The Thai Place

by Gaijin

Copyright© 2019 by Gaijin

True Story: My quest to find a massage I like that gives a great massage with a little extra.

Tags: Ma/Fa   White Male   Oriental Female  

In my search for a good oil massage I went to a Thai place that is 8 blocks away. The first time I went a young Thai lady was my massage therapist. This place had no walls between each room, just a cloth curtain hanging from the ceiling. She had me wear some tiny disposable shorts which wasn’t encouraging for some personal attention. After I changed, she came into the room and had me lay down and gave me first a dry towel rub but after about 10-minutes she started using the oil. She was very careful where she put her hands the whole time. She did say “wow” when she was rubbing my lower chest, my dick grew and was saying please pay attention to me. Unfortunately, that is closest she came to my dick. The next time I came I had the same young lady who by the way was very cute with a very nice figure. It started out the same way with the 10-minute dry towel massage but this time while I was laying on my stomach her hands pushed the small shorts down and gave my ass a short rub. I thought that was progress and maybe this time she might accidentally rub my dick for a few minutes but no such luck.

I couldn’t return for a couple of weeks and this time a different Thai lady was my massage therapist. I could tell this was going to be good when she told me to get undressed and lay down. Well since didn’t had me one of those small shorts to wear I just took off all my clothes and laid down, the whole time just sat there and watched me. This lady was in her 40’s I think but man she had a large set of tits sticking out. The rest of her was kind of thin so it made her breast seem almost to big for her. She did the 10-minute dry towel rub but then she got up and walked on my back, ass and thighs. Glad she wasn’t that big or that could have really hurt. She started on my left foot and worked her way up to my ass. She just flipped the towel off my left side and really gave me a good massage on my left Gluteus Maximus. She at times moved her hand down between my legs but only the tops of her hand would brush my balls. After a bit she took a towel and wiped the excess oil off my leg and ass and then she started on the right foot and repeated what she had done on the left. After a nice painful back rub (those elbows are sharp) she removed the towel completely off me (it was on my ass and legs only) and had me turn over. This lady just held the towel down and enjoyed the show before she covered me with it again. She then started on the front of my left leg and moved up but kept the towel over my dick and did not brush against at all. When she was massaging my arm she kind of held it up with my had against one of those outstanding breasts. Be the man I am I open my hand and gently caress her breast. Since she gave a small giggle and didn’t move my hand, I was encouraging but she finished the massage without even coming close to my dick. No happy ending there. I did give her a tip of 3,000 Japanese yen for maybe more action the next time I came to the place. She did give me a business card where she wrote her name on it.

I did call and made an appointment with her a week later. The massage when pretty much the same but this time she when I was on my back, she moved the towel from my groin and rubbed around my dick which was begging for some attention. She did rub down between my legs over my balls and up on top of my dick, but it wasn’t enjoyable. I had to tell her softly please because that hurt. She did let up on the pressure but just kept her hand moving fast and never did hold either of them, just rubbed them in passing. While she was doing that I got to do some

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