Strings Attached

by Smirkin

Copyright© 2019 by Smirkin

Erotica Sex Story: Young ballerina is taken hostage by a fan of her work and made to do what she does best.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Drunk/Drugged   NonConsensual   Rape   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Fiction   .

I slowly open my eyes, with a great difficulty. I almost feel as though there are weights attached to my eyelids. I’m not exactly sure where I am, or how I had even arrived here. I vaguely remember being here yesterday though, and a sense of anguish. I try lifting my head but again there seems to be a resistance even though I don’t feel anything around my head. There’s also a throbbing pain through my wrists and ankles, but I can’t seem to find the strength to look. Moments go by and a young lady walks into the room I can hear her footsteps, I can hear her breathing. I can even smell her there’s a slight fragrance in the air as she walks pass me, I’m not able to see her though. Suddenly my upper half starts to raise putting me in a sitting position as I hear the mechanical straining of the bed rising. I’m able to look around and I see the young woman with the controls in her hand, she flashes a bit of a smile at me.

“I see you’re awake, my name is Savannah but people used to call me Savvy.” The woman says as she pulls a surgical tray near by. She grabs a pin and begins to poke my arm softly with it. “Are you able to feel this?” She asks calmly. I try to respond and realize I can’t speak. I can make sound but my mouth won’t move. Overall I feel weak, I can barely move my fingers. I start to feel panicked, and Savvy must notice, I frantically look around and that’s when I see the cause for the pain in my extremities. In that moment I remember being given an Intravenous line in my forearm, and seeing a syringe of something pushed into it. Shortly after that I wasn’t able to move much, I recall my arms being straightened out by Savvy while an older man smiled at me. I didn’t see what had happened next but I heard a loud sound then an agonizing pain followed as I felt something crushing through my wrist. I had screamed but it was as though he couldn’t hear me or as if it were music to his ears and he enjoyed it. I felt my other wrist and both ankles were treated in the same manner. I recall it so vividly, I still don’t understand how or why I am here though. Or what is happening or who that man was. Seeing the wounds now though I can see a wire protruding from each inflamed hole.

My attention is drawn back to Savvy as she begins to massage her fingers into my face, mainly around my jaw, as it loosens as begins to open. I start to feel frustrated, I’m trying my best to clench my jaw shut! Turn my face away! Nothing seems to be working.

“Oh Hun, Don’t try to fight ... It won’t do you much good except mentally tire you. You can’t move due to the medicine I was ordered to give you...” She says almost cheerfully as she picks a small bottle off the tray and lifts it, reading slowly “ D-Tubocurarine Chloride “ and places the bottle back down. During that moment I briefly notice Savvy is pretty, she has softly curled blonde hair, blue eyes, thin face with high cheek bones and seems sweet. I don’t understand why she’s here and why she seems to be doing this. Almost as if she can read my thoughts she begins speaking again. “Vladimir wants me to keep you just dosed enough to stay motionless, I help him ... Helped him watch you, and look for you ... In return he promises me my safety and allows me to live.” She gets up and opens a Cabinet, rummaging through it. “Vlad has had his attention on you for a long time, he speaks of you so much. He has everything planned for you, you’ll never need to lift a finger ... not that you will have the ability often to do so...” She smiles as she turns around with a drill and places it onto the tray. She goes back to the cabinet, and all I can wonder is what the hell is going on, and who the fuck is Vladimir?! “I have to admit, at first I was relieved when he stated he had a better purpose for me and would keep me ... He originally had planned to rape and dispose of me...” Savvy turned around smiling as she placed pliers and metal wiring onto the tray. I can’t begin to imagine what she is planning to do with those, I’m sure it isn’t pleasant though. I try again to move my arms and legs, straining ... At least mentally straining but there’s no response...

I see Savvy stand while slipping her hands into a pair of gloves. She flashes that damn smile at me again, I’m really sick of seeing that smile! There’s nothing to smile about! While she reaches for the drill I hear a door open, followed by steps entering the room. “Good Evening, Savannah” I hear a male voice as the sounds of the footsteps near me. “Evening, Vladimir” Savvy replies as she nods her head and firmly grips the drill, turning it on and observing it. The sound soon sends chills through me, my mind racing to different thoughts. “How is Elizabeth holding up?” I hear him say as he steps into view and strokes my hair. It’s the same man I remember seeing yesterday ... So this is Vladimir, this is the person Savvy had been discussing. I haven’t got a clue who they are, what could they want with me?!.

“She’s doing well, and responding to the DTC very well ... I think we have her proper dosage figured out nicely” Savvy replies as reaches for my mouth, pressing my lip down. Suddenly I get the most empty feeling in the pit of my stomach ... Like the bottom fell through, may have been due to my heart seeming to drop as I started to realize what that tool would be drilling...

Vladimir walks to the counter grabbing two plastic face shields as well as a package of gauze. He places the one shield over his face while handing Savvy the other and places the gauze on the tray. He steps beside me and rests his hand over mine, and pats it as if he’s trying to comfort me. “I’m pleased you’re here. I’ve been looking forward to this since I first saw you perform, many years ago. I’ve dreamed of performing with you since...” He calmly says. I stare into the glare on the plastic from the light, looking for his eyes. Vladimir then brings his hands to my face, they feel so gentle yet his touch is firm as he opens my mouth Peeling my lips away from my gums and teeth. He exposes the inside of my mouth as Savvy steps in close, drill in hand and wipes my gums dry on my lower jaw and rests her gloved thumb towards the center of my alveolar ridge, and presses firmly causing a discomfort.

She raises the drill to my face, slowly approaching my mouth as she turns it on and applies it below the ridge. I’m completely at a loss for words, or emotions to describe the pain as I feel her drive the drill into the skin of my mouth, feeling it snag with every twist of the bit. The vibration once the drill hits bone, even more unimaginable as the vibration blurs my vision. I try to scream, to plead, I want to beg! Beg for mercy! I try to fight, unable to move, as I see and feel bits of gum escape my mouth. Almost envious of it as it has the chance to escape, the chance I don’t have. The drill winds loudly as she pushes harder, just as she fully drills through. I barely notice the tears that have fallen down my cheeks, as my mouth pulses in agony. Vladimir exposes my upper jaw clearly as Savvy reaches for another gauze to wipe away any moisture while she feels for a sturdy point to drive into next. It’s not long before she finds it and begins the gruesome process again. Death would be a sweet escape from this. The Grim Reaper would be my Knight in shining armor, to whisk me away to my after life away from this disturbing scene. I feel the drill give way again and a pleased look on Savvy’s face as she sets the messy drill down. I can taste my blood on my tongue, as Vladimir briefly lifts my jaw closing my mouth. He holds it closed as he observes my face.

“Isn’t she quite stunning, Savannah?” Vladimir says with a sense of pride in his voice. I notice Savvy drop her gaze with a look of dismissal before bringing her eyes back to meet mine as she grins, “Yes Sir, she’s beautiful ... I now see why you’ve wanted her all these years.” She reaches for a piece of the cut wire and pliers as Vladimir opens my mouth again. Savvy begins to work the wire through the top hole she drilled, threading it into my jaw as she bends it slightly so it curves towards my bottom jaw. She guides the wire through, working my jaws closer together with the wire til it’s closed once more and begins to twist the ends tightly with the pliers till she’s no longer able. Once finished she allows my lips to go back into a natural setting hiding the wire and looks to Vladimir for approval.

He steps back and studies me it seems as I continue praying to myself for a sudden and quick death. He begins to clap and nods his head smiling. “Savannah, it’s a great job, I’m very pleased with this. Solves the issue of her mouth falling open, while still being able to display her stunning face.” He then places his hands into his pockets and leaves the room humming softly.

Savvy cleans up the area as she takes the mask off and puts items away. I’m exhausted and can barely seem to be able to complete a thought, I’m almost numb to what has just happened while in shock.

“You know ... I envy you ... I had hoped he would’ve given up on the thought of having you and settled for me. I wish he’d want me the way he wants me you ... I used to despise him but somewhere along the way it changed and I found myself feeling different for him. You don’t realize how lucky you truly are Elizabeth...” Savvy says softly as she begins to pull a large black case out and sets it onto the tray. I watch her open the case revealing various eye shadows and lipsticks and different applicators for makeup as she retrieves a brush and small compact. She moves the hair away from my face and briefly wipes it down before starting apply the makeup. She continues telling me about her falling for Vladimir and willing to do anything for him as I try to mentally drown myself and escape this hell. I have a sickening feeling there’s more to come. I can’t even dream the most cruel nightmare to even begin to wonder what will be next.

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