Resolvedly Rectal

by DrivellingDB

Copyright© 2019 by DrivellingDB

Romantic Sex Story: Zahra, 22, pushes herself to satisfy her man.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Rough   Interracial   White Male   Anal Sex   .

Zahra lined the tip of his thick prick (that she’d spent the better part of twenty minutes sucking and slobbering and gagging on in an effort to lubricate it) up with her inexperienced arsehole. She held it there, breathing in deeply through her nose and out through pursed lips, heart thumping like it might burst out from between her light brown tits, perfect almond eyes softly closed, as she tried to relax herself for the task at hand. This wouldn’t be the first time she’d had a cock up her arse, but the only other time she had it was so painful she’d cried her eyes out, not that her ex had cared. This guy was, in truth, no less sadistic than her ex, probably even more so, but he had a deceptive gentleness to him too, one that consistantly made her forget what he was capable of.

Fair-skinned fingers dug gently into her buttocks, squeezing and spreading. Zahra tightened her grip slightly, held her breath, and pressed herself down against the engorged, glistening head. She whimpered through gritted teeth, forcing herself slowly down until the reluctant aperture fully engulfed the glans, teeth parting to let out a pained exhalation. Slow, deep breaths followed for a few moments as she willed herself to slowly push down further. This thing was a good 6 inches around at least, Zahra was pretty sure her arse was never meant to stretch that much, but she felt compelled to keep going, to fill herself with it, to satisfy him. She rose and fell, little by little, her beautiful face twisting into alternating masks of discomfort and determination, and little by little her near-virgin passage gave way to the thick white rod.

Finally she made it, the bottom of the shaft, when her buttocks pressed against the very tops of his thighs she froze, her mouth wide open, dainty hands pressed against his lightly toned abdomen. A smile tugged at the corners of her lips then stretched from ear-to-ear.

“I did it...” Zahra grinned, breathlessly, eyes sparkling as she looked him in the face.

He grinned back at her and rubbed her butt “Yeah you did, baby. Take a sec, relax, get going when you’re ready.”

Zahra nodded and breathed again, looking down at his stomach and running her hands up and down. Now that she’d got his cock in she felt far less anxious - it still hurt, being stretched around him, but it wasn’t remotely as bad as before, she felt a lot more comfortable this time, doing this with him, she wanted to keep going. She braced her hands on his abdomen and eased her aching arsehole back up along the shaft, seething softly, stopping approximately three-quarters of the way up and working her way down again, whimpering through tightly pressed lips.

It took a little while, but eventually Zahra managed to ride his gorgeous cock with a smooth, gentle rhythm - a pleasurable sensation was starting to overcome the discomfort - to her own amazement she was starting to enjoy herself. She bit her pale pink lower lip, pained whimpers turning to soft, pleasuable moans, her head back, eyes shut.

His hand moved off her left buttock, running over her hip and up her side, stopping to briefly squeeze her breast, then continuing, up her chest and neck, until it cupped her cheek. Zahra turned her face into it, holding it with her own hand, and kissed the heel of his palm.

“Baby...” He drawled.

“Hm?” She responded, eyes still closed, relishing his touch.

“You know I need you to go harder, don’t you? You know I want it to hurt, what your pain does to me...”

Zahra froze. There it was, that sadism she kept forgetting about. He’d enticed her into the situation, helped put her at ease, gotten her to do the work of getting his wide shaft up inside her tight little rectum, let her get comfortable, and now she could either make it painful for herself in order to pleasure and entertain him, or he’d make it painful for her in order to pleasure and entertain himself - she knew he certainly wouldn’t hestitate to do the latter.

She pressed her face harder against his palm, squeezing the back of his large hand with her small one, whining and screwing her eyes shut - why did he have to be like this ... and why did she have to like it so much?

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