Emily's a Different Kind of Perfect

by Hector10

Copyright© 2019 by Hector10

Erotica Sex Story: Brock and Emily have been enjoying a relationship for months now. But Brock realizes he's not as lucky as he thinks. And Emily has more than just eyes for someone else.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Teenagers   Consensual   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Cheating   Black Male   Anal Sex   Analingus   Oral Sex   Big Breasts   .

Brock Johnson’s room was tidy, his clothes were tucked in the drawers and hanging from his closet instead of strewn about the floor and bed. His desk was a little messy but most of the papers were pushed away. His bed had been made before Emily got to his place.

He always cleaned up nicely for her. Something she appreciated. Not all of her friend’s boyfriends were as thoughtful. Of course, Brock knew she was worth it.

Emily Nese was a bombshell by anyone’s standards. She was a sixteen-year-old volleyball player with the genes of actual Olympian athletes. She was five-and-a-half feet, dirty blonde hair down to her middle back with bright blue eyes and silky-smooth legs. Whether she did it on purpose or not, her tits always seemed to threaten ripping out of her top, especially if there were buttons incorporated somehow. And thanks to the hot weather she never wore anything longer than a knee length, and that was rare. Not even the female teachers had it in them to send her home if her shorts were too small. Heads more than just turned when she walked by. People stayed at the volleyball games for the team, but they came for Emily’s ass and cleavage.

Now Brock Johnson wasn’t an unattractive guy. He was six-foot, light-brown skin, tight curly black hair, and relatively well built for a baseball player. His mom was a short German woman and his dad was a tall black man from New York. He got some of the good genes, but somehow, he turned out kind of shy and soft spoken.

Him and Emily’s dads got to know each other when the kids were in middle school, and eventually the two became friends. Emily learned to really appreciate his honesty and kindness. If she hadn’t noticed every time, he would check her out, or the one time she overheard him talking about her, things might have turned out differently. It would be a long time before Emily asked him to be her boyfriend on his sixteenth birthday.

That was five months ago.

Now the two were in Brock’s bed, kissing softly but passionately. Emily was stark naked in his bed, her tits exactly as glorious and milky as anyone that wasn’t Brock could imagine. Her brown nipples begged to be sucked on. Brock was shirtless, and his pants were open at the zipper. His erection was painfully hard. His fingers were in her pussy, her hand wrapped around his expectant member.

He wasn’t amazing in her pussy. She tried guiding him as best as he could, but the truth was he needed more practice. But she still enjoyed his touch, and his tenderness.

“You’re so fucking sexy.” He said between kisses.

“I like how big your dick is.” She whispered.

It was a very decent size. It was long and most impressively it was so thick that Emily couldn’t wrap her whole hand around it.

Brock held her tighter, “I really want to have you.” He almost growled.

It was only ever during their foreplay where his more aggressive and confident side came out. Emily thought it was hot, and she loved getting naked for him. But ... She put a hand on his chest, calming him, “I’m sorry, you know I’m not ready yet.” She panted.

Brock could feel his inner beast screaming in frustration, but he was no rapist, and he cared deeply for her.

He breathed hard, “I know you’re not ready. I get it. I just wish I could between your lips right now. God that would be amazing.”

She kissed him lightly, her hand pumping faster on his dick. “I’m sorry babe.”

Brock would have argued but her hands were expertly moving and touching him. He groaned and threw his head back as a familiar climax came rushing. And still all he could think about was being in her mouth.

The aftermath left him panting, her kissing his neck.

He wiped the sweat off his face, “I should go, before my dad come’s bounding.”

Brock dressed quickly. He took a last look at Emily’s naked body before heading out the door. “I’ll be back soon yeah?”

She nodded, biting her lip with a sexy smile and still fingering herself. “Mhm.” Brock almost shot back up but sped off before he could be further distracted.

Brock’s dad was in the kitchen as Brock headed out “Heading out?” Kevin asked. He was a tall and broad man. His jaw line could cut rock. His muscles hadn’t left him. There had been some increase in fat over the years, but nothing egregious. His head was bald and eyes dark brown. His arms looked like sacks of rock.

“There’s a lot on that list. Make sure you get everything. And be nice to Ryan. Don’t blow him off.”

Brock almost rolled his eyes. Ryan could never stop talking. “Yeah, it shouldn’t be too long.”

“You shouldn’t be ignoring that girl son,” Kevin grumbled.

“You know she hates doing these errands.”

Kevin just shrugged and Brock left, more annoyed than before.

He groaned in his car, letting out all his frustration. Ever since he started driving his dad had been sending him on errands every which way. Brock wanted to argue every time, but it was difficult arguing with a six foot-four ex-football player. He tried to bring Emily along, but most of the time they were mind numbingly boring, and after being dragged along two she decided that she’d wait for him at his place. And he couldn’t blame her.

Luckily today wasn’t so bad. All he had to do was buy some hardware at the store and pick up some materials for his dad. Kevin had picked up wood and metal working after his football years. He made enough money as an athlete to live comfortably, but to send Brock to college and live in such an expensive area him and Martina had to keep working.

Brock had a whole list of things to buy at the hardware store. Paint, sandpaper, a new handsaw, varnish, nails, and screws. The list didn’t take as long as Brock thought it would thankfully. He hopped in his car and sped off to Ryan’s place at the edge of town. He wasn’t gone for more than fifteen minutes but he knew Ryan could double that time with one question about his lunch.

But to Brock’s joy Ryan wasn’t there. He’d had some kind of work emergency and left his brother to make the tradeoff. Instead of being stuck there for twenty minutes, Brock was gone in thirty seconds.

He parked his car outside his house and rushed into the garage where he dropped everything off. He rushed to his room excited to spend more time with Emily only to find she wasn’t there. He searched for her around the house. She didn’t usually disappear without a text. He checked his phone to see if there’d been a message, but nothing.

He was passing by the kitchen when he heard something unsettling.

“Oh yes, you want it in my ass again Mr. Johnson? I think I need another load in my tight ass.”

Brock rounded the kitchen wall and stepped outside to the backyard.

It was a big lawn. He used to throw the football around with his dad all the time when he was a kid. There was a trampoline him and Emily used in middle school. A hammock and a swing. The patio was a popular place for neighborhood barbecues and family get togethers. And the most popular spot, the wide and clear saltwater pool in the middle. To the side, the hot tub, and the two people in it.

Brock’s dad Kevin was sitting in the hot tub, his arms spread wide along the dry rim. A deeply satisfied and arrogant look on this face.

Emily was in the hot tub to. But Brock had difficulty registering what he was looking at, and hearing.

She was as naked as before but looking sexier than he’d ever seen her. Her blonder hair was wet and sticking to her face. Her pink lips glistened in the sun. Water was beading on her smooth porcelain skin, droplets hanging of her nipples. Her tits and ass were bouncing and jiggling.

The two naked bodies, one Caucasian and young, the other black and aged were pressed tightly at the hips. Emily was writhing on Kevin’s lap her face tired, pained, and pleading, her head leaning back. She had one hand underwater, clearly fingering her clit. The other wrapped around Kevin’s neck, holding him close as he sucked on her tits. Kevin was thrusting hard into her snatch, making her white teenage body jump and jiggle.

Emily saw Brock first. She didn’t stop. She panted hard and rubbed Kevin’s head.

Brock tried to speak, but the words wouldn’t come out. He was nauseous and lightheaded.

Kevin looked up and saw his son. “You should go son.”

Brock did go.

Emily and Kevin heard the car door slam, but it didn’t start.

“Oh my god, I feel terrible.” Emily panted.

“You won’t for long.” Kevin lifted her off and turned her around. Emily bent over and put her face into the dry tile next to the hot tub. Her ass was sticking straight up, her sphincter open and inviting from Kevin’s previous preparation. He slipped his dick deep into her ass and Emily moaned.

“Ohhhhh fuck. Mr. Johnson. I love how big your dick is.” It was a similar size to Brock’s but not as fat and a little longer. Still an impressive feat to take in any hole of hers considering her age.

“Yes, that’s it slut. Don’t worry about the boy.” He put his hands on her shoulders and pumped into her with force and skill. Sawing her walls and swirling her insides around like a mixing bowl. “If he was a real man, he’d have taken you a long time ago, permission or not.”

Emily actually really liked how safe she felt around Brock, and not being a rapist was a pretty important pre-requisite of hers. But it was hard to argue that Brock hadn’t taken the initiative. And it was especially hard to argue when his dad was balls deep in Emily’s teenage ass, driving her up the wall and revving up her orgasm.

So, she could only agree. “Yes big boy,” Her face was being shoved into the ground now, “You’re a real man. Using me when you want, taking me when you want. Fuck me up sir, destroy my asshole and rip me in half.”

Kevin shoved her tits into the ground to and pulled on her hair hard. Emily screamed loudly and he tried to hope that the neighbors weren’t home. But he couldn’t bring himself to care. Emily seemed to care even less.

“Yes! Yes! Fuck me like your property! Fuck me like you hate me! Oh god! I’m going to hell, we’re going to hell! I love cheating with you! Forget your wife, forget my dad, I’ll forget Brock! JUST RAPE MY UNDERAGE ASS!”

Kevin was ravaging her. Painful earthquakes reverberated through her body and Emily shuddered at the heaven like euphoric pain she was feeling. His balls were coming to a boil. Bolts of pleasure were shooting up his shaft and through his spine. He felt like he was an athlete again, putting in as hard of an effort as he could to completely dominate and embarrass his opponent. Except his opponent was a sixteen-year-old girl, and the game was pumping cum up her holes.

Kevin roared as his balls exploded. He leaned over her body and thrust hard with each spurt of seed. Emily whimpered at his domination, tears streaming from the pleasure pain. An exhausted but ecstatic smile on her face.

Rewind Brock’s sixteenth was in full swing. Emily was very proud of the party she was able to throw for him. He’d loved the surprise and she’d gotten him his favorite kind of cake. His friends were hanging out in the living room with his family. Emily had to assure Brock’s mom several times that the party should be with friends and family. His dad was easier to convince.

Emily didn’t know Brock’s dad that well but knew that him and her dad were good friends. Sometimes Emily would go to Brock’s house for secret meetings with his mom for the party planning. Mr. Johnson didn’t help with the planning, but he was in the kitchen or dining room sometimes. Emily didn’t think much of him at first. But occasionally she caught herself looking over at him. She didn’t usually find the big muscly guys attractive, but there was something Emily found very attractive about his smoldering confidence. But she liked Brock better. He was nice and made her feel safe.

Emily was talking with her friend Layla in the kitchen. Layla was complimenting her for the party. But Emily wasn’t listening. Brock and Emily caught each other’s eyes. He waved and she blushed, turning away for a moment.

It wasn’t hard for Layla to notice, “Did something happen between you two?” she asked with a knowing smile.

Emily shrugged, “Maybe...”

She didn’t let Layla press her further. Emily turned and went for some soda at the snack table. Emily saw Brock and his dad talking in the sunroom through the doorway. Mr. Johnson was looking at her. Emily had a feeling that Brock was telling his dad about the kiss. Emily was staring back at Mr. Johnson. He was giving her a look that he’d given her before. Emily was afraid she knew what the look was, and she was a little guilty that she liked it a little.

She didn’t want to get into it with anyone. She got Brock in a private room and was able to steal her first kiss from him. It was more difficult than she thought it would be. She was usually so confident and sure about what she wanted. It was a surprise for her to be so nervous right at that moment. But she’d managed, and they made each other happy.

But it was so new and early that she didn’t want to jinx anything. Brock and her would hash it out later, but right now Emily was just happy to enjoy her excitement.

She was nibbling on some chips pretending to listen to some kid she never met hit on her. Mr. Johnson had been looking at her for a long time now. She wanted to feel scared and angry at him, but there was something holding those emotions back.

Suddenly Emily felt Mr. Johnson’s presence approach from behind.

“I saw your game last week.” Mr. Johnson was sharing the chips with her. “You were good.”

Emily had a feeling he didn’t care about the game. “Thanks,”

“Brock had a lot of good things to say about you.”

Emily felt her ears go hot. “That’s nice of him.” Emily felt a tingling at her lower back.

“He’s a smart kid, but I think there’s some things he’s not prepared for.”

Emily wasn’t sure what he meant by that. But she didn’t ask.

“He told me about the two of you.” He said it softly enough that no one else heard. Emily felt hot. “I think we should talk.”

Emily cleared her throat. She wanted to talk with him to. Somewhere private, somewhere with enough light so she could look at his body. “Don’t you think his mom would want to talk to me instead.”

“She can be next.” He was close to her. She could feel his heat on her skin. “Follow me.”

Emily shouldn’t have gone. She shouldn’t have listened to him and she should have told him that it made her uncomfortable. But he had a commanding presence, and she followed.

He led her through the crowd of people. He led her down a hallway around two turns of his large house, to a final door that led down to the basement. The basement was closer to another living room, but it was clearly his man cave. It had desk, a lounge chair, a sofa, a small library, and a glass wall to his garage where she could see his tools and workshop.

Mr. Johnson closed the door behind Emily. Her skin tingled. She was suddenly uncomfortable in her daisy duke shorts and loose red blouse. She felt her ass hanging out. Her milky smooth legs suddenly erupted in goosebumps in their bareness to the air. She felt her breasts screaming from the cleavage shining out from her low cut. Her bare and smooth stomach felt cold and exposed from the revealing midriff cut. And she wondered if she had too much makeup on.

“You can sit if you like.” Emily didn’t sit, He made his way over to his desk where he poured himself a glass of whiskey, then another. He beckoned her over and he offered her a glass. She shook her head.

“No thanks.”

“Take it.”

Emily’s fingers tingled as she wrapped her hand around the glass. She wasn’t against underage drinking, but she had a feeling this wasn’t a good setting. She took a sip. It was a familiar burning and smoking sensation down her throat. But it wasn’t like the cheap booze her friends bought. It was smooth and tasteful. Still harsh, but an enjoyable harshness.

“Drink more.” Mr. Johnson demanded. She did, a mouthful instead of a sip. “I understand you care about my son, but I have to say I’m not too sure I trust you.”

Emily could feel the alcohol in her stomach. “Why? We’ve been friends for years.”

Mr. Johnson stepped closer. “I’ve seen you at those games. I’ve seen you with your friends. You’re a flirt, you like to play around. Brock’s no player. I’m not sure where I missed that part of fatherhood, but he’s not confident like he should be.”

“He’s a good guy.” She said lamely.

Mr. Johnson shrugged, “But you’re not a good girl. You’re obedient. And you like men, not boys. I’ve seen how you look at me. And you’ve noticed how I look at you.”

Emily swallowed dryly. He was very close to her now. She was burning up and she couldn’t get Brock out of her mind. She finished her drink. There was a lot left. Her head was light now.

“I don’t know what you’re trying to say.”

Mr. Johnson touched the outside of her thigh and her leg tingled. “You dress nice, most people might not suspect you’re a slut.”

“Don’t call me that.” But Emily’s voice sounded small and weak under his imposing height.

“But that’s what you are. I’ve seen how you look at me. And you know how I’ve looked at you. You know it, I know it. Brock is still a naïve kid. You are to.” His whole hand was on her thigh. He was sliding it up. It was barely an inch from her ass cheek. He offered her the rest of his drink, and she took it. Her whole body was burning up.

He kissed her on the lips and Emily let him. “Everyone should get to fuck girls that look like you. But not everyone’s that lucky.” There was no denying it anymore for Emily. Her sex was wet. “Does that sound good to you? Men lining up for you pussy?”

“Yes sir.” She found herself saying softly.

He kissed her again. His hand was on her ass and sliding up under her shorts. His other hand peeled her shirt off, then her shorts. The two kissed passionately, Mr. Johnson pushed her against his desk. He pulled away from her.

Emily was in her underwear and Van sneakers. Tiny white panties and a lime green bra. Her tits were begging to be released. Her hair in braided blonde pigtails. Mr. Johnson could feel his erection growing.

“Take the rest off.” He commanded.

Emily’s lip trembled as she removed her bra slowly. Her voluptuous, perky, and young breasts bounced to freedom. She hesitated to take her panties off.

His cock was painfully pressed to his pants. “Take your panties off, now.”

Emily didn’t know she could feel scared and sexy at the same time. She also didn’t know she could feel guilty and excited at the same time. She kept telling herself to stop, that Brock didn’t deserve this, but she couldn’t help it. She wanted to take her panties off, so she looped her fingers on the edges and pulled them down. She took her shoes off to.

Emily was fully nude. And with Mr. Johnson still fully dressed she felt exposed and dominated. And the look he was giving her was scary.

He lifted her up and sat her on his desk. He fondled her underage tits and she bit her lip. Emily’s heart raced. He growled as he kissed down her neck to her cleavage. He licked between her tits, his hands stroked her legs and her lower back. Emily trembled as the older man touched every inch of her young smooth skin.

He bit her nipple and she gasped, “Shit! Do that again.” He nibbled on her tits painfully and she panted at the pleasure. He tweaked her other nipple with his fingers, and she pressed her chest closer to his mouth.

“Fuck this is so wrong.” Emily almost felt like she wanted to cry. “I’m sorry Brock, oh fuck!”

Mr. Johnson pushed his papers out of the way and shoved her down, following her torso with his own. He straddled her little body with his meaty one. Her chest was rising and falling. She could feel his erection through his pants, pressing tight with her wet sex. It felt big and she got scared. She didn’t know how far he was going to push her and a part of her was afraid they were going all the way, another part of her hoped they would.

He continued down her torso sucking and kissing her athletic and flat stomach. Her hands went to the back of his head, holding him tightly. His hands slid back down her ribs and sides until her ass. Mr. Johnson was down at one knee. He was just kissing at her vulva. Kissing tenderly as Emily squirmed. She spread her legs enough for him to fit under, then just because she was enjoying the slutty feelings that were worming into her stomach, she spread her legs wider until she was practically doing the splits.

Mr. Johnson dug his fingers into her plump ass cheeks, rubbing and kneading them to his pleasure. Emily moaned at his rough touch. He dove down to her clit and sucked on her nub.

“Shit, yes, yes, yes.” She begged, a corrupt smile spreading on her lips. “Eat me out sir. Eat my teenage pussy out Mr. Johnson!”

He made an ‘O’ around her nub and sucked, occasionally flicking it with his tongue. Her body jolted as he touched her in her most sensitive spot. No one ever touched her like this. She masturbated in her life plenty but that was totally different to a strong man taking her and pleasuring at his own rhythm. And no one had ever tasted her.

He licked up her sex juices and curled one finger in her pussy. She writhed on his face involuntarily. She tried not thinking about Brock. Her guilt was mounting as her ecstasy rose. She was moving like a whore, breathing in and moaning like a slut. He added a second finger and kept pleasuring her with his tongue. He stretched her walls and brought her to a peak she didn’t know was possibly. Until she finally burst out screaming.

She tossed her head back, confident that they were low enough that no one could hear them. “Oh fuuuuuuuck! I’m cumming! I’m cumminggggg! Yes sir, thank you! Shit! Thank youuuu!”

Her pussy flooded and filled Mr. Johnson’s mouth in her sex fluids. She tasted sweeter than honey. He stood up, looming over her prone body.

“Get on your knees slut.” She dropped, almost too quickly. “take my cock out.”

Emily licked her lips. Her whole body was trembling. She’d seen a lot of porn, so he had a general idea of what he expected but was crazy nervous.

She unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants. Then she pulled out his member.

“Oh my god.”

His cock had sprung out. She’d seen the dicks on screen, and they had always looked big to her. But now in person, she saw just how monstrous a good cock could be. It was veiny, thick, long, and she couldn’t help but compare it to her arm.

She looked up at him with puppy dog eyes, “You want me to put that it in my mouth?”

He slipped his cock between her fat tits and slowly thrust in and out of her cleavage. “You kidding? I want that thing in your esophagus. But we could work to that. First let’s see what you’ve got.”

Emily nodded. Her competitive nature came out and she was determined to perform perfectly the first time.

She started by immediately sucking his balls into her mouth. One at a time she massaged one with her lips and swirled it with her tongue, the other she gently fondled with her fingers. Occasionally she ran her free hand up his black shaft, twirling her fingers around it on the way back down.

Mr. Johnson was loving the view. Emily was an adorably sexy girl naked and on her knees. Her tits were heavy and begging to be fondled and sucked on. Her starry blue eyes were staring up at him with wonderment and excitement. One pigtail was over her shoulder the other behind, both sliding along her smooth skin. Her ass was sticking out, her tight athletic cheeks defined and bubbly. His cock covering one half of her face. Her pink lips wrapped tightly around his big growingly moistened ball sack. Her makeup was on point. Not too much, and just enough eyeliner to make her eyes pop and her lips almost sparkle.

Suddenly she popped both balls into her mouth. Her mouth looked like it was struggling to contain both his testicles. Still she worked to gobble them up until her face was deep into his groin, her face almost totally covered by his cock. She breathed through her nose, keeping his sack in her cheeks. She used her two hands to wrap around his monster and pump his dick as her tongue tasted his sack deep.

“Oh shit, fuck that feels good.” Mr. Johnson raised an eyebrow as his heart rate pumped. “Didn’t see that coming from you.”

She giggled, her smile spreading around his sack. She nodded happily. She popped her mouth off. “I’m very creative.” She said with a soft smile.

She put her tongue on the underside of his cock and slowly tasted all the way up his shaft. She reached the top and very carefully swirled her tongue around his head, right before wrapping her glistening pink lips around his shaft. She bobbed her head up and down his shaft.

Mr. Johnson groaned. He grabbed her pigtails and pulled gently first. Thrusting his hips into her skull. Emily was working his shaft hard. She’d pull off and slobbered on his shaft, rubbing her lips up and down and spitting on it like she’d seen on pornos. She licked up and down until his whole shaft was sopping wet. She went back hard on his cock taking more inches every thrust and every bob now that Mr. Johnson was slick.

She’d never taken a dick before and certainly not one this big. She loved the salty taste and heat to his member. The size excited her and his hardness was something she’d always wondered about and was enjoying immensely.

She was taking more and more of his dick. It was impressive, but not what he needed. His lust was skyrocketing fast. He was getting more forceful, more aggressive with his manhandle of her cute face. She whimpered as he began forcing more into her. She gagged when he started hitting the back of her throat.

“You have to relax your throat, don’t fight it. Just let it happen and start swallowing me in.”

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