Friendship Deepens

by Vfalcon29

Copyright© 2019 by Vfalcon29

Fiction Sex Story: Friends indulge in activities they'd only imagined before.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Ma/Ma   Consensual   BiSexual   Fiction   Sharing   Wife Watching   Group Sex   Swinging   Anal Sex   Analingus   Cream Pie   Double Penetration   Exhibitionism   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Safe Sex   Nudism   .

“Hell, why don’t we just get rid of our suits completely?” Karen had surfaced sputtering and only then noticed her strapless bikini top had slipped down again. “I’ve been tugging at this damn thing all day.” Karen, her husband Tom, my wife Cassie and I (I’m Nick) had driven up to a small lake that was on Tom and Karen’s out of town property to swim and have a cookout.

We’d been friends for several years, frequently taking trips together and the other kinds of things married friends do. The sight of Karen’s tits was nice, but it wasn’t the first time I’d seen them. Nor would it be the first time any of us had seen glimpses of each other changing and such. In other words, while the four of us had never actually been naked together, it was no big deal.

“We should,” Tom chimed in. “It will be good practice for our next trip.” We had made a game of our vacations. Each couple took turns planning the trips, which happened about twice a year. At Tom’s words, both Cassie and I looked at him. Then we looked at each other and Cassie’s face broke into a smile. Meantime, I noticed Karen had untied her top and tossed it to the grassy bank.

Tom refused to divulge more about the trip. But we spent a great afternoon. Cassie was next to drop her top. Then Karen tossed her bottoms toward where her bra top had landed. Cassie whooped and turned to me. “Gonna be next, Nicky? You’re always the one who wants to go naked.”

I’ve never been one to turn down a challenge, but I’m not one of those, ‘hold my beer’ guys, either. Still, thinking about the next trip – if I was right – I scrubbed my trunks down my legs and tossed them toward Cassie’s top.

Another few minutes and we were four naked people enjoying the sun and warm water all over our bodies. The rest of the afternoon was full of loving and play. We climbed out of the water and lazed around, getting used to being naked with each other, before building a fire and frying steaks and potatoes for our dinner. We dressed and left for home.

Later, in the car, Cassie asked me, “What do you really think? Is this a good idea?”

Before answering, I turned over what she was asking. There had been definite sexual tension among the four of us that afternoon at the swimming hole. All that passed through my mind in a flash. “What? Stripping down in company?”

“Oh, Karen was waving her tits around at you, I figured Tom had the same privilege to see mine.” We laughed at that. Then Cassie said in a lower voice, “Did you feel it, Nick? When we were all naked? It was like, I don’t know. There was an energy flitting around through the air.”

I looked at her. Her face was flushed, and her eyes were trained on the windshield, but I knew she was deep into some vision, no doubt sexually powered. I wondered if she was wondering about the possibilities. I know I was.

“Just say it, Cass. What we felt – and I’m sure we all felt it – was sexual energy. Nothing happened that wouldn’t happen if we’d been in our suits. But, naked the way we all were, had they started something between them, I wouldn’t have minded watching. You know you felt the same. I saw it in your eyes.”

“And, I think if that had happened, you and I would have done the same,” she said. We both stayed pretty quiet the rest of the way home.

The next time we got together was at our house. It was two weeks later. Cassie opened the discussion. “So don’t leave us hanging about our next trip, Tom,” she said. “Out with it.” Tom gave Karen a look and she told us.

“Oh, for Christ’s sake! We found a clothing optional resort. It’s down along the coast and should be nice and warm in June. The only question is, how we want to do it.”

I was buzzing with all the things this meant that I had no words. Cassie was kind of in shock. Finally, Tom broke the spell. “We could rent one of those giant RV’s and all stay in it together, or...” He went on to say there were cabins for two and ‘family cabins’ where we could share. Or, he said, we could rough it and use tents. We had tents from a different vacation, along with all the gear for it.

Cassie seemed to be okay with the ‘optional’ part. “As long as I don’t have to walk around butt naked with a bunch of strangers all day and night, I guess...” She just shrugged.

The rates were kind of steep, but we decided to share a cabin. The idea of an RV was discarded out of hand. A ‘family cabin’, with two bedrooms and everything else shared was cheaper than two singles, and none of us wanted to sleep on the ground.

Later, Cass was quiet as we cleaned up. “What’s wrong, babe?”

“I’m just thinking about the trip. I don’t know if I like the idea.”

“What? Sharing a cabin somewhere we don’t have to wear clothes might prove to be more than we want to get into? Or else ... are you afraid Tom or I will do something?”

“Oh. No ... I don’t know what’s bothering me, honey. It’s a new idea, is all. I have to think about it and get used to it. I want to look up the place, too; see what it’s like.”

“They won’t be likely to show people there. Most don’t, at least those I’ve looked up. Or else anybody you see will be too far away to see anything.”

“I don’t mean that. I just want to see what they have to say about themselves. I want to see what their policy is toward sex. I don’t want to be seeing people fucking all over the place.”

“Most places don’t permit overt sexuality. They say they’ll kick you out if it’s anything but a stray erection that they expect to be covered up until it goes away.”

Cassie giggled. “That’s funny: ‘stray erection’. ‘Just passin’ by, ma’am,’ he’d say, tipping his little rolled up condom hat. ‘I’m a stray, lookin’ for a home,’ And he would go away.” I laughed with her. It was a funny image.

“That’s the way they refer to it,” I gasped. “I didn’t make that up.”

Two weeks later, Tom and Karen asked us to spend a long weekend at their house. We sat and had a drink beforehand. After a little while, Karen told Cassie she wanted to show her something and they went down the hall to their bedroom. I wondered about that. When we’re out somewhere, they always go together to the rest room, but not usually at home.

Tom and I got everybody fresh drinks and talked about things. I realized the girls had been gone quite a while. Just then I heard them in the hallway. Karen walked in ahead of Cassie. We nearly dropped our beers, because she was naked!

Cassie came timidly from behind Karen, wearing a pair of panties and nothing more. Karen said, “I wanted to get used to hanging out with you guys in the nude, not just skinny-dipping. I managed to talk Cass into going this far.”

“Well, we’ve all seen each other naked already. I didn’t see anything wrong with starting our vacation early,” she said. Tom and I glanced at each other, both of us smiling. We couldn’t wait to join in!

“I thought those things were supposed to be covered up,” Cassie said, grinning. She was indicating the two erect dicks staring her way.

“That’s only at some club or campground. When it’s just our party, or those who we ask to join us, we can do whatever we want. Does anybody here object?”

The wives looked at each other. Then they both said they weren’t offended. “Let ‘em wave, boys,” Karen said, gulping at her drink. Cassie clinked her glass to Karen’s and held it toward us in a salute of agreement. Cassie stripped off her panties, too.

So we hung out together the way we’ve always done, except this time we were naked. The boners dropped to no more than half mast. That was unless they were deliberately stimulated. Like when we were shooting some pool and it was Karen’s turn. With her shapely ass filling my view, she reached for the shot, but found it wasn’t enough. Leaning forward, she raised one leg and rested the thigh on the rail.

That changed my view to one of her cunt, shiny, open, and dripping. She took a while to line her cue up. In the first moment, my dick woke up. It rose up, demanding to be fed. Karen stroked her cue and made the shot. She finally dropped the leg and turned to me. She eyed my erection and winked at me.

After pool, we went toward the hot tub. But Tom stopped us. The afternoon was getting later, so Tom and Karen told us to go ahead while they started to prep dinner.

That day, there was no doubt where Cassie and I both would be when dinner was ready. We headed to their guest bedroom instead of the hot tub. Karen grinned at me when we passed her.

“Jesus!” Cassie said as she collapsed on the bed. “I don’t know Nick. I’m not sure I can take a week of looking at us all naked. I have to tell you that seeing Tom’s dick standing up hard made me horny. Even watching you watch Karen lining up that shot – you know the one – got to me. And I’ve never thought about sex with another woman.”

I tried to picture my wife with her face stuffed into Karen’s crotch. It was easy. Then I thought about Tom’s dick. Could I? Would he? “I understand, honey. Did you know she did that to show her pussy off to me? She winked at me afterward, and eyed my stiff dick.”

“That bitch! She’s trying to seduce you. I looked at Tom, too, but I didn’t make a big deal of it.” By then I was beside her and stroking her breast and belly. When I reached lower, I found her pussy was drenched.

“Maybe not, but it – or something – made you juicy. And it’s too much to have happened just from being here with me.”

“Okay, yeah, it made me horny. Are they both trying to seduce us? Are they already swingers or do you think this trip is supposed to experiment with it?”

“I don’t know. But don’t jump to conclusions, Cass. What if they are trying to get us into bed with them? Would you go along with it? Could you stand to watch me screw Karen while Tom screwed you too?”

“Nick! I can’t imagine it. Can you?”

“I can. But the thing that really gets to me is the thought of you with Karen, making out ... making love.”

“What about you and Tom? You said you’d never been with a guy. Could you make out with him, or suck him off?” I pondered her question.

“I admit, I’ve tried to picture two guys together. At first I wondered how they could do it. But with all the talk, and especially since same sex marriage has been legalized, I understand how two guys or two girls can love each other enough to express it physically. I’ve wondered what it must be like.”

“So, you’re saying you’d do it if Tom came on to you?”

“No. I didn’t say that. I just wonder what it’s like to have a dick in my mouth. I’m not gay, Cass.” She had my cock in her hand, stroking. “I just said I wonder how it feels.”

“I can see why you might do it with Tom. He’s pretty hunky. I told you that before. What would you do, though, if he suggested it?”

I shook my head. But I wasn’t saying no to the idea. “I honestly don’t know. He’s my best friend, just like Karen’s yours. I couldn’t react in horror. We’re too close for that. I guess I kind of love him, I’d do a lot of things for him, but I don’t know if I’d take his big hard dick in my mouth. What would you do if Karen held your tit? What if she leaned down to suck it?”

Cassie kind of shivered. Then she looked at me with a strange expression. Finally she said, “They’re both our best friends. I do love her. Back when we were skinny dipping, I watched her nipples get hard. Mine were hard too though. And you know how much I love to have my tits sucked. Like you, I can’t see me running away if she did.”

We never got to fucking – the reason we’d gone to the bedroom in the first place. About then, There was a knock on the door. “What?” I asked. The door opened a crack and Karen’s voice came from the hallway.

“Is it safe to come in?” M cock was hard as a rock. I told her she could come in. Her eyes went to my dick first, then to Cassie’s crotch. “Um, I just wanted to see if you guys still want to go in the tub. Dinner is cooking, but it will be a while.”

“Sure,” Cassie said. “We’ll be right out.” Karen disappeared. “Let’s go,” Cassie said, rising off the bed.

“Uh, what about this?” I asked, gesturing toward my hard on. She grinned.

“She’s seen it before, Nicky. Come on.” When I stood up, she gripped my dick and led me out. She didn’t let go until we got to the tub. Both our friends looked at it, then broke out laughing.

“Woo-hoo!” Karen said. “Looks like you needed a little more time. Sorry I interrupted.” Tom chuckled, taking in Cassie’s erect nipples.

We joined them in the bubbles and sat down. Cassie charged right in. “We were just talking about this trip you have planned for us, Tom.” She glanced at me smiling. I was clueless where she was going, but she had sex on her mind, just like I did. “What about sex? I get pretty loud sometimes when I’m really turned on.”

“So? I wouldn’t mind listening,” Tom laughed. Karen poked him I n the ribs, but she was laughing too.

“We’ve talked about that, too,” Karen threw in. We’ll have our own rooms. But we’re all so close, I wouldn’t mind it either. I know you love, Nick. I know you have sex. There’s no reason to hide it.” She hesitated, but then added with a blush, “I confess, I’ve tried to picture you guys making love.”

“Listen you guys. This wasn’t the idea, really. But if it happens, it’s no big deal. We’ve never done it, but if we ever wanted to swap with somebody, we both agree it would be with you guys.”

“Swap!?” Cassie exclaimed. “Nobody said anything about that!”

“And I’m not suggesting it,” Tom said quickly. “I’m just saying that sex is natural. If you’re noisy when you have an orgasm, Cassie, then you are.” He glanced at her tits, bobbing in the water. “All it would do is turn us on.” Their eyes met and Cassie smiled an embarrassed smile at him.

“What about you guys? Are you noisy lovers?” she asked.

“I kind of hum as I get close. Like Tom, if it’s a really good ... come, I kind of scream a little bit. It’s kind of embarrassing though.” She glanced at Tom before adding, “And, yeah, knowing you guys were in the other room where you’d hear it, would even be a turn on for me, I think.”

Tom was sitting next to her. I saw his arm move in front of her and she jumped. “Just talking about it turns you on. You’re slippery now, and we’re in the water.”

“Tom! God, do you have to broadcast it?” Karen scolded him.

“Hell, honey. What are we talking about? Sex! We’re adults. We all know we have sex. I’m rock hard, and I’m sure Nick is, too, Right, Nick?”

“Yup,” was about all I could manage to say. I wasn’t embarrassed. I was thinking about the other stuff we’d talked about. Tom and I had both gotten erections when we were swimming naked that day, but they relaxed after a while. I asked myself again, could I? Would I? I decided I could and would, but I wouldn’t suggest sucking each other off. I couldn’t initiate it. I didn’t think so, anyway.

We got out and dried. Tom and I headed for the house. Karen was drying Cassie’s back. “We’ll be right in,” she said. So we went in and I helped him set things up for dinner. A few minutes later our wives came in and took over. We went to sit in the living room with fresh beers. We still had mostly hard dicks.

“I hope this talk about our sex lives isn’t bothering you, man,” he said.

“No, it isn’t. Personally, I wouldn’t mind if we all had to sleep – and have sex - in the same room. The idea of watching and being watched has always been a kind of fetish desire for me. I guess that’s what you could call it.”

“Yeah, I can see how that would be hot. After all, we’ve both seen porn. Seeing it live would only be better.”

“But what about being seen? Would that make you lose your hard on?”

He thought about it, then shook his head. “I wouldn’t mind making love to Karen in front of you guys, especially if you were doing the same thing.” I just nodded.

“You know, it might make us think about swapping. How would you feel about that?”

“Now that’s something Karen and I have discussed, too. I admitted to Karen that I wouldn’t mind fucking Cassie. Does that bother you?”

“Not a bit. Especially if I was fucking Karen, too. We’d all just be one big happy pile of horniness.”

“That’s another thought. A ‘pile’ of people having sex sounds more like an orgy instead of simple swapping.”

“It does. But if we were all in one big pile, you and I would touch sometimes, and so would Cassie and Karen. Karen just dried Cassie’s back. That’s kind of sensuous, if not sexual.”

“I’m not homophobic,” he said. “Down at the lake, we touched. It didn’t bother me at all. I think it just made me feel closer to you.”

We were both still mostly hard. I looked at Tom’s cock. Then I surprised us both by reaching out and taking hold of it. I stroked him a couple of times watching his expression. He closed his eyes and kind of leaned back. He sighed.

His eyes opened and he looked at me. His hand moved to cover mine and he used my hand to stroke himself more strongly. He moaned before he pulled free of my grip. He was blushing, but he kind of whispered, “That feels too good, man. We can talk about that some other time. I’d let you jerk me off if the girls weren’t around.”

I glanced toward the kitchen before asking him, “What about sucking each other?”

“Wow. I admit – only to you – that I wouldn’t mind playing around with each other. What about you? It seems like you’ve been thinking about it, though.”

“I have. Haven’t you ever wondered about it? Cassie loves to suck me off. I always kiss her afterward. I don’t mind the taste of my own cum. I like to go down on her after we make love. I figure if she likes me coming in her mouth, I should be willing to share the experience with her. If I sucked you off, it wouldn’t taste much different, I guess.”

He studied my face a few seconds, then my dick. He nodded. You’re probably right. I kiss Karen after she sucks me off, too. I haven’t licked my cum out of her pussy, though. I’ll have to try out, I guess. I’m sure Karen would love it. Oral sex is her favorite.”

Just then, the lady in question stuck her head around the corner, her eyes taking in our erections before saying, “If you guys can stop talking about sex, dinner’s ready.” Her head vanished back into the kitchen.

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