The Sex Doll

by Marduk

Copyright© 2019 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: A mature white woman, ignored by her husband accepts the invite of a coal black man who befriend her, to visit him. She does and is seduced, she given herself to him and his mates without hesitation for here she is accepted with unsurprising results- read on

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Slut Wife   Gang Bang   Interracial   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex   Pregnancy   .

Alice gave a ‘I’m going’ in a way it would be just a call into the wind, she knew her husband would ignore her, it was just a sort of recognization agreement, that really had no meaning for she knew as no doubt her husband did as well that the marriage just existed, there was no intimate connection, they were like two but separate individuals living in the same abode. She closed the door and clicked the ‘on’ command for her vehicle.

Her mobile gave a signal for a text, a quick examination told her that the weather was humid but also displayed was the last contact she had, had with Omo. She had met him at the conference she had attended the week before and had been delighted in the way he had engaged her in general conversation, both during the meeting and had accepted a coffee in the small canteen that was associated to the main reception area and had exchanged mobile numbers, maybe because he was the secretary of the organization or maybe because she had been so impressed that she would like to have him as a personal friend, personal friends were rare; maybe another reason was that he was as black as coal and she knew her husband loathed the dark races, plus many others that were associated to multiculturalism.

She drove for she was heading for a nursery but growing in her mind was a comment Omo had made that if she was ever in his location, which in reality was not far from her own location to give him a call. ‘I will’ she muttered to herself and pulled over and dialled his number. A strong and muscular voice answered. ‘Omo here’ A few second passed before she responded. ‘Omo it is Alice you said that if I was in your area to give you a ring’. There was no hesitation or a question to who she was, he knew. ‘Alice what a delight to hear from you I have hoped you would ring, after all I found you so pleasant and so very intelligent and believe me Alice many of the women I have met are what you would say ‘short of an IQ’. It would be great to connect with you again’. The reply to her call had her purring like a kitten when she knocked on his door for no man had even given her such a profile, she was delighted and even accepted a slight kiss as he welcomed her.

“Sit down Alice”, he said. “Would you like a coffee, not the quick stuff I do have a proper coffee making machine”, he concluded as she made herself comfortable. She smiled and accepted his coffee invite. It was just chatter as he made the coffee and gave it to her but his mind was far more active for here was a white woman, and a heavy breasted one sitting in his parlour and his desire, regards women was to fuck a white woman, something that he had not be able to achieve for some time, so he was determined to mould this woman into the desire he wanted, so he engaged every seductive cord in his being to honey her up so that she would be clay to mould into the fuck he longed for. Every lever was pulled every button pressed till Alice was virtually hypnotised by his constant admirations and phrase of her so that she did not oppose the touch on her shoulder the slight brush of a kiss against her cheek which gradually moved to her mouth and his touch travel to her amble tit.

His caress was slow and deliberate, she purred as he moved to her mouth and unbuttoned her blouse, there was no ‘gasps’ of outrage, this man was not her husband and his honey voice had dulled any moral hostility she had, slowly fingers found her nipple and the slowly they hardened as they were squeezed and stretched; all the time teasing her with his mouth and eventually lifting her tit free so that abundant mount of desire cold be massaged and moulded. A slight shudder went through her being as his mouth sucked on that extend nipple but that convulsion was nothing when he slipped up her thigh, under the elastic of her panties and drove his finger totally up her now slightly moist crack and the more he fingered, the more her gasps echoed and more she vibrated and harder was her grasp at his groin where he had manoeuvred her grip.

“Now we fuck” he muttered. Whether she understood he didn’t care, he pushed her back, pushed up her dress, and pulled down her panties and as that hairy triangle appeared he smiled for his cock, hard, thick and very long was throbbing with anticipation. In seconds her thighs were spread and as the nob touched the lips of her sex a sort of smile crossed her face but that smile began a gasp or more like a howl as he thrust and thrust again till that nine inch was buried totally up her where no cock had ever been. Anchored he bared the other tit and he fucked, boy did he fuck and as for Alice she was beyond caring or understanding, all she could feel was a pleasure, that she had never know ripping up inside her and she bucked, clawing at his being as he sent wave after wave of delight ripping up inside her. How long the pleasure lasted she didn’t care but when he sent the ball exploding essence she rose like a torpedo to receive every last drop. Buried up his balls he stayed till every drop of seed had been thoroughly planted, he didn’t know her age, or did he care but he knew he had pumped enough up her to swell her belly many times over. It was then the door bell sounded.

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