Party Time, the Prep

by LiteroCat

Copyright© 2019 by LiteroCat

Erotica Sex Story: My wife allows herself to be exposed by a new friend in a public mall. She retaliates to prepare him for a National Nude Day surprise by stoking him in the mall.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Coercion   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Slut Wife   Wife Watching   Humiliation   Exhibitionism   Masturbation   Petting   Public Sex   Small Breasts   .

“That’s the way you’re going to Barry’s surprise party---tiny jean shorts and a loose, cropped tank top? Finally going to fulfill his longtime wish to meet the girls?”

“I’ve caught him peeking down or up my shirts before. I think he met the girls already. Hmm, maybe I should tease him more!” Sue abruptly ran back to our room to change. She returned in a thin, sleeveless Victorian blouse with a high, frilly neck which reached her chin. “This better?” she scoffed.

“I’m sure he’ll ‘love’ it. He’s meeting us at the mall.”

Barry shuffled impatiently on a mall bench until he saw us. He whistled at the snug blouse on my closet exhibitionist wife and nearly drooled over her hard nipples.

“You got enough buttons there, Sue? Must be twenty of ‘em all the way up.” Sue smiled confidently and led us into a fabric store. Barry teased, “How about we play a trivia game for your buttons? You guess wrong and I get to open one button or fastener. You then must keep going until you get one right. Then you can ask me questions�same rules.” She gave him a scornful look. “Com’on. It’s my birthday.”

“Your birthday is not until next week, 7/14! “ He pouted; she pretended to protest for a moment then grinned her agreement. They ignored me as the third wheel. She leaned over and whispered to me, “Does he really not know his birthday, Bastille Day and National Nude Day are all the same day? We can have fun with that.”

Beaming, he asked, “OK, Sue, name the capitals of the first American thirteen colonies.” Stumped, she couldn’t name any. He turned her toward me and began unbuttoning the blouse in an open aisle. At the third button, she questioned what he was doing. “Thirteen buttons for thirteen wrong answers, simple.” Though she started to protest, she agreed and let him unbutton her---she always felt a bet or dare was a point of honor and she ‘had’ to comply no matter what! It was the perfect kind of excuse which let her submit and expose herself without blame.

Despite all those buttons opened, her blouse was still half closed. Barry pushed it partially open and ran his curled fingers up her bare sternum to confirm she was braless. As his fingers traced along her tit flesh, it grew goosies and her nipples hardened again though still covered. Her mouth puckered as if annoyed, yet she stood akimbo and let him explore her chest.

After a disappointed peek, Sue buttoned them all back up and Barry protested. She grinned, “You didn’t say how long they had to stay open, so...” She had him! The only thing she loved better than exposing herself was teasing her exposure. She glimpsed at his crotch and saw it twitch. Was that a sneer I saw? As we wandered the store, I saw him snatch a green-handled scissors before asking his next question.

“Sue, name the exact sequence of planets from the sun.” As a space buff, I was sure she knew this. She began with Mars, Merc... “Bzzzz! Nope. That 8.5 buttons.” As he began cutting off the buttons, Sue objected that Pluto wasn’t a planet, but didn’t stop him. He countered that though demoted, it is STILL a dwarf PLANET. Nine buttons flew off before she realized they were gone. Her meager cleavage on display, she accepted her fate with her hands at her sides and watched her blouse slide open.

Barry smiled at her small, rounded mounds. “Nice. Easy one now ... List the English alphabet in 30 seconds---backwards.” Her mouth dropped. “Go!”

“Umm, z, y, x, w, umm, v, u, t, umm, uh oh ... backwards? I can’t”

“Too bad. But you did get those seven right so only 19 wrong answers.” He smiled and stared at the 11 buttons holding her blouse together. She looked around the store and held a male rep’s wide open eyes as Barry cut off the rest of the buttons and flipped her top open. Her pert boobs fully exposed, her hard nipples screaming for attention, he stared and whispered, “Finally.”

Sue pretended to try to cover up. I chimed in as I lowered her hands, “We’re lucky bare boobs are legal in this state. No more buttons, so no more questions.”

“Actually, I was careful to say ‘or fastener’ and I still see two of them.” He slid a shoulder strap off her to expose more. She pulled it back up. “How about naming the two Mars moons?”

Again, as an astronomy buff, she knew the answers. “Um, Mutt and Jeff?” She threw it again!

“Nope. Soooo sorry,” he pined as he cut through each strap and tugged the blouse off her. She gawked, yet didn’t cover up as she was enjoying the public exposure too much. A bet’s a bet, so she had to comply. Right? Barry tossed the scrap that was her blouse to the male rep and slipped the scissors back in a rack as we left the store. My wife covered her tits in false modesty as we walked the mall. She was a beautiful sight with her narrow waist and flat abs in just tiny blue denim shorts and sandals.

Everyone staring at her began to embarrass her so she covered her tiny tits again. “Um, Al, is this how she walks with a blouse on too? Not likely. You take one arm, I’ll take the other and hold them behind her. I want everyone, me included, to enjoy her cute little tits bouncing.” As we pulled her hands back and held them, Barry cupped a tit then twisted and pinched a dense nipple hard. “I’ve wanted to do that for ages.”

She could have easily broken away, instead she twisted and bent in pretense, “Staaaap. I didn’t agree to that. How long are you going to force me to stay topless? Can we buy a shirt for me? Al, why are you letting him get away with this?” No need to answer since we all knew she wanted and enjoyed this.

As we swung past the food court on our way back out, with one eye still on her bare chest, Barry spoke up, “Aside from the shoes, I see two more fasteners. So, Sue, here’s an easy question to give you a shot to get back at me. Where are Panama hats made?”

Questioningly, she glared at him, knowing that was too easy. “Panama, of course.”

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