A Story for the Guys and Wives

by Sgt1952

Copyright© 2019 by Sgt1952

True Story: This story is based on a true story. Men are slaves to Testosterone especially in our later years. Much of this story is true. Some events have been embellished or enhanced to make it more interesting.

Caution: This True Story contains strong sexual content, including Romantic   True Story   Cheating   Pregnancy   .

Kaycee’s story

My name is Kaycee Clark. I’m standing here in front of my mirror admiring my 50 year old body. Not bad for an old broad, I thought, so why has my husband not touched me sexually in almost 8 years? I used to think I was reasonably attractive. I still turned some heads when I was decked out. A little Botox around the eyes and a little hair color, I could pass for 40 probably. Even after all these years without any sexual intimacy, I love him and still try to turn him on. I keep my fingers and toes immaculate with sexy colors. I love wearing toe rings and ankle bracelets. I dress in the latest fashions and shoes. I have to say, my self esteem has taken some pretty severe hits over these past 8 years when my efforts to seduce him have been rebuffed every time. I’ve bought lingerie that I thought would give a dead man a boner. I’ve worn thigh high seamed stockings, crotchless panties, going bra less with my nipples poking at my blouse, my tits have stood the test of time so far, no panties when we went out so I could flash him, tried blow jobs while he’s driving, never gets hard enough to do anything. Everything I’ve tried has been a failure. He just tells me his little libido is non existent. He doesn’t know why.

So ... tonight. I have some news and a surprise for him.

I got off work at 4:30. Jack, that’s my husband, Jack Clark, 53 years old and as loving a man as a woman could hope to have except sexually, won’t be home until around 6 pm. That is plenty of time for me to do what I have to in order to keep my sanity.

I showered, found my sexiest panty and bra set, put on nude, tan, lace top stockings with a garter. My four inch strappy stiletto sandals with a thin strap over my red polished toes and around my ankle completed my attire. I had just put the last touches on my make up and grabbed my purse when Jack walked in.

He looked at me and said, “WOW, Kaycee you look stunning. Where are we going?”

I said, “WE aren’t going anywhere, Jack. I’ve got a date.” I extended my stocking clad foot toward him with my red toe nails and toe ring glistening in the light. My lacy stocking top were showing my bare thigh above. I said “whaddaya think, Jack? Give you any ideas, My Love. I feel sexy and alive. Matter of fact, it’s the second date with this gentleman. I was with him last Thursday night ... ALL night while you were out of town. He fucked me til I couldn’t stand up. I lost count of the number of orgasms he gave me. I had one in the bar while he fingered me and sucked my nipples in the booth. He pulled his fingers out of my pussy and licked my milky cum off of them right there in the booth. He’s so fucking sexy. When I came home Friday, I had three loads of his semen in my womb. You never knew. Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve felt a man cum inside me, Jack? I walked around the rest of the day knowing I had his thick, sticky spunk in my pussy. Unfortunately, I still have sporadic periods so I guess it’s possible that he could have impregnated me. Would that turn you on, Jack? The thought of another man’s sperm swimming around in my womb, my belly swelling with another man’s baby?

The whole time I was talking, Jack stood there with his mouth open. I could tell he was angry ... Very angry. He said, “you’ve been cheating on me?”

I said, Jack, you haven’t touched me sexually in 8 years, I’m your wife, for God’s Sake. All I hear is I have no libido. I can’t get aroused any more. Well, Jack, My Love ... and I say that because it’s true. You are My Love. I DO have a libido and I DO get aroused and men think I’m attractive. You see, Jack when you’re out of town, I’ve been testing the water. I’ve found that I’m a pretty good catch and a damn fine lay if what I’m told is true. I have two great guys that I’ve been fucking for a month. I’ve taken both of them bareback and they have filled me to the brim with their semen every time. I love that feeling. It could have been your spunk oozing into my panties, Jack but you know as well as I do, you’re not available and I don’t intend to continue to go with out sex.”

“But before all that, they take me to dinner and dancing. They court me and woo me. They kiss me so intensely that I think their tongue is half way down my throat. That’s what I want, Jack.”

“Jack, I’m leaving for my date now. You have anything to say before I go?”

He said, “I obviously cant force you not to go or satisfy you so I will see a lawyer tomorrow and get the divorce started. We took vows, for better or worse. You are cheating on me. I won’t live like that, Kaycee. You could be pregnant right now with one of your fuck buddy’s baby. Kaycee, I won’t raise another man’s child! Are you going to continue trying to satisfy your sexual desires outside our marriage?”

“Jack, I’m going to do what’s best for me now. You have killed my self worth as a virile, sexy woman, not to mention wife. You have consistently rebuffed all of my efforts to arouse you. You have some options. As I said, I love you but here are your options. 1. Divorce me, and I still get to fuck my friends while you pay for it. 2. We stay together in a sexless marriage, I still get to fuck my friends while you pay for it. 3. You go to the doctor and find out why a 53 year old man has no sex drive and maybe ... just maybe ... I come back home to you. I still love you, but I refuse to live in a no sex marriage. I used to love making love with you. Now, I have a date, I fully intend to be home late most likely with a pussy full of cum and exhausted. Feel free to sleep in the other room if me coming to bed with my well used pussy bothers you. I am going to have a sex life even if it does not include you.

I walked out to my car and drove away. My mind was wandering, did I go too far?


Well, I didn’t see that coming, Jack thought. I was thinking this happened to all men my age. Our ability to get and maintain erections diminishes as we get older. I figured Kaycee would understand and our sex life would be over. I’m so hurt right now. I guess the “through sickness and health and forsaking all others” of our vows didn’t take with Kaycee. She’s cheating on me with multiple men. I can’t stand for that. She still has a commitment to me even though our sex life has gone down hill. Damn, she was gorgeous tonight.

I had to see for myself. I got dressed and drove around looking for her. I checked the dance halls and restaurants. I drove around for an hour before I spotted her car at a upscale restaurant on the other side of town. I decided to go get my wife. As I walked n the restaurant, I saw her in animated conversation with a well dressed man at a table in the back. They were laughing and talking.

As I walked up to their table, I said, “Hello Kaycee, whose your friend?”Kaycee looked up at me surprised and said, “Hi, Jack. This is Bill Snow, a good friend of mine. I would ask you to join us but we have other plans after dinner. Have you thought about the options we discussed?”

I looked at Snow and said, “You are not fucking my wife tonight! Kaycee, your date is over, let’s go home


Kaycee said, “ That’s not your decision, Jack. Bill is my date and I will determine when it’s over. Now, you’re causing a scene, please leave. You’re embarrassing me.”

Jack said, “Ok, Kaycee but when you make choices, you also choose the consequences of those choices. I have choices too.”

Jack walked out obviously hurt by my words.

“I’m sorry, Bill. That was my husband who is obviously upset with me. He doesn’t know you’re my therapist and knows all about our issues.”

The more I thought about it, I emasculated my husband in front of a man I should not have been with even though he’s my therapist. I may have done some serious damage.

Bill and I talked until ten o’clock trying to decide how to smooth things over with Jack. He dropped me off at my car and I drove home but didn’t see Jack’s truck in the driveway.

I walked into the house and it felt strange. Jack should be here. Instead, I found a note, his wedding ring and his cell phone on the kitchen table. My worst fears had been confirmed. I went too far. The note said,

My Dearest Kaycee,

I have loved you from the moment I saw you. I think you loved me too for awhile. I apologize for not being the man you needed me to be, failing you sexually and in other ways, I’m sure. I know my impotency drove you into another man’s arms and bed. I understand that now. I’m hurt beyond what a man can take. I know it’s my own doing. I want nothing in the divorce but my truck, clothes and a few things that are very dear to me. When I saw your date tonight, I knew I couldn’t compete with him or your other man either. I always knew you are much too classy for me. I knew you were out of my league.

I called my boss and quit. As you read this I’m on the road to a new life somewhere in another state maybe another country. I took just enough money to get me by until I find a job. You make much more money than I do, so the apartment rent should be doable for you. I will not be looking for another mate as you are since I’m a sexual loser anyway. It was a good run for us for the first 15 years, wasn’t it, Babe. I guess my impotence for the last 8 was too much for you. You found replacements easily enough. Of course you did, at 50, you are still a beautiful woman. If you’re pregnant from your sexual revenge sex, I hope your pregnancy goes well. Guess, I’ll go now. Good bye, Sweetheart.

All my love, Jack

I broke down and fell to the floor sobbing. I really had gone too far in my attempt to get him to get help with his impotence. Seeing me with Bill sent him over the edge. What do I do now? Can’t call him, he didn’t take his cell phone. Jack, please come back ... I’m so sorry. He doesn’t know the truth. What I told him was all a lie, total bullshit. I’ve had sex with no other man. Just dinner, dancing and home with a couple of work friends. I was hoping by making him believe I was actively having sex with others would force him to go get help for his sexual issues. Looks like it backfired on me.

It was time for me to take a long look at myself and the reasons I married Jack. I loved our sex life in the beginning because I loved him ... all of him. Had his inability to have sex now affected the love I have for him otherwise? It shouldn’t have. Instead of trying to humiliate him into having sex, I should have been helping him get help. I’m sure there’s a medical reason for his impotence. I have read that nearly all men have some erection difficulties at some point in their life. Boy, have I fucked up, now I don’t even know how to find him.

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