Swinging - Take Five

by Brenda Pate

Copyright© 2019 by Brenda Pate

Incest Sex Story: A young american couple meets with a slightly older dutch couple for sex. The dutch hosts propose to let another girl join them. It turns out that she is their daughter.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Fa/Fa   Fa/ft   Mult   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Sharing   Incest   Mother   Father   Daughter   Group Sex   Swinging   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   Oral Sex   .

When we were younger, even before Jessica was born, we once were planning to meet this Dutch couple, Tom and Marijke, for sex. They asked us if it was alright for them to bring along a girl that they knew very well. They said she was beautiful and liked men as well as women and that she was great fun. We agreed, my husband and I, although I was a little anxious: I hate it when someone is left out and with two couples and a single there’s always that risk.

We met at their place, a large red brick home in a wide garden, a park almost, in a wooded area East of the city of Utrecht. They were very friendly and, even if they were a bit older than us, both quite attractive. The girl, who said her name was Maaike, was indeed beautiful, a slender blonde with a friendly face who had arrived before us and was totally at ease with our hosts. She was only a few years younger than I was at the time, nineteen or so, I guessed.

As it happened, the wife was totally into my husband and her man gave most of his attention to me. Soon Aaron had Marijke kneeling on the floor beside the bed and was fucking her from behind, while I was on my back in the middle of their huge bed with Tom between my wide spread legs, kissing, licking and fingering my wet pussy expertly. So I reached out my hand to the girl who was on the other side of the bed, alone, caressing her breasts and her belly. When she took my hand, I drew her in and made her kneel over my face. I told Tom to start fucking me now and asked Maaike to watch us closely. Then I stuck out my tongue and started licking her young fresh cunt.

She got into it real soon and moaned and sighed that it felt so good.

“Ahh, yes, your tongue, oh, on my clit! Sooo good! É Now inside, yes, deeper, uhhhmmm, grab my ass, pinch it!”

For one so young she knew very well what she wanted, and she wasn’t shy to tell me either. She let herself get carried away completely. And to my astonishment I heard her groan: “Oh, yesss, Daddy, fuck her good, give it to her, she’s licking me so gooood! Unnggh, Brenda, oh, go on touch my ass too, please finger my ass, fuck me there like your husband is fucking my Mom, ooohhh, in the ass, yesssÉ”

This girl they introduced us to was their daughter!!! And it was her own mother who, only six or eight feet away, was being assfucked right before her eyes by my Aaron!

“Oh Goddd, yes, Tom, Maaike, he’s fucking me so good, his big dick is filling my ass, I’m so fullÉ Go on, Aaron, fuck me harder, deeperÉ Ooo! awww it hurts, go on, only a little, don’t stop. it hurts soooo goooodÉ Mmmm, yesÉ Oh Maaike, you must let him fuck your lovely little asshole too, I think he’s even better than your dad, you’re going to love thisÉ”

I don’t think that Maaike was paying much attention to the lustful advice from her hot and horny mother. She had slumped forward into a sixty-nine with me and was licking my clit while her father fucked his sturdy cock in and out of my cunt. From the way her chin bumped into my cuntlips occasionally I surmised that she was also licking his dick when she got the chance. It must have been really something for him, two girls his daughter’s age sucking and licking each other’s pussies while one of them, his real daughter, caressed his cock with her tongue whenever she could. The idea got to me, too, and I was super horny. All too soon I screamed in my first orgasm of the night. I felt Tom push his cock deeper in me, hold it there for a second or two and then withdraw. As soon as he was out of me he spurted his come all over my cunt, my belly and his beautiful teen daughter’s face.

She came also, her lovely ass tightening on my finger and her dripping wet cunt quivering around my tongue. As soon as her climax ebbed, she dove into my cunt and started lapping up her father’s come.

With some interruptions for recuperation, the guys fucked us two more times. Maaike got assfucked by Aaron too, like her mother suggested. Marijke and I kissed and caressed, hot and tender, while we watched them. I loved her body, ripe but still firm, and dreamily I fantasized that I was her daughter, too, that Maaike was my kid sister getting her ass reamed out by my handsome friend from America and that Tom was my father, taking pictures of his youngest daughter with that large hard cock up her bum. We ended the sex with Tom leisurely fucking his daughter’s cunt while Marijke kissed her and caressed her breasts. Aaron and I were right beside their family threesome, his dick deep in me, hardly moving. And when Maaike sighed deeply and came on her father’s cock, her mother softly sucking her nipples, we came too. It was so peaceful and so sexy!

After that, we sat down in the living room, downstairs, on soft velvet covered sofas. Tom and Marijke were wearing dressing gowns, Aaron and me were still in the nude, as was Maaike. We were sipping a glass of red wine as Marijke told us how her daughter had become their lover.

“We didn’t seduce Maaike or force ourselves upon her, rather the other way around. Tom and I are very fond of one another and were always very fysical, but we respected our privacy and that of Maaike. We avoided making love where she could inadvertently walk in on us. But we never tried to hide that we were in love and that we liked to touch and kiss. It was completely normal for Maaike to see us kissing or hugging. And at times, our hugging may have been somewhatÉ passionate. When she was younger, Maaike would walk right by, not shocked or ashamed but also not particularly interested. Only when she herself matured and got curious of everything that had to do with sexual relations, she began to linger and find excuses to stay with us when Tom was holding me close or I was caressing him.”

“I was kind of a late bloomer, you must know, “ added Maaike, Ê“at least in this respect. I didn’t find out about the wonders of masturbation until I was eleven! But after that, I understood very soon that Mom and Dad’s fysical intimacy was closely related to those wonderful feelings I could give myself caressing and stroking my body. And so I started spying on them. Oh God, I’ll never forget the first time I saw them fucking! It was a hot summer Sunday and I was supposed to be with a friend from school, but she got sick and I came home unexpectedly, early in the afternoon. Mom and Dad were at it on the back terrace, both naked, and she was sucking his cock and fingering her wet snatch, just as I had so recently learned to do to myself! That was some confidence booster, having dicovered for myself what adults do for pleasure. I decided immediately that they would have to share this wonderful part of their life with me.”

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