Party Time Nnd

by LiteroCat

Copyright© 2019 by LiteroCat

Erotica Sex Story: Barry turns the tables on our surprise for him by inviting several of our play mates to his birthday/National Nude Day party. He finally gets to see and touch my wife as does everyone else. Lots of oral sex.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Sharing   Wife Watching   Group Sex   Polygamy/Polyamory   Swinging   Analingus   Exhibitionism   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Petting   Safe Sex   Voyeurism   Public Sex   .

Barry asked us to come early to his birthday party and bring sexy swimsuits, never hinting he knew it was also National Nude Day (NDD). We arrived about ten a.m. and helped him setup his ice chests and tables.

“I asked the others to cum at noon so we have time to swim in my recently cleaned pool. Considering the fun and exploration we had last week,” he grinned lewdly at both of us, “we can change out here. Right?” Sue waggled her finger at him as she went inside to change.

She had her first beer early. I always count her drinks. By her third beer, she loses her inhibitions and gets horny. Her fourth beer or Mike’s Hard liquor goes directly to her cunt and she goes looking for Mike’s hard cock. Barry dropped his shorts and took his time folding them, making sure to face the window near Sue and waggle his exposed semi soft dick for her before removing his shirt. Was Sue watching?

“Com’on, Al. You can strip out here.” His dick shuffled from side to side over his plum sized, shaven balls. I pulled off my shorts and showed I already had my flimsy Speedo on. “Are you shy? I’m sure that will change in an hour.” He’d also chosen tiny Speedos and his thick semi stiffy already pushed the suit out and lower.

Sue came out in a tiny, gold, two-piece string bikini, second beer in hand. She twirled for us and Barry got his first glimpse of her shapely, muscular ass. Though it wasn’t a G-string suit, it left very little covered. The front was a triangle that nearly covered her short fur. The top left her under boobs exposed as well as all but her nipples in the bright sun. Barry stood and whistled, dick at full attention. She stared at his strained Speedo and the thick hair it now exposed. He handed her a slip and lightly kissed her on the lips—hoping to resume where we left off last week in the mall and the lot.

As he started to pull at her top strings, she handed me the paper to review. “Let’s bring the girls out early so you can sun them. After having them out so long and,” he cupped a tit, “you can’t get shy on me now.” She slapped his hand away and tightened the single knot. I confirmed from the lab tests he was disease free so Sue took the sheet and slowly slipped the report deep into the front of his suit. He moaned as she slowly slapped his cock side to side.

She guzzled her third beer and dove into the pool. Her tiny lame top came loose, as planned. As we watched, she stood in the shallow end and slowly shifted her top. There was a good chance that if we dove in our loose Speedos would come off—as planned.

Minutes after noon, Lou and Bev arrived—both totally naked. She is a ravishing beauty. Though long time sex playmates with us, we still admire their personae as well as their bodies. Her outstanding double Ds and thick, hard nipples always make me pucker. Lou’s big, swinging semi hard dick does the same to Sue.

Surprising us, Barry rushed over to hug them both. He shifted then crushed Lou’s cock shamelessly against his belly then Bev’s soft tits against him as he kissed her warmly.

“Aren’t you a little overdressed, per your sign on the front door?” quipped Lou. There was no sign when we’d arrived. Mario and Maria arrived just then, both also naked. Maria’s firm and high C-cups were always a joy to see and taste. They all hugged closely.

Bev chimed in, “I didn’t know you guys knew Barry too. Do you have umm, ‘playdates’ with him too?” They nodded and looked at us. We nodded ‘no.’ “Barry and his ex cum played with us often. She still joins us sometimes. But why are you three still dressed? Barry, do you think you are surprising them with your NDD/birthday party? They got us into our expanded swinging. Have you not yet fucked Sue? Lou loves her tight pussy and I know she tastes great.” Barry startled at that last comment, shocked that we’d fooled him into thinking we were novitiates for so long.

As Sue climbed out of the pool, her top shifted again and the little triangles left her hard nipples exposed to all. “You still want to help me with this, Barry?” He rushed over like a puppy in heat and untied the top and back of her bikini to let it fall away. As she tossed it aside, he untied both bottom strings and the tiny masquerade fell away. Naked, she smiled, “When in Rome...” He only got a quick look at her beautiful pussy, but a long, steamy look at her shapely, bared ass as she ran to greet the others.

Probably just to rile him up, she Frenched Lou and held his stiffening cock firmly, then lingered in Bev’s mouth as they fingered each other. She moved onto Mario, after she slowly licked Bev’s juices off her fingers. Maria watched as Sue slowly jerked her husband’s swelling cock as she sucked his tongue. Barry nearly came when she then bent Maria back and plunged two fingers deep into her moist pussy while licking her tongue. They each licked their fingers before putting them in the other’s mouth.

Finally she wrapped a finger around Barry’s neck and let him suck her tongue as she fished into his Speedo for his stiff cock. “May I see it now, big boy?” Without waiting for an answer, she dropped to a spread legged crouch and took his suit down with her. His stiff cock snapped out of his suit and she caught it under her chin. As he stepped out of it, she kissed his bishop—several times.

“Looks we got here just in time,” boomed Steve as he and stunningly gorgeous Laura arrived, also naked. I greeted Steve and bent Laura over, mimicking Sue, as we kissed long and deep. My fingers found her beautiful pussy and dove in deep for her growing nectar. “You guys always know how to best greet us.” Steve slapped Mario and Lou a high-five before assaulting their wives with fingers and tongue. We were off to a great start. “We expecting anyone else, Barry?”

“Possibly my ex, Shelly. We all enjoy her best after two drinks. So let me guess, you all know each other—intimately?” no one answered.

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