One Night in Nome

by Kal Darov

Copyright© 2019 by Kal Darov

Fantasy Sex Story: Ben is woken up by a strange occurrence. Will it change his life for the better?!

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Science Fiction   Wimp Husband   Incest   Mother   Daughter   Group Sex   Polygamy/Polyamory   .

Ben stumbled out of the house. He barely had any sleep. It was close to 2 am when he was awaken by the commotion in his backyard. The dogs just kept barking like mad. He strode purposely towards his dog pen. His animals continued to bark even after he verbally warned them. That usually would do the trick. However, this time something was making his animals insistent.

His dogs were barking constantly. And that was a minor understatement. What he thought was just them blowing off some steam was soon replaced by a sense of dread. Of something out there. He couldn’t pinpoint the source, but he was afraid.

Ben’s house was situated just on the cusp of the woods. It did not help his deep seated paranoia of the unknown that the house was virtually surrounded by a pitch black forest. The house was a small cabin he built with his own two hands, just after moving here to Nome, Alaska. What a trip it had been? He was a 30 year old college dropout and very few options were open for him. Took him a while to figure out college was not his cup of tea, if you will, but eventually he decided to take the pink slip back home.

As he wanted to get away from everything back home that reminded him of his own failure, he took his trusty backpack and set foot. Towards somewhere.

Nome, Alaska was just another stop in a huge line of cities refusing to employ an almost middle aged man without any references. Tough luck. Some would say.

He was just tired, “God damn it.” Ben whispered, he hated walking out there at night.

The woods were eerie. Even during the day. He always felt he was being watched.

The months of working, eventually turned into a year of painstaking carving, cutting and sawing. Eventually, even though he had no idea what he was doing the job was done. The home looked ugly, primitive and unfinished, but it was his hands that built it.

Ben felt incredible joy from doing this hard work. He started to build some chairs and furniture to use in the house. His neighbors would often comment on his unusual taste when carving the chairs and beds.

Even though his house was just at the border with in the woods, the company was never far away. Neighbors were close, kept to themselves and would respond when Ben greeted them every morning.

This past week he had enjoyed a late coffee and could swear someone was just right there, behind the trees, watching his every move. Giving his head a shake, Ben cursed out loud at his paranoia.

The two lycan shepherds were always jumpy, but relaxed when he left the house to see why they were making all the racket.

In recent months it only got worse.

He was accustomed to their barks, knew what they meant and among other dogs he could almost instantly recognize and tell why they were barking.

Angry. Sad. Or just plain excited, he knew what to do and would act accordingly.

“Easy Hulu. Easy girl.” He approached and cooed his 2 year old dog.

As he approached, Bruiser, the older dog by two years, went crazy and even bared teeth. His bark was just unnerving Ben.

“What’s wrong guys?” By now Hulu was acting in a similar way, teeth bared and her fur was raised.

A sound behind him made his heart jump out of his chest.

He saw a man cowering in utter fear. Eyes wide.

“Tom? Is that you Tom?” Ben almost could not recognize the stoic chief of police.

It looked he was wearing his pajamas. His house was not far away, but even in summer no one would leave their home in just their jammies. Ben thought it was funny. But here he was, always brave policeman. Cowering in utter fear.

“B-B-B-Ben. H-H-Help them.” The chief whimpered.

“What happened man? What’s wrong? Are the girls ok?” Ben approached the man shaking him from his fear and shock.

Tom remained unresponsive. Shaking like a leaf. He watched with wide eyes. Searching for something or someone.

Ben quickly leapt and started to run. The girls’ safety was more important than anything else. The dogs in their state were practically useless. He did not own a gun so he could not bring one. However, he had his hands and feet. Hoping that would be enough, Ben started to run and think about their fate.

The doors to their house were shut. Ben knocked, “Rachel! Are you ok?” He called out.

The house was right there if he needed anything. He never did, but nevertheless he started to pound on the door. Leaving Tom like that was probably not the wisest thing in the world, but something about how the man acted sent shivers down his spine.

“Madison? Rachel?” He called out.

Nothing. Ben tried again, but the door remained shut. Locked. What now? There was the police chief hunkering down in his back yard while his family was inside the house. He gritted his teeth in anger. How could someone leave their family behind?

He tried his phone. The first thing he should have done was dial the cops. He was shaking his head in anger. He should have known better.

There was eerie static. Again, he tried, but with the same result. Ben swallowed, he’d think about consequences later. He will probably have to deal with the police.

He took a two steps back and charged at the closed doors. He kicked the bolted doors with everything he had. Expecting to feel some resistance, he was quite surprised when the doors just broke where he had kicked them. There was loud snap and a crash. The doors now were lying on the floor and he was in. Surprised it was that easy he was reluctant of proceeding any further.

“Anyone home?” Probably a stupid question, he felt his old habits resurface.

Anxiety started to kick in, what are other neighbors thinking? Or doing for that matter?

“I am unarmed. I just want to check if you are alright. My phone is not working.” He kept talking while still outside.

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. He cursed at himself.

The women are probably terrified inside, probably calling the police themselves “I am not here to hurt you just yell if you are alright.”

Ben stepped in. He felt bizarre walking in a stranger’s house. Unlike his own home, there was a sense of foreboding. Alienation? He shrugged. Never one to name the emotions that were boiling just underneath, Ben left them to their own devices. So far so good. No intruder or ladies with guns drawn.

As he walked as silently and slowly as he could he observed the state of the room. Shoes were on the floor thrown about like someone was in such a hurry they didn’t care about the mess they were leaving. The hallway extended towards the combined kitchen and living room. It was a big living space he often had trouble defining. Or wrapping his mind around the idea that they needed such an area for just three of them.

“Rachel?” He called for the mother.



Ben swallowed. What now? he thought.

The house was so far empty. He slowly walked forwards. Turning, he saw the study. The desk was a mess, the chair overturned and the PC monitor was on the floor. Someone was in a panic or a hurry. Continuing on he addressed the state of the house. Everything was in its place. The office looked like a hurricane went through it but other than that the rest of the house was spotless.

He was at the stairs. They were leading to the second floor.

He started climbing. The stairs were not new. There was a lot of creaking under his heavy boots. Once he was on the top of the stairs, he saw the utter chaos that welcomed him.

Bed matrasses, chairs, tables and even two large dressers were piled up in the tiny hallway. They wanted to obstruct whoever wanted to pass to their rooms.

“Madison? Rachel? Are you in there?” Ben’s gruff voice echoed through the house.


Ben thought about walking back and talking with the Chief, but what if they were passed out? With a sigh, he got to pulling and carrying their heavy stuff tumbling them down the stairs and out of the way. He used his bulky form to grab and pull each and every piece of their piled up stuff just so he could have a free pass through their rooms.

When it was done he was sweating, but the hard work made his soul seem cleaner. It felt good.

He checked the first room. A lady’s room. Pink stuff all over the place. However, a thing on the bed left him in a state of complete and utter shock.

A girl he knew was sprawled across the bed using every finger in her hand to masturbate, while tightly clutching on one of her nipples. She sweated profusely, shook uncontrollably and moaned constantly. Occasionally she would grab her entire breast and maul it with her fingers. During one of her more potent climaxes she held her gaze with Ben. The intensity of the gaze and the woman herself made Ben iron hard in a few seconds.

She held her breath for few moments, that to Ben seemed to pass like hours, finally she started gasping and screaming, “Madison, a-a-are you ok?” he softly asked.

“COOOOOOOOOOOOOCK!” She bellowed while shaking.

Ben swallowed. He was not ready. Unprepared for what he was about to see, however, his prick did not mind that this was just a nineteen year old young woman, screaming, hollering and panting while trying to drive her fist into her open pussy. Her scent was what caught him most off guard. She exuded a scent that left him reeling. Ben fought hard to clear his head and focus on the problem at hand. But the scent was overpowering.

“I need COCK. Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” She screamed panting and gasping for air.

Ben just watched. A sudden gust of wind made him turn his head. All he could see was a bright red mane of hair. As he went down tumbling with a naked body. Someone was desperate enough to try and fight him. His bulky mass easily pinned the attacker down.

Ben was a heavy set man. Muscles where muscles should be, but also fat where there were muscles. Odd combination for an odd looking man. Over six feet of fat and muscle pinned a small framed woman. He gasped in shock when he realized who it was sprawled beneath him.

“RACHEL?! W-w-w-what are you doing?” He was rock hard, almost to the breaking point, if not for his trousers he would have penetrated her velvety depths.

Rachel was naked as the day she was born. Her voluptuous body was mesmerizing. However, what truly made him loose focus was her scent. Sweet, earthy and intoxicating. He just had to take another whiff of it. Just to relish in it.

He felt the liquid staining his clothes. Soaking them. The woman had lust written all over her face. Ben was a kind and nurturing soul. However, even he had needs he often fulfilled by watching porno. Her stare reminded him of those hot actresses that were just enjoying what they were doing. Those, when both parties enjoyed the fucking, were the best.

Not to say that the woman beneath him looked ugly by any stretch of imagination.

She had a body that rivaled those women. Lips that just screamed to be kissed and an extremely attractive face. Rachel kept dragging her hips up and down Ben’s member, he felt every excruciating millimeter of her sex.

His throat was dry. He tried to wet his lips with his tongue, “Ahhh you bad boy.” She purred taking his head and planting a wet slobbering kiss. Tongue, lips and her very essence were mixed in the touch of their bodies. His toes curled by the intensity of the passion that Rachel showed.

Her tongue wiggled and curled around his, the experience of his first soul scorching kiss left him gasping for breath. He never felt such passion from women that he bedded. Sure there were women, but only handful that let him be anywhere near them with his size. Not to mention their horrified looks when they would see his meat dangle between his legs. The scent was overpowering.

“You fucking monster.” He remembers those words clearly when his first girlfriend ran out crying rape to the whole neighborhood. The memory cleared his mind. The scent was slowly being forgotten.

He just wanted to be loved. He felt often that he was a character in a sad drama. Ben’s nightmare with women did not stop there, but continued through his adulthood. At 30 years old he was an outcast of love.

Yet here she was. Rachel. The chief’s wife. Ben just needed to unzip his pants and enter her slithery depths. “Rachel I-I-I can’t.”

“Sure you can, big man.” She said in a slow sultry voice.

She kept dragging her hips, kept staring at him with her big eyes that just attracted him to no end. Combined with her bombastic body and the body of her daughter just behind them, Ben had no chance of resisting.

Ben was using his hands to keep his body above Rachel, his massive size and weight would undoubtedly crush the poor woman. She took the time and used her hands to start disrobing him. Slowly at first, but seeing how Ben did not offer any resistance she was getting faster and faster.

The last few buttons of his shirt were essentially ripped off as she, in her haste to disrobe him, managed to rip the very shirt in two.

“Rachel. We-we-we can’t. Tom is just outside waiting...” He began to apologize, but quickly he had to shut up.

Her piercing stare at his nakedness was the reason he closed his mouth, Soon, not knowing how he was stripped naked. She nosily gasped, “My fucking God.”

“Look at that monster.” Her words were like a knife piercing his very being.

She could not see what her words were doing to the big man. Almost worshiping his cock with her hands, Rachel gently rubbed the full length of his engorged member.

Rachel pushed Ben up on his knees and eventually made him stand up as she knee walked towards his groin.

“Oh my God.” He heard Madison whisper.

He saw her sitting up now observing carefully what her mother was doing. Ben was beyond turned on. His cock twitched. Almost 14 inches of meat bobbed and dribbled copious amounts of juices down on the floor. Ben was afraid for a while. What would they think or do. Thoughts of Tom long forgotten, patiently expecting the situation to get down to business.

With his every heartbeat his oversized member would pulse up and down. Side to side. It seemed almost hypnotic.

Hesitating at first, Rachel’s wide eyed stare unnerved Bun, however for her it was not fear, but ungodly lust that made her so apprehensive. Thousands of questions were on her mind. Days alone with her fingers made this situation and the tool in front of her seem like a wonderful gift from god. She was already preparing her insides for the invasion of the massive member. Those other men were almost a minor game by this point.

Ben saw her wetting her lips. Oh God, please make it real. He thought. Her face was too close, he felt her breathe her every breath.

At last she grabbed the meat with her one hand. Both women gasped when they saw how big and thick it really was, then her other hand, almost as if revering the sacred tool, came and lightly helped her other hand. She gasped, uncaring that her face now was almost touching the head of Ben’s leaking cock.

Ben was tempted to grab the woman’s head and drive his cock down her throat. However his own nature made him pause, in reality he was thinking that this alone would scare or hurt the woman.

She finally started licking his cock. He gasped. There were tears in his eyes. No one did this for him. Yet this strange woman was doing out of her own volition. Then he smelled it again, the scent. It was driving him insane.

Rachel could not believe what she was doing, this man’s musky scent made her juices run freely.

Ben saw her worshiping his member. As if she was given something priceless, she was sucking, nuzzling and petting his cock as if it was a gift from the heaven. Lightly nibbling on his flesh she made sure she slobbered every inch of Ben’s wonderful meat.

Madison was breathing hard. Her hand was already busy. Slowly circling her own nether regions. What her mother was doing was so, oh so sexy. She came lightly, and again, and again.

The woman on her knees, the one who was worshiping this giant member, Rachel, was in heaven. The tool was hard. The tool was fresh. The tool was menacing. Yet she was in control. She shivered seeing Ben’s contracting muscles through her lust laded eyes. His fists were balled up and shaking. He was actually so turned on, but held back because of her.

Rachel started bobbing her head, while her hands began churning the meat for its precious cargo. The balls beneath were like bells, swinging and begging for her attention. She took a free hand and lightly massaged them, one at a time.

Ding – dong! She smiled as she thought about the reference.

Pointing his delicious member to the ceiling, Rachel started worshiping his balls. The containers that held his precious cargo. Her mouth sucked first one of Ben’s balls then the other. Slowly she circled her tongue over the one, then the other. Repeating the process. Giving respect to the tool that would eventually give her his most precious gift.

Ben was mad with desire. He wanted to grab the woman and take her right then and there, however, he was scared of her reaction.

Ben watched her. Carefully. Her actions were slow and calculated. She knew what the next stage of love making is. She knew what he needed.

“You’ve got an amazing tool, Ben. I want it, I need it, and I yearn for it.” She panted.

Another one of her small climaxes left her breathing hard. “Tell me what I can do for you.” Ben slowly whispered.

She smiled. Still on her knees, Rachel turned. “Fuck me.” She lustily begged.

Ben was lost, crazed and even if he wanted to he could not stop himself from acting on her wily charms. She charmed her way through his carefully erected defenses. He could not wait any longer. The scent was driving him insane. Stoking his fires even further.

He bent down, Ben almost growled as he grabbed her hair and positioned his cock at the same time. “Are you sure?!” a low rumble came out of his chest.

Rachel gasped as she felt him slowly and carefully bunch his fist through her red hair. Madison was next as she saw her wildest fantasy about to be reenacted right in front of her.

“Yes!” Low rumble came from Rachel.

Ben slowly pushed.

At first Rachel’s eyes went wide with amazement. Then her mouth hung agape. Her eyes rolled back. If someone would ask her, right now, what she felt, she would undoubtedly moan like a banshee. Which she did next.

“AAAAAAAAAAA.” She bellowed as she came over and over.

For Ben it was first time he felt something so primal. His one time was interrupted. Unfinished, left empty and forever thinking about what could have been. However, now he was slowly pushing through, his dick felt unusual. It was in wet heaven. Her insides felt like they were molding themselves to accommodate Ben’s mighty girth. All of this was so surreal. Like it was not happening to him, yet here he was slowly advancing his prick through a woman’s pussy. He felt her muscles grip his thing tightly. She looked up. He paused.

“Are you alright?” He whispered.

“Y-y-yesh.” Eventually she answered after few shivers passed through her body.

He shrugged. He pulled the arm that had her hair in a twist around his knuckles, lightly at first, then with more effort. His dick went another 5 inches inside. Eventually he felt a velvety obstruction on the head of his penis.

It was weird. He never felt anything like it, Ben tried to push though it somehow. His hips slowly undulated up and down, back and forth while his member bobbed up and down inside of Rachel. She gasped. She clenched her teeth, sucked in breath and balled her fists. It was painful. A dull pain that combined with the intense pleasure. It kept coming in waves. Wave after wave at first, she was afraid for a brief moment. A smile crept up her as she wondered what it would feel like to get completely taken by this massive man and his cock.

Ben waited. He felt her tense up and never really relax. He patiently waited.

Eventually Rachel herself undulated her hips to stimulate her own cervix. It felt amazing. Every time his penis would poke her cervix, Rachel would feel her very toes curl. The sensations ran through her whole body.

“Mooooooore.”She eventually pleaded.

Ben slowly pulled back his hips so the very tip of his member was still poking her vagina. She used her every muscle on the inside of her to grip him tightly, like a velvety hand that was not going to release the head of his penis. For Ben it was endearing. He felt loved. Ben smiled. Then slowly pushed forth until his penis lightly bumped that crested part of her body. She broke down. Panting and gasping for air, like she was a dog in heat.

“Aaaah! Aaaah!” She panted, mouth agape, not caring who or what could hear her lust crazed moans.

Ben pulled harder on her hair, while doing this she got up in semi kneeling position. Rachel’s back quickly bumped against him. His rough body provided further stimulation for her, making her cum over and over. His calloused hands would further stimulate her erect nipples. She felt his every bump and scar that he had, Ben for another thing felt little, working with his hands left them sore most of the time, and he just hoped he did not hurt this rose. With both of his hands Ben finally caressed her breasts. Most would maul them, but for Ben it was a caring cares, lightly pinching them. Enough for Rachel to gasp at the touch. He was aware of her every need. She could not believe what was happening. Everything Ben did made Rachel go further into oblivion.

Finally Ben was moving his hips. Rachel was gasping, “Fuck me you beautiful man. FUCK ME!” She hollered.

For Ben it was like she had flipped a switch.

He spun her around so quickly she did not even feel the profound emptiness he was leaving behind in her. Rachel was face to face with Ben. They finally kissed. Tongues wagging. Dueling. Not caring who was winning, they battled for supremacy, playfully tagging one another. Rachel was gasping for breath, and for Ben it was something else. Ben usually hated these sloppy, slobbery kisses, however, this time it was meant to be.

His hands circled around and grabbed the back of her head, pushing them further together. Rachel had one thing in mind. Melt together with the man. Her hands went around his neck as her legs went around his hips. She felt weightless.

They kissed, swapping spit until he managed to push his rigid member inside her one more time. He held her while she came once more. Coating his cock with copious amounts of her own juices.

Ben felt Rachel frothing at the mouth, down where they were joined, finally he started sawing in and out. Using his hips to poke and prod every bit of her velvety depths. Searching with the corner of his eye for a wall to get more purchase.

Finally he managed to bump into one and started to drill her deep.

“Mmmmmphhh.” She panted and gasped while still kissing Ben.

It was unbelievable. The very act of being taken by such a massive and strong man further enhanced her own arousal and every subsequent climax she experienced.

What a man! she thought.

He could easily overpower her, yet, Ben used every bit of his sanity to control his ascent into her pussy. Slow and methodical love making. It was wonderful. Finally unable to hold back she climaxed one last time, the last thing on her mind was Ben’s wonderful eyes looking at her lovingly.

Ben was confused. Rachel just fell in his arms. A dead weight. He looked for someone. Anyone. He heard something move behind him and finally remembered.

Bed moved with unconscious Rachel in his hands, cradling her like she was a princess from fairytales long ago, right as Madison stood up. Her long muscular legs were wet with her essence. She slowly walked to where Ben was holding her mother up, and Madison silently checked her sweaty mother. Then smiled.

“She will be fine after few hours of rest.” Madison said, a very noticeable purr in her words.

“What happened?” Ben asked.

“Fucked her brains out, big man. I’ve seen her with many men these past few days, but none could sate her desires. Or mine for that matter. Hell even seven on two, they ran like fucking cowards. Even my father when ... Uuuuuu.” Madison suddenly shook all over.

Ben was still softly cradling the unconscious Rachel, when suddenly and out of nowhere Madison started to convulse and shake. He saw the look in her eyes change drastically from a woman to a predator searching for her prey. With inhuman strength she ripped her mother from his hands and plopped her on the bed she occupied just few moments ago.

She jumped up and intertwined her legs with Ben’s body. She tried to wrestle him, overpower him but the very action of grabbing him by the back of his head led Ben to lock his muscles in support of her own weight. Rachel used every ounce of her now inhuman strength, but with little to no effect. What weighted her was a rock solid obstacle. She stared wide eyed.

Ben held her gently and relaxed. Slowly, ever so slowly he lowered the wide eyed Madison down on his still erect member.

“Ooooh. Good God that’s amazing.” She spoke while getting impaled by his turgid cock.

“Really, seven guys were inside you?” Ben asked gruffly.

Madison nodded. “But you are the best. Now shut the fuck up and fuck me.”

Ben had a small smile on his face. He watched her face as he pulled her up with his hands. Then very slowly, controlling her descent, let her fall back down his entire length.

Her body felt quite different from the voluptuous body of her mother. She was athletic. Slim. Her hips were smaller, while her ass was like the Gods themselves chiseled out a marble stone statue and let her borrow it. Every muscle rippled with her contractions. He held her while she shivered.

Ben marveled, “You are so beautiful.” He gazed into her eyes. Seeing her bright blonde hair drop down made his heart skip a beat.

Luscious curls were just so mesmerizing. Something was so erotic about her hair but he couldn’t pin it. She gave him a smile. Part arousal, part her own proud emotions bubbling up to the surface as he watched her hair. Her obsession was her hair. Always ridiculed for the bright color of her locks, she was now proudly pushing her chest up. Well, as far as Ben’s own chest would allow her.

“Thank you. That means a lot to me.” Her sultry voice made Ben’s balls spasm.

Rachel’s every action clouded Ben’s mind. His whole body was pleading him to just plow this vixen into tomorrow. However he was unsure, reluctant to take charge as this was a lighter framed woman.

“Yes, yes, yes.” She gasped.

He pushed with his hips. She gave a low moan then a yelp when Ben gyrated his pelvis bobbing his cock inside her. Poking her insides from different angles left her perspiring. Little rivulets of sweat were forming all over her body as he picked up his pace.

Eventually loud slapping could be heard as Ben smacked her with his hips. Amazed that this girl, woman, could handle his entire length.

For once Madison was quiet. Since her 18th birthday she was constantly having sex which only exponentially increased in recent days. Even more so when she discovered her mother was basically whoring out to droves of men to sate her own crazy sexual hunger.

What little sanity she had left, departed, when Ben started smashing his member into her pussy. Madison let go of his neck, being held just by his raw strength. Her own hips felt like jelly and she felt they were soon going to give out and she was left to her own devices. She did not care.

Waves of ecstasy rolled one after another while Ben poked his profound cock into her again and again. She was shivering and moaning, taking what little gasps of air she could into her lungs. Finally she felt him slow down. Thinking he was finished, she was almost about to smile, praising the big man’s efforts to prolonging the inevitable.

She gasped as he gently placed her beside her mother. He was now towering above her. Muscles were rippling as he was breathing. Rachel shook with a small bit of fear when he looked down, hungry, she was his prey and he was a mighty hunter. She felt fear. She felt arousal. Relentless lust flowed through her every pore. Unsure what was awaiting her, Madison shivered.

It was a whole another ball game letting such a strong man up above, have his way with her, while she had no chance of escape.

Again she was surprised when Ben searched her lips and kissed her passionately.

Even more surprised when he started gently sawing his hips up and down. She felt unusual. Madison was shivering. Delight flooded her nerves as this massive and strong man started to poke and probe around her cervix.

She loved when a bigger man would use his tool to make her submit to him, but when most other men attempted to own her that way she just laughed at how puny they felt.

However, this man was passionate, demanding and unrelenting. Most of all he was caring. She felt how much stronger he was when she touched his naked body. She knew. As if he felt her every need, without waiting for her verbal command he bit Madison where she just needed. A nibble here, a bite there. His cock would probe, poke and penetrate her very being eliciting vast assortments of noises from the troubled female.

Ben came closer and took her lips, gyrating his hips finding that little special spot, he ground his hips and that was enough to send her over board, yet again.

She was gasping for air, “What are you doing to me?” She asked bewildered.

He smiled. He wanted to go again. Ben was still hard, still erect, however for some reason he did not feel forced. Ben patiently waited. His turgid member was still embedded deep, deep inside Madison waiting for her eventual sign to continue.

Madison just breathed hard. Heavy. She sweated bullets. Just few more seconds and she can continue. “Let me...” before she could continue Ben was already pounding away.

Her wails rivaled that of a banshee. Her hair started to get matted. Slowly but surely her head slowly started to look like a minor downpour had assaulted her. Madison’s entire head looked nothing like a decent girl from few doors away. Ben smiled.

“Jhessus. Wha-?” She asked between lunges.

Ben was not done, he turned her around. Now her back was towards him, his cock slowly fond the right way as he started the rhythmic sawing in and out. It was odd seeing the meat pole disappear from this angle.

Madison was in heaven. Finally there was a man who could sate her growing desires.

She screamed into her bed, her screams muffled by the mattress, “Fuuuck meee!” As he pounded her into the bed.

Finally there was light. As they say. Ben started climaxing and coating her insides with his white treasure. The last thing she remembered was his teeth on her shoulder. After that she passed out.

Ben was confused. He never took initiative like that. It felt wrong somehow, primal, however, it felt so much better after the release. The climax washed away any doubts about whether it was good or bad. It felt right. What he felt was incredible peace. He moved and sat on his heels while his cock still was pushing, it seemed, a gallon of cum.

“Jessus.” He heard from his side. “You fucked her good.”

Rachel was lying on her back, her eyes were closed, “Speaking of which, I think you fucked me good as well, good job. If I can say so.” She had huge smile on her face.

“Weird. I do not feel like I have fucked either of you, as you say, well.” Ben said while watching Rachel’s voluptuous body.

“Trust me big man, you did amazing, outstanding even.” Rachel said.

There was a profound silence between the two. After Ben checked Madison’s sleeping form and tilting her head a little so she could breathe normally, he sat up and quietly contemplated about what he just did, to his friend.

Rachel saw his face becoming serious, “What’s wrong?”

“I always thought I would be alone. However, most of all I thought I would never be the one who cheats. Yet here I am. Can’t believe how easy it was?” Ben looked at Madison’s sleeping body.

“You did not cheat anyone, nor did we. Hell my husband was the one looking for people that we could fuck. He could not sate our desires.” She said. Quietly thinking for herself she continued, “No one could, now that I think of it.”

“That supposed to make me feel better?” Ben’s grimace pulled something at her heart, something she was unaware existed after what she had done.

“Kind of.” She said quietly.

He watched her intently for a sign, any sign that she was not telling the truth. “I thought you were in trouble.”

“Who?” Rachel gasped, she started tracing her fingers over her breasts.

Ben watched her intently, carefully observing her every movement, getting slowly but surely aroused. “You and Madison.”

“Why would we in trouble?” She asked softly.

“Well Tom’s behavior for starters. Then I came here and had to break in to see if you were alright.” Ben said.

“Tom is just being a prude. He could not take it so he ran away, even after he said he was enjoying everything. Little by little he got afraid, and could not handle me or my daughter so he ran. The clutter out there was his attempt to prevent us from going for him.” She said almost laughing.

Again there was that potent, musky scent that drove him insane. His member just started growing more and more. He slowly, with his one hand, started to rub up and down his member while still straddling Madison’s legs. His piercing gaze was, however, watching Rachel’s naked body.

What now? he thought.

“Did I do that?” Rachel asked. Pouting innocently, she almost caused Ben to have a premature firing all over Madison’s back.

“Kind of.” He whispered. Looking her dead in the eyes, he was slowly rubbing up, then down.

“Come here.” She said. Her eyes were almost pleading.

Rachel was afraid of his refusal. Who in their right mind would fuck her now? And right after fucking Madison. She was her daughter but even Rachel knew that she was slowly getting old and no man could improve her retreating confidence. She felt alone. For the first time in her life she thought a man might want her, not for her wealth, but for her mind and body. Rachel thought she had found the right man in Tom. A perfect gentleman. To the outside world he was just that. Mister perfect. But to her he was insufferably abusive. Words hurt. And his were like a dagger.

She truly felt alone when Tom brought those men. Rachel felt betrayed, but afterwards she felt like she needed it constantly. She drank something. They both did. And they changed.

Men slowly started to ignore her. Ignore her needs. One even commented on her looks. Ugly, hurtful comments.

Rachel felt a sickening feeling of déja vu. She closed her eyes, hoping Ben’s words would not sting. However, Ben moved and slowly positioned his cock right near her entrance. Then slowly started to push towards her womb.

“YEEEES.” She screamed. The joy she felt was amplified tenfold by the nurturing gaze Ben was giving her. She did not believe, could not believe this was happening to her of all people. She felt complete.

“Ben.” She softly whispered. Taking his face in her hands she looked intently, searching for something even she was not aware of, “I need to ask you something, Beeeen.” She wailed after he bottomed out and started to slowly fuck her.

“Listen to me, this is important. Do you really like doing this with me?” She said it. Finally. Rachel was nervously waiting for his answer.

Ben looked at this voluptuous woman, gazing into her eyes being attracted more and more. “Of course I love ... it.” He almost said ‘you’, however in the last second he managed to correct himself, “But is this really the time, I am inside you after all.”

There it was, the smell just overpowered him and he lost all reason. He started to fuck faster and faster. Rachel stared wide mouthed and wide eyed. Her mouth hanging open in voiceless scream as she came time and again.

“Do you smell that?” Ben managed to ask.

“Mmmm. What?” She asked. She moaned.

“I do not know, a rather pleasant scent. So delicious. So intoxicating.” He said slamming his hips.

Rachel was lost as his proud poker sent waves of pleasure crashing through her body, her wild gaze was lost, she did try to focus, but couldn’t, resolved to just give up and start enjoying. Panting and pleading like a wild animal for his precious meat, she wailed over and over.

“God damn. You will wake the dead.” Madison smiled. She watched her mother getting impaled time after time by the same man that brought her incredible joy just moments ago.

Madison almost came herself when she saw how violently Ben was fucking her mother. Rachel seemed she did not mind, but rather pleaded for more and more.

Soon Madison came and after that Rachel came herself.

She watched her mother shake and quiver all over and was amazed that her mother was lovingly caressing Ben’s body coaxing him to cum with her, however, she was even more amazed with what Ben did next.

Slowly he picked her mother up and set her on his knees, slowly stroking her back like she was his precious treasure. The very gesture seemed like she was a doll to him. Madison was amazed by his raw strength.

Then her mother started to cry, “No one. No man did the things you do to me.”

She clung to him as tears slowly fell, Ben was mortified, unsure what to do, he watched what would Madison do or say, but she just smiled, “Don’t look at me big man, that’s all you.” She had a pleasant expression like she was glad her mother was finally saying these things.

“Just do what you want.” She advised.

So he did.

Holding Rachel, naked, dripping with sweat and tears he waited. Patiently waited. She was shaking like a leaf, Ben just sat there and held her dearly. Time passed slowly, but for Ben it was something he used to reflect on what happened in the past hour. Was he a bad guy?

He almost chuckled when he thought about it. He carefully checked on Rachel who was unaware still silently crying on his shoulder. He did not blame them, but himself. He should have known better, he was better than this.

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