Three's a Crowd

by CharlieWasHere

Copyright© 2019 by CharlieWasHere

Erotica Sex Story: ...hunting is a lot more fun.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Coercion   NonConsensual   Rape   Heterosexual   Fiction   Humiliation   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Oral Sex   .

I tapped my fingers on the cafe table. Looking around I sip my frozen mocha. So happy I tried Dunkin Donuts. I check the time; 1457. Still glancing at my watch I hear the little chime of the door bell. Looking up I see Luke and Henry walking in, laughing as if they heard a joke. They look around and spot me when I raise my hand. Sitting down we exchange greetings and start with banal conversation. About five minutes later we get to the details of the meeting.

“So?” I begin, “Where’s the pet?” “In my trunk.” Henry responds. “Well?” Luke turns asking me, “You feel like playing?” I pause. “ ... Yeah. Yeah, sure, why the hell not?” I toss my drink in the trash.

The three of us stand and leave the cafe. Going outside we head towards the cars and drive off with me leading the way. We communicate over the phones about where to go, suggesting fields, old bathrooms in parks, etc. We end up heading towards a poor part of the county. We see what looks like an abandoned warehouse and navigate our way over. Pulling up we see a hobo past out on the side of the building. We get out and causally scan for any security cameras or possible blind spots.

“Are you sure this is a secure location?” Henry asks, looking around tentatively. “We’re clear from the main roads with slums on the other side. As long as we can keep her quiet, no ones gonna care enough to check this place out. Although, just to be safe, we should probably clear the building of possible squatters.” We all nod in agreement.

We split up and look for different openings in the building. I find a boarded window with an opening big enough for me to fit through. Dusting myself off I look around and quickly scrunch my nose at the rotten smell. Hooks hung from the ceiling and the floor had somewhat of a dark red tint to it. I search the different rooms, keeping my awareness heightened. Finding nothing but dusty tables, rusty machinery, and a very disgusting bathroom I head back to cars. Luke was already there, fiddling with his Instax. Henry came a few minutes later.

Pointing with his thumb Henry said, “I’ve never seen a slaughterhouse in real life. Pretty nifty. Too bad the stuff is decayed, we could’ve pawned it.” “Hey can we get the bitch out?” Luke asks excitedly.

Opening Henry’s trunk I see an unconscious girl in her late teens. Her wrists are duct taped crossed over her chest and her ankles are duct taped together. A rag was shoved into her mouth and her clothes were tattered and wrinkled. She was drenched in sweat.

“Alright, let’s get her out.” Luke and I carry her to double doors and find a table to set her on. “How long is she supposed to be out?” “The sleeping pills are supposed to last about eight hours.” Henry says. “When did you give her the pills?” I inquire. “About eight this morning.” I look at my watch. “So, that leaves ... half an hour.” “The hell we supposed to do for half hour?” Luke says annoyed. “Wait.” Henry shoots back. “Might as well.” I add. “I don’t have any smelling salts and like I said, there’s a small chance someone’s gonna come here.”

So for the next half hour the three of us bullshitted about this and that, showing each other YouTube videos and discussed the latest video games and sports. Henry, being the most intelligent out of the three of us, talked about an article he read discussing the rise and fall of the infamous drug network; the Silk Road. Luke, the most artistic, divulged in a new story he was working on which consisted of a dystopian world and a magical realm. I had went to my car for a cigar and when I returned I heard the muffled screams of a female. Rushing inside I saw Luke and Henry holding her down with tears streaming from her face. I smiled.

Here we go.

I clipped the end of the cigar off and lit up, taking my time to savor the first drag. I approach the table and take about ten seconds to examine the girl. Nodding up and down, “You guys really did a number on her huh?” Luke chuckled. Henry just casually shrugged. I delicately brushed the tips of my fingers along her stomach, pulling the fabric up to reveal her tits. My excitement quickly dissipated when I saw deep shades of purple on the side of her rib cage. “Umm ... what’s this?” I ask, lightly placing my fingertips on the bruised area. The girl’s breathing quickened and I noticed how her breathing was labored. I removed the cloth rag and quickly replaced it with my hand. I leaned in.

“You’re not gonna scream. You’re not gonna try and escape ... Understand?” Shakily she nods and I feel the breath from on nostrils on my hand. Removing my hand she pleads immediately, “P-ple-ee, nn, d-do-” I clamp my hand back on, “Uh uh uh ... I didn’t say you could talk.” Looking at Luke and Henry, “So what happened? You guys get carried away or something?” “Come on man,” Luke chimed in first, “it’s just a bruise. It’s pretty. I mean, she told me she wanted a tramp stamp.” “It’s not just a bruise,” I countered, “it’s a liability. Suppose one of the ribs splits and punctures her lungs?” “Oh,” Henry muttered, “I didn’t even think about that.” “Yeah,” I scoffed, “if her lung punctures she’ll be drowning in her own blood then we have a dead body on our hands.” The girl moaned and cried harder. “Relax, last thing I want is a missing girl’s report.” I trace the outline of her bruise with my index finger, watching her body quiver beneath my touch. I tapped lightly and even drummed my fingers. What to do ... I looked around and observed the hooks hanging from the ceiling. I considered stringing her up but- “We could give her to the bum outside.” Luke’s suggestion interrupted my thoughts. Henry chuckled, “It could be like an early Christmas present or somethin’.” I released a contemplative sigh...

“Yeah, let’s give her to the bum.”

The girl tried to thrash on the table, like she was trying to squirm her way out. I took another drag of my cigar watching the embers ignite.

Then I got an idea.

Exhaling the smoke, “Did you say she wanted a tramp stamp?” I looked at Luke. “Yeah, she wanted a rose.” I grinned. Slowly leaning in I lock eye contact and puff on the cigar, the end very close to her eye. She whimpered and squirmed, paralyzed with fear. I blow the smoke into her face making her cough and squeal from the pain.

“Pick her up and put her on her knees.” I shove the cloth back in and step back.

Luke and Henry oblige, each gripping her by the arm. Going in behind I lift her shirt and push her head forward. I ignite the embers and press them into her lower back, watching it burn. The girl tensed and lunged forward but our hold on her is firm; she’s not going anywhere. Luke laughs at her distress while Henry watches entranced. I burn three marks; one for each of us.

“Wait here.” I instruct the guys.

Walking outside I look for the hobo. Still passed out on the wall, I trot over and tap his leg with my foot. When he doesn’t move I tap harder. He startles awake and squints up at me.

In a groggy voice he asks, “What do you want?” “I was just wondering if you would like a gift.” “A gift? It’s not a beatin’ is it? I-I’ve seen what young guys like to do to bums like me.” He stands shakily and brushes his jacket off. “Relax buddy. We’re not gonna mess with ya.” “We?” He looks around like he’s about to be jumped. “Yeah, two of my friends are inside the slaughterhouse right now. The three of us were planning on having fun with a ... pet I guess you could say, but circumstances dictate otherwise.” “Really? What kind of pet?” “Come take a look.”

I lead him into the slaughter house. Henry holds her still while Luke takes pictures with his Instax. Man he sure loves his pictures. When the bum sees the half-naked girl he recoils and puts his hands up in defense. “Hey hey, woah man, I don’t want any of this, this is fucked up, yous guys are fucked up.”

I throw and arm around him and bring him closer.

“Hey hey now, just think about the possibilities here. You have uninterrupted access to a young female. Sure she’s a bit bruised, but nothing you can’t work with.” He stutters a no, but he slowly approaches and I can see it in his eyes.




Luke finishes snapping pictures and checks the film. I finish my cigar and stamp it out. Walking to the side of the bum I look at his eyes that have remained fixated on the girl. “So?” I ask but he continues staring. “Where do you want her?”

A slight pause in his train of thought.

“Uh ... j-just leave her on the ... floor.” He removes his jacket.

I smirk and pat him on the back. “Have fun.” I nod at Henry who sits the girl down on the concrete floor, leaning her against the steel table.

As we leave I hear a zipper.

“So now what?” Henry inquires, slightly shrugging. “Now,” I open my car door. “We find another target.”

By this time it was 1706. Where to go. We headed back to my house and parked. My dad was mowing the lawn and gave us a courteous wave. We walked along the streets passing small coffee shops and restaurants. We tossed around ideas about where to hunt. Coffee shop? Too many witnesses. Bar? We didn’t have fake ID and multiple guys surrounding a girl wouldn’t do us any good. Cruise? Not enough blind spots. Eventually we wound up at a local park and headed for the swings. I took a seat then felt a tug on my shirt.

“Hey mister I was sitting there!”

I turn and see a little girl in a sundress looking rather disappointed.

“Haley, let the man sit on the swing you already had a turn.”

I look up to see an older girl in shorts and a tank top. Bingo.

“Oh I’m sorry about that,” hopping up I motion towards the seat, “by all means ladies first.”

The little girl giggles a grin and jumps excitedly on the swing kicking away. “You didn’t have to do that,” the babysitter says, “we’ve been here all day.” She walks behind the girl to push her I sneak glances at cleavage. Luke and Henry smirk. “In fact we have to leave soon Haley.” The little girl groans displeased.

“Babysitting?” I take slow, small steps forward until I’m at her side. “Yeah,” she smiles, “I do it as a summer job.” She continues pushing. “I’m Charlie by the way,” I offer my hand and she briefly shakes it before resuming pushing. “I’m Belle.” She smiles again. “Like Beauty and the Best?” “Yup.” She looks past me. “And who are your quiet friends over here?” “I’m Luke.” “I’m Henry.” Both smile and wave.

“Belle I’m hungry.” The little girl pipes up. “Okay sweetie we’re leaving now.” She takes the little girl’s hand. “Well it was nice meeting you guys.” “When do you get done babysitting?” I tilt my head to the side. “After I drop her off? Why?” “You wanna hang out with us? We’ve been moping around all day wondering what to do. We were actually talking about trying to find this abandoned shed that’s supposedly haunted.” “I’m not sure,” I can hear the uncertainty in her voice. “We’re thinking about seeing Fifty Shades of Grey first.” Luke chimes in. Henry punches him in the shoulder, “No we’re not.” “We’re thinking about seeing American Sniper actually.” I said. “You seen it yet?” “No not yet.” “Well there’s a showing at nine thirty. If you change your mind we’ll be outside the theatre.” She still looks hesitant. “I’ll even buy you popcorn.” I add. She giggles. “I might have to go if you buy me popcorn.”

“Belle I’m hungry.” The little girl whines impatiently. “Okay okay Haley, we’re going. I’ll think about it.” “What’s there to think about?” Henry asks, “You’re gettin’ free popcorn.” “ ... Well okay. You said nine thirty.” “That’s right.” I smile. “I’ll see you then.” We wave goodbye.

As they’re walking away I hear, “Is he your boyfriend?” “Haley!”

I turn to the guys. “We just set the bait, now we wait to spring the trap.” “She’s a cutie too, did you see that ass?” Luke smirks. “Forget her ass for a second, I wanna fuck that pretty little mouth of hers until she cries.” Henry asserts. “Come on guys focus, we still need to plan a strategy.”

Being only 1841 we had plenty of time. We head back to my house to nap, juice, and gather the usual supplies; duct tape, handcuffs, smelling salts, condoms, etc. We grabbed something to eat then headed for the movie theater. If the plan went awry before we reached the shed then we just part ways, act as if that was it for the night. We arrive at the theatre at 2116. She arrives in skinny jeans and a tight fitting shirt. After initial pleasantries we exchange basic information. She just finished her first year of college and is planning to study abroad. She’s supposed to leave next week.

“You ready to see the movie?” I ask her. “ ... I don’t know. I actually wanted to see Fifty Shades.” She gives a shy smile and blushes. “Told you man.” Luke says. “No way am I watching that.” Henry shakes his head. “It’s okay I’ll watch American Sniper.” She quickly rebuffs. “No,” I cut in, “we should all watch something we want to see. After all it’s frickin’ expensive for a movie nowadays.” “Haunted house then?” Luke asks eagerly. “You in?” Raising my eyebrows I lock eyes with her and wait for an answer. She swings her arms. “ ... Sure, why the hell not.” I smile.


Having taken my car we drive to the abandoned railroad tracks and start walking. We chat, joke, and laugh, anything to distract us from thinking about her body. No reason to spook her with a boner this early. After about a mile we reach two rusty double doors leading to what once looked like a cellar.

“I think this is it guys.” Luke rushes over and begins tugging at the handles. “Kinda random for something like this to be in the middle of the woods.” Belle cautiously approaches. Henry shakes his head. “Not necessarily. Moonshiners used to make and hide their liquor in the forest. Someone probably got inspired to do the same.” “Either way I wanna see what’s inside.” Luke disappears into the dark void. “Come one guys!” I motion, “Ladies first.”

She tentatively takes steps down the wooden stairs, each board creaking a high pitch. Light floods the room in a second. Luke stands underneath a bare bulb holding onto a string. The place was empty, but that’s because I cleaned it out last week. I found it while exploring the tracks. It just had a few empty barrels, broken bottles, and plenty of dust. I cleared the debris and placed concrete blocks in the back with chains looped through. I stored my shoe box of tapes on one of the shelves, along with more tapes and a backup recorder. In the corner I left a trunk full of extra toys and equipment. I told the guys about it and they dropped off a bit of their own equipment. Henry left some of his surgical tools and his collection of handkerchiefs he kept in jars which he displayed on a bookcase. Luke left a box of scrapbooks and old Polaroids.

“What are these?” Belle asks looking at the jars. Henry takes his glasses off. “Do you really wanna know?” She looks a bit frightened but answers anyway, “I guess.” Henry closes his eyes and breathes deeply, “ ... trophies.” He opens his eyes. Now she looks skeptical. “Trophies? For what?” “Hunting you could say.” “Hunting? What kind of hunting were you doing? They’re just pieces of cloth.” “Oh but they’re much more than that.” Luke interrupts. “They’re memories.” “Memories of what?” Her voice was starting to shake. “Let me show you.” Luke waves Belle over to his box.

He takes out one of his scrap books and begins flipping through the pages. Belle gasps at the sight of bruised, beaten, and naked women. Each page had a name. She turns away to run into Henry holding a jar.

“Well this jar is a memory of a lovely girl named Monica.” He tilts the jar to show her the sharpied name on top. “She was so sweet ... smelled like it too. Man oh man did she cry, just look at the saturation.”

Belle runs around Henry and collides right into my arms and she yelps.

Tightening my grip, “Woah woah woah where you goin’? You haven’t seen my trophies yet.” “I don’t wanna see them! Let go!” She wriggled to escape my grasp, pushing against my chest. I feel myself getting hard. I spin her around and pull her in close. The smell of her hair is intoxicating. Her ass rubs against my hard on which only makes it grow. “Get the fuck off!”

Henry steps forward after putting the jar back. “Young ladies shouldn’t swear like that.” He grabs her throat and kisses her. While she tries to shove him away I go and take a quick peak outside. With no one in sight I shut the metal doors. I hear a thud followed by the f word from Henry.

Rubbing his shin he seethes, “Fucking bitch!” She shrinks to the other side of the room. “Give her a break Henry,” I cut in, “after all, bitches need proper training.” I click my teeth and gesture for her to come closer. “Come ‘ere girl, come ‘ere.” I slowly advance. She makes a break for the exit but I easily catch her with one arm and throw her back. I step forward and put my hand over her mouth. “Quiet pup.” She bites down hard.

“HEL!!- UHG!”

She collapses to the floor from my punch. I shake my hand. “Luke get the muzzle will you? This one’s a biter.” He rummages through the trunk and pulls out a ball gag. He tossed it to me and started looking for something else.

Belle sat up and scooted backwards. “No no, please don’t I’m sorry!” Henry grabbed the back of her neck and slapped her across the face, “Bad girl!” “Until you learn not to bite you’ll be wearing this,” I hold up the gag, “Henry hold her will you?”

Henry clutches her hair and pulls her head back. Immediately her jaw clamps shut as she tries to claw Henry’s hands off. I attempt to pry her jaw open but her head shakes too much. Luke comes over with a collar and some hand cuffs. He gives the cuffs to Henry who secures her wrists behind her back. I’m fed up at this point, “Open.” I order. She screams no through teeth.


She complies, tears flowing, falling on the floor. I shove the gag in and secure it tightly. Luke, collar in hand, slaps in on with a padlock. I yank her up by the collar, enjoying her sounds of strangulation. Tugging hard, I toss her onto the mattress. Her resistance was weaker, more exhausted. I stand over her struggling frame and undo my belt.

Her eyes look betrayed.

“Training time bitch.”

“First lesson you’re going to learn is to obey your master’s commands.” I remove me jacket and casually drop it on the ground. Looking at my watch it’s about 2237. “And trust me you have plenty of time to learn. Now sit.” I pull my fist up to my right shoulder. She struggles to move to her knees, hands being restrained and all. “Come on now, you’re a smart girl.” Luke snickers. After a shaky start Belle manages to sit on her heels, head hanging; soft sobs substitute the silence. The old mattress squeaks in protest.

“Good. Now down.” I snap my fingers and point to the floor.

She hesitates...

I snap my fingers and point to the floor a second time. My impatience leaks from between my teeth.


She awkwardly lowers her upper body until it plops on the mattress with her lower body doing the same. “Get, your ass, up.” She struggles, but manages with her head forced to the side. I unloop my belt and leash it around her neck. Sounds of choking and gagging cause my cock to twitch with excitement. Pulling upward, I stare into the desperate set of eyes that refuse to look at me. “You will address each of us as Sir or Master. You will respond to ‘bitch’, ‘girl’, ‘pup’, really whatever the fuck we call you. Got it?” She tries her best to respond, “Y-yas sir.”

I grin my Cheshire grin. “Good.”

I graze my teeth on her ear and growl, moving down her neck; I can almost hear her heartbeat. I pull my pocket knife out of my pocket and flip the blade up in front of her eye. Startled, she jolts backwards and cries out what I assume to be begging. I pull her back and touch the tip of the blade to her temple. I trace it down the side of her face and along her jawline before stopping at her throat. I pause for a few seconds, “You don’t realize how easy it would be for me just to slit your throat and end it for you.” I apply just enough pressure until I see red. I high pitched whine followed. “You’d think college would’ve given you some more common sense. Things like ‘Don’t go off alone with guys you just met, they might rape you.’” I move the blade down her neck, across her collarbone and onto her tight fitting shirt. Cutting through is easy. The fabric parts down the middle showcasing a fine pair of tits. Tears caress her delicate and bruised cheek. Her appearance ... her disposition is rather ... terrified.

I love it.

Gripping the strap I move behind her ass and kneel. Leaning over close to her ear I whisper:


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