Rescue-breathing Difficulties

by Smirkin

Copyright© 2019 by Smirkin

Erotica Sex Story: Bratty woman gets more than she bargained for when she whines her way onto the back of an ambulance.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Rape   Heterosexual   Fiction   Rough   Oral Sex   .

I had just stormed out of the local bar when some jackass bartender wanted to be an asshole and refuse serve me anymore. I had gotten into an argument with my boyfriend while we were there because he said I’m too snobby to get drunk ... What the hell is that even supposed to mean? ... Because I know I’m a higher class than most there, I’m too good to get drunk? Is that what he meant?!

Or ... Maybe he wanted me to get upset. Maybe this was a plan to make me mad so I’d leave. I did notice him checking out the girl at the end of the bar. That’s got to be it! I’ll show him ... I know he can’t do better than me, it’s laughable to even think about it. I giggle at the thought of him finding someone better than me as I dig through my purse looking for my phone.

“Aha!, there it is!” Excited that I found my phone in this dimly lit parking lot ... I’ll make him feel bad, while he’s in there flirting, let’s see how guilty he feels later.

“HMPH!!” I unlock my phone and dial 911.

“911, What is your emergency?” I hear the operator calmly ask. I wonder how many people call them for stupid reasons. At least I know my reason is legit.

Panting heavily, “Yeeesss ... I need ... to ... Go to ... The ... Hosp ... Hospital!” I do my best to sound like I need immediate attention. I should’ve been an actress, I’d be amazing! Boring operator person asks more boring questions, don’t they know they’re wasting MY time.

What feels like forever later, she finally states an ambulance is on its way and to stay calm ... How can I stay calm in such a disastrous situation?

I pace back and forth in the parking lot waiting for this glorified taxi. I mean that’s all it is right? I do hope it’s men on there, like good-looking model class men. Maybe even catch a date. That would really make my boyfriend jealous! As I turn around I can start to hear the sirens, and begin to see the flashing lights, red and white. Seems like they’re taking forever to reach me. Don’t they know I’m sick and can’t breathe! All I can do is shake my head as they creep into the parking lot nearing me.

Sirens go silent as one man exits the front cab, I try to get a look at him to tell if he’s cute, so I know how to act. His body seems nice. Fairly fit build for the average guy, I guess. His driver exits, too short for my liking, I’ve already dismissed any further thought on him.

“Hello, I’m Owen from Rescue, dispatchers informed us of a female with breathing difficulties being at this location.” Said the first guy who had gotten out of the ambulance.

I give an innocent smile but do my best to look pouty, thinking to myself his face is cute as hell! I could have fun with him to get back at my boyfriend.

“That would be me sir...” I say trying to pout the best I can while trying to look flirty yet innocent, I can totally pull it off I think to myself.

He looks at me in disbelief. Does he think I’m kidding?! What kind of medical thingy man does he think he is. The customer is always right ... wait. Does that apply to these situations?

“Ma’am, you’re having breathing difficulty? When did this start?” Owen asked in a sort of mocking tone that I didn’t much care for.

I kind of drop my arms to my side with a bit of attitude, but it’s totally called for in my opinion. “Yes! I’m having breathing problems, I need to go to the hospital! Right now and that is kinda your JOB ... Isn’t it?” As I roll my eyes, pulling my purse straps over my shoulder.

He tells his partner not to worry about the stretcher, that I can walk onto the unit myself. He seems to have a bit of an attitude. But I think it’s kind of hot. He motions for me to get into the back of the ambulance and holds out his hand for leverage to climb the high step in.

“Oh My God ... This looks even worse than the bar bathroom!” I look around with a disgusted expression.

He begins unbuckling the safety straps on the stretcher, simultaneously lowering the side rail and tells me to take a seat and lean back. I do as instructed, it looks clean enough ... It better be clean enough, I better not get a disease! That would completely ruin my day! He begins to pester me with questions of medical history while buckling me up. These straps aren’t even necessary, especially the safety harness over my chest. It’s so uncomfortable.

“Can we please just save the chit-chat, you can get what you need from my wallet ... It’s in my bag. I don’t really feel like talking to you right now.” I cross my arms over my chest and purse my lips staring out the back window.

He stares at me in disbelief then tells his driver they can begin transport, no need to hurry or use lights and sirens. He informs his dispatch that they’re doing a non-emergency transport and states that he thinks I’m just intoxicated and upset. I watch him as he sets his clipboard down and reaches across me from the bench seat and pulls out of the cabinet some plastic bags with a Velcro looking material inside. He cuts a light out and tells his partner he likes the song on the radio in the cab and asks if he can turn it up.

“I can’t stand prude bitches like you, think you’re above everyone, that everyone is supposed to wait on you hand and foot, while wasting all of our time ... This is just some attention ploy, the poor little rich bitch needs to feel important, huh?!” He glares at me as he rips open the plastic, and removes the strips of fabric.

“Umm ... Excuse you?” I can’t believe he is speaking to me like this, who does he even think he is...

He arches an eyebrow and quickly grabs my arm yanking it down, placing it firmly against the railing and applies a piece of the fabric. Wrapping it several times then attaching the Velcro end to the fabric. Before I can ask why he’s doing such he has my other arm restrained in the same manner.

“This is just a safety precaution, since you appear to be drunk, and distraught, and I feel you to be a danger to yourself and others, or so I have documented. “ Owen flashes a smirk. Then pulls out another piece of fabric and places it across my Forehead and ties it down followed by a strap across my chin.

“What is this. A joke? I can’t even move!” As I attempt to look at him, but my head is strapped down so tight I can’t turn to face him.

He snickers, and undoes his belt, followed his zipper and finally the top button and drops his pants partially ... Just enough to see a bulge. He maneuvers himself so that he is damn near straddling my face. I can’t even find the words to say anything as he pulls out his cock and smacks it onto my face.

“Open your mouth and suck my dick.” He slaps it onto my mouth several times.

“No, I’m not sucking anything!” I said forcefully then closed my mouth tight.

He then reaches for my nose, smirking. Such an evil look in his eyes as he pinches my nose tightly.

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