Neighbors Care

by Vfalcon29

Copyright© 2019 by Vfalcon29

Fiction Sex Story: Dan and wife Anna open their life to Paula.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   BiSexual   Fiction   Sharing   .

“Honey?” I said to my wife one night. “Would you fuck another guy if you could?”

“What? What do you mean?”

“I mean, we’ve been married a while and I know ... it’s kind of like, well, I love cheeseburgers, but I don’t want a cheeseburger every meal. That would be boring and pretty soon I wouldn’t want another one. Being married seems kind of like that.”

“So you’re bored with me, is that it?”

“NO! Not at all. But, I’m talking about you. You’ve been having my cheeseburgers now for a few years. I just wondered if you would like a change to, say, a piece of chicken or a slice of roast beef.” Anna just looked at me for a few seconds, then she laughed.

“Oh, honey! You know how I love a thick slice of roast beef! I might want to switch to pork or fish sometimes,” she giggled. “You know how women are supposed to smell fishy.”

“Yeah, and I can say from experience that ain’t true. But, seriously, I just meant do you ever see a guy and wish you weren’t married?”

“Sure, I see guys I’d like to try out sometimes, just like you see women you’d fuck if it wasn’t for the ‘old ball and chain’.”

“Okay. You get the idea. So, what if your ‘ball and chain’ unlocked the chain? What if I told you it was okay to bring another guy home sometime?”

“Hah! Like that would ever happen. You’d drop your teeth if I waltzed in here with a boyfriend!”

“Unless I had told you it was all right. If I opened the door, I’d share you with him.”

“Oh, would you let me take him to the spare bedroom and fuck his brains out?”

“I’d rather you bring him to our bedroom. I said ‘share’ you with him, not give you to him.”

“Both at once? One in front and one in back?”

“Maybe. Or how about me licking you while he fucks you?”

“Ooh! You know sometimes I wish you would just lick me and lick me and not want to slide into me afterward. But ‘while’ he fucks me? I mean, you might accidentally lick him too. Wouldn’t that bother you?”

“Not if it was just you that was on him. It would be like me sucking my fingers – or yours – after they were inside you.”

“But it would be a dick you were sucking.”

“Well, I didn’t say sucking, but, yeah. I like seeing two women together in some videos. Does the idea of seeing two guys naked together turn you on?”

“It would depend on the guys,” she said. “If one of them was you, then, yeah, that’s a new idea.”

“Who would you like the other guy to be? I mean, realistically, not some movie star.”

“Oh, I don’t know. He’d have to be somebody you get along with, obviously. Not a relative, but maybe a friend. You and Brad are close friends. He’s single, too.”

“Brad makes you hot?” She nodded – after a second. “He is probably my best friend, I guess. What if I asked him if he wanted to have sex with you – or with both of us?”

“If you’re really sure about this ... well, let’s sleep on it. Don’t ask him yet. Dan, are you really, really sure this is something you’d want to try? What if it drives us apart?”

“Unless you’re wearier of your old cheeseburger than it seems, then I don’t think it would happen.”

Suddenly, Anna sat up. “Wait! Is this some trick you’re playing so you can have some other woman?”

“Not at all, sweetie. Oh, you’d have to be as open to having a woman in our bed as I am to sharing you and our bed with another man, but that isn’t why I asked you about this.”

“Hmm ... okay, like I said, let the thought perk a while. We’ll just think about it all.”

So we did. It was life as usual for a while. Work, chores and all the things we do keeping the train on the track, took up our time. Our thoughts, though, were not always on the task at hand. Mine kept returning to that talk we had.

I’d never played around with another guy. They say most boys monkey around with a friend when they hit puberty, but I never did. That was always something I swore I’d never do. I’d heard enough gay jokes to make me shy away from even the thought. But that was then and this was now.

As I grew up and matured I began to understand that two men could feel such a closeness with each other that it sometimes took on a physical dimension. After having my talk with Anna, the idea of sharing took on another dimension for me, too. I’d already gone from not wanting to think about even touching a guy to wondering how it would feel to suck a cock.

Now I actually wanted to find out. So I had made the offer the way I had. But I also had the kinky desire to watch her with another guy.

Anna got a phone call one night. It was the neighbor lady, a widow who lived across the street. She offered to make dinner for us if Anna would loan me to her to fix a couple of things at her house.

Now, Paula was what’s called ‘handsome’. An older, retired teacher, she was about twenty years older than me, around sixty, I’d guess. She carried some extra curves (but attractive ones) and had a head of silvery blonde hair that she apparently didn’t color, she was about Anna’s height. Her husband had been in the Army and was killed in the first Gulf War.

Anyway, Anna confirmed with me about my skills at squeaky doors and plumbing, and accepted the offer. “Paula needs a man around sometimes. If it was me, I probably would have remarried.”

“You could always find a female roommate who knows how to fix a leaky faucet.”

“But I’d ... oh, I see. I might consider it. I’ve been thinking about having you and another man making love to me. Like you said, I also tried turning it around, imagining me making love to you and another girl at the same time. The idea doesn’t seem so foreign to me since you confessed you’d suck a cock with me along for the ride.

“I could see me going down on a girl. I don’t like my own taste as much as you do, but it’s okay. Do different women taste different to you?”

“Oh, there are some differences, but basically, the taste and scent of a woman is pretty much the same from one to the next. I’ve heard that eating certain foods makes a man’s cum taste different. Is that true?”

“I don’t really know. But we can experiment. Try eating a lot of something and I’ll blow you.”

“Okay, but back to Paula. Call her tomorrow and ask what the plumbing problem is. I might need to pick up some parts or fittings before tearing into something.”

On Monday, I learned that Paula’s plumbing was a leaky toilet that sounded like a simple fix. If it turned out to be more serious, she’d just have to put up with it until I did get parts. We were supposed to go to her house Friday night for repairs and dinner. Anna had been there, but I’d never been to Paula’s house. She said Paula liked wine, so I picked up a bottle of red, a bottle of rose, and one of white.

Tuesday night, I asked Anna, “If Paula has been a widow so long, what if you offered to help her with her lack of sexual fulfillment?”

“You mean, me, myself, or do you mean by offering you to her and joining in?”

“Either one. She might like girls. Start with just the two of you. Would she be receptive to you using your mouth on her and vice versa? And if she was, would you be willing to do it?”

“Mmm, well, since she called, and after our conversation about sharing, I thought about it. I like her. Like I said, it could happen.” Anna giggled. “Maybe she could teach me, since she used to be a teacher.”

By Thursday I was all ready for the weekend. I got home and stripped just after the front door closed. I headed for the kitchen for a cold beer. I found my naked wife mixing herself a drink. “Hey, honey,” she said, turning to meet my lips for a kiss. “Want one of these?”

I saw the vodka out and a pitcher of grapefruit juice. “I’ll start with a beer. I’ve been thinking about one since three o’clock.”

“Paula called me. She says she wants you to look at her closet door, too, along with the slider to her yard. The hinge squeaks on the closet and her slider sticks sometimes.”

“No problem. I’ll take the Liquid Wrench along.”

So, Friday I was happy driving home. Looking forward to an hour or so of being nude would take the stink of work drift off for two days. I parked, but before I got to the door, it opened just enough for Anna to wave me in. Mysterious, but okay. When I got close enough to see her, I saw that she was naked as usual. But Anna beckoned me closer to whisper that Paula was inside.

“Honey, I’m sorry. She called all in a tizzy. Her stove broke. She asked if she could make dinner here.”

“But you’re naked.” Paula’s presence and Anna’s nudity didn’t jibe.

“Yeah,” she grinned. “That’s the good news. Paula is as much a nudist as we are, it seems. She’s naked too. So, if you’re ready for it, come on in and strip down.” She swung the door open while staying out of sight.

Of course I went in. Inside, Anna got busy stripping me before leading me to the kitchen. My first sight was Paula’s naked butt and back, but she turned with a flourish and, arms out to the side, made the ‘ta-da’ noise, presenting her bare form to my eyes. My breath got short. “Wow!” was all I could say.

Paula’s naked body looked like it belonged to a woman ten or more years younger than she was. Her breasts were still firm looking and they sagged a little, but not much. The nipples still met me eye to eye, so to speak. Paula’s hips were rounded and framed a glorious cloud of silvery hair where the meaty thighs met. My dick showed the sight didn’t displease me.

“Uh-oh, Paula. I guess Dan appreciates the way you look,” Anna laughed, grabbing my dick.

“I’m pretty taken with what I see, too, Anna.” Paula’s eyes never left mine. She grinned, blushing. She turned back to what she was doing at the counter. And there was that tasty looking ass again.

“Paula’s husband got her interested in nude recreation. They used to go to resorts all over the world.”

“I’d like to hear about that, Paula,” I said. “Anna has gotten used to being naked with me, but she has been holding off on going social like that with me.”

“Oh, Anna. You really need to do it. It makes you feel so free to walk around wearing nothing but shoes, with all those other naked people. There are even whole towns where they go nude. There’s this place in France we went to one time when Bob was stationed there. Well, not in ‘Cap d’Agde’, but in France.”

“I’ve heard about that place,” I said. “I always wished we could go there.”

Paula really did like her wine. She, with a little help from Anna, worked her way through both bottles of what I’d bought, as well as one she’d brought from home. I stuck to beer.

After we ate a great dinner, I asked Paula, “So should we get dressed and go take a look at your house problems?”

She stretched and left her arms resting atop her head. It was easy to see that she was feeling no pain by then. “Oh, let’s leave that stuff for another time, Dan,” she said. “It feels so good just being with you two I’d rather stay here naked if you don’t mind.”

“That’s cool with me,” I replied. “But we’re out of wine. Would anybody like to join me in a margarita?”

“Ooh! I’m not sure if I should,” Paula said. “I do some very naughty things when I have tequila – or at least I used to.”

“And... ?” I said with a grin.

“And, I’d love a margarita,” she said, grinning back at me. So I mixed up a pitcher while the women went out back for fresh air.

Our yard is screened by a high fence – one of the reasons we’d fallen for the house. It fit our nude preferences perfectly. After we bought it, we spent a small fortune modifying the yard to suit us. We didn’t go so far as to install a pool, but we had a soaking tub and some easily cared for landscaping, including lots of flowers that filled the air with fragrances and the busy buzzing of bees in the summer. I’d even considered putting in a hive for them.

Since this was May, the flowers had begun to bloom and a few black and yellow buzzers had begun to arrive.

When I reached the patio, I saw that the girls were dangling their toes in the tub and had smeared themselves (or each other) with sunscreen. Paula looked up as I joined them and they rose to take chairs at the glass table. “That’s more than ‘a’ margarita, Dan,” Paula said.

“Well, it’s early. Also, I was hoping we might talk you into doing some of those nasty things you mentioned, Paula.”

“No, I said ‘naughty’, not nasty. But that would depend on one’s perspective, I suppose,” she corrected me. Always the teacher.

“Okay. I stand corrected. Maybe I was just letting my venal hopes get the better of me.”

Anna laughed and said, “I don’t think Dan differentiates between the two, Paula. Naughty is automatically nasty in his mind.”

“Sometimes ‘naughty’ turns into ‘nasty’. I can see that,” she laughed.

We toasted and I noticed our neighbor’s eyes drifting occasionally to the view through the glass table top. She seemed fascinated by my erection. It was a fact that made me proud. I adjusted my dick and balls. When she looked up at me, she saw my evil grin and blushed.

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