Me, Tabitha and Her Boy


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BDSM Sex Story: A true story of a night spent playing with Tabitha and her submissive. People have asked me why I stopped writing, and it's because I have experiences like this that take my time and energy now. Admittedly, this doesn't happen every night, but I thought this was an interesting story to share. Note that there is some very minor Ma/Ma bi action, which is different than most of my stories.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/Ma   Consensual   Reluctant   BiSexual   Heterosexual   True Story   Cuckold   BDSM   MaleDom   Humiliation   Sadistic   Spanking   Polygamy/Polyamory   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   Oral Sex   .

I haven’t written stories in a long time, and when people have asked why I stopped, I’ve explained that when I started writing, I was doing it to get out all the fantasies that I had, all the things that I wanted to do and never could. And there were a lot of things that I wanted to do, but was too afraid or unsure of how to do them. I was monogamously and unhappily married, and I could not figure out how to get what I wanted. But I figured it out. I dipped my toe into the BDSM and polyamorous waters, and then I jumped in head first.

Jumping in, however, took the time and energy that I had used for writing. All those pent up things that I fantasized about were coming true, so I no longer had to find an alternate outlet for it, and I no longer felt that same burning desire to write. But I always thought that I should write about my real-life experiences. The things I got into and did were things that I couldn’t have even begun to imagine just a few years earlier. I just never quite got around to it, but I recently found myself with a little extra time, and it happened just after another amazing experience, so I finally took the time and got it down on pixels.

Everything that is in this story actually happened, though it may have happened in a slightly different order, since much of the night blurred together. Also, the names have been changed to protect the innocent(ish). So let’s get started...

I have a friend named Tabitha who I’ve known in the scene casually for a very long time. She is a switch and she has a sub of her own. I didn’t know her well at the beginning, but we’ve run into each other a number of times over the years, and in the last couple of years have met more and more. We met at an event a few years ago and she saw me playing with someone other than my wife, and said that she didn’t realize that I played with others, and would I be interested in playing? I definitely was. She was a hot little thing, and I’d been lusting after her from the first moment that I met her, but she was with someone else, and I wasn’t at a point that I could approach people that way. Frankly, I’m still not.

It took another couple of years, we went out for lunches occasionally, saw each other at events, but we finally did end up playing, and it was great. A four hour spanking and impact scene in the courtyard of an event. I made her cry, made her cum with a singletail whip, and then we cuddled a lot. We connected and clicked in a wonderful way. I definitely knew I wanted to play with her again.

The day after we played I met her sub. He was a very nice guy, big and good looking, looming over this petite little girl, and yet she was in control of him. It was lovely to see.

A few months later, she and I played again, this time alone in a hotel room. I beat her, she sucked my cock over and over, I pushed her, she responded. It was a lovely evening as well, but that isn’t the one I am going to describe.

Last month she told me that her sub, John, was amazed at the difference in the way that she behaved when she was around me vs when she was with him. She was in command of herself and him when she was with him, but when he saw her with me after we played she was acting all girly and flirty. He asked her if he could watch some time when I played with her.

When she approached me about it, I, of course, was very amenable and intrigued, and we started a long and exciting discussion about it. Would he sit in the corner and watch all night, or would he participate in some way? She explained that he was straight, but she still made him suck guys off sometimes or otherwise do forced-bi to him, so that raised all sorts of interesting possibilities. I am straight as well, but what might I let him do to me as part of a scene? I didn’t know the answer.

She also let me know that he was only allowed to cum occasionally. When he was with her, his cock was often caged, and even when he fucked her, he was not allowed to cum until she felt like letting him. We discussed whether or not he would be allowed to cum on our date, and in the end she asked that he not be allowed to.

It was an interesting discussion that went on via text and email for days. What came out of it was the she clearly wanted to be submissive to me for the length of the evening, and I could do what I wanted to her, within the limits that she laid out - she had some sort of issue with arterial spray, I think it had to do with not wanting to have to pay the hotel a cleaning fee, since the room was in her name.

We met for lunch a little under a week before the date, both to discuss more what we were going to do, and because I wanted to see her face to face and start making her anticipate it even more. During our discussion she indicated that one of the things that she wanted was a challenge, and would like to try to not cum until she had permission. I agreed, and we came up with some parameters.

She was not allowed to cum from that moment until I told her to. In the event that she did, I would get to use a hog prod on her, a toy that she absolutely feared and hated. I thought it would be fun for me to try and make her lose, and to wrangle John in to help. The next day she messaged me and told me that she had forgotten that she had a date with her other partner the night before our scene! She reached out to him and explained that I had put her under orgasm restriction, and his reaction was not quite what she expected as well. She was afraid he would be upset that another man was controlling her orgasms while he fucked her, but he took it in good and evil humor, and told her that he would do his best to edge her the whole evening.

The day of the scene, she had her sub arrive first to get the hotel room. Since I was arriving a little later, I asked her to put my name on the hotel so I could get a key and not have to have one of them come down to get me. That meant that when she checked in, he had to stay off to the side, which was a great way to start him feeling like the lesser part of the threesome. She arrived at 4, checked in, waited for John to trot over with the bags, and went up to the room to change, she into her sexy outfit, he into lacy panties over a cock cage and a pink crop top.

When I arrived at the hotel an hour later, she showed me around the room. It was an upgraded suite, with a bedroom, living room, and 2 bathrooms. We got to the bedroom, and I saw John sitting on the floor in the corner. As soon as we got into the room, she started making out with me. I didn’t pay attention to what John was thinking of that, because I had a sexy little thing in my arms, and I was really into the kiss, though I changed it up a little when I grabbed her throat and pushed her up against the wall, so that I could control the kiss.

I should describe Tabitha. She is a petite, tiny, sexy little girl, 5’ even. One never even guesses what a woman weighs, but she is small enough that I can toss her around easily, a trait that I took great advantage of. She was wearing an off white dress, somewhat see through, with a black bra and panties peeking out when she moved. She had done her hair up in pigtails, probably because she knows what that does to me. Her tits are perky and firm, and her ass has just the right amount of meat on it to look amazing, feel fabulous in my hands, and react perfectly to a sharp spank.

I released her and grabbed my suitcase. I

slung the heavy case onto the ottoman near the bed, and opened it up. I started pulling out my toys: the floggers, whips, antlers, canes, knives, chains, mallet - all the things I like, and I laid them on the bed, within easy reach.

I then reached for her, pulled her in for another kiss, moving my mouth down her face and nuzzling her neck, then started dragging her over to the bed. She said, “I’d prefer to keep the dress intact if possible. I don’t care about the underwear, but I like the dress.”

She’d already discovered my propensity for destroying her clothes, and it was a pretty dress, so I was willing to allow that.

I pulled her in front of the full length mirror on the back of the bathroom door, and pushed her hands against the door and pulled her body back against mine. She was standing inches from John, who was looking up her with a slightly excited look on his face. I couldn’t blame him, she looked so hot.

I nibbled on her neck, then reached down and pulled her dress slowly up over her body. When it came off her arms, I saw that her bra had pulled up her perfectly formed tits, her nipples peeking out, dusky and hard. I pulled the bra back down, covering them up. That wasn’t the reveal I had planned.

I pulled her over to the bed, tripping her a little over John’s foot, reminding her that he was there. I sat down on the bed and pulled her over my knee. I rubbed her sexy ass, and then gave her a light spank. I did that a few more times, then pulled her panties up into the crack of her ass, giving me a lovely target. She was trying to brace herself on the bed, but I turned her so that her head and arms were hanging off the bed. I enjoyed it much more when she was off balance - it was harder for her to be prepared for the next spank.

In between spanks, I was rubbing my fingers over the crotch of her panties. She was still restricted from orgasms, and I was going to really enjoy bringing her as close to the edge and watch her struggle not to go over. I spanked her more, and touched her clit, sometimes slipping my fingers under her panties to feel her bare. As I was spanking her, she was moaning, and then I thought I heard her say something that made no sense.

“Excuse me? What did you just say?” I asked.

She gave a little pant and said, “Rancid mayonnaise.”

“OK,” I said, spanking her ass again. “Why exactly did you say rancid mayonnaise?”

“It’s a mental thing,” she explained, breathing heavily. “If I start getting close, I try and think of unsexy things. It was feeling too good, so I thought of something very disgusting, rancid mayonnaise.”

“That makes sense,” I said. “So you have lots of disgusting food to imagine?”

“That and killing cute animals,” she said.

“Ahhhh,” was my only response, and then I continued spanking her.

I made her ass nice and red, and I kept dragging her close to the edge and stopping. She had brought a number of her toys for my use, and I reached over and picked up a lovely vibrator designed for stimulating her G-spot. I flipped her over onto the bed and pushed it into her, rubbing it back and forth while I played with her clit. I loved hearing her get close, realize that she was getting too close, and then see the focused concentration and hear her mutter something disgusting under her breath while she got control of herself.

I eventually stopped teasing her with the toy and reached over and got my knife. I slipped it into the side of her panties, and pulled up violently, causing her to gasp as the panties ripped. Then I slowly ran the knife between her legs, scraping the area gently, until I slipped it carefully under the crotch of the lacy garment. I gave her another slap with my left hand, then ripped the panties open, exposing her pussy to me completely.

When her breathing stabilized a little, I flipped her over and laid her flat on her back on the bed. I picked the knife up again, which elicited a lovely little squeak from Tabitha. I started running the knife over her body, scraping her skin gently. She gasped when I ran it across her neck, leaving a light line on her skin in its wake. I told her to close her eyes, which she did very reluctantly. I tried explaining to her that if her eyes are closed, I can’t be doing anything too scary, but that didn’t seem to calm her down.

With her eyes closed, I continued to run the knife across her body, scraping the tip across her breasts and over her bra, catching her nipple. Then I slid it under a bra strap and yanked, severing the strap to the accompaniment of her squeal. I reached down and pushed my finger shallowly into her while I continued to run the knife along her body. I slipped it under her remaining bra strap and pulled the knife up (carefully) just passed her face while I plunged my finger deep inside her. I really do love the noises that she makes.

I was impatient to see her nipples again, so I scraped the sharp knife down between her tits and under what was left of the bra, being sure to dig the tip of the knife across her skin. One last pull and her only remaining protection lay in pieces by her side.

I stood up and walked to the edge of the bed and opened my pants and pulled them to my thighs. As I moved my cock towards her, she lifted her head and sucked it into her mouth. I let her suck for a moment before I just shoved it in deep, leaning over her body and playing with her pussy, distracting from her cock sucking with the feelings in her pussy, distracting from the pleasure in her pussy by shoving my cock past the back of her mouth, and her trying to distract from both by stomping on little bunnies in her head to keep from cumming.

All too soon I pulled my cock out her mouth, listening to her gasping for air. I pulled my pants back up and zipped them, then I flipped her onto her stomach and spread her legs. I touched her gently between her legs, alternating that with spanks across her already red ass. Then I took her arm and held it behind her back as I slipped cuffs on her wrists for later. For now, I gave her back her arms to rest above her head and I reached over and picked up my moose antler.

I really enjoy my moose antler. I got it in Alaska on a trip to my Alaskan Dolly, and it has so many useful surfaces, curves and protrusions. In this instance, I mainly used the broad flat to beat her sexy ass. I was surprised by the deep moan of pleasure when I first started hitting her with it. Apparently, she really, really liked it. I continued hitting her, again interspersing it with gentle and not so gentle strokes of her pussy.

Finally, I stood her up and started walking her back to the mirror when I changed my mind, bent her over the bed, slipped on a condom and pushed myself hard into her. I fucked her softly for about a minute, just enough time for me to get some significant pleasure for me while not allowing her enough time to get even closer to orgasm.

I then pulled out, took off the condom, and straightened her up again. As she stood nervously waiting for what I’d do next, I pointed to a spot on the other side of the room and told John, “Go over there”.

Then I hooked my door hardpoint tool over the door and snapped her cuffs to it, making her stand facing the mirror. I went to my toy pile and selected my heavy flogger. It is a lovely, thick, heavy, blue bullhide flogger, with a deep scent of leather, the kind of aroma that, when I ran it across her face immediately caused her head to loll forward. I worked on her back and ass with the flogger, then had her spread her legs more so that I could flog between them. I noted with amusement that even strapped in and being beaten, she still stood on her tiptoes with her ass jutting out, maximizing how good her already perfect ass looked.

I put down the flogger and got out my single-tail. It was interesting using it on her. She’d had bad experiences with it before, and before the first time we played she said she had a tremulous relationship with the single tail, but wanted to ease into it. I must have done a good job, because that first time we played, she came while I was using the single tail on her.

This time, I started gently across her back and ass, listening to her soft moans. I started ramping it up, striking her harder, and I watched in the mirror as her eyes rolled back in her head, and she even went cross eyed. I am pretty sure her relationship with the single tail was no longer tremulous.

I spread the strokes across her body, leaving marks across her back and ass, on her thighs, both the back and the inner thighs. I wrapped it around her body, striking the sides of her breasts, her hips. I loved the fact that she was facing the mirror, and I could see every expression that crossed her face. I was getting so hard.

I grabbed her, and for fun I turned her on her side, so I could whip her from her armpit down her sides, flicking across her breasts, and down the outside of her thighs. I also enjoyed wrapping it around her ass and watching her twitch. I did the same on the other side, and I’d decided she’d had enough fun, and I wanted some for me.

I handed her the key to John’s cage, and when she had managed to remove it - she was very floaty and not moving in the most coordinated of fashions, I pushed her onto her back onto the bed, with her legs hanging off the bed. I put on a condom and grabbed her legs, dragging her ass just off the bed and I pushed myself back into her. This one was for me, and I just pounded her for a while, before I pulled out and moved her to the corner of the bed with her head hanging over it.

“Fuck her mouth,” I told John, and he eagerly came over and she gobbled his cock down, while I continued to use her pussy. It was lovely to see, but every time John would make her gag, she would end up gagging so hard her pussy would push my cock out of her, but a small price to pay. Putting myself back inside her was fun.

I picked up my single tail and awkwardly applied it to her tits while I also focused on fucking her. This continued until I was ready for something else, and told John to go sit back down, I pulled out of Tabitha, discarded the condom, pulled my pants back up (I try not to leave my hard cock out and protruding when single tailing - once was enough when a backswing flicked the tip over my cock; I am definitely not a masochist). I pulled Tabitha off the bed and chained her back against the mirror, facing out towards me.

I picked up the single tail again, and she moaned in anticipation. I started lightly using it across her front, starting with her thighs and moving up. I had her stand with her legs open, so the first strokes crossed the front of her thighs, but also licked her inner thigh. As I moved up, she jumped as the tip got close to her pussy, then moved to her stomach. She held her breath a little as it approached her nipples, and moaned as the tail flicked across the. I continued further up and let the whip caress her throat.

(Note to the boys and girls at home: do not try this unless you have been trained on the ways that you hurt somebody. The way I describe using the whip is not the appropriate way for a beginner to use one, and does explain the level of carefulness that I have cultivated over many years of use. Please use all your toys responsibly, and the dangerous ones only after you have learned the safe ways to do so.)

I switched from a horizontal stroke to a vertical one, moving from the top of her breasts and down to her thighs, leaving marks all over her torso. Along the way, quite a few of the strokes kissed her pussy, causing her to twitch and moan. Watching her this way was even better than seeing her in the mirror. Her eyes glazed and her head slumped and she was loving and hating what she was feeling.

After a bit more of that I told John, “I’ve hurt her pussy, go kiss it and make it better.”

He eagerly crawled over to her and pushed his face between her legs. She gasped and moaned in pleasure, then I started focusing the single tail on her nipples, and she moaned some more. I can only imagine how her head was processing the combination of pleasure from his tongue and the pain from my whip.

I continued until she looked like her legs would no longer hold her up, and I told John to go back to his spot. As he scurried over, I pulled down on the quick-release connection on her cuffs and caught her as she slipped forward. I laid her down on the bed with her head towards the edge of the bed.

I let her rest for a little bit and start to get her senses back, but then I pointed to her and told John, “you get right there the way that she is.”

I moved Tabitha out of the way and let John lay down. Then I told Tabitha to climb onto him in a 69 and start thanking him for all the nice kisses he had given her. She grabbed his cock and started kissing, stroking and sucking on it. With her pussy pushing against his face, John started licking and feasting on her again.

I watched them enjoy each other for a few minutes while I recovered a bit - it’s not just bottoms who get worn out in these scenes, it’s a lot of work for tops as well. I enjoyed the visual, then I moved around the bed and finally took my clothes off. I put on a condom and climbed over to straddle John’s head, hitting him in the face with my balls, as I pushed my cock back into her amazingly tight pussy.

I stroked into her slowly and deeply as John went back to work sucking on her clit. I told him, “I like my balls licked too.” The truth is that I did like my balls licked, but wasn’t sure how I would feel about a man licking them. The reality was that I didn’t even pay that much attention to the man occasionally swiping my balls with his tongue, because Tabitha’s pussy kept me quite focused on her.

I pulled out and walked across to the nightstand while John pushed his face back into her pussy. I grabbed one of the toys that she had brought, a heavy, metal Njoy butt plug. I lubed it up (I’m nice like that - sometimes) and walked back over to straddle his head again. I asked if she was OK for me to use it, because when we were discussing the date she had said that she was nervous about the anal stuff, but she said that she was ready for it. I started pushing the plug into her, and marveled at how tight her little ass was. This was far from the biggest plug they make, but I was having a struggle getting it inside her little butt hole. But I was nice, and continued working it slowly, encouraged by her moans, until I had it seated inside of her.

I pushed John’s face away from her pussy and sunk my cock back into her. I enjoyed how snug her pussy was as I pushed her pussy back down onto John’s face. We continued like that for about five minutes, with me alternating strokes between slow and steady and hard and pounding, her jacking and sucking his cock and making him moan and grit his teeth to keep from cumming, and him doing his best to make her cum while she struggled not to.

I pulled out, removed the condom and walked around to her head. I grabbed her hair and pulled her mouth off of his cock and shoved it onto mine instead. She really went to work on it, ignoring John’s cock as she focused all her concentration on pleasing me. Throughout it all, I could clearly see her approaching the edge, and then managing to back herself down from it.

I glanced down towards her ass, and I saw part of John’s head, shoved right up against her pussy. His hands were wrapped around her ass to pull himself up, with some of his fingers playing with the plug, moving it around, sometimes pulling it out a little, and then pushing it back in. I focused on my pleasure, using her mouth to masturbate my cock in, pushing in and out at whatever depth I wanted, when on a particularly deep thrust I heard her gasp around my cock and big thunk.

The deep thrust I had made, along with whatever John was doing to her pussy had made her squeeze so hard that it shot the heavy metal plug out of her ass and about three feet across the room to hit the wall and drop noisily to the floor. Man, I could not wait to feel that ass around my cock! Luckily, I didn’t have to!

I pulled my cock out of her mouth and let her go back to sucking on him. I got another condom on and decided to be nice again and use the lube. Actually, she said that while she can take it in the ass, it’s sometimes painful, but was willing to let me try, so I wanted to make it as nice for her as I could. But try I would!

I climbed back over John’s head and laid the tip of my cock against her tight little hole. She flinched a bit, and I asked her if I could use her ass. She reluctantly agreed. I added a little more lube and started pushing in. She was tight! She even reached back and tried to help with the perfect placement. I continued to push gently, her ass fighting back. She was tight, but I persevered. I started making some headway as the head of my cock pushed its way past her opening. She was grunting a little, and I was trying to go slow, but I looked down and I noticed John’s hand on her thighs, pulling her body back onto my cock.

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