Family Camping Trip

by Mixerman

Copyright© 2019 by Mixerman

Incest Sex Story: A family grows together, in all ways.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   mt/Fa   Fa/ft   Ma/Ma   Consensual   Fiction   Incest   .

Dad ... David Sr... 38... 6’... 210lbs... 7’cock

Mom ... Jane... 38... 5’5”... 125lbs... 36 C chest

David Jr ... or DJ... 18... 5’ 11 ½”... 180lbs... 7 “ cock

Judy... 18... 5’2”... 110lbs... 34C chest

Family meeting time! I yell to everyone. Since this is the last summer that we will have before you both go to college, we, meaning your Mother and I, have decided that a family camping trip is in order.

Both kids groaned at the announcement. Camping!?! That’s for young kids. We are heading to college in a few months! DJ said.

Sleeping in a tent on the ground!! Not my thing anymore Dad. Judy yelled at me.

Wait! You have not heard where we will be camping. We want you kids to go off to school with some knowledge about life first. And your Mother and myself think that this camping trip will do the trick. Dad stated.

OK, OK, what will it be backwoods survival training? Judy asked.

No, No, nothing like that. It’s just like I said, we have some information that you kids will hear about when we are there. We are going up to Moose Mountain and there you will get the information from us.

Moose Mountain!!! Where is that? Judy asked. Why not just tell us here!

Your father and I have our reasons. Oh and we will have a cabin to live in. So we will have beds, not hard ground.

Ok, Ok, so when do we leave? Asked DJ.

Tomorrow morning. The suburban will be loaded with everything we need, clothes, sleeping bags, food, everything we will need. Nearest town is about a half hour away, and I figure we will have to go there once.

The next morning, David and DJ load the suburban with sleeping bags, suitcases, boxes of food. Everyone climbs in and is ready for the 4 hour ride. 2 of them are happy and 2 of them are not so happy. In town David stops at the local gas station and fills the suburban up and also 5, 5 gallon containers. 31 minutes later and they are at the cabin. Everyone helps unload the suburban and David and DJ get the generator going. Jane and Judy open up the cabin and put away the food.

Judy is upset that she and DJ will be sharing a bedroom. Jane tells her it will be OK, especially after the big announcement tomorrow. Jane promises her.

While everyone relaxes, Dad hands out beer to himself and DJ. Wine to Jane and Judy. The kids look at their parents with puzzled faces and Jane answers that they can drink while there. Kids now have pleasant looks on their faces. After the long ride and several drinks, everyone is tired and goes to bed.

The next morning, David and Jane are sitting at the table having breakfast, when 2 human like life forms emerge. They sit down and then it hits DJ. MOM!! You are topless!! Mom replies, not only topless, but I’m naked. She stands and shows everyone. DJ’s mouth hangs open as he stares at his Mom’s tits. Judy looks at a shirtless Dad and asks him if he too is naked. He stands up and shows her his semi-hard cock. DJ and Judy look at each other and ask their parents who they are and what happened to their real parents. Jane tells them to get some coffee and rejoin them.

The kids sit and wait for the explanation from the parents. Dad speaks up and says why don’t you kids also get naked. Judy yells out that she is not getting naked in front of her Dad and brother! Dad starts to say something, but Jane puts her hand up to stop him. Jane asks Judy to join her outside for something big to hear.

Once outside Jane told Judy to sit and listen to her, as what she will hear will be a shock to her. Judy sat at the outdoor table and waited to hear the news. Jane started with a deep breath and just came out with the news.

Judy, your father and I are really brother and sister.

There, it was out. Now to wait for the fireworks from her daughter. Judy sat there and stared at her mother. She had lots of words in her head, but they would not come out of her mouth. Finally the words ‘what did I just hear!’, came out.

YOU FUCKED YOUR BROTHER!! YOU HAD 2 KIDS!! ARE YOU FUCKING SICK!! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU!! Judy kept yelling at June with even more profanity. Inside David was telling DJ the same thing. DJ sat there with a stunned look on his face.

Dad, you and Mom are brother and sister? David answered him with a yes. Then they both heard Judy yelling at Jane. David grabbed DJ and steered him into the kitchen and there they enjoyed a beer together. DJ let her get it out of her system. We were ready for the reaction that both of you would give us. We had many talks about your reactions from calm to explosive reactions. Now there is more that I have to tell you, so why don’t we take a walk out back. As they walked, Dad continued to talk. DJ, not only did we want to tell you that news, but other news too. What other news could top that bit of information? DJ said. What if I said that your mother wants to fuck you? What if I said that I want to fuck your sister? What if I said that you could fuck your sister? What if I said that we wanted to get back to being who we were before you kids turned 5? I mean to say we were nudist. Do you remember our first house with the high fence? DJ nodded yes. Dad continued talking, remember garden back we had? Well that garden was where the both of you were conceived. Your Mom was pulling weeds and I was horny. So I walked over to her and fucked her. Shot my cum in her and the result was you two. We, up to that point always used a condom! But now, birth control is easy to get. And both Mom and Judy are on it.

DJ stopped walking, looked at his dad, and stripped off his clothes. He left them there, saying he would pick them up on the way back. They continued to walk in silence, just drinking beers as they walked. Soon DJ had to piss and stood over by the side of the path and took a piss. Dad walked over and as he did he was pissing. Not easy to do, but with training you can do it. After they pissed they walked back to the cabin, picking up DJ’s clothes as they went.

David saw Jane and asked how Judy was doing now. She told him that she stormed back into the cabin, slamming doors all the way. Jane asked about DJ and David said drunk but OK. Jane asked where he was and David said he crashed in the hammock outside. Judy went and got some tanning lotion and said that she will cover him up or he will be badly burnt. Judy did just that. Covered DJ’s body till he was covered in lotion. Including his cock, this hardened as she put it on. She thought about riding him, but thought that for his first time, he should be awake.

Judy was in the bedroom crying. How could all this be happening? My parents are fucked up! Is Mom also my Aunt? Is Dad also my Uncle? All the turmoil was getting to her and she fell asleep from emotional exhaustion.

After about 2 hours DJ was awake. He walked to the woods and pissed. He walked back to the cabin and knocked on the door to the shared room. No answer so he entered. He saw his sister lying on the bed. He got a pair of shorts out and backed out of the room.

‘Wait!’ he heard. It was his sister talking. Didn’t it bother you what Mom and Dad told us?

Not really. I mean I came across some papers years ago, oh maybe when I was 10 and didn’t put everything together.

What papers? Judy asked.

Papers that changed Mom’s name to Grand-ma’s maiden name, and the wedding certificate.

Oh! And you thought I would not like to know about this?

Judy, as I said I was 10 at the time and it made no sense to me.

DJ, one other question for you?

Go on.

Why are you naked?

Well I was walking with Dad and just took off my clothes. So you are going to be a nudist also? Umm ... sure why not? I’m finding out that Mom and Dad are cool.

So, if you are going to be a nudist, like them, why the shorts?

Going into town with Mom and restock the food.

Soon Jane and DJ left for town. They talked along the way. Mom was feeling out DJ about how Judy was feeling. She must think that we are the worst parents in the world! And what about you? How do you feel?

Actually Mom, I have known since I was 10. I found some papers, but did not understand them. Now I do. You guys are cool. As far as Judy is concerned, we didn’t talk about how she feels. But give her time she will come around.

Judy and DJ finished the shopping and on the way home, Mom pulled onto a side road. DJ looked at her and asked where they were going. Mom said she wanted to talk to him in private. They came to a clearing and stopped the car. Mom got out and took off her clothes and walked around to DJ’s side of the car. DJ watched her tits bounce as she walked and was getting hard. Mom told him to strip and join her.

Err ... Mom...

DJ, are you getting hard watching me?

Yes Mom.

OH good, I still have it! What did it? My bouncing tits?

Yes Mom.

Well let me see that cock of yours! I have not seen it since you were 12 with the nasty fever you had.

DJ took off his shorts and shirt and got out of the car.

OH MY GOD!!! We made you good. That is a wonderful cock you have. Just like your fathers. Is it still... ??

YES, Mom I am a virgin.

Would it freak you out if I asked to hold it, stroke it, suck it, FUCK it??


What’s wrong DJ? Don’t you find your mother fuckable?

God Mom! You are so fuckable, it makes me want to cum just from looking at you.

Mom reached down and grabbed DJ’s cock and that was all it took. He shot 4 ropes of cum on his Mom. His Mom stood there, then swiped up his cum with her finger and tasted it.

‘MMMMMM’ ... good tasting. But next time I want it right from the source.

DJ stood there feeling embarrassed about Cumming on his Mother. His mother reached out to hug him and tell him that everything was OK, and what else Mom and Dad wanted to share with the kids before they went to school.

What else could there be to tell us Mom? DJ asked.

Well, what if I said the both of you should be sexually experience. That you, DJ, should know how to please a woman and that Jane should know how to please a man. Also, if you go that way, how you should please a man and how Judy should please a woman.

MOM!! I am not into guys at all!!

OK DJ. No reason to be upset. I just had to get that out there. Would it shock you to know that I have been with women and that your Dad has been with men?

HUH? What did you say Mom? You have been with women and Dad has been with men?

What the fuck!?!

Yes dear, I have munched a rug or two and had mine munched on. Also have you ever heard of the term ‘Air Tight’?

Yea ... you don’t mean to tell me that you have done it with 3 men?

Mostly ... once was with 2 women with strap-ons and I ate one.

Damn Mom!! And what about Dad? You said that he was with men.

Yes, your father has sucked a cock or two. Also fucked a man and been fucked by men.

DAMN!!!! My fucking parents are fucking kinky as all hell!

DJ, we are and we are not ashamed about it.

Does Judy know about this or is Dad telling her now?

Dad is to be telling her, if she lets him.

Well if he can’t, or she will not let him, can I?

Of course, dear.

Now, about your first lesson, come and put your mouth on my breast. Move your tongue around the nipple. Add some suction. Take small nips of my nipple with your teeth. OHH ... DJ ... OH YES ... do the other one just the same! Did you know I can cum just from having my tits sucked? MMMM ... DJ ... I’m CUUMMING!!!

Mom fell relaxed in my arms, panting, trying to get her breath.

DJ, that was, was ... orgasmic. You are a good student!

Well I have a sexy teacher.

OH ... I’m not Mom, but a sexy teacher now? Well, let this teacher continue on with the lesson. Next up is eating pussy. What have you done with a pussy?

All I got to do was to rub one thru panties.

OK. Let me lay down and you get your face in front of my pussy. DJ did as his Mom said.

OK, DJ. I’m going to show you all the parts of my cunt and tell you what I like, and most women like, having done with them. First of all are my outer lips, they will swell up when I am aroused, as now. These you can lick, suck on, nibble on, CAREFULLY. As I spread them you see the inner lips, these lips like to be licked, as do the outer ones. Up here is my clit. You can rub this with your finger, lick it, suck it, bite it. Again CAREFULLY! Down below my clit you will see a little opening. That is where my pee comes from. That you can lick. Some women like it and with others it does nothing. Below my pussy is an area that most women like to have attention paid to it, the area between my cunt and my asshole. This area you can touch lightly with fingers or lick with your tongue. Below that is my asshole. Lick it, kiss it, finger it. Just make sure it is lubricated before you insert anything, a finger or cock or even a dildo. Back to my pussy, inside are areas that give women pleasure. The top of my cunt has an area called the G-spot. It gets swollen as a woman becomes aroused. In the back of my cunt is the cervix. That is where sperm goes to find an egg to get a woman pregnant. In front of the cervix is an area called the A-spot. If done properly, a woman will have the climax of all climaxes and may pass out on you. It puts the body into pleasure overload. Now let’s put your lesson to practice.

DJ put his face into his Mom’s cunt and licked her outer lips, moved to her inner lips and then up to her clit. Once there he did the alphabet on her clit.

OH ... GOD ... CUMMING ... Where did you learn that trick?

From one of Dad’s magazines, there was an article on eating pussy, and it said to do the alphabet on a clit.

Someday, some lady, will be very happy with your tongue. Now let’s see what your fingers can do?

DJ put his finger on her clit and rubbed lightly at first and then added more pressure. His Mom was moaning and panting. He inserted one finger and tried to find the G-spot. Add another finger, said his Mom. So DJ fingered her with 2 fingers. She was now moaning and trashing around now. She yelled that she was Cumming. She squirted a bit and collapsed.

As she recovered she looked at DJ and said that so far he was passing, but now it’s time to see what you can do with that cock. Put that fucker in me and let me feel it. OH GOD!! Your cock feels so fucking good in me. Pound your Mothers cunt! Almost as good as your Dad!! CUM in me and breed me. Fill me with your cum! Let me feel it!! OH GOD!!! I fucking love to feel a man cum in me!

Mom? What you said about breeding you...

Don’t worry honey; after you kids were born I had my tubes tied.

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