Star Wars - Vader Can Wait

by dodgynubian

Copyright© 2019 by dodgynubian

Science Fiction Sex Story: Opening scene of A New Hope reimagined.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Rape   Heterosexual   Fiction   Fan Fiction   Science Fiction   .

‘P-Dommmm! P-Dommmm!’

The lasers of the Imperial Star Destroyer slammed into the small Rebel ship with unceasing accuracy.

“Take that, you Rebel scum!” screamed one of my fellow Stormtroopers as the shields of the Rebel ship were visibly seen to buckle and fail.

Everyone from my squad was at the windows watching the battle. All that nonsense about Imperial stoicism is baloney. Most of us were cheering and whooping with delight as we kicked Rebel butt.

‘P-too! P-too!’ came the Rebel return fire, so weak as to be almost laughable.

‘P-Dommm! Fa-BOOM!’ thundered our weapons as a piece of the Rebel ship exploded.

“Yeah!” yelled some new recruit, “That’s what I’m talking about!”

The enemy ship staggered and then seemed to almost slow to a halt.

Klaxons erupted all around us.

“All stormtroopers prepare for boarding action! Boarding action imminent!” screamed a voice.


I exchanged a glance with my best buddy Khlaar. He grimaced as well. Why we were been committed to a boarding action? We could just blast the ship to smithereens!

As I ran (well, walked quickly) to the docking bay I could see the Rebel vessel been hauled inside our ship using the tractor beam. It was brought into the belly of our ship and it was ours.

Engineers ran past me carrying las-torches. I glanced around and could see we were’nt making many entrance points. Jeez! Our officers were so clue-less. It would be so much easier to pump knock out gas into the ship and take it without losing a man but no, we’re doing things the macho way.

“Steady men!” barked a voice a little too high-pitched to be authoritative.

It was Captain Reks. Typical idiot officer who had got the rank because of his family connections and not thru any degree of competency.

“We want prisoners!” he was saying, “We want any important data secured! For the Empire!”

“For the Empire!” some boot-lickers responded.

Been veterans with some sense Khlaar and I had placed ourselves at the rear of the squad. This looked like a downright dangerous frontal assault and we both thought that enthusiastic rookies should lead the way.

“Hear that?” said Khlaar, “Prisoners. Might be some tasty Rebel babes on board!”

He had his helmet on but I could sense the lustful optimism in his voice. That and a hint of bitterness. Some days previously Khlaar had been fighting on Jedha when he’d captured himself a little Rebel lovely. A pretty thing with a gorgeous ass, he’d claimed. Khlaar and his buddies were just about to discuss what building they were going to take her in for a good ol’gang bang when one of our K2 droids had malfunctioned. Next thing Khlaar knows is he is knocked out and the Rebel bitch is gone. Every night since then Khlaar has banged on about how ticked off he was. He blather on about how he’d strip her, rape her, get to do kinky stuff at gunpoint etc. Then as time went on he’d become more, ahem, graphic. He’d string her up, whip her, torture her ... I was almost glad he had’nt got to do such things. I mean, I know playing with female captives is one of the perks of Imperial service but there’s a limit!

‘Fzzzzzzzzzz! Fzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!’

So anyway the engineer is doing his stuff against the door. I’m looking over the ship. It’s a little battered but looks like it could be a nice piece of kit belonging to a rich person. Treasure ahoy!


Is the rather odd noise the door makes s it is blown open and in we go.

“For the Empire!” screams some idiot.

“Forward, troopers!” yell the sergeants.

‘Pew! Pew! Pew!’ ‘Fa-pow!’ can be heard up ahead as laser fire erupts into our frontline.

Now my helmet is filled with the screams of my fellow troopers as they fall before the Rebel fusilade.

Sheer numbers mean we push on into the Rebel ship. Eventually I get to the blown door and get inside. To do so I have to step over several fallen comrades. Up ahead I can see several dead Rebels and the rest of the squad moving forward, firing all the time.

Time for some collecting!

I kneel down by a fallen Rebel. An old boy with a gray moustache and a gaping stomach wound. To my surprise the old duffer is still alive.

“For freedom!” he gasps, “Long live the Rebellion!”

“It’ll last longer than you!” I retort as I jab my laser rifle into his chest and pull the trigger.

I chuckle at my own wit as I go thru his pockets. Soon get ticked off by the poor pickings. Wonder how Khlaar is getting on... ?


Standing in the corridor is Croaky Buckethead himself. Obviously I don’t call him that to his face. Then to me and the rest of the galaxy he is known as Darth Vader, Lord of the Sith.

I’m a big guy but I’m dwarfed by the Dark Lord. I sharp to attention and pray he does’nt notice that I’ve been busy looting. He does’nt, just gives a casual glance at the fallen before stomping off into the ship.

“Tear this ship apart!” I soon hear him booming, “I want those plans!”

“You there!” comes a voice near me, “Come with me!”

It’s Sergeant Mellico. A dick but competent. He gets me and Khlaar to search the ship.

“Look out for any passengers,” he says, “And any sort of computer material.”

I take the lead and advance down a corridor. There’s gunfire up ahead to my right, so as a smart guy I suddenly pretend to hear something off to my left.

“See anything?” asks Mellico.

He pushes past me to enter a room. Unlike the rest of the ship it’s darker with red lighting.

“There’s one of ‘em!” Mellico suddenly shouts, “Set weapons to stun!”

“I’ve set mine to kill!” shouts a female voice up ahead.


Mellico takes a hit full in the chest and goes down. Boy, was I lucky he pushed past me!

I see a figure all in white turn and start to run away. Quick as a flash I whip up my sidearm and fire. I’m proud to say that I get a hit. Right in the back and the fleeing figure goes down.

Me and Khlaar rush forward. I notice a little droid tootle off in the background but I ignore it as I see we gots ourselves a babe!

She’s wearing shiny white boots and a long flowing white robe/dress thing. I kneel down and roll her onto her back. Hey! Hey! It’s a human female - and quite a pretty one. Mass of dark hair grouped in bunches on either side of her head. Aged about 19. Full red lips. Actually she is very pretty indeed. She exhales, parting her lips.

Quickly I relieve her of her gold bracelet and tug a nice ring off her finger.

“She’ll be fine,” I opine, “We better inform Lord Vader.”


“Vader can wait,” grunts Khlaar.

He is between those shiny white boots and he is pushing her dress up her legs. Already his groin guard is off.

He flings her dress up further and I can see her brilliant white panties. Immediately Khlaar seizes them and starts yanking them down her slim bare thighs.

“What’s happening?” the girl groans as the stun blast wears off.

Dully she shakes her head to clear her vision.

“By the stars! NO!” she shrieks.

She has just noticed the ‘weapon’ ol’Khlaar has just deployed. Once again I am reminded that Khlaar is a negro from the jungle planet Congak. I often forget as he is usually clad in the white stormtrooper armor we all wear. I don’t know what they feed their kids on whilst they’re growing up on Congak but holy moley it does something freakish to their dicks. I’ve noticed in the showers that Khlaar is somewhat, ahem, above average in the male apparatus department (not that I look on purpose), but I am agog at the sheer size of the chocolate colored ramrod he’s got in his hand. It’s as thick as my arm!

Our Rebel cutie friend shrieks again. Like me she has just noticed the huge penis throbbing into life between her legs. And it’s got her name on it.

“I’m a member of the Imperial Senate!” she jabbers, “I’m a princess in the Royal House of Alderaan!”

I chuckle as this seems somewhat unlikely.

This sets her off in a sudden spasm of frenzied struggle. She kicks out at Khlaar as his removal of her panties is just passing her knee. I can hear Khlaar’s grunts of determination as he finally pulls the panties off and flings them away. He is between her thighs now and her legs are flailing uselessly either side of him.

“Get off me!” she yells as her balled fists pound into Khlaar’s stormtrooper armor.

For possibly the first time ever stormtrooper armor is effective.

I got to admire the spirit of the little firecracker. She’s putting up quite a fight.

“Help me!” grunts Khlaar with a mix of anger and exasperation in his voice.

Chuckling away I manage to seize her wrists and pin them down above her head. She’s panting heavily and gives a low gasp. I reckon she knows she’s doomed.

Khlaar’s cock has been freely swinging away in the most alarming fashion as we all had our little tussle but now he has it back in hand and poised at her teen virtue.

“Don’t do this!” the girl pleads.

I can see her big brown eyes are starting to well up. Her lower lip is trembling.

With his free hand Khlaar undoes her silver belt and flips it apart. He pushes her dress up some more and in my helmet I can hear him take a deep breath.

“I’ll see you executed for this!”

Now that’s just mean, so I’m delighted to see Khlaar jab his thing into her.

“Ooooh! Ooooh!” she gasps.

She’s squirming like a fishy on a hook as Khlaar conquers her inch by inch (or whatever the galactic equivalent is). Those lovely eyes are now clamped shut. She’s struggling to breathe.

“Man!” says Khlaar, “This is one tight babe!”

“Ahhhhh! Ahhh!”

I can tell she is in pain. And you know what? I don’t give a shit. These Rebel scum spread chaos and violence wherever they pop up across the galaxy. So fuck you, bitch!

I’m feeling kinda mean so I push her bare knuckles into the metal floor and grind them in. Whatever pain this causes passes her by cos now Khlaar is moving above her and humping like a Telosian jackhammer.

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