I feel her hand leave my shoulder and next she’s applying a ball gag to my mouth, I try to shake my head away but it doesn’t work as she grabs the back of my head and leans her body onto mine forcefully. I almost lose my balance still in these heels and try to steady myself against wall. She applies the gag tightly and whispers into my ear, “Stay exactly in that position, it’s sexy as hell, don’t even move.”

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