Days Following the Revised World Order

by tjasslover

Copyright© 2019 by tjasslover

Fantasy Sex Story: This is a followup to a Revised World Order where women no longer have any rights and are only for sex and any man's abuse. This story is not for the weak of stomach so if abuse and filth isn't your thing, I suggest moving on.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Fa/Fa   ft/ft   Ma/Ma   Ma/mt   Teenagers   NonConsensual   Slavery   Gay   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Father   Daughter   Humiliation   Rough   Sadistic   Spanking   Torture   Gang Bang   Black Male   White Male   White Female   Anal Sex   Analingus   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex   Scatology   Spitting   Voyeurism   Water Sports   Body Modification   Public Sex   Nudism   .

The second day after the world change demoting girls and women to animal status was interesting to be out in public. No women were wearing any clothes and a surprisingly few had on red collars. It was midnight and I went to pick up Cindy. I left Amy and Jenna at home to rest after a long day of sex with dozens of random guys, plus me. Well, except for Jenna who I had no interest in. I did make her eat Amy after the last three black guys filled her cunt then left. It was incredible to see Jenna on her knees licking and sucking on Amy’s dripping cunt. I took a nice long video of it, posted it with her full name on numerous porn sites and sent it to all the members of her family including her mother and brother. Her brother asked if he could come over and fuck his sister and, of course, I agreed. He brought his step son with him and both fucked her repeatedly while enjoying looking, but only looking at my property.

I went into the Kip’s restaurant and sat there on hard looking at Cindy. Admittedly, she didn’t have the body of Amy but I preferred every inch of her to Amy. Her legs were thin but muscular, just like her ass. Her pussy lips were puffy and I could tell she had dried cum on her legs, cunt lips and in her hair. Her tits stood out with beautiful brown areolas with nice round nipples. Even her back was sexy. She greeted me with a hug and kiss, her tongue deep into my mouth. I enjoyed the taste in her mouth and the feel of her pointy tits against my chest.

“I was excited all day waiting on you. I hoped you would return, but was afraid you might not with the two sexy girls you had with you.”

“I want you more than any of them. But I think you didn’t follow my instructions, now did you?”

“Sir, I am sorry but I let 5 different men fuck me. They all respected the red collar but I told them that my owner didn’t mind if I fucked them. You don’t do you?”

I looked at those piercing brown eyes and knew she was the one in control, no matter what the law said. “No Cindy, you can fuck any man you want.”

“And you will lick their cum out of my pussy and ass? I mean my cunt.”

“Yes, I guess you know I will.”

“Ok then, let’s go get my few things at the homeless camp, but first, buy a few bottles of whiskey for my friends there.”

We left, her wearing a tattered coat and sadly, could only buy beer and wine due to the late hour, but took that to the part of town that she had told me to drive. We both got out and walked over to the tent and crawled in. The guys looked at me and Cindy went to each and kissed them with great passion.

“Jim, I want you to give each man $20 to fuck you. So give them the money then strip.”

I looked at her and realized she was serious. She tilted her head looking so innocent but I knew she was completely sinister, and I guess I didn’t care, or couldn’t control my feelings. I took out my billfold and handed each the money and began to take off my clothes as she took my billfold.

“Now get their cocks good and wet to make it easier to take in your ass.”

The first man presented me with a big black uncut cock which I took in my mouth and began to suck to hard.

“That’s it Jim. Suck his big cock. Tell me how much you love sucking cock and swallowing cum.”

I turned to her, looking right into the camera of my phone. “You know I’m a worthless fag and will do anything you tell me to do.” I know I shouldn’t have said it but she was looking right through my soul.

“Now Jim, I mean Bitch, turn around and spread your ass cheeks and beg Will for his cock.”

I did as ordered, “Cindy, I am going to rip this fag apart with my big cock.”


Just then I felt the tip of his head enter my ass. He grabbed me by the hips and crammed his cock into my ass as hard and deep as he could. I let out a big scream, “Fuck, fuck, that hurts. Stop, Please stop.”

Everyone was laughing, “Fuck the fag, Fuck the fag.”

I was having a hard time catching my breath with my ass up and my face down. Someone grabbed me by my hair and pulled my face up. It was one of the other guys, probably mid 40s and looked completely nasty. He unzipped his pants and presented me with about 7 inches of nasty looking cut cock. I couldn’t open my mouth as I was being pounded by this huge cock in my ass, so Bill slapped my face. “Suck it Boy.” I tried to open my mouth enough between thrust and finally it was firmly in my mouth. It tasted like it was covered in week old shit and I feared I would throw up. He started pounding on my face almost in unison with the cock in my ass. Finally, I felt a final push into my ass and the guy began to grunt as he filled my ass with his cum.

“I would rather your cunt any day Cindy, but you know I will do whatever you want.”

“Will, you are the best. But move where Bill can fuck the fag.”

The nasty cock came out of my mouth and he changed positions with Bill. Will then put his nasty shit and cum covered cock into my mouth and Cindy yelled: “Clean your shit off Bitch.” Of course, I did as told. The guy named Bill pounded me much like the black guy but it didn’t hurt nearly as much but I felt like I was about to poop as he filled my ass with yet another load of cum. And as if directed, he brought his nasty cock for me to suck clean. Then there was only this much older white guy with a very long beard. He pulled his cock out and it was maybe 5 inches. Cindy told me to suck it hard and after a few minutes, it began to rise and he went to my back and fucked me with no enthusiasm but did after maybe 15 minutes cum in my ass.

“OK Jimmy boy. You are now taking Bill and I with you. By the way, I noticed the tattoos on the sluts you had with you last night. Where did you get them done?”

“It was at Raymond’s Tattoos on Houston Street. Why?

“Because I want to go there now. First take us to a store to buy a few things.”

“Why is Bill coming?”

“Because I said so. Now get in the car.”

“Let me get my clothes.”

“Are you completely stupid?”

“No, why?”

“Because you are a cunt, just like us girls and you are never to wear any clothes again. Got it?”

Cindy grabbed me by my little, very hard cock, “If you ever question anything I say ever again, I will cut this worthless little thing off. Now get your naked ass in the car and take me where I want. NOW!

I reached in the pocket of the jeans and got my keys and went to the car. We drove to the store a few blocks away and Cindy took my keys, my billfold and she and Bill went into the store. Fuck, just looking at her body was enough to keep me hard. That firm ass, those thin long legs and those pointed tits. I sat in the car beating off and within a couple of minutes I covered my legs and hand. A few minutes later, the two reappeared and Cindy told me to get in the back seat with Bill. I started to ask why then thought better of it.

“Did you cum on this seat you fag?”

“I’m sorry. I just couldn’t’ help it looking at you.”

“Well, you will pay for that. Never touch that thing unless I say you can. Now get your fag ass in the back where Bill can shave your cunt hair.”

I got in and Bill had me lay my legs across his and he covered my crotch and upper legs with shaving cream then began to shave my hair, rubbing the used cream on the back of my seats. After a few minutes, he took his socks and wiped the remainder off me. But he wasn’t satisfied and kept shaving my chest, my legs and even my underarms until we finally stopped in front of the tattoo place. We got out and as I looked into the room, I saw my daughter being fucked by one teen boy while she was bent over, and a group of maybe a dozen standing watching, or maybe waiting their turn. As we walked in, I could hear the conversation.

“FUCK, this cunt is wonderful and she loves to take it up her fucking ass.”

“Yea, and she swallows all her shit like the pig it says she is on her back. So Ben, how many times have you fucked the slut?”

“About once an hour since I woke up.”

“That’s like a dozen times or more.”

“Yea, and a couple of times I had to slap the slut a few times to wake her up.”

“I see that your dad did a bit more art work on the whore.”

About that time, the owner’s son came in my daughter’s overly used cunt, grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up. The group of boys started yelling, “I’m next, I’m next.”

Now she was standing straight up and I could see her nice tits were now covered with tattoos. How incredibly erotic it was to see her marked like a true whore. As she turned toward me I could see that her cunt had several tattoos on her.

As she turned, Trish looked at me standing there nude, “Dad?”

Cindy looked at me, “That’s your fucking daughter?”

“Yes. Well, until last night and now she is just this guy’s property.”

“Shut the fuck up bitch and suck my cock clean then take Tommy’s cock in your asshole.”

Trish dropped to her knees and took his cock in her mouth and began to lick and suck on it. I could see the cum running down her legs The white guy that claimed her last night was sitting in his chair looking on at the show before him. Cindy went over to him, “Sir, do you mind if I have Daddy fuck his daughter?”

“Ha, I think that would be something that I want to see. Course, she has probably had two dozen different cocks in her today. She is really a nasty slut. You ought to see her clean an ass after a dump.”

“I tell you what, I want to get Daddy a few tattoos and then have him fuck his daughter but I want something to catch all the cum in that comes out of her and him drink it. Would that be OK?”

“I don’t see why not, there are some things to pick from in the back room. You are welcome to go check. Now what do you want on Daddy?”

“Right here by his shaved cock, put “Cock Sucker”. I think over his ass, put Boy Cunt. What do you think? Does that express it good enough?”

“I think everyone will get the idea, so Cock Sucker, get up here and I will turn the chair so you can enjoy the show.”

While Cindy went in the back, the guy started on me. I was embarrassed that I got my tiny cock on hard within a few minutes just watching my baby girl take cock after cock, like a good little girl should. Cindy had found some type of pan and placed it between her legs on the ground, then had her squat over it after each load. This went on for several hours with a steady line of guys coming and going into the stored. After the tattoos were put on me, Cindy brought me the pan.

“Bitch, I guess you know what to do with this?” And she handed me the nasty pan with at least a cup of nasty cum in it. I looked at her with pleading eyes, but she just laughed as I put it to my lips then turned it up emptying the nasty mess into my mouth. I gagged but managed to get it all down. When I finished, she made me lick the pan then asked the man if she could use Trish in any way she wanted.

“See no reason why not. Can I fuck you afterwards? I see you have a red collar on.”

“I promise I can do anything I want, so yes. But first I want to watch them clean each other’s’ cunts. Jim, go lick your daughter’s cunt and asshole clean like you did mine last night.”

I went over to her and said, “I’m sorry” to which she had no reaction. I then got on my knees and began licking and sucking on her pussy then asshole, my own daughter’s cum covered cunt and asshole and the more I licked the more turned on I got. And, of course, Cindy captured it all on video. Finally Cindy told me to stop and for Trish to lick my ass.

“Your daddy, just took three loads of cum in his asshole. And you get to try and suck it out, so get to it bitch.”

She had Trish lay on the floor and me squat over her and urged me to “push it out, push it out. Try harder” and while Trish was licking, the worst thing happened, I shit in her mouth. I didn’t mean to but it was unavoidable. I guess all the cum had made it where I couldn’t hold it in. The group erupted with laughter. “Fuck yes.” I got up and looked down at her and she didn’t move.

“OK, now fuck the whore with your shit in her mouth.”

I started to protest but simply pulled her up to a sitting position and stuck my rock hard tiny cock into the shit that filled her mouth. I thought I would be disgusted but was so turned on that I just started screaming as I fucked her shit filled mouth. I was in heaven as I had wanted my cock in her mouth and now that I found out she was a Pig, this was wonderful. It didn’t take me long to empty my tiny little cock in her mouth with the shit. I was actually screaming as I filled her mouth and several of the guys were yelling what a nasty pig she was. I was ordered to wipe my nasty shit covered cock on her tits, those nice firm tits that were now covered in ink. You could still enjoy her nice brown areolas with the rings in them. As I looked at the rings, I realized that they had been exchanged for bigger ones and they were pulling down on her tits. How incredibly erotic I thought we were leaving now, but Cindy said: “Don’t you want to give your daughter a good bye kiss? And I better see your tongue filling her mouth until I tell you to stop.” Every father should be so lucky as to fuck his own daughter and watch her turned into the nastiest whore imaginable.

I looked at her with shit on her lips and face, then grabbed her head and began to kiss her like she was my lover, filling her mouth with my tongue and having my tongue covered with my own shit. After way too long a time, I was told to tell my daughter good bye and go wash up in the toilet, but to only use the toilet water. I did as instructed with Bill watching me while Cindy was being fucked by the old man. I started to use the sink but Bill slapped me in the back of the head. “Drink form the toilet pig.” I did as told then walked out to see Trish sitting on one cock with another guy fucking her in the face. The boy fucking her mouth had a hold of her nipple rings and were pulling on them grossly distorting her tits.

“When are we going to brand the bitch?”

“Whenever Steven brings over the brand he is making.”

“That will be so incredible to see her ass branded, her flesh burning. Exactly what a Pig deserves. And marked like any other animal. Maybe all cunts will have to be branded.”

“Dad is planning a big branding party and even inviting a news crew to watch and broadcast it on the news. He said that he might shave her head.”

“I think shaving her head would be incredible. I hope he lets me do that.”

The man had filled Cindy’s cunt with cum and she screamed for “Daughter come clean me up.”

Trish was busy servicing the two boys, so Cindy got up and walked over to her and pulled her off the two boys and threw her to the floor. “Bitch, when I call, you better come running.” Then she squatted over her mouth. “Lick it bitch.” Trish started licking her cunt, then you could see the flood of piss filling her mouth and covering her face. “Just like your daddy, a fucking piss pig.”

Cindy got up and kicked Trish in the side. “Let’s go Bill.” I looked to see my daughter being bent over a chair by someone that had just walked into the shop and would have loved to stay and watch her get fucked again, but I followed Cindy out to the car, thinking of nothing but worshiping the ass that I was following. No matter what the law said, she owned me and she knew it. My tiny little cock was sticking straight out as we went to the car. She turned and saw my hard cock.

“You didn’t get enough fucking your shit eating cunt of a daughter?”

“I need you. I want you. Please.”

“Tell you what bitch. You suck off ten dogs in front of your co-workers and eat a pound of my shit and I will let you have my cunt again. How does that sound?”


“You want to taste my ass enough to suck dogs off in front of the folks you work with and to eat my shit every morning when I take a dump?”


“So you will do absolutely anything I tell you no matter what it is?”


“Well, this will be fun. Let’s go Bill. You put him in the back and shave his head while I drive.”

I got in the back and Bill put shaving cream all over my head and shaved all my hair. What a huge mess he made in the back seat of the car, but as I was about to find out, that was the least of my worries. After about 10 minutes, Cindy pulled into the parking lot of an emergency clinic.

“What are we doing here?”

“Daddy, you get out and do exactly what you are told or you will regret it for the remaining few hours of your life. Do you understand?”


We walked into the waiting room which was empty except for a nude woman at the front desk. She looked somewhat puzzled at me then asked, “What can we do for you folks this evening?”

Cindy took the lead: “My owner Mr. Bill and I have brought my dad to get castrated. He has admitted that he is not a man and is really, now how did he put it, yes that he is just another cunt so should be treated the same way. Isn’t that right Dad?”

I looked down at the floor, “Yes that is right.”

“Sir, are you sure. You can’t undo this once it’s done.”

Bill spoke up for the first time, “Lady, he is not a Sir, he is a Cunt and address it as such.”

“I’m so sorry. So Cunt, fill out this paperwork and we will get things set up for you.”

I completed the paperwork, then gave the rather attractive lady with slightly sagging tits my credit card and $1000was charged to it. Sadly, the payment went through and we were taken to the surgical room. As we entered the room, Cindy ask the lady if she would like to give my worthless balls a few kicks since they were going to be removed anyway, plus, haven’t you wanted to take out your rage on some of the men since things changed.

“You don’t mind?”

“Let me get the camera then do your best.”

Cindy said, “OK”, then Bill grabbed me by the arms. “Spread your legs cunt.”

I did as instructed then the nurse swung her leg up perfectly striking me in the nuts. I let out a scream while Cindy was yelling “again, again, again”. Three more times the lady kicked me in the nuts while Bill held me up. Finally this was over and I was laid down on the table in horrible pain. The doctor, a very sexy lady of about 40 entered with big fake boobs and a perfectly contoured body with big hips and a large ass, just made for cock, but a real man’s cock.

Just then Bill, unzipped and told the doctor to bend over the operating table. She looked like she wanted to refuse, then Bill got right in her face, grabbed her big tits and began to twist them. She pulled away just as Bill spit in her face. She bent over and lay across my legs with my tiny cock lying soft beside her face.

“Hey nurse, come get my cock wet and her asshole. I want me some of that fat ass.”

The nurse did as instructed and Bill took no remorse on the doctor’s asshole. He pushed his cock into her ass, then grabbed her hips and thrust as hard as he could into her asshole. “FUCKING A” he yelled as she screamed. Bill was pounding her so hard the table was actually moving around the room and the entire time he was swinging his arm like he was riding a bull at the rodeo and yelling, “Yea haw”. Finally, he came inside her asshole and stood still for a moment while she was trying to catch her breath. For the first time, I saw him be dominating toward Cindy.

“Cindy, get your ass over here and take all my cum out of this fat ass.”

She didn’t hesitate and got behind her and put her mouth to the doctor’s ass and took all the cum into her mouth. Bill came over to the front of the table and grabbed my head and pulled me toward his beautiful 7 inch cock, now covered in cum and some of the doctor’s shit. “Watch this you bitches.” And he forced the cock into my mouth and I sucked and slurped it clean, then Cindy came over to me, grabbed my nose to close it where my mouth would be open and spit all the nasty cum into my mouth. She looked down on me with complete disgust: “From now on, your mouth will be my toilet but look on the bright side; you will get to lick my asshole like you want. Now Doctor, cut off his fucking nuts.”

The nurse put a mask over my face and the next thing I remember was waking up in another room in the clinic. I didn’t feel anything and for a moment was wondering if anything happened, then Cindy came over with a plastic jar.

“Look Bitch, here are your nuts. Bet they will taste wonderful.”

The nurse helped me up and I realized I couldn’t walk, but was being forced to. “Guess you won’t be taking any more cock up that asshole for a while, now will you? Hey nurse, you do implants here? I want to get IT some big huge tits.”

“No sorry, you will have to go to a plastic surgeon, but I will ask the doctor and call you if she agrees.”

We got into the car and Cindy drove with me directing her to my house. They had to drag me out of the back seat when we got home and help me into the house. I don’t know what time it was but Amy and Jenna were sitting at the table eating breakfast when we walked in. Understandably both were confused as to what was going on. They helped me to the chair and I slumped into it. Cindy asked who Jenna was.

“So you are his wife?”

“Yes, and you are the waitress from the other night.”

“Yep, and now Bill and I own Jim and all of you.”

“Why do you say that?”

Cindy stands over me and slaps me in the face, “Tell them fag. Who is in charge?”

I managed to get out: “Cindy and Bill are in charge.”

“So that nasty shit eating cunt at the tattoo parlor is your daughter?

“You saw Trish?”

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