Realtor Wendy

by wendyk52

Copyright© 2019 by wendyk52

True Sex Story: Starting out wearing panties but most often retiring to a bathroom to remove them and masturbate her wanton pussy, imagining sex with some young man she had been lucky enough to pass in traffic.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cheating   Slut Wife   Gang Bang   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex   .

Wendy knew what she was doing, she had a craving to meet up with young guys, especially young black guys with their rampant sex drive and as she had found more often than not were blessed with big black cocks. Wendy had known for a long time that her husband wouldn’t be able to satisfy her sexual desires and cravings.

Wendy had managed to find a style which suited her perfectly as the woman who craved sexual encounters with young men. Most days she would wear a tight fitting vest top, no bra required as Wendy had nice firm breasts, mostly she teamed this with jeans to show off her tight ass, but some days when she was really craving something she would wear a short mini dress. Starting out wearing panties but most often retiring to a bathroom to remove them and masturbate her wanton pussy, imagining sex with some young man she had been lucky enough to pass in traffic.

It was one such morning after pleasing herself in a coffee shop that Wendy decided to go for a drive and see what happened. It wasn’t long before she saw a house viewing and the agent on the hoarding was a rather attractive looking black man. Wendy decided to stop by for a look, when she arrived the door was open and she gave an attention seeking hello as she crossed into the hallway.

There was a hi in return, and I’ll be with you in a moment.

Wendy looked at herself in the large hallway mirror, adjusting her dress to show off her curves perfectly. She heard him again, I’m just closing up, and viewing was over about a half hour ago. Wendy turned to see him, fresh crisp shirt open at the collar and he was positively oozing in charm. Wendy said she was very disappointed. As she moved towards him she pushed the front door closed saying, her name was Wendy and she could tell from the pictures outside that e must be Bobby, she wished there was something she could see, something she could do to persuade him. He smiled gently asking what did she have in mind. Wendy ran her hand across his chest saying, it must be difficult work showing houses all day, he looked as though he might need to relax a little. As Wendy finished her words her hand had slid down towards his crotch to stroke his now hardening cock.

Wendy’s nipples had hardened and were obvious through the thin material of her dress, lets see what we can do to make you relax she said, releasing his now semi hard cock from his trousers. Wendy was soon on her knees sucking on the tip at first but taking more and more of his big black cock deeper into her mouth. She looked up at him saying, I can tell you have a lot of stress built up in those big balls. Wendy then sucked each one in turn, adding Oh yes, you’re going to need the full black cock slut treatment.

Wendy had Bobby’s big black cock fully erect now, as she stood up to undress him, then letting her dress fall to the floor, revealing her naked body, delicately balancing on her platform heels. Bobby, said, you make a good argument for staying on longer. He slid a hand between Wendy’s legs and found her juicy wet pussy. Wendy spread her legs a little more saying, yeah Bobby treat me like the black cock slut I am. Bobby moved them towards the back of the house, a big open plan room with a kitchen, dining and living area all in one. He lifted Wendy onto the island unit, telling her to spread her legs wide. He continued to finger her pussy as Wendy moaned loudly, reaching her first climax. Bobby took his cue and began to lick Wendy’s smooth shaved pussy. Wendy encouraged him, telling Bobby he ate white slut pussy real good. Bobby replied, she had the best tasting pussy, she sure kept it nice and smooth.

Wendy wasn’t listening too well as he concentrated on her engorged clit, driving her to another climax. Wendy said, this slut came here to fuck your big black cock, when are you going to fuck me with it? Bobby stood back a little, Wendy now catching his fully erect cock in view. Her eyes lit up and butterflies filled her stomach, this was the thickest black cock she had ever seen, she slid three fingers between her labia, saying, damn Bobby when are you going to fill me up with that angry black cock. Bobby guided his cock over Wendy’s eager wet pussy, opening her labia with his big helmet and teasing her clit as he gave Wendy a small taste of what his thick black cock would feel like, slowly going in and out of her pussy as her lips stretched eagerly around his thick pole. Wendy was rocking her hips now trying to take more than Bobby was offering with each movement. Bobby asked, so you really want this big black cock deep in your white slut pussy? Wendy almost begging said, oooh yes, give me all of that big black cock. Bobby smiled as he fed every inch of his rigid pole deep inside Wendy, she gasped out loud that is sooo good. Bobby began to fuck her properly now, slow and steady at first noticing how Wendy reacted depending on how he moved and where his big black cock touched her inside. Wendy moaned, it feels so good, your big black cock is stretching my pussy so good. Bobby says, I can tell you love fucking a real man, come over here with me. Bobby sits down on a chair facing a mirror and gets Wendy to face the mirror as well, guiding her down on his big black cock as he watches in the mirror, saying look slut, look how good you look taking a big black cock in your greedy pussy. Bobby spread his legs wide, catching Wendy’s legs so they went wider still, her breasts jutting out like munition shells with her erect nipples at full attention. As she took all Bobby’s cock again he was even deeper this time, Wendy, blurting out that hurts so good. Bobby lies back on the chair, saying work that pussy on my big black cock slut, work it, look at yourself in the mirror, look at what a black cock loving slut you are while you cum Wendy. Wendy was reaching another climax, her breathing quickened and her muscles clenched, she could see her pussy reacting to his big black cock, she looked at her rock hard tits and stomach as her orgasm rode through her like a train. She was having such an intense orgasm that she was completely taken by surprise when she felt Bobby shooting his load inside her ... Wendy was suddenly working his cock harder as she drove herself to another climax almost immediately.

Wendy, dismounted and turned to Bobby, telling him that she hoped that he enjoyed that as much as she did. Lowering herself to take his cock into her mouth, she tasted their juices, saying I only do thi for big black cock. Bobby moaned, saying suck it like the slut you are, suck my balls, clean my big black cock you black cock loving slut. Wendy hadn’t needed the encouragement, but once it had been delivered she doubled down in her enthusiasm, revealing in her role as black cock loving slut.

Wendy asks Bobby if he how often he shows houses, because she really needs to see them all at least once. Bobby says, he can give her a schedule from his car. Wendy says, if the house is pretty big then make sure you bring a friend, you don’t want to be under staffed.

Wendy has been feeling much more confident of late. The more Wendy focuses on keeping herself fit and looking good the more attention she has been receiving from young men especially. Wendy has settled into a routine where she has a shower each morning, making sure that she is clean shaven and welcoming for any chance encounters that might present themselves. Wendy has developed a wish list on a website where her admirers can send her gifts. It is a thrill for her, being the object of their desire. Wearing the clothes they buy her, using the toys they send.

Most mornings Wendy spent a short time exploring her inner slut. It was when her husband left on business that she could really let the shackles off. Getting fully into character her routine was the enabler, washing off the well behaved wife and preparing the lithe body of a slut wife. It was one such morning, with her husband already away on business that a number of packages arrived for Wendy. She placed the unopened packages on her bed and went to the on-suite to take a shower. Wendy took her time enjoying the way the water played over her ripe breasts, the silky smoothness of a new shower gel she was using. Her hands glided easily over her frame, as did the razor. Nothing really for it to remove but that was always the way, her routine was no fuss, she rarely missed a day. Since there were gifts Wendy spent a little extra time styling her hair, plenty of hair product, almost like stepping out of the salon.

Wrapped in her dressing gown, Wendy walked slowly towards the bed, wondering what lay inside the plainly wrapped parcels. Wendy chose the smallest parcel first, it was soft and as she ripped open the plastic covering the content was revealed. A lin-gerie set in the exact blue color she had requested, the bottoms were tiny with the triangle barely covering her lips. The material clung to her and the stretched waistband lifted up over her hips accentuating her curves. Trying on the bra, the size was perfect but the quarter cup balcony left her ripe breasts exposed. Wendy looked at herself in the mirror; the reflection was almost the im-age of the model on the packaging. Wendy had bigger nipples and areola than the model about which most of the young men she had encountered were most enthusiastic. Next the box shaped parcel. As Wendy opened it she knew immediately it was shoes. They were a mat black, a 1.5 inch platform with 6 inch heels. Wendy lay back on the bed, slowly slipping each foot into their fresh new shoe.

As Wendy rose to her feet she was slightly unsteady. Taking her time she took a few steps across the room turning and making her way back towards the bed. Again Wendy caught a lingering look at herself in the mirror. Damn, she looked like she needed a good hard fucking. The heels made Wendy’s ass and tits more pronounced. The curving waistband on the knickers gripped at her buttocks, with her legs slightly spread and her firm cheeks parted and Wendy could see the point where each side met, her modesty only just preserved.

The last package was a long box. Wendy opened it up, slowly. The lid fitted tightly, a firm shake and the bottom of the box came down. There was a rush of air and then a familiar smell as Wendy revealed a well-proportioned black dildo.

As she took the big black dildo into her hand Wendy noticed that there was an envelope inside the box. Running the huge toy be-tween her legs Wendy contemplated the content of the envelope. Wendy brushed the small triangle of material with the bulbous head of the dildo, only a few strokes and she could see a damp patch. Now forcing the material to one side Wendy slipped the huge head between her willing wet lips, her pussy stretching to accommodate the head of the black dildo. The exaggerated mushroom tip now sat perfectly inside Wendy’s pussy, she looked at how the dildo flared in the middle wanting to take it all right away. Wendy paused and now took the envelope, opening the flap to reveal a short note and a bus ticket. The note read: While your husband is away, why don’t you come and play with some real black cock. Here’s a bus ticket, the party is at the hotel across from the stop on the main street. There is a room booked under the name of Wendy B Reed, you can have as much fun as you want.

Wendy hadn’t noticed how truly aroused she had become until she put a little pressure on the dildo and it went in all the way only stopping because of the big fake balls at the end she was hold-ing. Wendy drove the big black dildo hard and fast deep into her willing pussy time after time, reveling in her level of arousal. Wendy could feel her orgasm welling up inside her, the thick dildo was hitting all the right spots. Wendy raised her hips up ac-centuating the action of the dildo as the orgasm arrived in full force. What would the guys at the party do with her, Wendy thought. They certainly wouldn’t stop fucking her after one climax, so she kept on ramming her new big black dildo into her soaking wet pussy. As another climax rose, Wendy changed her approach now removing the dildo fully on the out stroke, she could feel her contractions as the mouth of her pussy gasped for air. Then when forcing the dildo back in the pressure now exerted on her swollen g-spot. Orgasm now rising again, Wendy removed the big black dildo again allowing herself to stay on the edge, pressure building all the time. Now a vigorous in and out, nearly there. Her pussy gasping for air again. Wendy grabbed one of her breasts, squeezing the nipple as she firmly rammed the dildo home again and again, unleashing her orgasm which now encompassed her entire body. Is this what it would be like if she decided to go to that hotel? Oh she hoped so. Wendy lusted for more although she was too exhausted to satisfy herself again. That was it, her mind was made up Wendy was going to take that trip, that was the only sure way to get the satisfaction she craved.

The weekend was almost upon her and Wendy had arranged to get a taxi to the bus depot. It was a pleasant day and while she hadn’t traveled by coach for some time the journey had been re-laxing and Wendy had arrived in the early afternoon quietly ex-cited about the time she was going to spend away from home. The hotel was modern and the staff were very friendly, a twenty something girl greeted Wendy at reception, introducing herself as Tara. Her crisp white blouse straining against her young breasts, an extra button unfastened showing off more cleavage than necessary. Wendy stood there in her tight jeans, platform heels and a red top with a split front exposing the fact that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Tara said that she needed to contact her manager as the type of room that Wendy had been assigned was fully occupied.

A young black man arrived, his name was Dalton, a name Wendy recognized. He asked Tara to arrange a drink for Wendy while he reviewed the booking. Dalton gave Wendy a wink, asking if it was alright if a superior suite would be acceptable for her stay. Wendy ran a finger down the split in her top providing Dalton with a view of her breasts as she leaned over the counter at reception. Dalton handed Wendy a room card as Tara arrived with a cool drink and was asked to check the room and arrange a welcome basket. Wendy waited in the lobby sipping her drink until Tara returned saying that everything was in order and returned to her place behind the counter.

Dalton said that he would see Wendy to her room. He indicated to another member of staff to carry Wendy’s bags and to accompa-ny them. Once inside the elevator Dalton introduced Lamar as one of the young black men who would be helping take care of her this weekend. Wendy smiled in approval as they arrived at the top floor, there were only two doors on the hallway as Dalton proceeded to the one towards the rear of the building, opening the door for Wendy to enter first. There was a fresh vase of flow-ers on a table in the middle of the large lounge area, sofas over at some French doors which opened onto a small roof terrace. Wendy turned towards the two men saying that the room was wonderful. Dalton replied that he hoped that she would be com-fortable, all the right staff know why she is here. Wendy now walked through the door to the bedroom area, another space as big as the last with an open style ensuite shower and bath areas. There was a bottle of champagne in an ice bucket by the window and a wicker basket full of bathing products at the foot of the bed.

Dalton touched Wendy on the hand and said that he had to go back to his day job but Lamar would help her with anything that she needed until about 7 when the shifts changed. Wendy con-tinued to drink in her surroundings and had been staring out across the balcony to turn around and find Lamar now fully na-ked, his massive black cock hanging between his legs. I hope everything is to your satisfaction he casually added. Wendy stared at his huge member and even though she was a little tired from her trip she couldn’t help the lust that welled within. She smiled and skill fully unbuttoning her blouse as she walked to-wards Lamar let it fall to the floor with her pert breasts exposed to the playful breeze. Her hands slipped to his waist and then below accepting his thick black cock into her hands as it began to harden.

Lamar unbuttoned Wendy’s jeans rolling the waistband down it was now apparent to Lamar that Wendy hadn’t been wearing knickers either. She saw the surprise in his eyes and purred, I like to be prepared. Lamar replied, Dalton said you were really hot and ready to fuck and he surely wasn’t lying.

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