The Conference

by Johann von Staubig

Copyright© 2019 by Johann von Staubig

Fiction Sex Story: Not so much a business conference, more a bonkathon with holiday reps, airline pilots and screwaddesses that my employer paid me to attend.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Anal Sex   Oral Sex   Safe Sex   Tit-Fucking   .

This is a chapter from my books The Swinging Villagers and The Students, The Mother, The Daughter and The Villagers Were it belongs between the chapters ‘The Trial’ and ‘The Orgasmafest ‘

Warning: Extremely explicit sexual scenes and consensual sex.

Published by Staubig Studio Publishing at Smashwords Copyright 2017 Johann von Staubig Author’s Notes: This is a work of fiction. Names, places, characters and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any character’s who exist in the real world have had their names and any description that will identify them changed apart from my own family for which I have their written permission. Any other resemblance to any actual persons, living or dead, organizations, events or locales is entirely coincidental. All sexually active characters in this work are 18 years of age or older.

I wish to thank the directors and staff of the real company that I have renamed to TwentiesAction Holidays in this story for the opportunity to enjoy their annual sales conference.

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A few notes for my American readers In the civilised world, a Fanny is a cunt and NOT an arse or ass as you spell it.

An Ass is a donkey or mule.

Paracetamol is a common prescription free pain killer known as Tylenol in the former colonies.

Écu is Parisian street slang for the triangular patch of pubic hair on a woman and is the reason why the European Currency Unit’s name was changed to the Euro when it was first instigated. The French were not happy with shop keepers saying “That will be four hairy beavers” when they paid for goods.

Glasgow office My employer had a client that was a well known large holiday company. This is mostly true so for their protection, I will refer to them as TwentiesAction Holidays although they have since combined with the leading Austrian holiday company and have changed their name.

TwentiesAction had shops and offices throughout the UK and as part of the contract, my job was to design the audio systems in any new meeting rooms and install and test them in conjunction with the local staff, architects and contractors.

The company had been founded back in the seventies. It was aimed at young people and was best known as a holiday company for young singles who were looking for a week of sex, clubbing, drinking and even more sex. Most of the staff were under thirty apart from a few of the older management.

All the holiday reps were still in their early twenties and were renowned for the number of holiday makers who they allowed to be seduced by each week.

A new conference room was planned for the Glasgow office and I flew up there from Heathrow one day to meet with the architects and contractors to see where it was planned.

Walking into the office, the receptionist asked me to wait for the office manager to arrive.

A few minutes later an attractive lady in her thirties introduced herself.

“I’m Morag McDonald and manage the office and several dozen staff here.”

“Hi, I’m Hans and I’ll be designing the sound system for you.”

“Come through to the area, the architect is waiting for you.”

The architect was unusually a woman who introduced herself as Pauline. She was quite pretty and about the same age as Morag but with much larger breasts. I spent the entire day finding out the entire requirements of the room from Morag and her team. The requirements were basically just for a PA system with music and video playback with high quality sound reproduction. Taking a plan of the available area from Pauline I told them I was returning to London and would return with my recommendations and plans the following week.

“I’ll get somebody to take you to the airport.” offered Morag.

She went off and soon returned with guy to take me.

“This is Pete. He’s the team leader of the Sales team. She surprised me by kissing both of us goodbye.”

In the car, on the twenty minute drive to the airport, I took advantage of Pete’s seniority to question him on my notes of what I think they wanted and chatted about various things. “That Pauline,” he said “give me half an opportunity and my dick would be like a rat up her drainpipe. What a great set of norks! Not like my wife. She only wears bras with A cups.”

“That’s how I like them.” I replied. “More than a mouthful is a waste. Nice and perky. They’ll never droop when she gets older.”

“Are you married, Hans?”

“No. My requirements are too limiting, You?”

“Yup, I married Morag a couple of years ago.”

“You lucky man. She looks amazing.”

“I could see that you fancied her when you kissed her goodbye. Here’s the airport. I’ll see you next week.”

I thanked him for the lift and went to catch the shuttle back to London.

The following week I drove to Heathrow, parked my car and took the shuttle to Glasgow where Pete was waiting to take me to the TwentiesAction office. In a meeting with Morag, Pauline and the site contractor, I presented my recommendations and had them approved with only two minor changes relating to the positioning of sound controls on the lectern. I was able to compare Morag and Pauline’s chesty bits. Pauline’s cleavage was magnificent although Morag obviously wasn’t wearing a brassiere and her nipples were tenting her cotton blouse. Quite frankly, I wouldn’t have turned down a passionate session with either of them.

After Morag had approved and signed my amended proposal, Pete took me to the airport. “Don’t you find it difficult having your wife as your boss?” I asked him.

“Only occasionally. She gives me my annual appraisal with us both naked in the bath which makes it far more relaxed. Last year she rewarded me for leading the best sales office in the group by asking one of her friends, Liz, who also works with us to join us for a threesome. The friend had a huge pair of knockers. As I was taking her bra off, I read on the label 38DD. She gave me a tit-wank while Morag licked up my jism when I came all over Liz’s tits. That was a true incentive to be best sales team next year.”

We had arrived at the airport and I took the flight home.

For the following few weeks, I followed the same procedure of parking, flying, visiting TwentiesAction, checking the contractor’s work, flying to London, getting my car from the car-park and returning home.

Finally, the work was complete, so I needed to take a van full of equipment to Glasgow to install. I drove to Glasgow, unloaded my van into the new conference room, parked the van in the car park of a hotel that I had previously booked. I enjoyed the night in the hotel together with the lovely, pneumatic architect, Pauline who I had met when I was unloading into the conference room and successfully propositioned.

Pauline and I went out for an evening meal at a restaurant called ‘The Ubiquitous Chip’ that didn’t seem to sell chips. Then back to my hotel where we raided the minibar and sat on the bed drinking and flirting. It wasn’t long before we were kissing and exploring each other’s body with our fingers.

“I need another drink.” Pauline told me.

We got up, moving like a single organism with four legs and, without breaking the embrace, moved to the minibar then back to the bed. I shed my clothes on the way, with her helping me, tugging at them impatiently and throwing them aside. We fell down on the bed together and she wrestled her way out of her heavy dress. We threw that aside too and then her warm naked body was pressed against mine. I moved my hand down from her breasts to the small precise socket of her navel in her taut belly, then I moved it further down and put my fingers in her.

She was slick and wet and opened for me. I moved on top of her and she caught me between her fingers and guided me inside. She was smooth as silk, frictionless, slick and infinite. She hooked her legs over my shoulders as I moved into her and she said, “Yes, yes, sweet, yes, sweet, yes, love, like that, yes, like that, there, like that, yes, yes, honey, honey, honey.” She bit my ear and whispered in it after her first climax, “Thank you Hans. I needed that.”

The following day, with my libido feeling totally satisfied from my night with the adventurous Pauline, but with my balls aching from over use, I took a taxi to the office, set all my equipment up, tested it and showed all the staff how it worked. Morag signed the document that she was happy with the installation, “I probably won’t be seeing you again. Thank you very much.” Morag told me as she gave me a goodbye kiss on my lips. It was time to get back home so Pete gave me a lift to the airport.

On the way there, I warned him that if he intended to screw Pauline, he needed to have loads of stamina.

“Aye, ah ken. Ah skelp on her ah munth ago and Pauline told me that she’d bin blethering me wi’ Morry. As ye kin hae clocked, Morry and I are swingers. We ended up haein a foursome with Pauline and Greg, her boyfriend. Pauline wis insatiable. Ah fucked her a tae o’ dozen times wae Greg was screwing Morry. It was fucking bliss. A tae o’ times, ah wis pumpin’ mah guidwife while mah coupon ‘n’ geggy wis smothered wi’ Pauline’s Jugs. I must have cum twa or three times in ilk o’ thaim. Ah gaed hame a gey happy jimmy ‘n’ Pauline haes shored herself tae me sometime in th’ future. Pauline has a very agile fud. I’ll definitely tak’ her up oan that.”

“Yes, I had her last night. My balls still ache.”

“Urr ye ‘n’ yer freish burd swingers? If so, you must come and stay with us.”

“No, we’re not. How should I introduce her to swinging?”

“Make certain that your relationship is rock solid then get one of your friends to seduce her. Tell her that you don’t mind if you can have one of HER friends. From there it’s easy. About a quarter of all couples occasionally swing. Thay juist dinnae blether aboot it.”

“Mary already allows me to screw her daughter and next door neighbour but I haven’t been with her long enough to know how she’d like it.”

“Weel, that’s a guid stairt. Howfur mony men haes she hud?”

“Her first was her husband. I was only the second.”

“Ney good. When Morry told me she fancied my best man, Alister. I said that I didn’t mind if I could have Hilda, his wife, who’s one of my ex-girlfriends. Morry said ‘yes’ Sae we hud oor foremaist foursome ‘n’ haven’t keeked back.

There are two types of sex. The romantic type you have with your loved one that expresses your love for her and the fun type you have with all the others that expresses your lust. The romantic type is good, but the fun type is a lot more satisfying.”

Our conversation was cut off by our arrival at the airport.

From here I took the shuttle to Heathrow, wondering during the journey how best to introduce the idea to Mary. Half way home, I realised that because Mary allows me to have sex with both her daughter and next door neighbour, I was already most of the way there. I would just offer her anyone she fancied without worrying about me.

I went to the car park at Heathrow and couldn’t find the car.

“Where on earth did I leave the car?” I asked myself. “OH FUCK! It’s in Glasgow.” I took the tube home and as soon as I could manage the next day, took the shuttle back to Scotland and took a taxi to the office.

“What are you doing here?” Asked Morag when she saw me.

“Force of habit. I flew home and left the van at the hotel.”

“You pillock!” she told me, laughing.

“I was distracted by your kiss.” I told her.

“In that case, I won’t kiss you again. You’ll probably have an accident.”

“Yes, but on the motorway or in my trousers?”


A couple of months later, I was asked to set up and run the sound at TwentiesAction’s annual sales conference at a hotel in Alicante in southern Spain over the spring bank holiday weekend and the following few days. I would be travelling on TwentiesAction’s own airline based at Luton Airport. I had already arranged for all my equipment to be flown to Alicante so it would all be there when I arrived, I joined the forward crew at Luton. This included the Managing Director, the Directors of Sales, Communications and Transport, their secretaries and a few minions. The Transport Director was a pleasant lady in her mid-forties. The only plane available for us all was a holiday flight to Madeira where we had to wait for a couple of hours until a plane came in to take us the rest of the way to Spain.

On both flights, I was in the port side, front passenger row, sat next to the Transport Director who I chatted to, found out that her name was Jean and Jean was scared stiff of flying which I found surprising as she was in charge of the group’s airplane fleet.

As we took off, Jean grabbed my hand and held it tightly until we were airborne. As soon as she could, she called the stewardess and asked for two double Gin and Tonics which she had completely drunk by the time we were at cruising altitude.

Several more G&Ts followed and Jean cuddled up to me. “You won’t regret this, Hans.” She told me after kissing my cheek. Jean gripped my hand again as we landed and for both takeoff and landing on the second flight. The entire time that we were waiting for the second flight, she was sitting at the bar, drinking. “I love Spain and this drink” she told me as the barman poured Fanta Lemon onto about two inches of Gin in a tumbler. “Try it.” I did and I loved it so much that it’s the drink I always order whenever I’m in Spain.

I had already met the directors of Sales and Communications when I had been installing a conference room at their head office in Richmond, London. I’d also previously met a guy who was about my age called Jim. Jim would be my main contact and assistant. He also had all the media disks in his hand luggage. He had also been a holiday rep in Alicante, so also knew the town and its bars very well.

“You’ll find that quite a few of the younger people at the conference are wearing pink, blue or white badges with a number on them in the evenings. This is a tradition that started at the sales conference several years ago. If they are pink, they want a woman, blue - a man, or white - anybody. The number is their room number. If they are not wearing one, it means leave them alone. Would you like one? What colour?”

“I like women, so pink please.”

Four hours after leaving Luton, we arrived at our hotel in Alicante on a bus adorned with the TwentiesAction Holidays logo. We all checked in and I was assigned room number 403 which was close to the lift on the 4th floor. The hotel, the Melia Alicante had been built on piece of land that jutted out to sea, possibly once part of the harbour wall. On the other side, it overlooked a marina but on my side it overlooked a small beach on which I could look down on a dozen topless young women getting an all-over sun tan.

After feasting my eyes on the topless girls below, I crashed out on the king sized double bed, and fell asleep. A gentle knocking on the door woke me up at about five o’clock. I answered it and was surprised to find Jean outside. She had changed out of her travel clothes and was now wearing a scarlet cotton sun dress. She looked great. “I told you I would make being nice to me worth your while.” She slurred as she closed the door and put her arms round me. She leaned in for a kiss.

I didn’t resist. In fact I welcomed it. I hadn’t had any sex for over a week although from what Jim had told me, there would be plenty on offer this week. Why not start now. Jean’s mouth tasted of the gin and sharp lemon that she had been drinking. I pulled Jean towards me and ran my hands up and down her back. No sign of the lump that indicates she’s wearing a bra. My hands caressed her bum. Obviously no knickers either. My hands went lower until I passed the hem of her short skirt and encountered the bare skin of her legs. I raised them bringing the hem up with them until I was caressing her bare arse.

Jean sighed as she reached down and drew the dress over her head. She tossed it onto the floor before leading me towards my bed pulling all my clothes off as we went.

She threw me backwards on the bed and stood looking down at me. My massive erection proved that I was interested. “I’m not bad for 46, am I?” Jean asked me. My eyes inspected the naked body that was on offer to me.

“46? I’d put you still in your 30s.” In fact, the softness of her rather nice, medium sized tits gave her age away after she had pushed me onto the bed on my back and lowered her moist cunt so it was filled by my eager todger. My hands went up to her nipples and encompassed them and her tits. They were somewhat more than a handful each. From experience, I estimate that they were about a ‘C’ cup. The tits were soft but the nipples engorged and hard.

Jean’s sighs, pants, and eventual mewling as she rode me to her pleasure showed that I was pleasing her. Jean’s agile cunt was definitely pleasing me. The ripples of her muscles when she enjoyed her first climax almost made me cum so I rolled us over and pounded my dick in and out of her. Within minutes, she had cum again and so did I. We lay together enjoying a post-coital conversation. “I hope you enjoyed that, Hans. I did. I’ve only got four or five years before the menopause and I’m determined to enjoy the time I’ve got left. My husband is 54 and can’t manage a good bonk even with Viagra. The main contingent of attendees will be arriving in about 24 hours, so I expect you’ll be enjoying the pleasures of their youthful bodies for the four days until they go. My room is 309. You will always be welcome there. It’s seven o’clock. Time for dinner.”

As we were leaving the room, the room opposite’s door opened and out came Jim with one of the secretaries. He with a smile on his face and the secretary looking slightly ashamed.

The four of us went down in the same lift. “Hans, this is Sandy.” introduced Jim.

“Sandy, I thought you were engaged.” queried Jean.

“Yes but this is my last chance of some freeform nookie before I get married and settle down next summer. I’m determined to beat last year’s record and have over a dozen blokes this year including my boss and all the other directors.”

“I’m a director, Sandy, you’ll be welcome in my bed if you’re ever desperate.” Invited Jean.

Dinner was good and when finished, Jim took me to the bar where the drinks were paid for by the company. “Here’s your badge, Hans.” Jim gave me a small pink badge with ‘TwentiesAction Hans 403’ printed and written on it. “I hope Jean was as entertaining as Sandy. I hope you’ve brought a good supply of condoms. If not, you can always get them in the Hotel shop. Most of the girls are on the pill and after a disaster two years ago when we all caught Chlamydia, we’ve recommended that everyone gets themselves tested for STDs in the fortnight before the conference and again when they get home.”

Jim told me the timetable “Today is Sunday. The main contingent of fifty seven arrives late tomorrow afternoon. We’ll have a rehearsal tomorrow at eleven a.m. in the conference room on the first floor, the conference is Tuesday and Wednesday.

On Thursday we have a day off in Benidorm. We all go home on Friday afternoon. The hotel Disco is in the basement. That’s where most of the hook-ups will happen. Remember that if the TwentiesAction badge hasn’t a room number on it, they are either not interested or want to make their own arrangements. The bar is free for anyone with a black and silver TwentiesAction badge.”

“Everybody who came on the flight today has one as well as a few VIPs coming tomorrow. Here’s yours.” Jim passed me one to wear while continuing “One or sometimes two people will be coming from each office and a few from head office. They’re about two thirds female and one third male so we’ll almost definitely get lucky! Any problems, I’m next door in 401.” but let’s grab the girls and go into town for some tapas.”

The three secretaries came to the bar and had a couple of drinks. Then Sandy came up to Jim and told him that they were going to the disco. “I thought we could all go for some tapas as we’re in Spain.

“Trevor’s waiting for us in the disco.” The blonde one told us.

“Trev can come too, Jan.”

In the lift going down, Jim introduced me to the girls. Brunette Val, redhead Sandy and blonde Jan who were all opposite me in rooms 402, 404 and 406 respectively. They all looked about my age. I had already taken an immediate fancy for Jan when I worked with her at head office where she was the Director of Communications’ secretary. She was very pretty with her hair in blonde ringlets and had a flirtatious character.

The three secretaries together with Jim, Trevor and me walked up the hill towards the town centre.

In the waning light, we passed couples and mixed groups on their way for an evening out in the bars and clubs. The girls were mostly dressed for the heat. I could see tits and bums, legs and thighs, tummies and cleavages. In fact as much skin as could be shown and still remain decent. My favourite were four girls and one bloke of about college age. One only appeared to be wearing a crocheted vest. Her nipples were peaking through the gaps in the fabric although her long dark hair was hiding them at times. It was only when she was inches away from me that I noticed that she was also wearing a g-string the same colour as her tanned body. “That bloke is going to have a good night” I thought. As the women walked, their boobs were jiggling under their bikini tops.

A few minutes later, at the edge of an old square, Jim led us into a fairly nondescript bar, “This bar serves the best tapas in Alicante.” Jim told us. I was surprised, the bar didn’t look great but once we had been through the door, the number and variety of tapas was amazing.

“This bar is good and not expensive.” Jim told us. “I bring all my holiday makers here and Manuel gives us a discount.

On my first plate, I chose Calamaries; some croquettes and chorizo sausage cooked in cider; all washed down with some Larios gin with, of course, Fanta Lemon. All the others chose similarly tasty treats such as beef meatballs covered with half an inch of mashed potato before being deep fried, skewers of meat and pickles, battered chillies which were MOSTLY mild with the occasional surprise. The plates were all laid out on the table with everybody helping themselves from the selection.

“The company’s paying.” Trevor told us. Popular dishes were replaced and the glasses were refilled. After nearly two hours of eating and in particular drinking, Trevor paid the bill and we all staggered back to the hotel, hand in hand.

Because he knew the way, Jim led us. Sandy held one of his hands and followed. Sandy’s other arm was wrapped round Trevor who stumbled after her. With Jan holding Trevor in one hand and me in the other, I followed Jan down the hill towards the sea leading Val towards the hotel. Jan’s fingers were entwined with mine and I could feel her thumb circling my palm.

My ex-girlfriend, Amber had told me that when she had been a school girl, she and her friends had circled their thumbs in a bloke’s palm as a signal that they wanted to be screwed by whoever they were doing it to. Maybe Jan had been to the same posh school. They were about the same age. “Was your school Wycombe Abbey?” I asked Jan.

“Why do you ask?”

“One of my ex-girlfriends, Amber Harrison, used to circle her thumb in my hand like that. I was just wondering...”

“Yes, Amber was in my boarding house on Marlow Hill until she was expelled for sneaking a town boy in one evening. She was the house slut. She lost her cherry when she was only fourteen. You know what that means with my thumb and your palm, then? Well, you’ll have to wait until we get back to my room!”

Jan had been largely responsible for organising the conference such as deciding who was assigned to each hotel room. I assume that it was her who assigned me with a Junior Suite rather than a standard room.

Val had setup a private FaceBook group where all the on-line hook-ups could happen.

We managed to arrive at the hotel safely and went down to the discotheque.

The disco was small and loud. Credence Clearwater Revival’s Bad Moon Arising was playing. The girls were dancing. Sandy’s huge bazonkas were bouncing straining the buttons on her blouse as she danced with Jim. Val and Jan were dancing together with Trevor. I joined them. When the music slowed down, we all held hands in a circle and got closer. Val’s blouse was unbuttoned by probably one button too many so I could see most of her cleavage. She noticed me looking and winked. After half an hour of dancing, Jan said “I need a drink. Who’s coming?” All five of us followed her to the bar. We all had a couple of drinks with the Spanish barman putting a lot of booze in every glass. After the first, Jan said “After all that booze, I’m feeling very horny. I’m going up for a ‘rest’. 406 if anyone would like to join me. Please?” We all picked up our glasses and followed her to the lift.

In the lift, Jan leaned over and kissed both me and Jim as did Val but using more of her tongue. Once the room door was unlocked, we all went in and collapsed on Jan’s bed. I could see that Jim’s hand was up Val’s skirt while she kissed him passionately. His hand reappeared, this time pulling her panties down. Val raised her legs and shook the panties to the floor. I followed his cue and soon Jan was pantyless as well.

“Come and help me undress, Hans.” asked Sandy as she took off her dress then her panties, revealing that she was a natural redhead. “Will you help me with my bra please, Hans?”

When I reached behind Sandy and unclipped her bra, her vast orbs spilled out in front of me.

“I’ve already had Jim and Trevor this afternoon, so it looks like it’s your turn, Hans.” Ignoring the delights of Val and Jan, I laid back on the bed so that Sandy could lower herself on top of me and guide my dick into her wet vulva. Soon she was bouncing on and off me driving my manhood in and out of her. I looked to my right and left. Both Val and Jan had completely stripped. While I feasted my eyes on Jan’s perfect body, Jim had started fucking Val as she rode him. Her medium sized boobs were firm and perky and I enjoyed looking at them until Jim cupped them both in his hands, hiding them from my view. On top of me, Sandy was nearly at her first orgasm. Because I had fucked Jean earlier, I was not desperate to cum and Sandy came at least five times before the pleasure of screwing her made me release my jism into her.

I allowed Sandy to pull herself completely off me before Jan said “My turn.” and rolled over so she was on her hands and knees with her bum in the air. I attempted to couple with her in the canine fashion but was not yet hard enough to manage it.

“Sorry, Jan.” I said. “I’ll need at least ten minutes to recover before I can satisfy you.”

“Remember I’m on a promise, Hans.” Jan gobbled my knob but when that had no effect, she sucked each of my balls while stroking my soft excuse for a dick with one hand while stroking my perineum with the other spit covered hand.

I was extremely surprised when a wet middle finger made its way into my bumhole and started caressing my prostate. Ten minutes later, she had successfully milked me without my erection reasserting itself. Without me apparently cumming, my jism dribbled out of my cock and onto her lips. For over a minute, the milky liquid continued to pour out of my dong as Jan continued to tickle my prostate while Jan gathered it all into her mouth, finally licking up what had got away with her tongue and swallowed it all. “Thank you, Jan. I feel totally drained and satisfied.”

“In that case, I’m going to the bar,” stated Jan “What can I get everyone?” she enquired in her posh private school accent.

There were two G&Ts, one Vodka/Tonic, Jim’s beer, Trev’s Whisky and my Gin and Lemon Fanta. Jan put her skirt, blouse and shoes back on and went to fill our orders. Jim had successfully finished screwing Val so he moved over and played with Sandy’s tits. Sandy was soon on the boil and started giving Jim a blowjob leaving Val to come to me. With me on my back, Val kissed me. What a kisser! As her tongue roamed around my mouth, I could feel my todger coming to life again. My right hand went behind her and caressed her bum. My middle finger went across her perineum and into the slit below. Wiggling my finger made Val pant more and when two more fingers joined it she shuddered with passion. Val had turned me fully on. I needed a fuck urgently.

At that moment, Jan came through the door carrying a tray of drinks which put the dampers on things. Even Jim and Sandy stopped what they were doing while Trevor withdew his dick from Val’s mouth. Jan handed out he drinks and we all had a huge glug. “Are you ready yet, Hans?” Jan asked.

“Whenever you are.” Jan first took off her shoes then her blouse and finally her skirt. On the sight of Jan’s slim body, my erection reasserted itself.

“What’s your favourite position?” She asked.

“Boat Race” I immediately answered.

“I don’t know that. Show me.”

I went to where there was space on the big bed and sat there with my legs on the bed in front of me and my erection vertical. “Now sit on my thighs with your legs out too.”

“With your cock inside me?”

“That’s it.” She was already damp so I slipped into her, holding her upper arms. “You too.” I instructed. I used her arms to pull her towards me brushing her engorged nipples with my chest. I kissed her when her mouth whenever it was in reach of my lips. The rocking to and fro was moving my cock inside her. Within a few minutes, I could tell from the sounds she was making that Jan was becoming aroused. “Thank you, Hans. This is really lovely. My froufrou was feeling sore from where Jim was pounding into it but this is very gentle.” she whispered. We had been at it for ten minutes when her actions became less gentle as I brought her to a crescendo in her climax. I found it impossible to cum yet again although what Jan refereed to as her froufrou was a wonderful place to be inside.

Jim and Sandy had left and gone next door from where I could hear Sandy screaming with passion. Thankfully, they had left before Jan had complained about Jim being too rough. It was now ten o’clock. Val waited until we had finished then instructed me “Room 404 at midnight. I’m going back to the bar now” before putting her clothes back on and leaving.

“Well, Hans,” said Jan “it looks as though you’ll be having all three of us tonight.”

“Only if I can manage it.” I replied as I was putting my T-shirt and jeans back on. “Thank you, that was wonderful, as are you.”

Jan was putting her clothes back on. I waited until she was completely dressed although without her bra and panties and kissed me resoundingly while the sounds of Jim and Sandy next door had quietened and we heard the door closing. Our kiss came to an end and we left hand in hand headed for the bar. In the lift, Jan told me that if I felt in need of a shag during the next four days and nights, to seek her out as she’d love to be fucked by my thick cock again. She gave me the number of her mobile phone so I could book her beforehand because the other girls had let her know that several of her male colleagues intended to fuck her as they had during previous conferences.

In the bar, Val was sitting with Jim whereas Sandra was just leaving with Neil who was the managing director and her boss. It looked as though she was about to make good her intent to screw him. Trevor appeared to have gone off with Jan.

Jim went up to the bar so I had a chance to ask Val “Did you really mean that I was to come to your room at midnight?”

“Of course. If you don’t make it by a quarter past, I’ll come to yours. 403 isn’t it?”

I laid on my bed for a rest and slept right through the appointed time. At twelve twenty I was awoken by a knock on my door. I opened it and there was Val barefoot in a white towelling robe. “You didn’t come over, so I’ve come to you.”

“Sorry, I fell asleep.” Val took me by the hand and led me to the huge bed which was still rumpled from when I had been fucking Jean. “Who is your boss, Val?”

“I’m Jean’s secretary, Sandy works for Neil and Jan for Trevor.” While telling me this, Val had turned back the bedclothes, dropped her gown showing that she was naked underneath it and slipped between the sheets. I removed the robe I had donned to answer the door and slipped, also naked, in beside her. Val’s oral skills were probably the best I had ever encountered as she showed me when she first kissed me and later with her kisses all over my body culminating in probably the best blowjob I’d ever enjoyed. Her copulation skills were also pretty good as she made me cum sooner than I would have expected.

Her taut buttocks and firm breasts were a joy to encounter. After only twenty minutes of fucking, I fell asleep still inside her.

Setup day When I woke the following morning with my body aching from too much sex (if there is such a thing), I wondered who the long brown hair belonged to until Val woke as well and I remembered clearly.

There was a bite mark on my shoulder and my testicles ached like they’d been sat on.

We ate breakfast and I went to the conference room, unpacked my equipment and set it up with a speaker each side of the back-projection screen and a bright video projector projecting on it. My audio mixer was at the back of the audience. I put black gaffa tape across the cables running to and from it so that nobody would trip over them.

Jim had brought the media disks and a laptop with the presentations on it. I played the video files and projected a short test of the video projection. The four directors came in about eleven and rehearsed their presentations. The longest was from Trevor who I knew from when I had installed the conference room in head office. There would also be minor presentations from five key delegates While Neil was rehearsing his introduction, I asked Jim “How was your night?”

“Well as you know, I fucked all three of the girls. Tonight will be better. I’m on a promise from half a dozen wenches from head office. His phone chimed to say he’d got a text.

“The delegates’ coach has arrived and I need to go down and get the five who are giving presentations to come here as soon as they have unpacked.” Half an hour later he was back with the five. He introduced them to me. “David from Manchester, Naomi from Brighton, Christopher from Bristol, Jenny from Cambridge and Morag from Glasgow. I couldn’t believe my luck. I had three days to attempt to seduce Morag. David, Christopher and Jenny all shook my hand. Naomi kissed my cheek but Morag kissed my lips.

We all had dinner together in the same room. After, each delegate was given their badge with the TwentiesAction Holidays logo, their name and in most cases their room number. I had previously seen that only three of the male badges had a blue background although half a dozen girls had pink backgrounds and five had white ones. The bar was opened at the back of the room. Let the mating begin.

I went through the crowd towards the bar. There were well over two dozen attractive women wearing blue badges. I would be spoilt for choice. I saw Morag on her way from the bar with two drinks. Obviously there’s somebody else who she was teamed up with. I watched her as she approached a young woman with jet black hair who was one of those wearing a white badge. As she turned, I could see that Morag’s badge was blue and it had a room number on it.

I was served with my drink. It’s so much faster when no money is involved. I made my way over to where Morag and her friend were chatting. “Hans!” called out Morag. She threw her arms round me and this time, I could feel her tongue against my lips when she kissed me.

“How’s your meeting room working?” I asked her.

“Perfectly isn’t it Lizzie. Sorry, I haven’t introduced you. This is my colleague Liz.”

Liz also hugged me and kissed my lips. From their badges, I could see that they were in adjoining rooms 487 and 489 at the other end of the zigzagging corridor. “I’m hedging my bets, Hans,” Liz told me “Last year, Morry said there weren’t enough men tae gang round and because I’m bi, A’m offering masell tae wummin as weel.”

“Well,” I informed her “Because I find you so attractive, you can spend tonight with me if you wish.”

“I saw him first!” stated Morag “Me first please, Hans.”

“Please don’t fight over me, girls. You’ve got three nights when I can enjoy each of you and there are a score of other blokes to choose from. I’ll tell you what ... Mingle and try to pick someone up and if either of you doesn’t succeed, come to my room at midnight and I’ll take care of you.”

“Whit room’s that?” asked Liz.


“A’richt, shall we huv a go th’ disco?” asked Liz.

The three of us took the lift that went down two floors to the Discotheque in the basement.

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