Night Train to Kraków. The True Story

by Carlos

Copyright© 2019 by Carlos

Erotica Sex Story: I first published this as a fictional story. But it was based on a true story. The first version I publish made up some scenes between my wife and another man. This is the true story. I surreptitiously watch my 55 year old wife give a young man oral sex while she thought I was passed out.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Drunk/Drugged   True Story   Wife Watching   Oral Sex   Voyeurism   .

I made some changes, which may or may not keep the story as you want it.

Night Train

We had been in Prague for a week in October. We were with Hal and Mary, friends from Cincinnati. They had never traveled much but had wanted to meet us so we could show them the ropes. They were headed back the next day, however, and we were leaving that night on the train to Krakow. Lois and I had traveled a lot over the years and were more “seasoned” travelers. I am a physician; Lois is a housewife, teaches Sunday School, and has been pretty much tied up in the kids’ lives the last 20 years. We are in our mid-50’s and have a good marriage. Having the last of 4 children out of the house had given us a sense of freedom for the first time in 26 years, and we were now doing things we couldn’t do while we were raising the kids. We had been at the train station for about 30 minutes. It was a really nasty place—almost like it was still the communist era. People were scavenging out of the garbage; one man drank some yellow liquid and spit it out. To say the least, I was nervous. We were feeling scared because no one would help us. We weren’t sure exactly what train to take, although it looked like the one we wanted would leave in 1 hour. But because no one would help us, we were very insecure. Lois pointed to a tall man and a beautiful woman across the lobby of about 100 people, commenting that they looked “American.” Then the man said in a loud voice, “Krakow. Anyone for Krakow?” I stood and waved them over. They were as lost as we were. His name was Craig James and his girlfriend was Amanda. They stacked their stuff next to us on the bench, and together we decided we were in the correct place and that the Krakow train did leave in an hour. As we waited, we learned that Craig was single, 35, and an investment banker in NY. He and Amanda had met by accident in Italy and been traveling together since then. Craig was huge, about 6’7” and 200 pounds. Amanda was drop-dead gorgeous and about the same age. They had been in Prague for 5 days and were traveling freely around Europe. I asked Craig if he had ever played basketball. “No, in fact I was always a fatty until I had gastric bypass 2 years ago and lost 150 pounds.” He had a pleasant demeanor, and I must say the four of us hit it off well. Amanda had made money in dot-com (or that was her story) before the bust, got laid off when the tech industry crashed, and was just traveling.

At 8 pm we went to the track. There was no one there except one elderly Japanese couple who spoke no English. As the train pulled in, we saw the Pullman car was the first car behind the engine. The porter was a rather slovenly middle-aged man who didn’t smile but did help us with our luggage. As we boarded, it was obvious that no one else was in the car. We tried to communicate with the porter but it was pretty much useless. We did determine that we had no dinner coming. Craig and Amanda had some fruit and snacks, and so we went into their compartment. I brought some scotch, and he and I started knocking that back. Amanda managed to get three small bottles of wine from the porter, but he said that was all he had. As we snacked and drank, we compared notes about what we liked best and least as travelers and strangers tend to do. Because they were 20 years younger they had obviously hit some different sites than we had, including a “rave” bar behind the iron curtain. We asked what they did in rave bars, and they said they had tried some ecstasy. Lois commented that our generation had only grown up with marijuana. At that Craig and Amanda exchanged glances and a smile, and Craig said, “Well, in that case do you want to party?” Amanda rummaged around in her backpack and came up with a box of Camels. She brought out one that was hand rolled. “This is all we got but you two are invited.” Craig and I had been hitting the scotch pretty hard (I thinking that was all we were going to get to do), so Craig and I were rather “lit” already. Lois had had only one small bottle of wine, and Amanda only two small bottles.Pullman berths have a couch from the window to the door. Above, a second bunk had already been folded down and made up for the night. Amanda was on the couch next to the window, Craig was in middle, and Lois was at the end of the couch closest to door. I had been standing in the doorway drinking for most of the last hour. As the train rolled along through the night no one was feeling any pain. We started passing the joint around and just having a delightful time. After 3 “tokes” I passed on the next two rounds. I remember Craig showing us the loose skin on his arms where he had lost so much weight. Time sort of stood still as the train rocked along.

Craig was funny and witty, and we were competing with story-telling. Amanda was really looking good. I thought it was funny that she was with Craig because frankly he wasn’t that handsome. You could tell he used to be a fatty. But he obviously had money, and I suspected that was part of the attraction. I was wondering if it might be fun to flirt with her if we hung together in Krakow and was looking forward to that prospect, when suddenly I felt bile come up in my throat. I had been looking at the pretty lights outside the window over Amanda’s head for about an hour, and now I really felt sick and knew I had to lie down. “Y’all excuse me, I don’t feel so good,” I said as I climbed up to the top bunk to lie down just a little while. It was kind of pleasant to lie there looking at the patterns swirl and listening to them laugh and talk down below. Patterns ... I had been pleasantly drunk before Amanda pulled out the dope. Was I now having hallucinations? But that wasn’t supposed to be. Uh-oh. Was the joint laced with something? Oh well, just keep looking at the patterns and lights and don’t close your eyes.

Time passes. The train rocks and rolls. What time is it? Where has everyone gone? I roll over to the edge of the bunk and look toward window. Amanda is asleep sitting up. I look down. Lois is lying back asleep but ... her blouse is open. Craig is fondling her left breast and her bra is pushed up. I start to get up. But before I move I look at Lois’s face again; she is not asleep. Her eyes are closed but her hips are moving. As I watch, I see her tongue lick her lips. Oh shit, I think, what am I seeing?I roll back and look at the ceiling one foot from my face. What do I do? What do I want to do? Should I do anything? The train is rocking. Just rocking. This is rape. She is stoned. Surely she doesn’t know what he is doing. Maybe it’s not real; maybe it’s a dream. I slowly move my head to look again. He is doing something. He is moving his head. I can’t see her face, just her hand. Oh! ... He is kissing her, and her hand is in his hair. That piece of shit ... oh god, but this is erotic. I glance at Amanda. Her head is slumped forward on her chest. Why doesn’t she wake up? They are right in front of her. I move back. The colors are still there. The train is rocking...

Am I asleep? What a dream! So erotic. Or was it a dream? I move my hand to my erection. I roll back slowly and peek over the edge. Amanda is up against the wall with her eyes half open. Her jeans are unsnapped and unzipped, and her hand is inside moving on her crotch! Oh shit, that is the sexiest thing I have ever seen! God, I hope Lois is asleep. I look down. Yes, Lois has fallen asleep in Craig’s lap. No ... wait. She is moving her head—my god, she has his dick out and is kissing it. I must be dreaming. She doesn’t give blow jobs. She is licking the head. Oh shit, she is taking the head in her mouth. He is huge. She is bobbing up and down. I suddenly have a mental image of one of those dunking birds that go up and down. The train is rocking; I can’t hear anything. I just watch. Amanda is watching them. She must not care. Lois’s head comes up, and her face moves down the side of his shaft. It must be 8 inches long ... her tongue is touching his pubic hair. How can she stand that? She hates going down there. The pubes are wet; the head is wet with her spit. She is licking up and down. Her hands are on his balls. Her face turns back down as his penis disappears from my view. All I can see is the back of her head. His hand is on her head. My god, he is pushing her down and up on his shaft. She is letting him fuck her face. Suddenly something is wrong. I am wet. I have shot off. Oh god, what is happening. Let this be an illusion. She is lifting up. Please stop! No, she’s not stopping; his hips are rising. He is moaning and bucking. She looks like she is trying to lift her head, but he is holding it down. She is struggling. No. She has stopped struggling (if she was), his hand has dropped away, and she is still moving her head over him. She is still sucking him. And he came. She is such a bitch. She has never done that. But now I wonder. Has she always done it? But just not for me? And after all the times I have eaten her to orgasm!What is she doing now? Lois is upright, and Craig is kissing her. She has semen on her face. They are kissing. Whispering. I can’t hear.I roll back slowly. Don’t let them know I am awake. I feel his eyes on me; now he is standing. Still, I don’t move. I hear the door open. I never hear it close. The lights are swirling ... deeper ... deeper.

Night Train to Kraków. The True version.

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