A Father's Fantasy Come True

by Hector10

Copyright© 2019 by Hector10

Incest Sex Story: Father takes advantage of his fourteen-year-old daughter and she likes it.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cheating   Incest   Father   Daughter   Rough   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Size   Prostitution   .

It was dark outside. The lights in the house were dark. My daughter Katie was asleep, and I was wired. I had just dropped my wife off at the airport and I’d pulled into my driveway. She’d be in Europe for a work trip for a few months so Katie and I would be alone for a while. It would be hard adjusting her to her new school, especially as a high-school freshman but we were pretty up to the challenge.

My daughter was an early bloomer and very confident for her age. She’d turned fourteen less than a week ago. I’d noticed boys and even older men give her lingering glances. I was angry at them until I caught myself doing the same. I’ll admit I was attracted to her. There’s not a lot of fourteen-year-olds that look like her and she was a very assured flirter even to me. And I wasn’t immune to it either, I flirted back a fair amount and we could sometimes take it too far. She did a lot of cutesy posing and would stick her tight ass or quickly growing tits out. But I was a good dad and she was responsible.

I walked into my house and had a quick snack before heading to bed. I was still awake from the drive and I was hoping I’d settle once I laid down. I stripped my clothes off and slipped under the covers. Almost immediately I felt a twinge between my legs. I was increasingly horny. My sex life had taken a turn for the worse a few years ago and hadn’t bounced back. My wife had always found my dick too big and when she finally turned her ass away from me, I’d begun to get riled up. I had to relieve myself more and more.

I stuck my hands down the covers and found myself thinking about my new fantasy. My daughter appeared in my mind naked. She was five-foot-six, hair like fire and down past her shoulders. Freckles splashed across her face and entire body. I didn’t know what she looked like naked, but from my best guesses from seeing her on the beach her tits were perky and a healthy handful, her ass tight and legs and stomach toned. Her athletic body was shaped from horseback riding. I always felt guilty about thinking of her, but I couldn’t help my own mind.

I was just getting started when a knock on the door startled me.

Katie’s usually mischievous voice was quiet, and maybe a little nervous, “Dad, can I come in?”

“Sure thing.” I couldn’t see her well in the dark, but there was something strange about her silhouette, like she was curled up.

“I had a bad dream. Can I sleep here?” My daughter hadn’t slept in my bed in years. She was mature enough to sleep it off herself. As if reading my mind though she continued. “It’s just I’m nervous about school and mom’s not around.”

I was apprehensive. For one thing I was naked, for another I had a raging hard on and it was from thinking very unsavory thoughts of her, but who was I to turn my daughter away. Plus, I could avoid letting her in on those other things. “Sure thing babe, come on in.”

“Thanks, dad.”

When she stepped into the moonlight my cock sprang back into full mast and my body froze. My daughter was butt naked and was covering up her very healthy and inviting tits with one hand and covering her mound with the other. Her green eyes were dazzling even in the dark and her silky-smooth hair was cascading beautifully down her freckled shoulders.

She had the hint of a very nervous smile on her face. “Oh, right ... sorry, I sleep naked. Is that ok?”

She said it with such a cute voice and her naked body was so alluring I buckled without a single thought. “Sure, that’s fine. A lot of people sleep naked.” I said it so matter-of-factly I almost convinced myself.

Still covering herself up she slipped under the covers. It was at that moment I realized she was going to feel all of my nakedness, but I couldn’t stop her. She snuggled her back to me, and my throbbing cock rested on the crack of her ass. Her body was burning, and her skin was velvety soft. I tried thinking of baseball but could only picture my fourteen-year-old little girl holding a baseball in the nude sucking on a stranger’s dick and putting the handle of another baseball up her ass.

I heard her take a sharp breath. “You sleep naked too,” I could almost hear her gulp.

“Yep, it’s comfortable.” I shimmied to try and get relaxed, but I had no idea how. We were spooning and I didn’t know where to put my arms. I left one on my side and another curl underneath me.

We tried to sleep. I listened to her breath softly and smelled her rosy hair. Somehow impossibly my cock seemed to grow even bigger. Katie was starting to squirm her body and my heart pumped harder.

After what felt like an eternity of squirming and fidgeting, I spoke up. “Are you uncomfortable sweetie?” I felt myself shudder at my own words. “Just let me know how we can adjust.”

“Actually, there is one thing.” I could hear the trouble in her voice. She flicked the lamp on the night desk on. I got a full view of her nakedness in the dim light. Her nipples were tiny, pink, and hard. Her breasts were to die for, and her stomach was flat and deliciously milky.

She dove one arm under her and took my hand that was under me. She drew it under her and placed my palm right on her breast. Out of reflex my finger dug into the fatty tissue and found still more to be explored. I was starting to sweat. She took my other hand and rested it on the other globe. Her nipples were rock hard. “There I’m much more comfortable this way. And that’s super relaxing, I think maybe I can sleep now.”

“Good,” I said as I absentmindedly kneaded her teenage breasts. “That’s good.”

We didn’t say anything for a while. I tried not to focus on my hard-on as I held Katie close to my chest. But I couldn’t help pressing the rock-hard meat on her soft cheeks.

“You know what dad, something’s wrong.” I froze in fear. I wasn’t sure what she meant but I didn’t want this to stop. “You’re ... um ... thing, is ... so big ... and it’s kind of poking me. Maybe we can move it?”

“Where?” Not only was my dick not about to go down or move much, I didn’t know where else it could go.

“You could ... um ... you know ... put it between my ... um.”

“OH ... oh, ok” almost too excitedly I momentarily took my hand off her chest and dug my nails into her ass cheek, lifting it so my cock rested between my daughter’s ass cheeks. Not wasting a second, I put my hand back on her tit.

She turned her head to look at me and I could just make out the glint in her eye. “There isn’t that better?” She asked breathlessly.

I nodded back at her, “Yeah, if it works for you great.” She licked and bit her lips. Using as much of my self-control as possible I refrained from locking lips with her. “You know what would be more comfortable for me?”

“What?” She asked nervously.

“If we turned so you were bellow me and I was on top of you.”

“Ok,” I could tell she was a little scared. “It that would make you more comfortable.”

With little ceremony I shoved both of our bodies over, so I was laying on top of her prone naked body. I could feel my cock on her rosebud. I couldn’t help myself, I prodded her back door with my cockhead. She gasped.

“Sorry, sorry.”

“It’s ok, it’s ok.” She said breathlessly. “If it helps you sleep...”

“It’s just kind of uncomfortable with this thing. It doesn’t really cooperate when I want it to ... and I...” I trailed off. My cock popped into her sphincter and she squealed. She was huffing and puffing. I could feel her sweat mingle with mine. It was running between our bodies and down to my cock. My meaty monster dove into her ass too fast and she screamed a bloodcurdling sound out of her throat. I should have apologized but any thought about her wellbeing was now directed against it.

I was nothing more than an animal. I pounded in and out of my fourteen-year-old daughter and she screamed bloody murder. Her body bounced with the mattress and I dug my fingers into her slutty mounds, holding her body tight to mine as I thrust into her.

I reamed her ass hard and her cheeks jingled, especially when I spanked my daughter’s cheeks to redness. She screamed and sobbed as she gripped the headboard for support. “OH GOD DAD, I’VE NEVER HAD ANYTHING IN THERE! IT HURTS! YOU’RE HURTING ME!” She’d scream that just before slamming the headboard or wall with her hand ands screaming, “FUCK YES, IT HURTS SO GOOD. HARDER DADDY CHOKE ME! RAPE YOUR UNDERAGE DAUGHTER!”

I didn’t understand how she could be taking it so well, but I didn’t take one second to think about it. I flipped us over and I thrust my hips and slammed my daughter down on me repeatedly and just as hard. Her back arched and her tits were jutted out to the ceiling as my dick tore into her. Her screams were guttural and animalistic, and some how I knew her eyes weren’t seeing straight.

I don’t know for how long we fucked. It felt like it wasn’t long enough, but I completely wore my daughter down until she was limp from my drilling. I pumped her ass full of my semen and fell asleep with my cock in Katie’s off-limits rectum.

I woke to the unbelievable vacuum like sensation around my meaty erection. I opened my eyes to witness my redheaded Katie sucking my full ten inches into her mouth and throat, even licking my balls with her nose digging into my pelvis.

She pulled off me and my dick was hit with fresh air. “Sorry, did I wake you up?”

“No problem.” I was struggling with what to say.

Katie came to my rescue, “I was just trying to relax you, like you did for me last night.”

“Oh,” I coughed, “Yeah, you’re welcome.”

“Mhmm.” She smiled at me and giggled, “I know what we did seemed like it was wrong, but you were just helping me go to sleep. I need to know my dad can tuck me in like you used to, you know?”

“That’s right,” I agreed, “There’s nothing wrong with what we did. It was just a father helping his daughter go to sleep.”

“Yeah, I promise I’m not even attracted to you like that. I mean,” She eyed my cock with lustful hunger, “You are my father.”

“Yeah, and what we did wasn’t even sex. It doesn’t count.” I looked at the clock and almost jumped. “oh, sweetie, you’re going to be late to school. We have to get you going.”

She looked at the clock with wide eyes and jumped. Her tits bounced and my cock twitched. “Shit I still have to get dressed and eat breakfast.”

“Oh, honey,” She gave me a look, standing at the foot of my bed stark in the nude. “You don’t have time to cook breakfast.”

“I have to eat something though.”

“Right, and well ... if you hear me out, protein is always good for breakfast.”

“Ok, so what should I eat.” She was really not getting what I was saying. She was a little innocent to get it I suppose.

“Well sperm is very high in protein. And I can be quick...” I let it trail off there.

She eyed my cock again, I could practically see the pictures in her mind. “If it’ll get me out of here faster ... and it is just to help me out.”

Katie crawled her young and lithe body back onto the bed. I leaned back and let her wrap those teenage lips around my cock once more.

The sun was shining through the window and the covers were thrown to the floor. Her eyes were pleading, begging. I put both of my hands on her skull and pressed down on her head forcing my incestuous cock into her invaded and tight throat even further. I thrust up into her face again and again. She moaned, pleased with the result and gagging on me. She choked on her daddy’s cock and Katie’s eyes rolled into the back of her head.

I released her and she drew back until only the head was in her mouth. She circled my cock with her tongue, eyes glued to mine, taking deep breaths until finally slamming back down on me. She did that five more times before I stopped her.

I flipped her over and dragged her naked body to the edge of the bed, so her head was hanging off the edge. Her mouth was wide open for my cock, her tongue begging for it and I dove into her mouth and up her throat. I could feel her choking as I pumped in and out of her esophagus. I could feel her throat tightening around my meat as it convulsed with her choking. I pumped into her teenage mouth until I was face fucking her as hard as I was raping her last night. Her tits were bouncing and jiggling, and it drove me wild. I dove my face at her pussy. And licked at her nub. She gurgled her screams and moans of pleasure. She wrapped her hands around my ass cheeks and tightened her thighs on my skull as she convulsed all over. I brought her pleasure as my seed poured into my underage daughter’s stomach. She finished her climax and took a half-second breather before I rushed her out of the door.

“Thanks dad!” she cried out before leaving.

As a father I want to say that we never got crazier than that night and morning. We held to that for a few days. But the lingering glances and stares were too obvious. It wasn’t long before she snuck into my bed again under the pretense of needing better sleep. It was a vicious cycle. She’d come into my room saying she liked to sleep with someone next to her, we’d try to ignore each other’s naked bodies then I’d ass rape her like it was my last fuck alive and it always felt like it was. She even shaved her pussy mound for me even though I hadn’t fucked her cunt yet. I half expected to find my wife barging into the door watching me and our daughter in bed.

One night after a particularly hard fuck I touched Katie’s neck. It was slightly warmer than usual ... I thought.

“Princess,” I touched her forehead. “You’re burning up.”

She gave me a quizzical look. “I am?”

“You are. I don’t think you should go to school today.”

Her eyes widened ever so slightly, “Oh ... well now that you mention it, I have been feeling under the weather.”

“We should call the school.”

She jumped out of bed and I followed, curious. I caught her putting a pair of shorts on in her room.

“Hey princess,” She turned. The shorts were tiny on her, and she was naked otherwise. “I was thinking, we can have a day in, you know. Stay in our pajamas all day.” I worked from home, I could dress however I wanted.

“Oh,” She bit her lip and pushed the shorts off to reveal her nakedness. “Ok dad.” She followed me back into the bedroom. I dialed the phone in bed. Katie was stroking my legs, nearing my dick with each pass. I started going through the dial in options, waiting for the right one. My daughter was stroking my cock and I groaned.

“Hello,” It was some administrator at my ear. My daughter was slinking her body up mine.

“Yes, hi. I just wanted to call in. My daughter Katie is sick and won’t be coming to school today.” Katie pierced her underage cunt with my cock, letting her bodyweight rest completely on my waist. I’d just taken her virginity, but fortunately horseback riding had already broken her hymen. My full length was inside her.

“You know, I don’t think it’s cheating if it’s with your daughter.” She whispered in my ear.

I wasn’t following the logic but I was barely following my conversation, “I just need her name.”

“Because ... you know, I’m an extension of the two of you. It’s not like masturbation is cheating.” She licked my ear and my entire body shuddered.

I gave it to the women. Katie grinded on me and whimpered, “Daddy.”

“Sir I’m going to transfer you to the principle, he’s been wanting to speak with you.”

“Of course.” I barely registered the woman’s voice. Katie was whispering her begs into my other ear. Her breasts were on my chest heaving and rubbing on me, her nipples rock hard on my skin.

“Hello? Mr. Jones.” I said hi.

“Suck on my nipples daddy.” Katie begged. I obliged.

“I’ve been wanting to speak with you about your daughter.”

“Of course, sir. What’s wrong?”

“Well sir academically speaking she’s phenomenal. But some of her teachers have been expressing worries and it’s reached my ears.”

“Daddy, you’re fucking me. Your cock feels so good inside cunt.” I shooshed her and she giggled in my ear.

“What was that Mr. Jones?”

“Nothing, continue.” My little girl’s previously virginal pussy was warm and sopping wet and tighter than I could have imagined.

“The thing is sir she’s been an increasing distraction to other students, going so far as to pull her friends, and if I may be so bold, boys away from class.” Katie was grinding on my lap. I could feel her pussy walls close in around my cock.

“I see.” I sucked on her nipple.

“Daddy you’re so bad,” She nibbled at my ear. “Do you like taking advantage of your underage daughter and sucking on my nipples.”

“We were hoping you’d speak to her, once she’s healthy enough of course.”

“I absolutely will. This is very important if it’s true.” Katie was bouncing on my cock and I was meeting her. She was leaning her head back and silently groaning.

“You know dad,” She started softly, “Even though I jumped you, technically this is statutory rape on me.” I fingered her nub in response, and she squealed.

“Hello. Mr. Jones?”

“Yes, what did you say?” Her bouncing was getting faster, and more alluring. Juices were flowing down her sopping cunt and onto my groin.

“I was just saying that I was glad you were taking this seriously.” But I could tell he was starting to get suspicious. I wondered if he heard Katie, and I found myself not caring.

“Absolutely, and I will get right on it. Thank you for letting me know and being so understanding.” I hung up before he did.

I wrapped my hand around Katie’s neck and felt a climax building up. I tightened around her neck and she reddened with a slutty smile.

“Have you been talking to boys?”

She could barely get her words out, “I’m sorry daddy, they like to flirt, it’s fun.” Her eyelids were fluttering, I could tell my daughter was about to climax.

“Have you fucked any of them.” My balls were boiling. I latched my lips to one of her nipples and sucked hard on them, nibbling on them to.

She was almost screaming. “No, no, I promise you’re the only one who gets to use me!”

“I think you should.” Her intense pleasure and shock mixed into a wide-eyed stare at me. “I want you to start giving your body to people, and I’ll charge them to fuck my underage daughter.”

“You want to give my body away?” Her tits were bouncing so provocatively I could barely hear her.

“I want to sell you, and your body, for money. I want you to be passed around like a slut and come back to me, so you always remember who you belong to.”

“If it ... if it...” Her eyes rolled into the back of her head and I could feel my explosion coming to. She screamed and I hollered as we shared a climax together. She collapsed into my chest and I fell back. “If you think it’s hot, then I’ll try.”

“Good,” I stroked my daughter’s naked body until we could go another round. We never did put our clothes on that day.

The next few days we were fucking constantly, and I was looking for desperate perverts who would fuck an underage girl being sold by her dad. It ended up not being as difficult as I thought. There were plenty of perverts and plenty of men attracted to high-school girls.

I’d met up with the first clients to make sure they were legit. I did a ton of research to protect Katie and our well-being. They were desperate creeps no doubt, but just what I was looking for and imagining Katie underneath their sorry bodies turned me on more than it should as a father.

There were ground rules of course. Katie had to check in every hour. I was the point person and was always nearby. Cash up front and ID. They had to have proof of cleanliness and we provided the same. No cumming in her pussy, only I was allowed that. If they did it would risk their exposure or at the very least they had to pay for plan B. No hitting or hurting Katie in any way and any weird stuff they wanted had to be agreed on before hand and it always cost extra. They couldn’t know our names or my face. I had a huge list and Katie helped. In the end no one was interested in stabbing us in the back because fucking a consenting and beautiful fourteen-year-old slut was too good an opportunity to mess up.

Besides the money I only asked that they give me one thing else. A picture of the aftermath. Something to show me just how they demeaned my daughter. I got a lot of facials. Some cream pies of her asshole. A lot of her with a thick load in her mouth or a cock stuffed in one of her holes. She didn’t like the facials at first but grew to enjoy them and even crave them when she realized how much I liked seeing her face plastered in man juice.

Katie would always come back exhausted and a little horny. None of them satisfied her quite like I did climax or not. I always fucked her after a session, and she seemed to love the attention at home. She was never that excited for work but always looked forward to her slut treatment at home. I pampered her with ice-cream and shopping. Because of her age and looks I was able to put a high price on her holes and they always paid.

As the clientele grew so did the experience. I was selling my daughter to construction workers, businessmen, rich high-schoolers and their dads, gangbangers, a few teachers, even cops. And the collection of proof was building. I was starting to get videos start to finish. I watched my daughter get double-teamed by two teachers from her school, both older than dirt. A large black man ass fucked her into the bed and the camera was pointed straight at her screaming face. She was always begging for her daddy in the videos, sometimes even saying my name as her face was pressed into the mattress

I was incorporating the videos into our private lives. I’d pop one on the TV and watch whether we were having sex or not. But we usually were. We were even starting to make our own. There was a lot of incest and underage sex confession going on there, but mostly it was me ravaging my daughter in ways that would make pornstars look twice.

We were getting so popular I even made an ad to be distributed very discreetly and only between close friends and then immediately deleted. It was a video of Katie riding my cock naked, a hand on her hip.

“Want to fuck my illegal underage cunt?” She’d ask, “Find me and for a fair price you can shove that thick meaty cock of yours down my teenage throat. Please hurry.” She was practically begging, and we were making a lot of money.

There were a few weeks we’d have to go quiet for fear of being exposed, but we were never truly worried.

One day we were home. She was on my lap while I fondled her glorious tits which seemed to be getting even bigger as we watched a video of her getting spit-roasted by two cops. The doorbell rang and I didn’t lower the volume.

“Go get the door,” I said to her.

She raised her eyebrows, “What? Like this?” She motioned at her stark-naked body. I was fully clothed.

“Yeah. I want to watch what happens. It’ll be sexy.”

She bit her lip, obviously nervous. “Ok.” She got up and walked to the door very sensually, her hips swaying back and forth, her hands gently caressing her body.

“Hi,” Katie started cutely. “How can I help you?”

The knockers stammered out a response. “Hi, were ... with ... the ... Mormon church.”

“Oh, Mormonism? I think religion is so interesting, can you tell me more?” She was hitting every nail for the ditsy teenager angle. A finger on her chin, a dazzling smile, a bounce on her step that made everything jiggle perfectly, even the cute ponytail.

“If you’re interested ... we have ... books.” Whoever the Mormons were, they’d completely forgotten their pitches.

“Mmm, I’m interested in a little more than books.” She bit her lip and the froze up even more.

“Who is it princess?” I got up off the couch.

She turned and blinked her stunning eyes at me, “They’re Mormons dad.”

I lined up behind her. “Mormons huh? Haven’t seen them walking around for a while.” I fondled her ass she let out a little pleasure moan. The Mormons were staring with wide eyes. “So how long have you guys been on your mission.”

“Umm, a few weeks now.”

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