Johnny Fucks the Family

by unclemick

Copyright© 2019 by unclemick

True Sex Story: My horny brother, fucks our whole family including me.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Fa/ft   Ma/mt   Mult   Teenagers   Coercion   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Cuckold   Sharing   Slut Wife   Wimp Husband   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Father   Daughter   Humiliation   Rough   Cream Pie   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Big Breasts   Hairy   Size   .

I wonder if every family has its own Johnny. In my family, he’s my older brother and he’s a selfish horn dog. My name is Jimmy and I’m a sophomore in high school and my brother Johnny is a senior in the same high school. He’s very popular and my mom is very proud of him and I know he’s her favorite child. She only has three choices, me, my younger sister Jenny or our over achiever brother Johnny.

Anyway, Johnny’s a jock, playing both football and basketball and the girls just throw themselves at him. I’m a nerd and probably look more like a girl than a guy although I do have a very big, horny cock. Jenny is a year younger than me and chubby. She has whats called baby fat and her boobs and butt jiggle nicely although she doesn’t realize it. I know she has periods now because I overheard my mom telling my dad about it. Mom also told my dad that Jenny already has a big thick bush on her vagina. My mom’s name is Beth and her and Jenny both wear glasses and look ohh so innocent in them. Mom’s in her fifties but still has a very good body for her age. Gravity is taking over and you can tell that her big boobs would hang way down without a bra and her butt has gotten bigger although it’s still nice and round. Her belly after having children has that lower belly pooch that to me is very sexy.

Dad’s name is Bob and he’s your typical middle aged dad that’s balding with a hairy body, and a big beer belly. Mom and dad have their own bathroom that’s between their room and mine and Johnny’s room but you can only access it from their room. Since my sister hit puberty, mom and dad let her use their bathroom and mine and Johnny’s bathroom has become a pig stye. My brother torments me and my sister and she really looks up to me because I stick up for her. I don’t however, stand up for myself and Johnny makes my life a living hell. A few weeks ago, I came home and went to our room and saw my brother with his eye against the wall to our parents bathroom. He hadn’t heard me come in and his pants were around his ankles as he jacked off. I yelled “what are you doing”? and he turned and tripped on his pants and fell backward onto the bed. I heard him say “mother fucker” as he kicked his pants free and ran toward me. I turned to run but he was already on me, so I flopped onto my back and started kicking at him.

He caught my legs and twisted them and suddenly he was straddling me with my arms pinned to my sides. His huge drooling cock was sticking straight out from his belly and just inches over my face. He grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my face up to his cock and smeared it’s messy head all over my lips. I could taste his salty cum even though my lips were mostly closed. He was looking down at me as he said “open your mouth”. I shook my head no, but he said “you better open it now, you little turd”. I don’t know why but I knew what he was going to do and I kind of wanted it too. I opened my mouth a little and he used my hair to pull my lips to his dripping cock head and again, I don’t know why, but I opened my mouth and engulfed his whole cock head. He was looking down at me with an angry look as I stared back up at him and then his angry look turned into a lusty one as he held my hair and started fucking my mouth. As I looked up at him, his eyes were closed and I could tell he was enjoying my hot mouth. Things reached a peak as his cock went down my throat but I kept licking and sucking my brothers nice cock until he started grunting with each thrust. Finally, he pushed his big cock in all of the way and flooded my throat with his scalding hot, thick cum. I swallow like a madman until his big balls were empty and we were both satisfied.

Johnny stood up and went back to his peephole and hung the picture back over it. He gestured toward it and said “you don’t tell nobody and I might let you suck my cock again”. After he put his clothes back on and left, I looked through the peephole in time to see my naked mom exit the shower. A few nights later, I went up to our room to go to sleep and Johnny was already in bed. I laid down but couldn’t sleep because I kept thinking about my brother’s big cock and my own mom’s naked body. I could hear my brothers heavy breathing and the low, rhythmic squeaking of his bed so I knew he was jacking off. I was beside myself with desire and was ready to go ask him if I could suck it again. I probably wouldn’t have acted on it but then, I heard Johnny whisper “Jimmy, do you want to suck my cock”, so I got up and tiptoed to his bed. He stood up and pushed me to my knees and rubbed his drooling cock head across my lips. I opened my mouth and welcomed my brother’s big cock into my mouth and then quickly down my throat. I really wanted to taste his cock and rub his big balls and then taste and swallow his massive load of thick hot cum. I guess I really put my heart into it, because he was moaning and grunting from the start and it wasn’t long before he had a handful of my hair as his big hot cock erupted over and over into my waiting mouth.

It was a huge load and he was still holding my hair and ejaculating into my mouth when the door opened and the light came on.

Johnny kept cumming as mom said “what are you boys doing in here”? Now mom was blaming me as she said “Jimmy, stop that, he’s your brother”. Johnny said “he kept begging me mom, so I let him suck it”.

Right in front of our mom, Johnny let go of my hair, pulled his still dripping cock from my mouth and wiped it off on my face.

Mom said “I know your both horny young men but you shouldn’t be doing these things, you’re brothers.”

As she turned to leave, Johnny said “mom” and when she turned and looked at him, he shook his cock at her and said “you’re next mom.”

Mom turned red, giggled and said “Ohhh Johnny, your terrible, I might have to tell your dad if you don’t stop teasing me”. Mom left and we went back to bed but I still couldn’t sleep, thinking about what I’d just done with my brother and the nonchalant way my mom had treated the incest, she had just witnessed.

I gave up fighting the idea and just went along with the flow, I was now sucking my brother’s horny cock at least three times a week and my sister Jenny was asking me sex questions and running around the house in her panties and bra or with just a T-shirt and no panties. She seemed to like showing off her sexy body and hairy pussy.

The one thing we all looked forward to each year was the family trip to our cabin in the mountains. We set out on the three hour drive on a Friday morning and got there at noon. Once there, mom started cleaning and airing out the cabin and dad took me with him to buy supplies.

On the way to the store, dad said “Your mom thinks we need to talk”, he said “I’m just gonna come out and say it, your mom says that you’ve been sucking your brother’s cock lately.”

I’m sure I was red as a beet but dad continued with, “That’s okay with me and her but you can’t let other people know that you do it.” Dad said “I’ve already talked to your brother about this and he says you’re always bugging him for sex and that he just goes along with it rather than argue.”

That pissed me off and I said “Dad! you guys always believe what he tells you and it’s usually a lie, I caught him spying on mom in the shower, he’s got a peephole in our room and I caught him jacking off while he watched mom naked, that’s your wonderful son. He even held me down and made me suck his cock and I’m sure he spies on Jenny too, what if he decides he wants to fuck your daughter too, are you and mom okay with that.”

Dad seemed to be considering what I had said as we got to the store. We got everything on mom’s list and headed home. On the way back, dad handed me a cold beer and opened one for himself. The first thing he said was “I believe you Jimmy, God knows your brother is a horny son of a bitch but me and your mom already knew about the peephole and just figured ‘boys will be boys’ so we didn’t say anything. As for your sister, she may look all innocent but every time I take a shower, she jumps in with me and she’s buck naked. She’s obsessed with my cock and balls and insists I let her wash them and then she basically just jacks me off. Lately, she puts my cock in her mouth while I’m washing my hair because she knows I can’t open my eyes. A couple of times, she’s made me cum and she swallows it all down like a pro.”

Finally, dad said “the only one I worry about is your mom because she’s so naive that she doesn’t realize how big of an asshole your brother really is.” Suddenly, dad hit the brakes and said “ohh shit” as we skidded to a stop.

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