An Eventful Weekend With Friends

by Sprat Gilfish

Copyright© 2019 by Sprat Gilfish

Erotica Sex Story: A modest couple are invited to stay for a weekend with another couple of close friends in close quarters in a cottage in a beautiful location. The more raunchy couple are keen to seduce them into more open behaviour. The weekend becomes exciting.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Sharing   .

Given their very different personalities it is surprising that Nancy and my wife Janet are such close friends and that Janet and I get on well socially with Nancy and her husband, Nick. I am Jack.

Nancy and Janet met up in Primary School and were each other’s best friend right through school. Janet was always the more shy and sensible of the two. Nancy was adventurous and boisterous and extraverted. In all of their activities together Nancy would be the more madcap and Janet’s restraint would generally keep them out of trouble. They stayed in touch while Janet went away to University, even though Nancy didn’t go, and they have remained best friends ever since.

Now they are both married with small children but they still have their widely different personalities.

Janet remains quiet and reserved although when she is with people she is always polite and friendly. She is physically energetic and particularly likes to take long walks on hilly tracks so she is very fit. She is just under average height and very attractive being slim overall but curvy in the right places. I think she has a beautiful body and I should know. She dresses attractively but conservatively.

Nancy is outgoing and, wherever she is, she is always the life of the party. She is a little taller than Janet and has a more voluptuous figure with prominent boobs. She dresses to emphasise her sexy shape. She playfully flirts at every opportunity with every man she meets. In a conversation she holds the floor with a continuous flow of jokes and bawdy anecdotes. Despite that appearance and manner she is actually a kind and generous person underneath.

At University I was not particularly socially competent. Janet, because of her reserved nature, did not stand out from the crowd. Nevertheless I recognised that there might be something rather special about her and was keen to find out. I made the most of every opportunity to get close to her and open a conversation with her. I rapidly discovered what a lovely and interesting person she is. We slowly became friends and then special friends and then lovers and then, when we got our careers started, we married. Our marriage is a happy one. Because of our reserve and conservative dress we may appear almost prudish to others but covertly we enjoy a full sex life. We have learnt how much pleasure we can give each other. A little girl and then a little boy arrived. While our lives are not without problems we remain sufficiently in love with each other to cope.

Meanwhile Nancy, after leading, by our standards, a fairly wild life, met up with Nick and married him and, like us, acquired a couple of children. Nick is a carpenter and a rough diamond. He is much Nancy’s counterpart. He is a big man. He is friends with everyone he meets. He is loud and sometimes almost uncouth but always cheerful. He often teases but is never intentionally cruel. Despite Nancy’s flirting with other men and Nick’s teasing of her and everybody else they are very fond of each other and firmly attached. He is not the sort of person I would normally choose as a friend and I sometimes find him overwhelming but, despite our differences, I enjoy his antics and I like him, at least in small doses.

Nancy and Janet continue to spend a lot of time seeing or talking to each other. They shop together or meet over coffee to gossip and they arrange play dates together for the children.

Sometimes our two families meet up somewhere for a picnic or other outing. Between us we have four pairs of grandparents on whom we can park our children from time to time so the four of us can go out together for a dance or a movie or a party with mutual acquaintances. These are always happy occasions and we get on well together.

Through his business associates Nick acquired occasional access to an old beach cottage at Broken Head in northern New South Wales and he and Nancy would sometimes go there for a weekend. They frequently told us what a beautiful place it is and how much we would enjoy it if we were there.

Eventually they gave us a firm invitation to join them at the cottage for a forthcoming weekend when the cottage would be available.

They explained that the cottage only had limited room so we would have to leave all the children behind but there were grandparents who would be only too happy to take care of them for the weekend.

I was a little reluctant as, although I could enjoy Nancy and Nick’s company for a day or an evening, I was not sure how I would go being in close quarters with such a boisterous couple for a whole weekend.

I had heard that Broken Head with its Nature Reserve was a particularly lovely place. I realised that Janet with her passion for walking in natural places would love it and given her friendship for Nancy she would be keen to go.

Knowing I would face pressure from Nick and Nancy and Janet I had no choice but to accept.

When Janet and I talked about it and I mentioned my misgivings she said thoughtfully “Well at least Nick will be sure to make it fun.”

That was not the first time Janet had made remarks like that, almost as if she is impressed by Nick. I am fairly fit, above average for my age, but Janet occasionally mentions how big and strong Nick is and hints that if I exercised more I could become stronger and more like him.

Nick and Nancy and Janet made all the arrangements and I did what I was told. It was decided that we would take just one car and we would use Nick’s car as it had the most room. Nancy and Janet decided on what clothes they would take and Janet told me what to pack. Nancy and Janet purchased the supplies.

We all took the Friday off and after depositing the children we set off so as to arrive at Broken Head in the late afternoon. Before going up to the cottage we stopped in the village to buy takeaway food for dinner.

It was an unusual cottage set high up above the village. There was a kitchen/lounge at the front with two bedrooms at the back. The bathroom was at one end. It had a large deck out the front overlooking the sea. Being an old design, the toilet was out at one end of the veranda. An unusual feature was a little plunge pool set into the ground down from the deck. Being up high with high hedges on both sides it was surprisingly private on the deck and down in the pool.

By the time we had unpacked the car and put everything away and eaten our dinner it was quite late. We sat around the deck in deck chairs. Nancy sat in Nick’s lap. Janet and I sat opposite them. After all the hustle and bustle of getting there we were all feeling relaxed and ready to just talk. As usual Nancy and Nick had the most to say, mainly jokes.

Janet was interested in what activities the weekend might bring. “Tell us about the area Nick. The beach stretches as far as we can see to the north but to the south the bush seems to go right down to the sea and end at a cliff. Does the beach continue around the point?”

“No. It doesn’t. The area to the south is the Broken Head Nature Reserve which stretches for over 2 kilometres (1¼ miles) and is generally steep and covered in dense bush. Much of the shoreline consists of cliffs with just rocks below although there are two absolutely beautiful sandy coves along the way.”

“Is it possible to walk to the coves around the seafront?”

“It is possible but much of it is fairly difficult. The first cove, Kings Beach, is quite popular. Getting that far by walking around by the seafront is not so difficult but the easier way to get there is to take the road over the back which has a short spur and a parking area and a steep walking track down to the beach. That is how most people get there. The second cove, Whites Beach, is harder to get to as it requires a longer and steeper and rougher walking track down from further along the same road.”

Our conversation continued with small talk and jokes and anecdotes, often bawdy.

As we talked Nick was massaging Nancy’s shoulders. After a while his hands crept further down and then round to her breasts. Then they went down under her shirt and back up to play with her nipples. It was evident that she had no bra on. It was quite clear what was happening. Nancy was obviously enjoying it and so was Nick. I was fascinated by this naughty public display and couldn’t keep my eyes off it. I found myself getting aroused. Janet had become rather drowsy. I don’t know whether she was just not seeing what they were up to or whether she was deliberately pretending not to notice.

I was embarrassed when Nancy caught me looking. She looked straight at me, then down to the bulge in my pants, and then back up to my face and gave me a cheeky grin. She was plainly enjoying what was happening and delighted with the effect it was having on me.

Eventually Nick raised his arms, yawned, and said “I don’t know about you lot but I’m ready for bed.” He took Nancy’s arm.

As he led her off toward their room Nancy turned and winked and said “There’s no need to hurry to be up in the morning. The atmosphere makes me feel I could just stay in bed all day.”

I roused Janet and we went to our room.

As we were getting ready for bed Janet said she needed to go to the toilet. I pointed out it was now rather dark out there and she might need company. She laughed and assured me she could look after herself.

After she returned it was my turn. As I went out on the veranda there was suddenly a female voice beside me in the dark. “Well, did you enjoy our little show?”

“What do you mean?

“You got really excited seeing Nick playing with my titties. I could see by the tent pole in your pants.”


“You never know. If you get lucky I might even give you the chance to play with them yourself some time. I’ll bet that idea gets you excited.” She ran her hand down over the front of my pants and squeezed. “I thought so!”

I didn’t know how to react and just said “Whatever.”

She turned and left for their room. As she went she looked back and said “I hope you sleep all right tonight. We might get a little noisy.”

By the time I got to bed I was raring to go and keen to fool around with Janet. Unfortunately she was already fast asleep and it would have been unfair to wake her. I had to just lie back and suffer the frustration.

After lying there a while I realised that the wall between the bedrooms was thin and I could hear Nancy and Nick as if they were right next to me. I could hear various increasing grunts and moans and Ooh’s and Ah’s and exclamations.

“Oh Nick! Keep doing that! You’re making me really wet!”

Nick growled. “Come off it! You were already wet! You really got excited teasing Jack didn’t you!”

“Yeah! But somebody’s got to loosen those two up!”

“Well I’d certainly like to loosen up that cute friend of yours. She appears the ice queen in her conservative clothes but I suspect she’s got a hot and sexy body underneath. I’ll bet she becomes a really horny bunny when she gets excited. I’d love to get her going and give her what she needs and I know your dying for a chance to fuck Jack!”

I was quite shocked and annoyed to hear Nick talking about Janet like that. However, as I lay there listening to the noises from the other room, I realised that there was something exciting about what I had heard. After all Nancy had been deliberately teasing me and then out on the veranda she had virtually propositioned me. I found myself getting more and more aroused. My prick was getting harder and harder as all sorts of erotic thoughts went through my head.

Janet and I greatly enjoyed all the sexy things we could do to each other. We had experimented with different touches and positions and variations together but we had never done anything kinky. We had always been faithful to each other and had never felt the need to look around. I had no idea what Janet’s reaction would have been had she heard what Nick had said. Now that we were together for the weekend in close confines with this sexy couple of close friends I had all sorts of visions of what might happen. Imagining playing with Nancy’s sexy body was arousing enough. It disturbed me to realise that, even though I found the idea offensive, what was turning me on the most was the thought of Nick seducing and fucking my wife. I couldn’t help reaching down and gripping my now steel hard prick.

The noises through the wall continued and got more urgent. There were sucking and slurping sounds and Nick groaned “That’s lovely! Keep sucking it”. My hand was rubbing up and down my prick as I visualised what was going on.

There were more movements and then Nancy cried out “That’s enough of that. I want that thing in me right now!”

There were several movements and then I could hear him pounding into her and her screaming encouragement at him. I could even feel their movements shaking the cottage. It was unbelievable how much noise they were making.

Suddenly I felt a small soft hand take hold of my prick and heard a whisper in my ear. “It seems they’re having fun.” I turned over. In the faint amount of moonlight coming through the window I could just see a grinning pair of eyes looking at me. “Perhaps we should join them.” Janet whispered.

I thought for a second that Janet must have heard the earlier conversation and was saying that we should go and join them in their room but then I realised she just meant that we should do as they were doing.

Janet and I put our arms around each other and started kissing and cuddling. She was wearing just a tee-shirt and panties which I quickly got rid of. In my excitement I didn’t need much foreplay. I put my hand down between her legs and over her clitty. She started humping against me. She was plainly wet and ready to go. She was whimpering and I was momentarily embarrassed that they might hear us next door just as we had heard them. Then I decided I didn’t care. Janet had hold of my hard tool and now she was pulling it towards her pussy. I positioned my prick between the lips of her pussy, rubbed its head on her clitty for a few seconds and asked “What do you want?

Janet cried “You know what I want. Stop teasing! I want your cock in me right now!”

“Take it then!” and in one hard stroke I pushed my prick right in to her tight pussy. I drew it almost out again. She put her legs around mine and grabbed my bottom and pulled.


I started pounding it in rhythmically. We both cried out on every thrust. I don’t remember our ever being so vocal before. After a while I could feel the pressure building up. I knew I couldn’t hold it much longer.

I asked frantically “Are you ready?”

“Yes! Yes! I am cumming now. Squirt it in me. I want to feel your cum.”

“Here it comes!” I said as I let go. Then, as I relaxed “You really took it out of me tonight darling.”

“Yes! That was the greatest. I love you Jack.”

Janet and I had always got a lot of fun and pleasure from our sexual activity but I don’t think we had ever had a more exciting time.

Chuckles continued to come through the wall. Then Nancy called “Goodnight you two. That sounded like a good one. Sleep well!”

I asked Janet whether she was concerned about the lack of privacy being so close to Nancy and Nick but she said “It’s OK. After all we are all grown up. We might even learn something.”

I don’t know quite what she had in her mind when she said that but it was going to be an interesting weekend.

After cuddling together for a while and cooling down we lay close together and went to sleep.

In the morning I woke late to find the bed beside me empty. I could smell eggs and bacon being fried and could hear the sounds of Janet and Nick talking. The bedroom door was open and I could see them out the front. I couldn’t tell what they were saying but they were clearly enjoying the conversation. Janet presumably said something provocative because Nick grabbed her around the middle and started tickling her under the ribs. She couldn’t get away from the big man but I could see she was giggling and not at all upset.

I had mixed feelings seeing Nick and Janet obviously flirting with each other, particularly after hearing the conversation through the wall. Nick had left no doubt that he liked the idea of having sex with Janet. I also thought about Nancy’s unmistakeable advances to me including her blatantly running her hand over my prick. I remembered Nick and Nancy’s enthusiastic sex right next to us just through the wall and I thought about her sexy body.

I wondered what was happening and what this might lead to this weekend. I had never even considered being unfaithful to Janet. Nor had I thought about any other man having sex with her. Now I couldn’t stop wondering what it would be like to play with Nancy’s big breasts and the rest of her sexy body and then make love to her. More disturbing still was that I found myself aroused by thoughts of Janet being fucked by a big, lusty man like Nick. My prick was rising out of control. I wondered what sort of a pervert I was to be having thoughts like that.

I put on a pair of shorts and went out to join them. They moved further apart and Janet’s cheeks looked a little pink. I asked “Where’s Nancy?”

“Oh she always likes to sleep in when we are here, particularly after wild sex like we had last night. Being here always makes her especially horny. It’s amazing what you can hear up here. From what we heard, unless it was just animal calls from outside, it seems you had a good time too.”

Janet went rather red and said “It is pretty quiet up here isn’t it.”

At this point Nancy came out of her room in nothing but an open shirt and sheer panties. She was quite a sight. Janet gave me a nudge when she saw me staring.

Nancy yawned emphasising the sight and sleepily said “Hi!” Nick handed her a cup of coffee which woke her up slightly. “Did everybody sleep well?” she asked.

“Yes” said Janet. “We had a particularly good night.”

“We thought so from what we heard.” said Nancy laughing.

To get my mind onto other things I asked “What are we going to do today?”

“You can do what you like.” said Nick. “There are all sorts of possibilities. You could go for a swim or fish in the ocean or take a long walk up the beach or trek through the park or nothing at all. It’s your choice.”

None of that activity appealed to me but Janet spoke up “Let’s see how far we can make our way along the shoreline around the National Park, Honey. It sounds interesting.”

My heart sank. She loves that sort of adventure but it sounded far too strenuous to me. I felt a little guilty not doing what she wanted but I said selfishly “That really doesn’t sound like my sort of thing, darling. I am feeling much too tired. I was hoping to just stay here and get my book finished. Do you mind very much?”

I could see Janet’s face fall. With understandable reason she was clearly disappointed with me. Then Nick spoke up. “I’ll go with you Janet and show you the way. It is quite difficult in parts unless you know it as well as I do.”

“Would you really go with me, Nick?” asked Janet. “I’d like that.” I could see how her face lit up again and I could feel her excitement return. “Will you come with us, Nancy?”

“No, I am not feeling like that sort of exertion. I might just stay here and annoy Jack.”

That made me a little apprehensive. I was not sure what might happen being left alone with Janet’s sexy friend. However everyone else seemed perfectly happy as we cleaned up after our breakfast.

Janet disappeared into our room and came out shortly, ready for her hike. I was a little surprised at her get up. She had put her hair up in a ponytail. She was wearing nothing but boots, bikini pants and a tee shirt which showed off her shape. She had a little back pack into which she put a bottle of water, some sunscreen and an apple. What really surprised me is that she obviously had no bra or anything else under the tee shirt. That was not like her. The outline of her perky breasts could easily be seen swaying and jiggling around under the tee shirt as she moved. I was suddenly a little worried as to what might happen when she was alone with Nick and she was dressed like that. I did not completely trust cocky Nick but it was obvious that Janet was in high spirits.

Janet lovingly kissed me goodbye. “Have a good rest and enjoy your book.”

I didn’t know where Nancy was. Nick picked up a backpack ready to set off. “We will probably be several hours. We have got sufficient food and water for our lunch. There’s plenty of food and drink in the fridge so help yourself.” Then as he strode off with Janet close beside him he turned and chuckled. “Don’t do anything we wouldn’t do.”

Janet looked back at me with a slightly questioning glance but I just waved and watched them go.

I wondered what Nancy might be up to. I was a little unsettled as to what might happen. All sorts of thoughts were going through my head. Some of the possibilities were causing inappropriate swelling in my pants. I got a rug and a pillow and set myself up on the deck with my book and a drink to enjoy the beautiful view and started reading.

I was still on the first few pages when I heard Nancy’s voice beside me. “OK if I join you?” I turned to see a virtually nude Nancy with her own rug and pillow. She wore a big smile and three tiny pieces of cloth. Two little triangles just covered the nipples of her large breasts which were otherwise uncovered and left nothing to the imagination. The third piece was the front of a thong and just covered her pussy.

As she got herself down on her front beside me she said “This is my favourite place to lie out in the sun. Do you like my tan, Jack?”

I could hardly avoid looking up and down the fabulous body lying essentially unadorned beside me. “It’s quite something.” I said. “You must lay out like this quite a lot.”

She stretched herself on her stomach with her head up looking at me. When I looked in her direction, which was hard not to do, her luscious bottom was right in front of me and her legs were slightly apart. With only the string of the thong between them not much was hidden. “Yes I take every opportunity to work on my tan but I do have to be careful not to get sunburned. The sun here can ruin your skin quite quickly. I normally cover myself in sunscreen before laying out. The only problem is that some parts are a bit hard to reach. Would you mind doing my back for me?”

I didn’t know where this might lead. I was already partly aroused just by having her so close and barely covered. I knew I could not touch her without becoming further affected. Was Nancy just out to tease me or did she have something else in mind? I decided to just do as she asked and see what happened. “Sure.” I said. “Give me the sunscreen.” She handed it to me. Half mesmerised by the sight of her sexy bottom I asked “Where do you want it?”

She giggled. Her naughty mind was pretty quick to see an alternative meaning. “Well I suggest you start at my neck and shoulders and work down from there.”

I squeezed some of the sunscreen onto her upper back and started rubbing it into her shoulders and up to her neck and then down her arms and her sides. I pressed fairly hard on her back and she was making appreciative noises. “That feels wonderful” she moaned.

She felt my hands come up against the string of her bikini. She said “I hate that string. I don’t want to leave its mark on my back.” She reached back and untied it. There was now nothing hiding the sides of her breasts.

I continued rubbing further down her back and then over her sides. Nancy noticed my hesitation when my hands approached the sides of her breasts but she said “Don’t stop! I don’t want to be burned anywhere.”

I slid some of the cream around the sides of her breasts. By now I was having all sorts of guilty but exciting thoughts. Other than Janet, I hadn’t touched any woman so intimately for years. No matter how much I tried to control myself my prick continued to get harder.

I continued my massaging action, slowly moving down until I was stroking the naked globes of her arse. Nancy was clearly getting excited. She was moaning and moving her bottom around to make the most of the feelings I was giving her. I kept playing with her delightful bottom for a while. We were both taking pleasure from my actions. I think we had both forgotten about the sunscreen and what I was supposed to be doing.

I decided that this was getting a bit too naughty and we were both getting too excited so I stopped what I was doing. I moved down and put cream on her feet and lower legs. I caressed her feet one at a time. I think she was a bit disappointed at first but then she began to get pleasure from the foot rub. After giving her feet a good work out I moved up to her calves.

When I had her calves well covered I progressed up over the backs of her knees to her upper legs. I spread the cream around and caressed the back and sides of her thighs. As I got closer to the space between the tops of her legs I again found it hard to control my arousal. Nancy was getting more excited too. “That’s lovely Jack! Keep going in the direction you’re going!”

I slid my hands up and out to her sides and then back in between her upper thighs so I was almost touching her pussy. I reached back up to the magnificent globes of her bare arse. As I did Nancy moved her legs further apart. Now I could see even more of the exciting area between her thighs. I wasn’t sure how far I should go. I longed to touch her pussy. I could smell her excitement. I slid one hand down the crack of her arse and over the cloth covering her pussy and then quickly slid it back up again.

With a mixture of relief and disappointment that it was over I took my hands off her and said “We’re finished. You’re all done from head to toe.”

Nancy said “No way! You haven’t finished yet. That’s only the back half. You can’t leave me like that.” She turned over onto her back and there were her big firm naked boobs staring me in the face. “You’ve got to do my front as well.”

I knew my self-control was nearly gone. I took some sunscreen and put it on her chest and started rubbing it in at the top and around her sides. I avoided her breasts as being just too intimate and started rubbing her lower chest and tummy. She looked up at me slyly and said “I believe you missed some important bits.” and she pushed her breasts up towards me.

At least I knew now where she was going. My arousal overcame my lingering feelings of doubt and guilt.

I took as much of her breasts as I could into my hands and squeezed them. She pushed them up to me. I started lightly pinching her nipples and she cried out for more. Neither of us was still pretending that this was about spreading sunscreen. I bent down and took one nipple in my mouth while I played with the other with my hand. She was obviously enjoying herself. She rocked from side to side beneath me. She reached down and grabbed my hard prick through my shorts and started stroking it.

Nancy tried to open the buttons of my fly but I moved away and started running my tongue down her stomach past her tummy button. Now I was teasing her. I pushed my nose and tongue under her thong towards her pussy. She pushed my head down further. I took her thong in my teeth and pulled it down far enough to expose her pretty pussy. My nose was inhaling her excited aroma. I needed to taste her. She wanted me to. I pushed my tongue into her. That was not enough for either of us. I got between her legs and pulled her thong down her thighs. Then I leaned in and munched on her clitty. I put two fingers of one hand up inside her while with the other I reached up and pinched a nipple again.

She got more and more excited throwing her bottom up at me. She cried out “Keep doing that. You’re going to make me cum!” A few minutes of that and she tensed and went rigid screaming “Oh! Oh I am cumming. Oh! Oh!”

After a while she calmed down a little and said “Jack, that was wonderful.” I continued kissing and caressing her and she was stroking my prick. By now all feelings of guilt on my part had vanished with my excitement. I was out of control. I pulled her thong right off and started to remove my own pants. Regardless of right or wrong I was going to push my throbbing prick in where it wanted to go. To my surprise she stopped me and said “No! Wait!”

I was shocked. “I thought that you wanted me. Have I done something wrong? Were you just teasing me?”

“Definitely not Jack. I can’t wait to get you into me. Just not here. If you are going to start pounding into me in the way I want you to it’s got to be in a soft bed, not out here on the hard deck.”

She picked up her rug and pillow and rushed into her bedroom. I sprinted after her. She pushed me over on to her bed, grabbed my shorts and pulled at my zipper. “What have you got under here?”

She pulled my hard prick out of my shorts. As she jacked it with one hand she got my shorts and underpants off with the other. “I have got to taste it.” She reached down and licked round and round my prick. “Yummy!” she said. She opened her mouth wide and swallowed the end of my prick. As she bobbed her head up and down and licked and sucked she used a hand to stroke the shaft and my balls.

As I grunted and groaned and humped up against her she reached her other hand down to fiddle with her own pussy.

I could feel myself getting too close to cumming. It was wonderful but not what I wanted. I was now determined to get my prick into her pussy and nothing was going to stop me. I reached out and pushed her head away. She reluctantly took her mouth off my prick but understood what I wanted. She got up and sat with her legs astride mine. I grabbed her hips and pulled her towards me until her pussy lips were rubbing on my prick. I moved her backwards and forwards a few times. There was no question of needing any more lubrication. Her pussy was dripping with her juices. My prick was covered in my pre-cum and her saliva. I lifted her up until my prick slipped between her pussy lips. Then I pulled her down so my stiff prick slid so far into her that my balls were against her arse and her clitty was pressed against my pubic bone.

For a few moments we stopped and just enjoyed the sensation. I could feel her warm wet pussy milking my prick. I hugged her tight so her breasts were rubbing against my chest. She felt wonderful. I loved fucking Janet and it always felt wonderful to be in her but this with Nancy was just a little bit different. After a while she lifted herself up a little way so I slid slightly out of her and then she crashed down again. She did it again and again more and more rapidly. I tried to stay still and just enjoy it for a while but then I started humping back up to meet her downward thrusts.

We gasped and groaned and were quite out of control. Eventually it became too much for me. Without coming out of her I picked her up and swung her on to her back. Then I started pounding my prick in and out of her in a frenzy. I pushed her legs up and apart in an effort to get even further in to her.

Nancy got even more frantic trying to pull me into her. She cried out “Fuck me harder. I’m cumming. Do it! I want to feel your cum in me!”

Now my only thought was to push my seed as far into Janet’s friend Nancy as I could get it. I pressed in hard, held her rigid and roared as I let it go. It was like an explosion in my prick, my balls and my head.

Nancy was screaming as well as she was cumming again.

We were both completely spent. We lay beside each other with our arms touching affectionately as we slowly cooled down.

Then as our pulses reduced to normal my brain started functioning properly for the first time for a while. I started feeling seriously guilty. “That was wonderful, Nancy, but we shouldn’t have done it. Janet and I have never done anything like this. We have always been faithful to each other. I love her and I don’t want her hurt. What will she and Nick think when they find out? It might become quite disastrous.”

Nancy wasn’t at all worried. “They should just join in. Why should we have all the fun?”

“Nancy, this is my, oh so innocent, wife and your best friend Janet we are talking about. She would never go for anything like this. She will be horrified. It is going to be difficult.”

“Don’t worry about it, Jack” she said as she continued to caress me. “If I know Nick he’s probably away ahead of us.”

Nancy and I were just sitting doing nothing in particular when Janet and Nick returned from their walk. We tried not to make it obvious what we had been up to. They looked a little dishevelled and exhausted and it was clear that their hike had been strenuous.

Nick was obviously looking pleased with himself and grabbed hold of Nancy in a big hug. “What have you been up to while we were away? Did you drive Jack crazy?

Nancy winked at me and said “We got on very well together.”

I looked over at Janet and went to give her a cuddle. She was looking at me and I could see she was a little confused. “Did you have a good time Janet?”

“Yes it was a good hike and Nick showed me some interesting places. Thanks very much for going with me Nick.”

Then she went off to our room. We could see she was unhappy. Nancy and Nick just shrugged. I followed her into the room. She was rocking back and forwards and holding back tears. I put my arms around her and asked “What’s wrong Janet? Did something happen while you and Nick were out hiking?” I was feeling guilty and concerned that she might have learnt what Nancy and I had got up to.

“Jack, I have done something terrible. I am sorry.”

“What’s the matter, Janet? Tell me what has happened.” I didn’t like the sound of this.

“I don’t want to tell you. You won’t love me anymore. I didn’t realise what I was doing. It was all my fault.”

She was crying softly as I tried to make sense of it. “Just tell me, Janet. Of course I will still love you no matter what has happened.”

“I have been very naughty. You will hate me.”

“No I won’t. Just tell me everything that happened from the beginning, Janet.”

She started to whisper the story. “We set off around the shore line. The going varied. In parts there was a simple track. In other places we had to climb over rocky outcrops. Nick and I enjoyed each other’s company as we went exchanging small talk and jokes.

“After walking quite a few hundred metres (yards) we could see around the next point a beautiful sandy cove with many people sunbathing. Nick told me I was probably about to get a bit of a surprise.

“I asked him what he meant but he just told me I would see.

“We climbed over the little headland at the point and descended into the cove. I certainly got a bit of a surprise all right when I realised most of the sunbathers had no clothes on.

“I asked him how he knew about this and he explained that this was Kings Beach which was probably the best known and most popular nudist beach in the northern half of the state.”

“Now I wish I had come with you, Janet.” I said. “I’d have liked to have seen that! What did you do?”

“I asked him if we could keep going along and past the cove and he explained that we could but then he told me that if we didn’t want to stand out from the crowd we should take our clothes off because nudists get a bit unhappy with pervs who just come to look. He shucked his shirt, pants and undies and told me to at least take my top off’.

“I told him there was no way I would do that. He told me that I, of all people, would have nothing to be ashamed of. He said if I was to look around I would see that none of the bodies on display were as beautiful as mine.

“I told him I certainly wouldn’t go topless in public and I wanted to get out of there as quickly as we could.

“I found it all very embarrassing. I did my best to keep my eyes straight ahead and not stare at any of the bodies so openly displayed. I was conscious of Nick beside me. I tried not to look but I couldn’t stop myself taking a peek down at Nick. I could see his cock hanging down and swinging as he walked. I could see it was pretty long and thick. I hurried along until we had passed the other end of the cove and were out of sight.

“I told Nick to put his pants back on as there was no one to be concerned now except me and I found his nudity embarrassing.

“He reluctantly put his pants back on and we continued.”

“Well Janet.” I said. “It doesn’t sound to me as if you did anything wrong.”

“I am afraid I haven’t got to the naughty things I did.

“The track was rather more difficult now. In some places we had to climb up over the top of small cliffs when they were impassable below. At times we held hands where we had to pull each other up over rocks.”

“As we went he kept up jokes about the nudist beach. I asked if he and Nancy had ever been there. He told me they had, several times, and they really enjoyed it there. He loved the sense of freedom and the lovely feeling of fresh air on the bits that were normally covered. He said he was sorry that I had not removed my tee shirt as I had missed out on the pleasurable sensations it would have given me. He also told me he was very disappointed because he suspected that my tits were particularly beautiful and he had always wanted to see them. I was embarrassed but I must admit I was enjoying the teasing.

“Eventually we came to another pretty little sandy cove in front of a little valley which led down from the hills to an area of grass just above the sand. It was a lovely place.

“Nick was still carrying on about how beautiful I was. He told me again how much he wanted to see my tits and how disappointed he was not to have seen them.”

“That is when I first got a bit naughty. Nick’s constant flattery was getting to me. I was amused by it but it was also starting to excite me a little. I decided to tease him. I took hold of the bottom of my tee shirt and lifted it up above my boobs for a split second and then quickly pulled it down again. I laughed at his surprise.”

“That was a bit naughty, Janet,” I said “but I guess it was fun and I can’t blame you for wanting to tease him.”

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