A Princess in Water

by DidoL

Copyright© 2019 by DidoL

Fiction Sex Story: sex between a girl and a "new people" in water.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   High Fantasy   Mystery   .

A girl crawled out of under a bunch of heavy bushes in a deep autumn weather. What she wore had been a pretty dress, but now torn apart badly, and smashed by dirt, showing that she must had had a tough journey. However, there was still an undying optimism in her face.

The city behind her had been a big city, but now was more like an alien jungle than a human being’s settlement.

Let’s trace back to 3 months ago, when the “big bang in genes” occurred. So many things have changed by then! This big change first took place in African, the very place where apes learned to walk upright and gradually migrate to the whole globe.

Well, similar thing happened again. Just more drastically, maybe more destructive, too.

It’s really unbelievable that so many people can been automatically gene-mutated in such a short time. The girl had never learned to adopt to this condition in her 19 years long life span, however, 3days ago, when her city was also infected by this change, and advantaged “new people” took their liberty to enjoy their lives, she had to run for her own life.

Luckily, she survived somehow, for 2 days, until 2 hours ago, she was finally discovered. When she heard “Aha! Here’s a piece of hidden yummmmmmmmmmmmy meat!”, she felt like a stink in skin. Pain. Of course. A sharp pain. But with some relief, in an odd way. Like “Ah, finally we’re done.” That kind of relief.

But she must forbid herself from thinking in this way.

She MUST keep on running.

She ran fast and carefully as she could all the dark way to the bank close by, and leapt down, hoping this action could buy her some time, only in vain. One of her chasers reached out his right arm, which suddenly went so long as a giant octopus’s foot, grabbed her waist in a blink, hugging her back. Their diggers had all erected, obviously wanting to do more things than just ate her.

This time she was so flabbergasted. Her scream filled the air.

A pair of little eyes were watching this in a distance.

This creature was so a little bit lazy, that he was reluctant to leave the comfort home he had created for himself under the water. In most of the time, he even didn’t want to bother himself to watch the things happening on land. But this time, he was somehow interested.

His attention was drown to the little dispute on the bank. The girl was still kicking as hard as she could, only made the rascals laugh louder. They were putting their hands to tear the broken dress away, now.

All of a sudden, a water arrow was angled to one chaser, and shatter the latter out of his existence. Then another. Then another. They were stunned by this ambush at the very beginning. And the frightened girl closed her eyes. Only a few seconds later, there were just two New-Men left standing. They tried to fight back, but this attempt was quickly proven to be useless. They were overpowered by this new enemy from water, as if the girl by them.

When all of the men fell down, the girl opened her eyes and found who was standing before her was a shining grey blur.

It was this creature ... no, another gene-mutated people, who had saved her.

Her eyes became wider and wider, and then suddenly moved to one side as she wondered how to escape from this new enemy, while he startled, soaked in the scene: Half-naked girl standing in a moonlight, showing her body curves. This view was beautiful as an oil-painting, arousing music jingling in his heart.

“What are you doing now?” At last he asked. She was a little astonished, as if never had thought he could talk. But of course, he could. For he is still human, evolved human being, in fact, much more advanced in biology than herself.

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