Back From the Wake

by LightningSeed

Copyright© 2019 by LightningSeed

Erotica Sex Story: A loving wife looks for distractions during a long family drive.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Cheating   Slut Wife   .


: Driving still?
Her: Still awhile to go.
Me: So your kid had to miss school today.
Her: Yeah, all the events were yesterday. And it’s too long a drive to make. So it’s Monday on the interstate.
Me: I’m sorry.
Her: Thanks.
Me: Send me a pic of a body part. Anything. A knee. Just put me there.
Her: Still driving
Me: You are driving? Or X?
Her: He has a name you know.
Me: Not to me.
Me: He’s just the guy who houses you while you think about fucking me.
Me: Again.
Her: Sigh.
Me: So who’s driving?
Her: X
Me: Ok, send me a pic.
Me: I know you can be smooth about it.
<You have received a picture>
Me: Wow. You outdid yourself. A+++!
Me: Those tits look great in that sweater.
Cold weather favors you.
Her: When you are an Irish redhead it’s the only good season.
Me: In other news Notre Dame Cathedral is burning.
Her: Yes. I find myself thinking that while I realize it’s a significant development, I didn’t know it was this important to everyone I know on FB.
Me: People always act like these things affect them personally.
Her: Exactly. Wtf people. Go back to your TPS reports and stop faking relevancy.
<You have received a picture>
Her: WHY?
Me: What? Dresses on Instagram? You don’t like those?
Me: What’s wrong with them?
Her: They look like they were patched together from Willy Nelson’s used dew rag collection.
Me: I sent links to the wife. She is thinking of buying one. Looks very European.
Her: If Willy is from Europe, sure.
Me: Those look Italian countryside.
Her: Well, you would know. Not me. Not us.
Me: You guys should travel more.
Her: Not our thing. Crowds. Heat. Ick.
Me: You can take the girl out of the trailer park...
Her: Stop it. Be nice.
Me: Ok.
Me: So. About your tits.
Her: Here’s another one!
<You have received a picture>
Me: Meh.
Her: You don’t like them now? You just said you did?
Me: You’ve ruined those dresses with your Willie comments.
Her: hahahaha
Me: Getting back to your breasts...
Her: Still in car...
Me: Yes. I just wanted to discuss them.
Her: Ohhhh. Okay. Well they are still here, perched on my chest.
Me: Wish I was in the seat behind you. Friends on a drive.
Me: I’d blow on your neck.
Her: That’s fire.
Me: I’d slip my hand up between the seat and the passenger door.
Me: Caress your side breast.
Her: Careful...
Me: Slide my hand a little more forward, tips of my fingers teasing your areola.
Me: Slide my hand back to your side, sliding down to the bottom of your shirt.
Her: Wet now.
Me: My fingers slipping under your shirt. You feel my cool fingertips against the warm skin of your side.
Me: They slide up and down, from the top of your jeans until they stop at your bra strap, then on back down again.
Me: Each time my hand travels down it slides a little bit lower. You feel my nails just barely under the rim of your panties.
Her: Mmmmm.
Me: Each time they slip down slightly lower, stretching the elastic a little more tautly as my fingers caress the skin between your thigh and your lower torso.
Me: As my hand slips out, the elastic pops a little louder and X turns his head towards you.
Me: You smile and shrug your shoulders as my hand hides against the small of your back.
Her: 
Me: He turns back to the road and my hand slides back down your pants.
Me: I push up closer to the back of your seat and you feel my hot exhalations on the skin under your ear...
Me: My hand can now go even further.
Me: It’s reach now easily reaches the full front of your panties.
Her: Jesus.
Me: You know this beca
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