A Father Finds Out About His Daughter

by mysteria27

Copyright© 2019 by mysteria27

Incest Sex Story: Holly is home from college and seems very secretive about what she is doing.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Incest   Father   Daughter   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Squirting   .

Holly Black was an only child and quite spoiled. Megan Black, her mother made sure that Holly wore the nicest clothes and was the best dressed in school. She had all the latest fashions. She also took her to a top stylist who maintained her hair.

It was very important to Megan that her daughter be popular. Megan was quite attractive and had many boyfriends in high school. She also had lots of girlfriends. Megan worked hard during high school and was able to get herself into a good college.

She was on summer vacation from college. Holly was very busy in the evening hours. She said she was out with friends. She never missed a night out.

George her father wondered where his daughter was. She was always in a hurry and not her friendly self as of late. Holly was the apple of George’s eye and wondered what his daughter was doing.

She seemed very secretive with whatever she was doing. One night, George left before Holly and parked down the street. He had every intention of following his daughter to see where she was going.

George patiently waited in his car waiting for his daughter to come. Like clockwork, Holly sped down the street. George let her have a lead and followed her two car lengths.

It seemed Holly was going into the city. George continued to follow her. He wondered where she was going. She wasn’t with a boyfriend like she said she was. George’s mind was all over the place. Where could she be going?

After a while, she pulled into a parking lot. George had to also park and follow her. George did bring a disguise with him. He put on a hat and dark glasses. It was all he had in his car.

He couldn’t believe that his daughter was going into a strip joint. It seemed an upscale one. He too went in. He sat at a table near the back and ordered a drink. It was an all-nude establishment. He didn’t see his daughter anywhere.

He continued to sip his drink and waited to see if she was a dancer. He couldn’t believe his beautiful daughter was in an establishment like this. First, she came from a good home. Her parents made a good living and didn’t understand why his daughter needed money. Why would she need to dance? Did she like to strip? He had no answers and continued to wait.

Time was moving very slowly. George now had several drinks. He even ordered some food. His daughter never danced, and he wondered where the hell she was. She didn’t leave and wasn’t anywhere in the room. He’d ask the bouncer if there was lap dances or other services that the women did.

George saw the bouncer and walked up to him nonchalantly.

‘Hey man! Does this place offer lap dances or any other services?”

“We do. What are you looking for?”

“What do you do?”

“We offer private dances. We also offer sex for payment. Are you interested in something?”

“I saw a beautiful woman walk in. She’s blond and very tall. She has quite a curvy body.”

“You mean Holly? Yea, she does all that. To have her that will cost you a grand. She’s worth it. She’s so fucking good at what she does. She’s a star here.”

George couldn’t believe his daughter was a tramp. Why would she be doing this?

“I’d like a private dance with Holly.”

George handed him his credit card and the bouncer rang the sale.

“I’ll have Mary take you to the VIP area. Holly will be inside shortly. Enjoy!”

George was horrified and had no idea what to expect. In a way, he wanted to drag his daughter out by her hair, but in another way, he wanted to see what the fuck she did every night. He wondered if she was a sexy kitten that loved sex. All he knew is she might be a nymphomaniac. He was really turned on by the thoughts running through his mind.

He’d just have his daughter give him the dance and he’d approach her at the house. If he was going to fuck his daughter, it wasn’t going to be where every Tom, Dick or Harry fucked her. He was going to lay her in her bed and show her how tender and loving sex with her father would be.

Luckily, his wife was on a business trip. He could have mind-blowing sex with his daughter. He couldn’t believe she was a professional. How could he have missed all the signs? She did have a lot of boyfriends in high school. She was the most popular girl. She was probably fucking all those boys.

Eventually, Holly came into the room. She wore a jeweled thong and high heels. She had on sparkly tassels that covered her nipples. She wiggled her ass and did a very sexy dance. She took off the tassels and her enormous breasts were in full view. She slid her hand down her thong and masturbated while she danced.

To say that George wasn’t turned on would be a lie. His pants were tented up while his sexy tramp of a daughter danced for him. She fucked herself with her fingers and at the end of her whorish dance, she let out a loud moan and squirted across the room. It was the sexiest thing that George had ever had the pleasure to watch.

His daughter didn’t recognize her father.

“If you want to have sex it would be another grand. Credit cards are fine.”

George was so horny and handed her his credit card. Holly took the card and ran it through the system. She hadn’t noticed that it was her father.

“Why don’t you undress! We can have sex right in your chair.”

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