Cat Women of Kato

by Midsummerman

Copyright© 2019 by Midsummerman

BDSM Sex Story: Dedicated to Michelle, and her slave husband Mike, this a tale requested of me, which highlights the fantasy held by her, in putting her no longer required husband to good use and reaping the benefits from it. Mike is told he's to have a trip away, and taken to a hedonistic resort, accompanied by his owner and a professional Mistress, he encounters many humiliations before learning that the resort itself is not the final destination involved - where Michelle realises complete satisfaction.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   NonConsensual   Slavery   Heterosexual   High Fantasy   BDSM   FemaleDom   Humiliation   Sadistic   Snuff   Torture   Group Sex   Analingus   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Voyeurism   .

Michelle lay back in the comfort of her chair, and shared glances between the insurance documents in her hand, and the erotic efforts so professionally applied by a hired dominatrix upon the subject of the paperwork she reviewed, her dominated husband, Mike, now known simply as ‘Slave’ for the duration of his punishing appointment.

She watched as her husband cowered under the torment of Madam Xavier’s short but effective whip, she, having no affection for her client whatsoever, applying every stroke with the maximum effect it was designed for, her work an absolute pleasure. Michelle grinned with satisfaction as Xavier had him beg for every stroke; she was an expensive outlay, but worth every penny of the fee she charged, but Michelle knew those costs would soon be recovered, and the expenditure nominal by comparison to what she’d come into.

Madam Xavier was a very special dominatrix indeed, and her enjoyment of sadism over masculinity extended much farther than the mere whipping served upon Michelle’s husband. She had much darker connections within a community, with whom Michelle was on the fringe of, having become entwined after Xavier had entered into discussions regarding her desires. Michelle watched in high arousal, as her deeply submissive husband was made to beg for a final vicious serving of the whip, receiving it most ardently from the lithe and athletic Xavier, then allowed a sniff at her sex which bulged in prominent arousal through her black satin panties, before being ordered to kneel in a far corner facing the walls ... out of earshot.

Michelle’s eyes studied his immediate obedience to the order with satisfaction; he’d be freed from the cruelly tight cock cage he wore, when Xavier left, and allowed to masturbate at her feet in thanks for the rigid discipline she’d allowed him, as was one of their rituals, and Michelle would enjoy the tribute more than ever this day, as it would probably be his final opportunity to do so. Xavier shook her flock of auburn hair, closing her vividly spiteful eyes for a moment in showing her obvious satisfaction as she strode over to Michelle ... to discuss further satisfaction which would put her in good stead with some of those darker contacts she had.

“As it’s been over two years since you extended his insurance value, it shouldn’t raise any eyebrows at the insurance company ... maybe the odd cock from makes like your Mike, who like to fantasise.” Michelle grinned, her sex warming to having her husband masturbate at her feet, knowing what she had in store for him, her eyes watching his freshly striped back and buttocks quiver with the stinging soreness they awarded him, as he crouched in submissive obedience in the far corner. Xavier took the liberty of sliding a welcome finger through the moist material silhouetting the slot of her sex as she eyed the paperwork.

“Middle-aged men go missing all the time, the insurance companies have innumerable cases on hold, where disappearance awaits the evidence of their possible demise, as so many are simply wayward and tired of their domestic drudgery, leaving wives without the merest hint ... of course, we won’t have that problem ... the only delay in payment will be confirmation of what remains of the corpse is actually him.” She stroked her sex again as she eyed the now condemned male quivering in the corner.

“ ... a DNA test will be required on what little remains.” Michelle sighed, deeply aroused now she’d become intent on the disposal of her husband, and went over the plan again, through sheer sexual excitement.

“So Marambo Island has its own little zoo ... not too well administered and, shall we say, a little lax with its health and safety, just outside the emerging tourist resort, little known as yet to the general public...” Xavier grinned and pursed her lips.

“Oh yes ... I’ve been privy to a couple of visits there, it’s a sweetly hedonistic resort, frequented by perverts and the sexually liberated alike ... hence it being shied away from by the major tourist companies, but the isle of Kato, which lies a mile or so farther out, is where heaven for femininity ... and hell for masculinity truly exists ... the shambles of a zoo back on Marambo will be simply be the final key in our little project.” Michelle sighed as she squirmed her crossed legs together, squeezing at the warmth of her moist pussy in stimulating it.

“ ... and Kato is virtually unknown to outsiders ... despite the abundant community who exist there?...” Xavier was most sincere and confident in her response, heaving her taut breasts with the pride of her revelations in indulging Michelle once more - used to the cautiousness of her clients, Michelle being one of many who would know absolute satisfaction.

“Not even the most inquisitive of islanders venture to Kato, such is its dark history and the myths that surround it. It’s only populous use was as a leper colony some two hundred years back, and the decimation of that colony through some viral disease, probably just influenza, has added to the taboo in keeping unwanted visitors at bay ... and this has been reinforced by rumours spread by senior women, who unknown to the islanders, frequent the island freely ... they’ve used the local media, and general hearsay, to promote the idea that Kato has since been contaminated by a covert biological warfare experiment, courtesy of the military - nobody is foolhardy enough to test the rumour.” Michelle smirked with anticipation as she thought on how she’d enjoy the adventure of the covert way in which Kato was accessed.

“The thought of making that night-time boat trip really excites me, the audacity of it, going out unnoticed as one of the illuminated fishing boats ... then fading out the lamp when a safe distance from any of the other craft, a real master stroke...” Xavier concurred with a wicked smile directed at the obediently crouching husband, who’d soon make Michelle a widow.

“Yes, and he’ll be made to know the full excitement of it too ... the snuffing out of the light, sweetly symbolic, and having him know that he’ll likely soon be extinguished too ... you can have him know it’s his final journey at that point, should the whim take you, I’ve witnessed that before, and it’s so hotly erotic...”

Xavier looked whimsically over to the crouching male who’d offer up so much sadistic pleasure, in serving his ultimate purpose in enriching his wife.

“Of course there’s the flight down to the mainland, then the ferry to Marambo first ... it’ll be such a thrill for the both of you, and him in particular when he sees me join you at the airport ... he’ll know this is going to be a very special vacation indeed, the hedonistic atmosphere of Marambo will give him a taste of what’s to come ... and when he steps upon that boat at dusk on the chosen evening, he’ll know his place in life is total obedience to all womanhood.” Michelle had been more than happy to have Xavier as her guide, for a small consideration from what the insurance would provide, knowing the monetary covering of her costs was secondary to the erotic pleasure it awarded her in seeing a male she’d dominated, receive just what he deserved.

Xavier slipped on a tight skirt over her shapely legs and put on her equally tight jacket, adjusting her hair in a mirror as Michelle sauntered to the centre of the floor within earshot of Mike, then clicked her fingers; the signal he knew meant his wife demanded his attention. Xavier smirked with satisfaction through the reflection of the mirror, on seeing Michelle point to her feet, and her husband crawl to them; his pathetic position of utter servitude so gratifyingly illustrated, without Michelle uttering a word. She sneered down at him, pointing to her lips, the signal confirming he was allowed to date speak in her presence. His cock bulged in anticipation within the tight confines of his cage, before daring to utter.

“Yes ... my Queen?.” Michelle loved his grovelling, and would miss it when he was dealt with, but she’d soon find a replacement with her contacts now.

“Crawl to Madam Xavier’s feet, and thank her for allowing you to indulge her pleasure...” Xavier turned from the mirror and stood hand on hip, her figure of absolute dominance demanding servitude from masculinity at all times, and Mike would gladly bow to that feminine power as he scuttled to her feet on all fours, aching to humiliate himself before her at every moment.

“Thank you ... thank you Madam Xavier ... for allowing me your whip...” Michelle sneered as he humbled himself at the feet of the severe dominatrix.

“ ... and beg her forgiveness for weeping under the cut of her whip.” Both women had thoroughly enjoyed seeing him reduced to tears, and humiliating him with it after the occasion, was always a wholesome pleasure for them, and a shamefully submissive pleasure for him too.

“Please ... please Madam Xavier ... I beg your forgiveness for crying in your presence...” Xavier’s cunt oozed with spiteful contempt at the sincerity of his tone ... and of just how his tears might flow with the prospect of what he faced, if only he knew...

“Oh ... you’ll be made to pay for that, the next time we meet ... and you’ll know the extent of my forgiveness.” Michelle sighed, deeply in need of her favourite vibrator now; Xavier’s tease exquisite. She barked at her husband, not wishing to delay Xavier any further.

“Kiss her feet slave! ... then come and kiss mine.” Xavier grinned with satisfaction as Mike plied his lips lovingly at the toes of her shoes, till the click of Michelle’s fingers told him the tribute was satisfactory. Xavier gave her a broad smile as she strutted out, while Mike returned on all fours and applied his lips to the heeled shoes of his owner. Michelle delighted in bestowing upon him, some knowledge of the turgid adventure to come as he grovelled at her feet.

“I’ve decided we’re to go on a nice tropical vacation ... it’ll be the trip of a lifetime for both of us.” She clicked her fingers and Mike looked up to her with his eyes full of anticipation; the idea of a vacation excited him, but his immediate need was to shoot his load in submission. Michelle was more than aware of this of course, sneering at his pathetic yearning.

“Well slave, does that news not register any excitement within you? ... you’d best show it, if you want to masturbate for me.” Mike made himself prone at her feet, in a gesture of absolute submission, the soreness of his freshly applied striping having him writhe on craning his neck to look up to his Queen longingly.

“Yes ... oh yes my Queen ... a change from here would be ... would be wonderful.” Michelle grinned at the knowledge that the change would be permanent, and gave him a satisfied smile as her delicate fingers unhitched the small key which hung from her necklace.

“Up! ... I’ll see that tribute now.” Mike stood for the few moments allowed, while she unlocked the tiny padlock, and with his freed cock unfurling, Mike sank to his knees, his cock immediately rigid and pointing up in a salute to his owner. Michelle enjoyed watching him pant for a few moments, his hands held obediently by his side’s as his cock perked and pulsed.

“Thank me for allowing you such pleasure, Slave.” Mike shuddered on his knees with the intensity of his yearning.

“Thank you ... thank you my Queen ... for allowing me to be punished for your pleasure...” She grinned, and sorely in need of relief herself, allowed him to humiliate himself.

“You’ll masturbate for me now ... and be quick about it ... you have one minute, no more ... if you fail to shoot, you’ll not be given the chance again ... til we arrive at our vacation resort.” Mike sighed as he grabbed his aching cock, and began to strop its erect length vigorously, Michelle’s smiling eyes nowhere near a clock - she knew a minute was far longer than he’d ever require after such erotic stimulation, but she taunted him just the same, to have him expel the maximum tribute from his balls.

“You’re so pathetic ... nothing more than a mere plaything of women. You’re going to be taught a lesson when on vacation ... and you’ll know submission as never experienced before.” Mike’s mind was flooded with the erotic aura of his present position, the delicious whipping from Xavier, and the promise of domination away from home ... and spurted hard in pure ecstasy in no more than 30 seconds, so intensely erotic had been the atmosphere that day, the reason for it, he’d shortly be made aware of in just a few days time. Michelle watched his face contort in the grip of sordid lust as he spent his jets of semen, sending loops of cream to the floor and the toes of her shoes, letting him jerk and pulse to complete his orgasm before humiliating him further.

“Lick that mess up ... immediately!” Even post orgasm, Mike showed her the pathetic pleasure it gave him, in licking up his own cream from the floor, and especially from her shoes. She watched with satisfaction as his tongue was worked liberally over the pointed toes of her heeled shoes, licking every sticky globule of warm semen from them.

“Into the bedroom ... you’ll now watch me indulge what you can’t have “ He knew the drill, and followed her on all fours to the bedroom, kneeling with his arms by his side as she slipped into the bed and eased her panties down, lifting her thighs and spreading them to reveal her shaven pussy, hot, moist, and the puffy lips poking her clitoris, in need of stimulation to blissful oblivion. She slipped the generously proportioned vibrator from the bedside draw, and soon had its bulbous head shining with lubrication as she slipped it through her silky folds, sighing as she addressed her slave of a husband further.

“Ooooh ... You so much as touch that cock, and you’ll not be allowed to lick me clean ... aaaahhh...” Mike stared hard at her wet cunt receiving the attentions of the rock hard and buzzing vibrator, which he could never hope to emulate, needing all his will power to keep his hands from his cock, which now began to rise once more, despite it’s recent discharge; the denial exquisite. With all that was so erotically stimulating on her mind, it didn’t take the gloriously large vibrator to work its magic, and with it inserted deep in her cleft and held back hard against her clitoris, Michelle was enveloped in the thoughts of the pleasures to come, and lifted her legs high as she succumbed to a superbly satisfying orgasm, her moans, and the sight of her pleasure, leaving Mike envious and erect once more.

Michelle’s taut legs teased Mike, as she pointed her toes to the ceiling, and let the intensity of her pleasure burst from her lungs in abject ecstasy, squeezing hard at the wide girth of the phallus as the pleasure warped through her, then easing her legs as the bliss subsided. She half smiled, half sneered, at Mike, her eyes also half closed with the satisfying relief.

“Get up here now and lick me clean! ... asshole first...” Mike was on the bed immediately, his tongue lapping at the lushly exposed pucker impatiently, tasting its delicious tangs as he squirmed his cock at the sheets, longing to come again but knowing he’d be denied it. Michelle loved the obedient service of his tongue at her ass and pussy, and felt a slight pang of conscience in knowing he’d not be doing it for much longer ... but that thought passed almost immediately. He’d had his chance, now his use was spent; the pleasure of his disposal and the freedom to dominate whosoever, far outweighed it ... immeasurably.

Mike was puzzled at Michelle’s choice of clothing for the journey; a long black dress, sheer black stockings, and black veiled hat, almost funeral-like, considering the climate of their destination. By contrast she had chosen a thin beige suit for him, a strange tone which looked almost pink under certain lighting; she knew he disliked wearing it, as it exposed him to the world wonderfully, and the almost effeminate pink tone it showed at times, would have people question his sexuality. This mattered not a jot to Michelle of course, excepting that it gave her pleasure at the subtle humiliation it offered him; he was owned, and many members of the public would guess that status too, much to her satisfaction. The fact that he was caged and anally plugged whenever they ventured out together, ensured not just the garish outfit kept him suitably humiliated ... and he couldn’t deny the perversely submissive pleasure that gave him.

Michelle smiled as she strutted from the cab, leaving Mike to struggle with the suitcases, many eyes glancing furtively at the couple as they made there way through the airport terminal, and many of the women in particular, giving knowing smiles as they guessed at seeing a male who knew his place. Mike blushed visibly at the exertion of keeping up with his strutting wife, while unconscious and anonymous scorn monitored his presence, but this was nothing as to the blush which glowed warmly, on seeing a curt smile from someone already at the baggage desk.

There awaiting them, dressed also in black, was none other than Madam Xavier. She looked down at him with an air of absolute contempt.

“Surprise! ... you didn’t think I’d miss out the opportunity to see that you adhere to strict obedience whilst on vacation, did you?” Mike’s cock, which had swelled nicely to accommodate his cage on being exposed in the ridiculous suit so eagerly by his wife, and had been further teased by the abundance of pert and smartly uniformed air hostesses with their tarty air of sexual authority, now bulged hard in its confinement at the prospect of being whipped in an exotic situation. After greeting Xavier, Michelle’s smile turned to a spiteful sneer as her face was redirected toward her husband.

“You’ll do just as you’re told, and not question anything we arrange for you ... if you do, you’ll be gagged in public.” Xavier grinned at the notion, and teased Mike’s cock further, after he’d been firmly and justly put in his place verbally.

“Oh, imagine the shame of that ... and imagine how hard you’d come at the next opportunity, after such humiliation ... I’d so love to see that.” Mike knew his place, and this was further emphasised by the fact that he now trailed behind two women when the time came to go to the departure gate, much to the amusement of many onlookers who guessed correctly that he was a dominated male; they could not however, dare to imagine the sordid depths of domination he was to face, nor could they ever have guessed that he was to be snuffed out in a frenzy of sadistic sexual gratification of womanhood ... there was a very good reason for the women’s choice of black, and their pert arousal grew with every step.

As they boarded the plane, the contemptuous and curt smiles offered him by the shapely hostesses made it clear that this charter was no typical flight, and these thoughts were furthered in his mind as he noticed the meek demeanour of the males already occupying seats, and the haughty and smug expressions of the females accompanying them ... so obviously their owners. Michelle took the window seat, Mike was ushered to the middle, and Xavier hitched her black dress back to show him the glorious sight of her long legs in black nylon and tall spiked heels as she crossed her legs in the aisle seat. It was now obvious to all and sundry that he was their pet, being taken to know their pleasure. Xavier grinned as she scanned the content of equally captive masculinity, then leaned across Mike to speak with Michelle.

“I wonder how many of these will be on the return flight ... it’ll be interesting to see.” Michelle smirked knowingly, but Mike thought little of it, thinking Xavier simply wondered how many would stay for the same period ... the length of which he’d not been informed of. Michelle knew exactly what she meant however, her cunt oozing nicely as she fantasised about returning on a female only flight. Her rational mind told her, however, that the vast majority of these males would never venture from Marambo; they’d be dominated to satisfaction on the hedonistic island, blissfully enduring their masochism and unaware of the existence of the sadistic feminine utopia of Kato.

Mike was as yet unaware of Kato too, of course, and that he was to be thoroughly dominated on Marambo for a couple of days, in preparation for the extremes he’d know when reaching his final destination. The shapely hostesses were unaware of it too, but were in no doubt as to the status of every male on the flight, swaggering their curvaceous figures down the aisle, and taking every opportunity to indulge the male passengers in their humiliation. A spitefully redheaded one, whose maturity and naturally sneering eyes illuminated her alabaster face, had caught his, chose to goad him under the pretence of being helpful. She leaned into their seats, displaying an ample and sweetly freckled cleavage for his benefit.

“Can I help you ladies with anything?...” before either had a chance to respond she pursed her red lips and altered the direction of her gaze toward Mike, and adopted a somewhat more curt tone.

“ ... why, what a lovely pink suit ... I’ll bet that was chosen for you...” Mike blushed a little, his face blending with what he wore, more with his excitement at being discussed by the shapely redhead, than the actual content of her conversation. Michelle answered, pleased to indulge the hostess’s pleasure in humiliating him.

“Of course ... I chose it for him, as I do ALL his clothes.” The pleasured tone in Michelle’s voice had her warm to their company.

“Have you been to Marambo before? ... I always love being involved in flights there, especially as I get to stay for a couple of nights, as there’s no flight back for two days, due to the err... ‘exclusivity’ of the resort...” Mike’s cock swelled to its maximum in the cage as she gave a furtive look to make sure no-one was listening.

“ ... and being an independent woman, I like to make the most of my stay, with a little of the entertainments on offer.” Xavier grinned at her bold and authoritative manner ... and obvious interest in humiliating their property.

“I’ve been a couple of times before, and know just what you mean about entertainment there ... so pleasing for a certain sort of woman ... especially the independent type ... we’re staying at the Alhambra, I’m sure Mike would love to have you join us for a few drinks there - he can show you what else we like to have him wear.” The redhead’s nipples bulged visibly through the fabric of her uniform blouse, echoing what was happening within her tight skirt.

“Oh, I’m there too ... it’s the best of what little accommodation there is to offer on Marambo ... I’ll be delighted to have a drink or two with you ... and be entertained by your male.” She grinned with anticipation, and waltzed off down the isle, providing Mike with a prelude to the entertainment he could expect, he swallowing hard and watching the glorious movement of her ample buttocks in the tight uniform. Michelle sneered with curt satisfaction as he squirmed in his seat.

“If you’ve spoiled the inside of that suit you’ll pay dearly for it ... I’ll have you obey absolute control at all times.’ She laughed softly as he continued to gape at the matronly hostess, knowing he yearned to spurt for her.

“You’re a lucky slave Mike ... treated to the whiff of ginger pussy no sooner than you’ve arrived ... I’m so going to enjoy watching her dominate you, and I’ve a feeling she’ll do it most thoroughly.”

Mike’s heart had raced, after the plane had taxied to a halt and the doors had been opened to greet the stairways, the tropical heat wafting into the fuselage, his cold sweat now transformed to one released in earnest. The two women in black didn’t mind the fact that the atmosphere and their garb had them perspire; they’d both be granted a cooling relief from it at their most intimate places, as soon as they reached their hotel. The redheaded hostess had greeted the women with a generous smile as they filed past her, then had moved forward slightly as Mike passed, having him brush past her and take the closeness of her scent, her contemptuous smile as she confirmed she was as tall as him in her heels, ensured the dribbling from his cage would earn him an instant caning at the hotel ... and the promise of the taste of aroused ginger pussy would have him endure it with masochistic pleasure.

Once again sat in symbolic confinement between the two stern matriarchs in the rear of the taxi, Mike craned his neck to take in the sights of the palm bedecked island, the occasional glances of the taxi driver - appropriately female - catching his eye in the rear view mirror. She’d seen it all before, and knew he was there to gratify the sexual desires of womanhood, her sneering glances adding to Mike’s masochistic aura wonderfully. Both he and Michelle could see that this island was in its infancy as a tourist resort, it was nothing like anywhere they’d been before, more like a film set from some adventure film made many decades ago, untouched and serene - it was perfect.

As the taxi wound down a road to a sunlit bay, into what passed as the centre of the main town, things took on a little more of a commercial tone, as this was where the delights of hedonism took place; evidence of small bars and nightclubs appeared, set between rickety shops ... and cafés occupied by tourists, some of whom were dressed in a very risqué fashion, their eyes surveying the taxi’s arrival. As the car swept round a bend giving an open aspect to the sparkling sea, Xavier’s eyes twinkled at Michelle’s as a distant islet made itself visible on the horizon. Xavier knew full well what it was, but enquired upon it of the taxi driver, for everyone else’s benefit.

“What’s that over there ... it looks so charming.” The taxi driver smirked with indifference at a remark she’d heard from passengers before.

“Oh it’s anything but charming ... that’s Kato, nobody goes there ... if you go there, you don’t come back, it’s contaminated ... don’t worry, you’re perfectly safe here, and with all that Marambo has to offer, why would you bother with it anyway?” Michelle’s cunt swelled in the sticky heat, now more in need of her slave’s tongue than ever, the actual sight of that distant isle, more arousing than she could ever have imagined. Mike felt the spiteful glare of Xavier’s eyes on him, as she too indulged her sadistic anticipations, he oblivious to them, and thinking no more of what was across the bay, but of the levels of submission the hotel room held for him.

The hotel was grandiose in comparison to the many buildings it sat amongst; obviously converted from some municipal structure leftover from the bygone age of some colonial power, now long forgotten, its once purposeful and austere face, now trimmed with the tasteful facade of domestic usage. Its trimmings did not hide it’s bold austerity completely though; its authoritative character having been preserved by its new owner, to emphasise its prominent status in the town. Mike was to find that air of authority prevailed within its walls also.

As he was allowed from the cab, and its female driver stood smiling, while enjoying the click and pointing of fingers, while Mike was made to retrieve all the luggage alone, as he struggled with the baggage, his eyes peered across the roadway to the azure ocean, and couldn’t help but notice a directional signpost, atop of which, flexing in the warm breeze, was a makeshift arrow-shaped sign, above the permanent fingers pointing to the harbour, town centre, etc. it simply displayed the word ‘Zoo’.

Mike, and indeed Michelle, were soon made aware as to why this hotel was favoured by Xavier and the redheaded hostess; an officious looking woman stepping elegantly out from behind the reception desk within the luxuriously appointed foyer, which belied the simplistic setting in which it was situated. The tall woman greeted her female guests with a broad smile ... and gave the make a curt look of studied contempt as she glided forward in her flowing gown. She snapped her fingers, and two brightly uniformed males scuttled out from an alcove, where they were kept from their unnecessary sight by womanhood, and bowed sheepishly before the female guests before relieving Mike of the baggage.

“Room 16, now!” Keeping their heads bowed, the uniformed males towed the baggage to the elevator without hesitation, the sharp bark of her command, obeyed immediately. Mike stood feeling exposed, now without an immediate purpose, under the smirking gaze of an equally authoritative receptionist who remained behind the marbled desk. The hotel owner enjoyed his feeling of redundancy, eyeing him with indifference for a few moments, before turning to the women again.

“Welcome to the Alhambra, I know you’ll enjoy your stay here ... of course, Madam Xavier is more than familiar with its comfort...” Xavier returned a smile, pleased with the hotelier’s recognition of her, despite having only graced her accommodation on two occasions before; one of a plentiful number of stern women who’d been indulged by her hospitality. The bold woman then indulged Mike’s discomfort with scornful eyes, before softening her glance on addressing Michelle.

“We observe a strict code here, designed to appease the needs of femininity at all times ... males are not allowed in the bar unaccompanied, unless on an errand for their mistress ... and you’ll find every male employed here is respectful in their servitude to your merest whims, each chosen for their natural recognition of ... shall we say, the correct order of things.” She gestured with her hand as a bell announced the return of the elevator, and her guests followed her to it. She sneered with contempt at Mike as he pressed himself back into a corner of the confining restrictions of the elevator, awed by this surreal feminine utopia ... which was as nothing in comparison to what his submission would endure in a few days time.

“This building has a delightful history, which we do our best to continue to add to ... It once served as the point of colonial authority, used as a customs house, slave trading point, prison ... and brothel for those arrogant males abusing their power...” She gave Mike a contemptuous grin, having his cock pulse hard in its cage, and dribble pre-cum through the slot in anticipation of the dialogue to come.

“ ... and when that colonial power inevitably wained, and an uprising ensued, those males who failed to escape paid dearly for the services they’d received ... they were taken to the courtyard at the rear, and hanged upon their own gallows there, by the women of the brothel ... justly displayed on high, and mocked by the true order that would prevail over this establishment.” Michelle laughed cruelly as the elevator dinged its bell and the doors opened to the top floor.

“Oh, I would have so loved to have witnessed that ... once arrogant males, noosed and executed by women.” Xavier grinned at her appetite for it; she’d know the heat of pure arousal when witnessing hangings first hand, when on Kato ... where they were performed as a formality.

The Hotelier smirked proudly as she led them from the lift, and Mike’s eyes were then treated to a further delight in masculine belittlement; a male, dressed in a short frilly maid’s skirt, dropped to his knees and bowed in humility to her, a stern woman in tight black dress stood with her arms crossed, overseeing him, and ensuring he performed his dirty laundry service adequately. The Hotelier grinned as he grovelled at her feet, then looked up to his smirking supervisor.

“See that he sniffs hard at the gusset of every pair of panties ... we want him to know that every woman here owns him, and one day he’ll take the scent of one that will.” As they moved on to room 16, she enlightened the excited Michelle to one of the hotel’s underlying functions.

“Many of the males you see here, are the former pets of guests, donated in payment for their stay. That male is just such an example ... they’re delightfully bewildered at first, but soon disciplined in obediently performing the tasks set out rigidly for them ... when fully trained, they’re purchased by other guests desiring their absolute submission ... so one of the original functions of this building continues, and we’re more than proud to oblige it.”

She paused for a moment and turned to look back, leading the eyes of her guests to the maid and supervisor. They watched as the male maid was awarded an extra humiliation; a bulbous and mature female guest stood outside the open door of her room, and watched with curt satisfaction as the supervisor held the broad and well-soiled gusset of her panties to the maid’s nose, and watched him sniff eagerly at her scent ... teased thoroughly at the proximity of the cunt and anus that had seasoned it so liberally for him. The Hotelier smiled proudly.

“I feel a purchase is imminent, Madam Carter has had her eye on him for some time, and her lengthy stay is coming to and end...” She gave a spiteful sneer toward Mike, whose cock was straining in the cage and oozing further in spoiling his pants, dreaming of being in such a position.

“It’s a pity you’re only here for a couple of days, I’d so love to have your male work his stay as laundry maid.” Michelle concurred, watching Mike blush at their noting his obvious desire to be humiliated that way.

“I’d have loved that too ... and so would he ... but he’ll have to settle for sniffing the novel scent of just the one pair of panties new to him, when a guest receives his hospitality later today ... and he’ll be made to pay dearly for the privilege.”

They turned the corridor which led to room 16, and Michelle’s comfort with how things were at the Alhambra was furthered by the sight of the brightly uniformed males, kneeling with their heads bowed, either side of the door; just their pleasure in displaying their cringing humility before womanhood, more gratuitous to them than any tip could offer. The Hotelier let them indulge their insignificance at the feet of the women for a few moments, then snapped her fingers.

“Back to your station, out of sight!” They left immediately, scurrying back in the hope of the arrival of more female guests. She swung the door wide, and the air through the corridor lifted the lace curtains across the balcony window ahead of them, giving a glimpse of the sea ... and the island of Kato. The Hotelier surveyed the neatly stowed baggage, placed thoughtfully in view, but out from under the feet of the guests by the servile males, and smiled contentedly as she showed the women what was one of her favourite rooms in the hotel.

“I trust the accommodation will be to your liking ... and the view is particularly good from here.” Michelle was determined to have Mike humiliate himself before the Hotelier, prior to her leaving, and held back as the mature woman and Xavier stepped out to the spacious balcony.

“Strip slave ... immediately!” Mike didn’t hesitate, and blushed as pink as the suit he now discarded, as Michelle followed the other women out into the heat of the balcony. Michelle was more than pleased with the view, not just because it gave her a stimulating view of the island on which her husband would be disposed of, but also over the top of a section of screened off beach. Whereas the main beach was decorated with the naked bodies of women leisurely bronzing their breasts, their males in attendance to ply them with cream, the screened off section displayed activities of a more erotic nature. The Hotelier smirked contentedly, as Michelle gaped, captivated by what she saw.

“That’s our private beach ... open to non-residents of a certain disposition who wish to attend, for a small fee.”. Michelle’s clitoris poked in urgent need of physical stimulation, as her eyes took in the parading of leashed males before the goading taunts of an audience of women; in another area, an Amazonian woman flexed her bronzed nakedness, her flesh shimmering as she plied a long leather whip expertly, against the flesh of a tethered male, gagged to preserve some element of privacy to the open situation, but his writhing, testament to the honesty of her applications. A small queue of leashed males cowered at the feet of their mistresses, in awaiting their turn to be gagged, while an eager feminine audience audience admired her prowess with the whip. Michelle’s sexual thrill peaked, as a contemptuous and thoroughly satisfied cheer and applause from the women, was made audible above the crashing of the surf ... the Hotelier guessing her excitement.

,”There ... he’s come for her ... surrendered his seed in absolute submission ... that always pleases the crowd. It’s a real novelty for ladies bringing their pets here for the first time, it teaches their males that the vacation is not for their benefit.” Michelle sighed, and noticed a movement behind the lace curtain.

“Get out here Mike ... Now!” He sheepishly obeyed, and gasped as he was beckoned in his nakedness to the very fore of the balcony, where the bars of which, offered little or no cover from any eyes which cared to glance up to them. Xavier, who’d previously been glancing wistfully at Kato, having been indulged by the beach activity on prior occasions, now applauded the whip mistress loudly, attracting the attention of her, and many of the crowd as another male was gagged and tethered to the semen-adorned bench to offer his surrender. Michelle revelled in her moment, pointing Mike to the Hotelier’s tall shoes.

“Kiss her feet Mike, thank her for allowing you to stay here ... and for showing me some of the attractions which I’ll have you enjoy.” The hot tiles of the balcony tested Mike’s palms and knees as he duly obeyed, and the glinting of sharp sunlight from his cage was much appreciated from the crowd of women looking up to witness a male put firmly in his place. His humiliation blissful as he kissed those feet, the anal plug working it’s magic as his anus clenched hard at it in the crouching position. The whip woman looked up with satisfied eyes, as he in turn, looked up to the Hotelier; she couldn’t hear what he was saying, but it was obvious he was ripe for her whip.

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