An Unfortunate New Law - Dad's Help Changes Lives

by Mike McGifford

Copyright© 2019 by Mike McGifford

Science Fiction Sex Story: This is one of 3 versions of the same story. One Family has to deal with a new law that seems to be aimed at destroying their family. As usual Bill and Sarah put off dealing with their problems but at least Sarah's dad is there to look out for them. This story COULD be continued if there's enough interest.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Coercion   Fiction   Science Fiction   Incest   BDSM   MaleDom   Anal Sex   .


In a future in which the World Community Government (WCG) exists, the world has shifted to a socialistic society like the one in which Star Trek is set. People do what they love to do and what they’re suited to do - generally what they’re naturally good at. As with any society, there are square pegs that are shoved into round holes. Square pegs just don’t fit in, but they do their best to get by.

Some people are only good at drinking, or gossiping, or fighting, or sex. There’s a name for free people who have no ambition, no drive, no determination and no hopes and dreams. Those people are called trailer trash. They take far more than they give to society and they believe the government’s job is to support them.

Many of these square pegs choose not to work at all. There are many stories about how they ‘work’ the system in which they exist instead. On the other hand, some families have an honest income from honest work. Dad has an actual job, even though he doesn’t love it. It gives the family a few extra credits to make their lives more pleasant. Less in number are those stories.

As always, the most vocal trailer trash are those whose disposable income is derived from less than honest means and those are the targets of the WCG, for good reason.

These individuals get angry when their ‘right’ to be underachievers is challenged, yet in this universe, they were given an opportunity to stand up for their rights and didn’t bother - and as a result, the government was given the go ahead to create a new law.

Citizens now have to earn a minimum household community score and if they don’t meet the designated minimum for their area, the government will step in.

The new law prescribes that the member (or members) whose scores have caused the household to fail to meet the prescribed minimum, will be inducted into slavery, thereby raising the remaining average score for the household and removing the member or members who fail to add value to the community.

Slavery is no longer only for terminal criminals. Honest (and not so honest but never before caught) citizens can now lose their rights and freedoms too.

This story focuses not on the many that are dishonest nor the even greater number that don’t care. Neither does it deal with the few that want to rise above their peers, leave the trailer park and follow their dreams, but instead, focuses on a single family that have no lofty dreams and just want to get by.

This family is caught in the WCG’s crosshairs purely by virtue of being underachievers. They’re nice people. They’re honest. They’re not really manipulative or conniving. They’re just good, common folk. Dad and mom are both on the lazy side and neither are out to change the world. Their default method of dealing with problems is to ignore a problem until it goes away, or until someone else fixes it for them.

They’re raising their daughters with their values and encouraging them to be underachievers too. It’s not really the parents fault - they teach the way they themselves learned and don’t know how to help their daughters be better than them - that’s just how common folk do it when there’s no reason not to.

The Brown Household

“What the hell is this, Sarah?” Bill asked, looking at the opened email on the coffee table screen, bearing the seal of the WCG.

“I couldn’t figure it out. That’s why I left it for you,” she shouted from the kitchen.

Bill tilted the screen and began to read. He wasn’t too good at reading but luckily there weren’t any really big words. Despite that, he really didn’t understand why the government wanted him to get tested, or what for. The last test he’d ever chosen to have was an STD test when he’d developed an itch.

“Is your dad home, Sarah?” Bill shouted to the kitchen.

“Hell if I know! Call him and see.” She shouted back.

Bill called his father in law and the grizzled old man’s face appeared on the screen almost instantly.

“Hey Dave, were you on another call?” He asked.

“Not now. Just hung up. Had to schedule my test,” the old man replied.

“Is it one from the WCG?” Bill asked, happy that he wouldn’t have to explain much, if it was.

“Yup. Starting to think I wish I’d voted now. Didn’t know what a kettle of worms they’d opened, I reckon!” Dave said with a head shake.

“So what’s it about? Why do I have to register a score?” Bill asked in confusion. “What happens if I don’t?”

“Well ya got to, son. If ya don’t, your score goes in as a zero. If you and Sarah both don’t, you get a combined score of zero. Then there’s Sheila and Rose too. Everyone over 16 has to now. The WGC knows there’s the 4 of you living in the trailer, so your combined score has to at least be 4, although they’re talking about numbers in the hundreds.”

“But why? So what if our score is 4? Who gives a shit?

“The government, son. They provide the electric you use and the food you eat and even the holos ya watch.” Dave began to explain patiently but Bill cut him off.

“My taxes pays for that stuff! I don’t see shit from my job but a few credits a week! We don’t even get to eat out every day like some folk. So why should we do some damn stupid test? I don’t test good, Dave. You know that.”

“You really should start voting, Bill. I didn’t and they passed that stupid damn law as a result. If me and a bunch of other regular folks had voted, this might not have passed, but it did. So now we’re stuck with it. It’s the law.”

“That’s what I don’t understand, dad!” Bill said, getting agitated. He only ever called Dave, dad when he was worked up and Dave knew it.

“People are sick of layabouts and losers sucking up all the resources so the government did something about it. It’s not a problem, son. Just make sure Sarah and the girls get tested too and everything will be fine. You work and Sarah’s a homemaker so you’re not the ones the government is targeting, okay?”

“What the fuck do you mean, dad? What happens to folk that don’t get tested?”

“You didn’t hear? I figured it would be all over the factory!” Dave exclaimed in surprise.

“Well it might be but, ah, I’ve been off for the last couple of days. Public health days, ya know?” Bill replied.

“You mean you got drunk, got hungover and couldn’t deal with work again. Shit, son. You’re gonna lose that job if you don’t get serious. You got a family to look after!” Dave lectured.

Bill had heard that same lecture a number of times. This time, Dave sounded a little angry for once.

Bill watched Dave take a deep breath to calm himself before explaining that a large part of the test was to determine how serious each citizen was about providing input in each community and how important it was to at least work the job Bill had every day, reliably.

“Okay, I can see how my score won’t be so great. There ain’t nothing I can do about history, but so what? I get a low score? Big whoop. I don’t even care what the government thinks of me. I do my best for my family. You know that, Dave.”

“They’re adding to the damn slave class, dumbass!” Dave said in frustration. “If you don’t test or you test too low, then you have to either do one of their plans or turn yourself in for induction to the fucking slave class! You understand that? MAKE SURE YOU ALL GET TESTED!”

Dave made his point by disconnecting the call, leaving Bill looking at an empty screen.

“Hey, Sarah? Where’s the kids at?” Bill urgently shouted towards the kitchen, suddenly a little nervous.

“You clear about your score, Mr Brown?” The tech asked as he put away the tablet.

“Yeah. I got a hundred. Better than I ever did on a test at school. I must have gotten smarter since then, I guess!” Bill said with a grin. He was feeling pretty good about himself.

“The test is not about intelligence, sir. It’s just used as a family benchmark. Your wife and daughters’ scores will be added to yours then divided by 4 to get an average. Let’s see if they’re done, shall we?” The tech asked, then proceeded to open a window on his tablet and hit a few buttons with his fingertip.

“Yep, they’re all done. Your wife got a 110 and Rose got 65. Sheila got a 60. That means your combined score is... 335,” the tech said.

“You just done that in your head?” Bill asked incredulously. “I’d need my tablet for that, for sure!”

The tech gave him a small smile but let the matter drop. His job was not to make others feel stupid.

“Anyway, since there are 4 of you in the household, that’s 335 divided by 4, which is,” he paused and brought up a calculator on his tablet to do the math so Bill could watch, even though he had the number in his head already.

“The magic number for your household is 83.75 but that gets rounded up to 84.”

“Is that good?” Bill wanted to know.

This was not the technician’s area of expertise and he didn’t want to tell the guy it was one of the lowest he’d yet seen. Instead, he just told Bill that the minimum number varied by location.

The tech wanted to tell Bill that his personal score was higher than Bill’s whole family, but kept that to himself too. The tech well knew that bragging was not community spirited.

“By the time you get home, you should have an automated email telling you if there are any additional steps that need to be taken. Otherwise we’re all done here. In 6 months, you can retest if you want and of course if there’s a change in living arrangements, you’ll have to retest. Have a good day, sir,” the tech said.

“Hey dad, I think there’s been a mistake or something!” Bill was on the screen with his father in law just minutes after the family returned to their trailer.

As the tech had promised, there was an email waiting but all Bill understood from it was that the minimum average household score was 90 for the trailer park in which they lived. The tech had told him their household score was 80-something.

“To do with the test? How’d it go?” Dave asked, concerned by Bill’s expression.

“I thought I did good, but this email says we didn’t meet the minimum and now we got to go see a counselor. You told me I needed to do the damn test! This is your fault, dad!”

Bill was working himself up more and more, just thinking about what failing the minimum could mean. Was he going to be arrested and made a slave? Would they all?

“Look son,” Dave tried to stay calm. “It’s not the end of the world. You’ll see the counselor and they’ll explain what the options are. I hear there’s a few. Hold on, let me pull up a calculator. You know what each individual score was?” He asked.

Bill had them and he gave them to Dave. In a moment, Dave came back on the screen. “You want me to tell you what I know or would you rather meet with the counselor and get the scoop from them?”

“You can damn well tell me. What!?”

“Okay, but don’t kill the messenger. Sometimes a household score can be raised if a person splits with their spouse. You can’t even if you wanted to, so that’s good, right?”

“Of course I don’t want to! But why wouldn’t I be ALLOWED to?” Bill asked, at least comforted a little at the news they wouldn’t be split up.

“The minimum in the trailer park is 90, you said. If I leave out your score of 100 and get an average of the others’ combined score, it comes to less than that. So you can’t leave your family. If you did, you’d be breaking the law.”

“Well I ain’t leaving Sarah anyways. So what is the counselor gonna say?” Bill asked in a pleading voice.

“I ran the numbers and it looks like there are two options. Maybe three, depending on how you look at it.” Dave admitted then pushed forward, hating to leave his upset son hanging longer than necessary.

“You either have to get someone else into your house that can raise your score or you have to give up one of the girls.”

“You mean like send one of my own daughters off to be a slave? Hell no! I’ll just get a border in. Rose and Sheila can take share the couch and we’ll give the guy their room.”

“It doesn’t quite work like that, son. If you get someone to move in, it’d be their job to run the family. See, the problem is that your scores weren’t good enough. That means you were deemed to be a substandard family in the community. The person that comes in has to have a good enough score to make your household average higher. That means they would be legally the head of the household and you’d have to answer to them, like you do to Sarah.” Dave carefully said.

“Sarah answers to me, dammit.” Bill took exception to his father in law splitting hairs like that.

“Whatever,” Dave waved his hand dismissively. “Just like Sarah answers to you, you’d both have to answer to the new person. If they told you to, I don’t know, take out the trash for example, you’d have to take out the trash. Taken to the extreme, they could have you arrested for refusing and that would mean you would head off to induction, leaving Sarah and the kids with them.”

“I aint having a guy tell me what to do neither! This is my house!” Bill stormed.

“So go looking for a female, then. But they’d still be in charge. Or see if one of the girls wants to submit to slavery and save all that hassle. One of my buddies said goodbye to his son this morning. It was his son’s idea.”

When Bill put down the phone, he drew Sarah to him. She’d been listening to his call, off screen. “What are we gonna do, baby?” He asked.

Learning to Lose

“I don’t know hon. You’ll figure something out.” She replied.

Sarah knew she was lying. Bill wasn’t a good figurer. Neither was she. A few minutes later, Bill told her he was going to the bar to have a beer and figure out what they’d do. What he meant was, have a beer and not think about their problems at all.

What neither of them knew was that Dave knew them both better than they knew themselves. At his house, Dave picked up his handheld and made a call.

At least he had friends that were more capable than him and he often showed his appreciation for their advice and help by allowing these ‘buddies’ to go on dates with his ditzy wife.

He was well aware she was a trophy wife, unlike Sarah’s mom before her, who was just plain dumb. She was with him more for what he offered than any feelings of true love and in response, he used her to advance his career - treating her as an asset and scheduling her body for use as if she was his personal whore, which she really was.

He’d never been a good father to Sarah growing up, more interested in making money than raising his daughter. Instead, he’d left that task up to Molly and hadn’t even been aware that his daughter had fallen in love until Molly remembered to tell him that his daughter was pregnant with twins and getting married.

Dave had found Bill to be a little simple, a little lazy, but in love with his daughter, so he accepted that his son in law was now part of his family. He’d always done everything he could to help them in an attempt to make up for his past absenteeism as a father...

Now the family was in a bind like they’d never experienced before. Bill needed a buddy to hook him up with a solution and the guy Dave knew that could do it, would definitely get his favor’s worth out of Misty’s body. She wouldn’t be happy to have to submit to Frank again, but she’d do it. She’d just be out of action for a few days afterwards, Dave knew.

Sometimes he wished he could explain the facts of life to Sarah so she could appreciate what he did for her and Bill, but he also knew she just wouldn’t understand. Dave was fully prepared to pay the price to help his daughter anyway. He knew he’d have to settle for a bj instead of real sex for a couple of days when Frank brought Misty back, if he was even that lucky. Still, it was a small price to pay, although the thought struck him that he really needed to add another wife or something.

Misty was already becoming too in demand to keep up with him plus the price she paid for being his wife. He might discuss it with her later, he decided. Maybe he should just bite the bullet and buy a slave.

“Hey Frank, how they hanging?” He asked, using a line from an old 2D movie.

“Thought you said the last time would be the last,” Frank grinned over the connection. “You need a favor, right? Your timing is perfect. I need a hot slut like your wife for a party I’m planning for the Japanese. They’re worse than me though. They like some crazy-ass shit. But they’re generous too. So what do you need?”

“That new scoring system screwed my daughter, Frank. Her two kids lowered the household score so much that one of them has to be inducted or a better score person be added to the household. I want you to supply someone who can teach her dumb but loveable husband how to increase his score. You know, teach him how to be a real man, not just cuckold him. So it’d be a 6 month deal.”

Frank whistled. “Damn, that’s a big favor. I suppose it fits for what I want Misty for though and it’s right down my alley, Dave. You mind me putting your daughter and her spawn under her husband’s thumb? That’d be the easiest solution and it’d only need a part-time trainer. You want full time and it’d cost you Misty for a month.

“Yeah, that’s pretty much what I was thinking and I’ve got Misty heavily booked already so I can’t spare her for a month. Sarah’s a hot piece for 32. Just stupid and lazy like her mom was. Real nice though. If I didn’t have so much going on I’d be tempted to take over myself even though she’s blood.”

“What about the kids? They must be of age if they have scores. Boys? Girls? One of each?”

“Twin girls,” Dave supplied. “I’ve never really thought about it but they’re like Molly was at that age. Big tits, big asses, street-smart but otherwise like their mom.” Dave imagined them lined up naked. His cock instantly hardened.

“It’s an easy job for someone,” Dave assured his friend, “And as you say, the trainer only needs to focus on it part time.”

“Are they thick or thin?” Frank enquired. Frank had never met Molly, so he had no point of reference and he wanted to at least try to match his best trainer with the task. LeBron wouldn’t touch a fat woman, even when it was strictly business. Skinny white chicks only. No fat girls, no guys.

Dave knew what he meant. “I never asked, but I imagine 40-30-44 or something like that. Very busty, little bit of a muffin top, big fucking hips. Real women, not matchsticks, ya know?”

“Ahh. Thick. Just like Tony likes” Frank said more to himself than Dave, thinking of just the person for the job. “Pliable?”

“Bill’s gonna have to be pushed hard at first. He’s seriously in love with Sarah. She and the girls will fall in line once Bill’s fully on board.”

“Okay, what’s the time frame?” Frank asked, now making notes on his handheld.

“Induction on Wednesday. Counselor visit tomorrow, so soonest. Can you make that work?”

“I’ll need your wife for the weekend starting tomorrow morning. When she gets home she’ll have all sorts of new jewelry on her body but it’ll be quality stuff. You could take it out and make a few bucks but you might like it to stay.”

Frank had a thing about using free women as whores. A slave would be cheaper for him, but he liked knowing that a free woman was doing the humiliating, degrading and often painful things required of her. It just wasn’t as much fun for him to dominate a slave.

“That’s not so bad. I’m kind of surprised. That all?”

“Knowing the Japs, she’ll need a butt plug for a few days to keep her shit in too. The Japs like anal fisting and trains. Bit of water sports too but she’s done that with me before so it should be no biggie. Yeah, I can send Tony over tonight. Shock assault or gentle persuasion? As gentle as possible, I mean.”

“Sounds like you got this, Frank. She’s my daughter and Bill’s good people too. But do it however you need, okay? I’ll tell Misty to be ready. What’ll she need?”

“Pair of stripper shoes and a toothbrush. Let’s make it easy on you, okay Dave? Just have her wear the shoes and don’t waste anything on dressing her. She’ll get returned naked anyway, so you may as well send her out naked too. She’ll have to tip the transport specialist. She forgot last time.”

“Shit. You never said. Send the same guy. He can take an around the world with her as a makeup for last time, okay? I’ll text all the info you’ll need. Oh and Frank, thanks. Appreciate ya.”

Dave disconnected and sent Frank a text with names, address, ages and anything else he could think of. Then he went online while he was in the mood. There was already a few additional auctions scheduled for late next week. There was about to be a glut of slaves entering the market and Dave decided to make the most of it.

Misty was great for pandering to Frank’s fetish for free women but he knew that most of his other buddies were not so discriminating. As long as the female was hot and willing, that’s all those guys cared about.

He’d better check his credit balance and set up an allotment, he thought. And reschedule Misty’s Sunday gig. Old pastor Wright would understand and the delay would only add fuel to the pastor’s desire to ‘save’ Misty.

Ohio was not Nevada, Hong Kong or Amsterdam so most of the female slaves at auction would be needed for farm work or in factories. That just meant that beauty was certainly not a consideration to buyers and that in turn worked well in Dave’s favor.

The rosters were sparse right now but even so, there were a few lookers already listed. Dave saved the profiles of three females all 16 years old, to review later. By the time of sale, those rosters would be packed full of pussy for him to choose from.

An unexpected knock on the door surprised Sarah. They weren’t expecting visitors and Rose was being her usual annoying self, sitting on the couch in just a pair of panties to annoy her father. She was engrossed in her handheld and didn’t even flinch at the knock, much less look up.

Sarah decided to teach the teen a lesson and said nothing to Rose, instead just went to the door and threw it open. She figured it’d be a friend of one or the other daughter and being caught like that by a friend might be just the medicine she needed to rectify her exhibitionistic behavior.

It was Sarah who was embarrassed FOR Rose when the visitor was someone she’d never seen before and not a teen at all but a man who’s eyes immediately locked into Rose’s voluptuous body.

Before even greeting the visitor she turned and hissed, “Rose! Go put some damn clothes on! We’ve got a visitor!”

Rose looked up and squeaked, quickly covering her chest with her arm but not wanting to get off the couch and give the stranger a good show.

“Stay right there, Rose!” Tony ordered. To Sarah, he sounded like a mobster off TV. His expression, face and voice was scary. Rose froze.

“You must be Sarah. I’m Anthony Cabucci. Your dad sent me over to stay a while. I’m gonna work with your husband Bill, to improve your household score and you’re all gonna do EXACTLY what I say or you’ll be punished. Where’s Bill?”

His direct and no-nonsense statement put Sarah off balance. She wasn’t sure what she was supposed to do. If her dad had sent the guy, then she should be happy. His threat to punish her and her girls if they didn’t follow instruction was scary though. And Bill was still out getting drunk, so he couldn’t tell her what she should do.

The stranger had told her daughter to stay on the couch and surprisingly, Rose had stayed. Sarah wasn’t sure if she should invite the stranger in or send him to the bar to find Bill.

“Out of my way,” Tony said then solved her dilemma for her, by pushing past her into the trailer.

Sarah didn’t really try hard to stop him, but she was certain she would have been unable to anyway. Tony stopped in front of Rose, ignoring Sarah for a moment.

“Show me those tits, Rose.” He ordered.

Rose shook her head while looking over his shoulder at her mom, hoping Sarah would rescue her from him.

“See, this is why your scores are so fucking low. I want to see your tits. You look like you have nice tits. Now you’re just being mean spirited. You sat there with them hanging out right up till I want to see them, then you cover them up. Did you not hear me tell your mom that you will be punished if you refuse an order? Now drop your fucking arm.”

Rose begged her mom again with her eyes to save her but her mom was totally unprepared for this. She didn’t know what to do at all. She wanted Bill. She just lifted her shoulders as if to tell Rose there was nothing she could do.

Rose saw the lack of support and slowly dropped her arm. Rose’s nipples were erect and that alone embarrassed her more than a stranger seeing her in just a pair of tiny panties.

“Yeah, nice. Where’s your sister? I hear she’s your twin? Her tits look the same as yours?”

Rose slowly, uncertainty nodded before finding her voice to say that Sheila was at a friend’s house. That’s what Sheila had told her mom before flitting out earlier. Just not which friend.

In fact Sheila was currently sitting on her new boyfriend’s lap taking his cock inside her tight pussy while her friend Latesha was licking her clit and the shaft of Brady’s cock. All three were naked in Brady’s parents bedroom, making the most of the extra space since his parents were both at work.

Sheila was sure she was going to be enslaved on Wednesday and was making the most of the last few days of her freedom even though her parents had been vague on the whole testing thing they’d just gone through.

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