3 David & Tonya - Mo & Stephanie

by tisoz

Copyright© 2019 by tisoz

Fiction Sex Story: The black boys swap their recent white girl conquests. This story deals with racist themes of black men superiority. If this isn't your cup of coffee, don't pour yourself a cup, because the females in this fiction like their men like their coffee - black and hot.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Vignettes   Sharing   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   Anal Sex   Analingus   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex   .

I left Stephanie there playing with her stretched pussy, leaking cum. She continued babbling thoughts of risky behavior to push the envelope. I went to the bathroom and urinated. Mo came in when I was shaking off the last of it.

“We heard you,” he said, chuckling. “Thought you killed the bitch for a little while, Dave.”

Yeah,” I said, “we heard you, too. Only earlier.”

“My bitch sucks a mean dick,” Mo said.

“I just told my slut black men have cocks. White boys have dicks.”

“Whatever,” Mo said. “Reminds me, I told mine my name was Tyrone.”

“I told mine, I was Jamal,” I said. We laughed.

“You really think you knocked her up?” Mo asked.

“I hope so, but no,” I said. “We were recording it and I think she was hamming it up for the recording. So your’s is a good cock sucker?”

“Hell yes. Took me all the way to the short and curlies, never even started to gag,” Mo said. “Wouldn’t let me get near to tapping that ass though.”

“Want to swap?” I asked. “I could use a quality blow job. It’s been forever since I had one.”

“You going to go ass to mouth on her? I doubt she’d go for tasting some other bitches ass if she won’t give up her own.”

“I never tried mine’s ass,” I said, “but she’s a kinky little slut. I kept thinking Psycho Bitch.”

“You think they’d be up for swapping? Sounds like your’s is. I guess if mine’s not you could join me to double team your blonde. Did her drapes match the carpet?”

“Probably not,” I said. “She’s shaved smooth, but who knows?”

“Even better,” Mo said. “I like bald beavers. Mine’s carpet is darker than the drapes, but still might be a natural blonde, just lighter up top. If you want to try swapping, how you want to do it?”

“Just go back like you belong there and start playing with her however you want to play with her. Neither of them ever met us before. They were just looking to experiment and sample some black cock. We’d be doing them a favor by doubling their experience. Give them something more to talk and brag about.”

“Ok,” Mo said. “I’ll give it a shot.”

I went down the hall to Mo’s bedroom and walked right in.

“Hi,” I said, walking over to the bed where she rested. “M ... Tyrone says you give great head.” I held my cock out, offering it to her. She looked shocked by the suggestion, so I crawled onto the bed, kneeling with my cock almost touching her face. “My names Jamal”, I said reaching down and stroking my knuckles across her nearest nipple. She adjusted her position a little to raise herself, maybe to slide out from underneath my hand, maybe just to see if she could use the bedding to cover her nudity. I flexed my abs and my semi-hard cock bobbed up and brushed her lips. It took her by surprise and I could tell she was getting more spooked than thinking about going for it. I flexed my abs again and when my cock bobbed toward her. I said, “It looks like little Jamal likes you, too.”

It made her grin and she introduced herself as Tonya. “Little Jamal is hardly little,” Tonya said, wetting her lips, hopefully in anticipation.

I flexed again and bobbed my cock in her face. I asked, “Does little Tonya want to play some more with the big, black cock?”

“How big does this thing get,” Tonya asked, finally deciding to touch my cock by putting her index finger under the head and supporting the cock just inches from her lips. Her mouth watered. “I thought you were killing Stephie there for a while.”

“You could suck on it and find out how big you can make it,” I said, “but aren’t you at all curious to see how it feels to get fucked like Stephie? Just think when you tell the pussies who chickened out and didn’t come.” I deliberately chose to call them pussies, getting her thinking about female genitals and cowards. How she and Stephanie had been brave enough to go through with it, and it was even wilder than they imagined. “Do you think they are imagining little Tonya,” I let my hand trace from her nipple I’d been fondling down to her neatly trimmed bush and the wet, recently fucked pussy beyond it, “got to fuck two big, black cocks the same night. Stephanie couldn’t hardly get her mouth around me. Wouldn’t you be proud to tell your friends you were made to suck black cock? I mean that as the sincerest form of flattery. You can tell them it’s true black guys are bigger. Take a picture to prove it if you want.” I was getting turned on and was pretty much fully hard. My words were having an effect on Tonya, too. She had let her legs part, maybe without even realizing it. As I stroked her pussy, her hips were slightly moving in time with my strokes.

Without comment, Tonya’s tongue flicked out and lapped up the pre-cum from my tip. She tasted it then moved forward to engulf the head. I pressed a finger inside her about as deep in her pussy as my shaft was in her mouth. I leaned down, shifting close to a 69 position. I got where I could see and her cunt was oozing Mo’s load. I would not be returning the favor. I decided to test her ass and see If I could get her hot enough by playing with it to let me tap it. I moved closer to the 69 position but detoured around her pussy. I still let my fingers play there, but my tongue was on her taint and nearing her anus. Yes, I would rather rim her ass hole with my tongue than lick a man’s load out of her otherwise perfectly fine pussy. That’s what white bois were for, cleaning loads of cum out of recently fucked pussy.

When my tongue hit her rosebud, she jerked.

“What the hell are you doing?” Tonya asked.

“I’m rimming you,” I said, “you know licking around your anus. There are supposed to be way more nerve endings there than compared to pussy. I hear some women find it pleasurable.”

“It tickles and it surprised me,” Tonya said.

“Do you want me to stop?” I asked. “It might be a long time or never before anyone tries it again.”

Tonya considered it, bobbed up and down on my shaft as it hung before her and said, “Ok. But it tickles and I’m not going to let you fuck my ass if that’s what you’re after.”

“I’ve heard talk like that before,” I thought. “Before they are so wound up, hot and horny they’d do almost anything.”

I kept giving her rosebud a lot of attention. In this position, she would never get me off, although she was doing an admirable job throating my thick shaft. Before long her rosebud opened to my probing tongue and I imagined it sucking my tongue into the dark hole. I had one hand playing with her wet cunt, fingers moving in and out then stoking her lips, then rubbing her clit. So it seemed natural to have my other hand help stimulate her ass. When her rectum opened to my tongue, I substituted a finger and eased it inside her.

I heard Tonya go “mmmm” and it wasn’t from my cock finding her clitoris in her throat or my actual stroking her clitoris. I was dipping my finger in her pussy similarly to how I was moving the one in her ass.

Tonya called a halt to it. “Look,” she said, “I admit it was feeling pretty good back there, but you need to stop because I’m not ready to get fucked in the ass. Certainly not by this thick cock,” Tonya’s hand wagged my cock to point out the one she meant. “So why don’t you just give up and come out from down there?”

I decided to let her have her way. If she liked black cock enough to return, the idea was planted and stewing. Rimming her had turned her heat up on her back door and she knew we’d be expecting more if she returned. She would be talking herself into it before too long and if she knew she was going to do it, she would prepare herself for it and enjoy it that much more. So would I. I’d already experienced more of the pungent flavor than I wanted. Making a white bitch clean my cock with her mouth after being in her ass was different. I was a man, they were bitches.

I looked past Tonya sucking my cock and saw Mo’s mirror fastened to the back of his door similarly to mine. I moved us around so we were facing the mirror. Tonya’s head was near my stomach as she fellated me. She had one hand at the base of my cock, partly covering my dangling nut sack, but mainly steadying my cock. In this position as she looked down the length of my shaft, she could watch my black cock go in and out of her mouth directly or the wider view reflected in the mirror. Her upper lip was no longer full and lush. It was stretched thin and taut as it encircled my cock. My shaft looked even longer than it actually was because the part of my shaft running into my body, dividing my testicles, looked usable in this position. I stroked Tonya’s breast she wasn’t pressing into me and used my other hand to hold her hair back.

I asked, “Do you realize how great you look with my black cock in your mouth?”

“It does look pretty sexy,” Tonya said.”

“We should get a picture or two so you can have some fond memories. Or just to show off to your friends. Or let it accidentally be seen to piss off your folks. Maybe even to show your grandkids you were a bit wild in your younger days.”

Tonya got her cell phone out and handed it to me to take the pictures.

“Move a little so your breasts can be seen and let them hang down as much as possible so they look as big as possible.” Tonya adjusted her body, checking the mirror to get it right. “Let’s get one where your mouth is wide open and the tip is laying on your tongue so we can see the total length and just how thick it is.” I pressed on the side of her breast to give her more cleavage and make the nipple visible from behind where her arm obscured it. It also made her breasts look bigger.

“Now, take it all down, darling,” I said. “Make it disappear.” I watched as her face seemed to sink. I took pictures as she worked on getting my cock past her lips and then past her tonsils. “Good girl,” I said, encouraging her effort. “Look at the camera in the mirror. Let’s see those eyes. Let people know you like admiring your skills. Good girl. Look right in the camera and show them you’re a proud black cock slut, baby. Good girl. You’ve almost got it all, baby, just a tiny bit more.” Tonya extended her lips, capturing the last elusive bit of throbbing black flesh, then moved her head from side to side, pivoting around the shaft lodged in her mouth, substituting this motion for the usual bobbing motion to create more sensations for me. The girl was a generous and giving cocksucker. I held the camera off to the side of her face and took shots, not knowing how well I was getting them framed. Tonya looked sideways into the camera with her eyes. Her mouth would have formed a U shape on an average sized dick, but on my thick python, her jaw was so wide open her lips were stretched almost in a straight line. If you considered a straight line a 180 degree angle, her lips were probably forming a 160 degree angle. I thought I saw her tongue reach past her lower lip, reminding viewers she was getting a good taste and also how she was using it to excite the black cock flesh.

She slid her hand from where she had held the base of my shaft until it was swallowed and cradled my balls, hefting them in her splayed fingers. Tonya raised them a bit and nuzzled them with her nose. I got ready to take another snapshot of the action in the mirror. I said, “Ok, show them ‘look, mom, no hands.’” Tonya’s hand came away. “Good girl.” She held her hand out beside her face, not knowing what to do with it and not consciously deciding where to put it. It wasn’t long until I saw her freed hand go between her legs and start frigging her pussy. I wondered briefly if she thought it was a good thing to do with it, or if her pussy was excited and drew her hand there on its own.

There was no way I was going to get enough stimulation to cum in this position. If she was between my legs or positioned where she could better stimulate the underside of my cock, I could have. But not in the current position. She might be working her tongue as best she could, but there weren’t any nerve endings on that side. I lifted her off my cock and guided her body over it in a reverse cowgirl position where she could admire herself in the mirror. “Time to play hide the salami,” I said as she settled over my cock and soon had it buried in her cunt. I reached up with both hands to cup her breasts with splayed fingers, letting her milky flesh be seen between my ebony fingers. I had Tonya lift off my cock for a moment and she held my cock to her lower abdomen as she spread her legs and sat her ass down on my stomach. I took a picture then marked the spot on her abdomen just above the tip of my cock with my fingertip.

“Okay baby, make it disappear.” Tonya guided my shaft back inside her and watched it disappear as her pussy enveloped it. I pressed my fingertips into her white belly flesh.

Oh my,” Tonya said, “your cock is that deep in my belly.”

“You know it is, baby,” I said. “Pull up and leave just the tip inside.” Tonya did and I snapped a picture of my glistening shaft poised to impale her. It was wet with her juices and a previous load of black man’s seed. “Now show them how deep a black cock can go in a pretty white pussy.” Tonya slid her pussy down the shaft, impaling herself with hot, black flesh. I snapped a picture of her clitoral hood snuggling my balls. No shaft could be seen.

I reach down and rubbed little circles above her twat, putting pressure on her clit. Tonya was grinding her pussy down on me, keeping my thickness fully buried in her cunt. I got her to lean back a little and spread the fingers of my other hand to rub along both sides of her pussy lips where they were stretched taut around my cock.

It was enough to send Tonya over the edge and she shouted as her orgasm swept through her. I didn’t try to make sense of her incoherent babbling. I did start trying to jam my already fully seated cock further into her insides.

Tonya finally started making sense with her babbling and said, “I want to feel you come inside me.”

“No shit, bitch,” I thought, “like there was some chance I wasn’t going to nut or that I would pull out?” I told her a world class cock sucker like her deserved to have me deposit my load there and she slid off me and dropped down between my legs. Tonya immediately engulfed me and enthusiastically bobbed on my cock. I showed her the spot at the base of my cock I loved getting stimulated and she let my cock loose from her lips and started tonguing the area. “No, baby,” I said, “tongue it with the rest of my shaft down your throat.” Tonya seemed to consider it. “I know you can do it if anyone can. You have a gift, baby. Your mouth was made to suck big, black cock.”

Tonya took me back in her mouth and I told her to look me in the eye as she worked on my tool. This girl was so good the slight distraction hardly affected her technique. Watching her more than made up for any shortcoming.

Tonya picked up her pace as my breathing got a bit faster. She held onto my hips as I started bucking up into her. I grabbed a handful of hair and twisted it tightly into my fist to make sure she wasn’t going anywhere. I was almost there when Tonya sank all the way down my shaft and tongued the spot I had shown her. It sent me over the edge. I couldn’t have held back even if I wanted. I erupted.

I had to admire the girl. Tonya kept me firmly lodged all the way down her throat, hitting the spot I’d told her to lick, gagging from time to time as my load flowed from my balls up my shaft and down her throat. One time as she gagged, cum shot out her nose, landing on her upper lip. If anything, she was putting more pressure than ever on the spot. I settled down as the sensitivity of my cock subsided. Tonya disengaged from my shaft and kissed the tip of my cock then wiped around her mouth to retrieve the cum she had snorted out.

“I could feel your cum pumping through that spot you showed me,” Tonya said. “That was so hot. I’m going to have to do that from now on.”

“And your cock sucking will just be better and better.”

We laid there as post orgasmic bliss melted away and I started worrying she would want to talk or cuddle. “Let’s go see what our friends are up to.” I helped her up off the bed and put my arm around her as I guided her to my bedroom.

Meanwhile ... back when Mo decided to try Stephanie...

Mo opened the door to his roommate’s bedroom and saw Stephanie laying with her thighs comfortably parted, dreamily stroking her well fucked pussy. She stopped playing around with a gob of cream pie cum and brought her legs together in a more ladylike fashion, or maybe just to make room beside her for another person on the bed. Mo took two steps and touched her nearest leg just inside her knee with his fingertips and her legs automatically parted. Stephanie still hadn’t opened her eyes or looked up to notice it wasn’t her previous lover. Her conditioning had her close her legs at the sound of someone entering the room, and the light touch inside her knee had caused her to almost instinctively spread her legs to allow a male to mount her. Mo climbed onto the bed between her legs, not believing how simply this was going. David was right, these sluts wanted blacked and the boys were just lucky to be in the right place at the right time.

Wedging the tip of his cock between her still splayed cunt lips, Mo leaned down onto Stephanie and slid into her warm wetness, smoothly seating his dick in her sopping cunt. “Hi,” Mo said, “I’m Tyrone. Want to fuck?”

Stephanie opened her eyes as her body jerked in surprise to the unfamiliar voice and obviously new penis seated against her cervix. She was so wet and stretched from her recent fucking, he had fully penetrated her on his first stroke. He wasn’t moving in and out of her, wasn’t fucking her, but she had the idea go through her mind she was pinned to the bed by his shaft fully penetrating her like an insect on a cork display board.

Stephanie laughed and said, “It’s a little too late to be asking.” She liked the feel of his cock in her. It felt hot inside her and she imagined feeling it pulsing inside her as it otherwise remained motionless. It had felt good penetrating her, sending sparks along her nerve endings. She craved to feel it move some more.

Mo started to get up, causing his penis to pull out. “I’m sorry. I thought you were into it -.”

Stephanie quickly locked her legs around his slim waist, hooking an ankle over her other so her ass came off the bed as he tried to rise. But she kept the black shaft buried within her.

“I never said I didn’t want to fuck you,” Stephanie said. “You just surprised me. I was expecting Jamal to return. It just sounded kind of absurd when you asked, seeing how you were already all the way inside me. And it does feel good,” she put some emphasis on good, “inside my poor little white pussy.” She went into the dirty talk trying to encourage him to give her a great time. “It’s only had little white boy dicklettes before tonight. From little white boys who didn’t know how to properly please a pussy. The last big black cock showed my pink pussy what it was missing all this time. It is hungry for more.” Stephanie was fucking the cock trapped inside her, tightening and loosening her legs’ grip, causing her to lift her hips and cunt up and down, letting the shaft embedded in her slide in and out. She had her arms around him now, too, hugging him to her. When she quit explaining and pleading, she used her mouth to kiss him, to show him she wanted, show him she needed his dick. She’d discovered what a good fucking was and wanted more. There was an opportunity for one at hand, or at crotch, and she didn’t plan to let it go without a fight. It dawned on her she’d probably drop whatever she was doing from now on if these black men wanted to use her pussy.

She started wondering was she addicted to black cock? She was obviously a slut for black cock. She had no intention of going back to vanilla cock and plain vanilla sex. Stephanie started thinking about the tattoos Jamal had teased her about getting. She wanted to earn the title “Queen of Spades” and get it tattooed. She was looking forward to it. Her body quivered at the thought of several black cocks penetrating her at once.

Mo teased her about pulling out when she locked her legs around him. When he felt her pulling herself onto him and fucking him, he maintained his position, liking the way this white honky slut was yearning for black dick. He avoided letting her kiss his lips when she stopped talking. He’d play hard to get, but he knew he was only playing. He wanted this cute blonde. Wanted to brand the memory of his black poker deep in her womb. Then deep in her bowels. Mo was pretty sure this white cunt was so far gone for black man meat, she would do anything to get more inside her. He was just sorry he didn’t have any brothers nearby to share this piece of white meat.

His back was cramping from the unnatural position he was holding and having her hanging from him wasn’t helping. Besides, he felt her thigh muscles flagging and she was slipping and resetting herself more often. He quit teasing and eased her down onto the mattress. Stephanie planted her feet on the bed and fucked with newfound vigor. Mo was amazed at her enthusiasm. He knew she would be welcomed back for at least a few more rounds and wondered how deep in the interracial lifestyle she would fall. More black men needed to fuck this good looking little piece of appreciative fuck meat. He’d invite his friends to use her. He decided to start conditioning her.

“If you want lots more black cock, you need to give up all your body. Black cock wants the ass, it’s even got a nickname, “the other white meat”. I,” Mo emphasized “I”, “want your ass.” He let her process the idea as he stroked into her a few times. He was surprised she responded the way she did before he had to coerce or threaten to stop fucking her pussy.

“Ok,” Stephanie said. “Can I suck your cock a little first? I never got to look at it and appreciate it.” She giggled. “Well, I’m appreciating it a LOT right now, but you know what I mean. I want to get my hands on it and hold it and show my appreciation for it with my kisses. Then I definitely want to take it in my ass. I want to be able to take more than one or two black cocks at once. I just hope it isn’t too hard to round up a few at a time.” “Holy fuck,” Mo thought, “God truly loves us black guys and sent us a gift.” Mo pulled out of her and presented his glistening cock for her inspection.

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