Peter Piper's Pecker Pokes Pussies

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: An older man reminisces about how fortunate his cock has been over the years. Life isn't over yet either.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Romantic   Cheating   Sharing   Group Sex   Swinging   Pregnancy   .

I’m Peter and it’s my sixtieth birthday. I like to use that special day every year to look back at the good fortune I’ve had. As I speak my best friend’s wife is sucking on my pecker to get it hard again. She celebrates birthdays with sex including hers, her husband’s, and mine. I fuck her other times too when he’s away or can’t otherwise scratch her itch. Been doing it for years. I also have a birthday invitation for tonight from another friend’s sister who took my cherry so many years ago. We still get it on from time to time no matter if we have other partners or not.

Becky is laying back on my bed, opening her shaved snatch which is oozing the cum I already put there. She wants more to take back to her husband because he gets really hard sliding in it. No secrets among us and that makes it great. Her tits are enhanced and standing up real proud for a fifty-five year old. I suck and bite her nipples as I pound her with my pecker for the second time this visit and she squeals and shakes as my big bone gets her off. It fills her better than her husband’s she confides. I shoot my stuff and she gives me a kiss as she heads for her home humping. He is waiting, we both know.

Carol, my cherry-picker, is ready to go to dinner when I get to her place. She lives alone now that her last boyfriend got kicked out for being nasty. During dinner I flash back to how we met in the first place. I was at a scout camp sharing a small tent with her brother who was my age, about fourteen. I watched as he pulled down his shorts and began stroking his cock and it got longer and hard like mine sometimes was when I woke up. “What are you doing?” I asked.

Sammy said, “I’m jacking off. Don’t you do it?” I told him no and watched as his pecker spurted the white stuff that was sometimes in my underwear in the mornings too. Then he added, “It feels real good. Let me show you how.”

I took off my jockeys and he reached for my cock. It hardened like his as he rubbed it and I soon spurted on my belly almost to my chin. I didn’t expect the glowing pleasure that radiated outward from my crotch as that happened but knew I would do it again.

As I was wiping myself off Sammy said, “It feels even better in a pussy.” Even though my dad was a doctor, I’d never been told about this stuff and was damn curious so asked my tent mate to tell me more.

“There is a hole that girls have down where our balls are which is made for peckers to fit into. Instead of rubbing with our hands, moving in and out of that place gets the cream to shoot. It’s how babies are made and that’s the place they come out of too.”

I was intensely curious, “How do you know all this?”

“My sister showed me and I get to do that with her now. I love it.”

I jacked off several times a day from then on and I think my cock grew a bit from the exercise. Then came momentous news from Sammy. “I told my sister about you in the tent. She figures you are a virgin. That’s someone who has never had full sex. She liked making me not one and said she’d do the same for you. Can you come to my house after school tomorrow?” Wild horses couldn’t keep me away.

Carol greeted me at the door in a bathrobe and took me to her bed. When she took it off I saw my first naked woman and my pecker started filling. She was two years older than Sammy, overweight with small boobs that sagged and a jungle of black hair at her crotch. I still got hard.

She laid down and spread her legs. I could see the pink place that must be a pussy like Sammy had talked about. She knew I didn’t know what to do next and motioned me over. “Suck on my tits” she ordered. Her hand fondled me as I did then pulled on me, guiding it to her opening. Damn, Sammy was right! Being in there felt SOOO much better than my hand. She showed me how to move and it wasn’t long before that glow from my balls turned into the biggest cream shots I’d had so far.

She kissed me and rolled me off to the side. I hadn’t noticed Sammy watching but he sank his somewhat smaller shaft into her even wetter slit. What a sight! It got me hard again quickly and I hoped for more. Words were not necessary when I could tell he was shooting his stuff and rolled off, cock wet and dripping. Only a glance from her had me buried again. She was hot and slippery and I lasted a long time. Her hands pulled me tight and her crotch rubbed on me in a different way which made her moan and shake. Later I learned that was called an orgasm and I should try to give a partner one every time.

Sammy was sliding in her again as I left. Before I pulled out the second time she’d said she’d like to do me again whether Sammy was there or not. I thanked her and said I’d like that too. As I mentioned earlier, we have fucked on and off ever since. She’s not gotten any prettier and she’s had a lot of dicks between her legs but Carol is special to me.

Now that I thought I knew what I was doing my interest in girls was a lot stronger. When I heard that Judy, a neighborhood girl, was a “bike” and found out that meant she liked to be ridden I made it a point to get acquainted with her. Taking her to McDs for a combo meal was all it took for her to take me to her bed. Her parents worked late so she had a lot of freedom. Her bed was messy and when I commented on that she grinned and said she’d used it before I came to get her. I didn’t ask for details but her pussy felt like Carol’s did after one of us had squirted in her already. Didn’t matter because I was used to that and the slipperiness helped me last longer and give her two orgasms. She loved it and said she’d like to do me often. She had small tits and shaved her pussy and it was very interesting and enjoyable.

I fucked her several times a week from then on. A few times I’d see another guy leaving her house as I arrived and once she lost track of the time and was still banging when I entered the always unlocked door. I peeked around the corner as he pounded her and I could tell when he came. I’d seen Sammy screwing his sister so the scene wasn’t new to me but it was always hot. I hid until the guy left and walked in naked with my cock pointing to the ceiling. She squealed and said, “Did you see me?” I nodded and plunged into the fresh sperms. She loved it.

All of a sudden she disappeared. No one knew why until a girlfriend told us she’d gotten pregnant and went to live with a relative for a while. That’s when I learned a lot more about the importance of birth control.

The girlfriend, Patsy, told me she was a virgin and had heard many stories from Judy. Her mom had started her on birth control and she wanted to experience the fun for herself. She chose me based on how Judy had compared the five cocks she was screwing when she got knocked up. I was proud and determined to do a good job.

She came to my house after school and I went slow, starting with exploring each other’s bodies. She was as tall as me, a redhead top and bottom and had nice rounded tits. Hers was the best body I’d been with so far. I showed her the oral that Carol had taught me and she was thrilled. It also got her so hot she told me to stick my pecker in. There was no resistance like I’d been told about and she said she stuck things in her to see what sex might feel like. A real cock was a hell of a lot better and I even got her off her first time.

Patsy and I fucked three or four times a week because I was till banging Carol a bit who I knew had other studs filling her box. My mentor was always tickled to hear of my adventures and I got hot as she told me about what her pussy was doing.

Sammy said he was envious since he wasn’t getting any except his sister since Judy disappeared. When I had Patsy almost at her peak I asked, “Wouldn’t it be fun to have another cock ready right when I finished. You could just keep on going.” She came hard and was embarrassed as we lay together panting. “Have you ever thought about it?” I inquired.

“Of course I have after hearing Judy rave. I know Sammy’s your buddy so do you think he’d like to fuck me?”

“I’m pretty sure. Do you want me to bring him along next time?” There was a pause but she nodded her head yes and started humping back at my still buried boner.

After Sammy left that first threesome, she told me she’d never regret her decision and wanted to do it again. We’d taken turns and she got two sperm loads from each cock and uncountable orgasms herself. I said we’d save the team-fucking for special occasions but if she wanted to screw Sammy without me there that was just fine. She smiled happily.

Like many girls who are discovering their sexuality she didn’t limit her twat to the two of us but was quite careful and we were always welcome when it could be arranged. One memorable time with her was the weekend my parents were away and she arranged to have a girlfriend cover that she was spending it at my house. Sammy did too and we screwed all over the place as often as we could, even on my parents’ bed. She was sore and we were limp when it was all over but great memories had been made.

She eventually moved on to a romantic relationship with an older guy at our high school but we’d remain special friends for life. Sammy and I kept looking for new pussy too and sometimes we shared them. After graduation we parted paths but kept in touch. I went to college and encountered a variety of young women who were spreading their lower “wings”. Out in the business world there were single, married, and divorced women that were attracted to my demeanor and stayed attached for a while when they felt my carnal gifts. I was rarely banging only one woman. There just wasn’t one I wanted to be exclusive with.

About eleven years after we’d parted ways I got a call from Patsy who wanted to talk. I found a dinner place that was quiet enough for good conversation. She looked lovely. Maturing had helped her to be even prettier and she’d filled out a bit in all the right places. I waited for her to speak what was on her mind.

“Peter, I need a friend right now. My husband and I just split after seven years. You were the best person I could think of. I’ve often reminisced about our times together and with Sammy. How’s he doing?” I filled her in briefly. Where was this going?

She took my hand and gave me an apprehensive look, “I don’t know if you are involved with anyone right now but I’d like to be your lover again.” That was right to the point!

I smiled and said, “I have a couple of fuck-buddies as usual but they don’t mean as much to me as you do. Let’s see how we get along after all this time.”

“We have to go to your place in case my husband is watching mine. Give me the address and when I can visit.”

“I have nothing going on this evening if that works for you.” It did.

It was obvious she needed a good loving fuck and she was so grateful, explaining it had been months. When our pubes meshed for the first time in many years she commented that my shaft felt better than she remembered and I semi-kiddingly gave regular practice the credit. My retort was she seemed even better inside and out. My ass got a playful swat and said her pussy hadn’t been inactive until recently plus “I’ve always been hoping for this to happen again. Often when I got horny I’d think about you and Sammy.”

As I was reloading for another round we talked. She told me that since doing me she’d only screwed the guy I knew about and her husband. She didn’t want to know any more about what I’d been doing. It would have taken quite a while and she needed the focus on her right now. I made her feel good in her heart, mind, and crotch and she went away in a much better mood with a promise to get together regularly.

A few weeks later I had a chance to go travelling and asked Patsy if she would accompany me. You’d have thought it was Christmas! We met at the airport and were off to a place on the Great Lakes where she’d never been. I booked a B&B lakeside for a few days and she played at the beach while I conducted business. She was in tears of joy when we went down by the waves after dark. It was a pretty private beach and we made love under the stars. It was special to me too.

With no kids the divorce was relatively quick. She never mentioned us getting any more formal and I admitted I was still seeing my other women but not as often.

Her company transferred her three states away so we promised to share vacation time and maybe some weekends together. Although my pecker rarely went more than two days without an eager naked woman to make it feel good, I did miss her and wondered how she was dealing with her hornies. Every few weeks one or the other of us would travel to be together but neither mentioned what our genitals had been up to in between.

On her 50th birthday Patsy invited me for the weekend. Our Friday night reunion was fun and frolic as usual but she wouldn’t tell me what she had planned for her birthday the next day, just orders to let her be in charge.

We went out to dinner and the table was set of three. A younger man was led there and Patsy introduced him as Andy, whispering in my ear that he was her friend-with-benefits. We were to get acquainted socially “first”. I flashed back to the time when Sammy and I had team-fucked her and knew the score.

As we stripped in her bedroom, I observed that he was built much like me and she later confirmed that was not an accident. I went first, then Andy. Watching her with him was even better than I expected. Years ago when Sammy and I had team-fucked her she had been pretty passive, spreading her legs as we mounted and moved our dicks in her pussy. She had changed with experience and I recognized how she screwed me now as Andy coupled wither. She was actively fucking back, changing positions and touching and moving her body in synchrony with his. Not just taking his seed but actively urging its extraction. She orgasmed with him just like when I was her partner. It was way better that the porn videos where the actress is usually like the old Patsy.

Watching her get so well taken revitalized me quickly. After the first pieces though, she orchestrated both of us pleasuring her at the same time in whatever ways were feasible until we took over the decision making on our own. Andy said goodbye during the wee hours when neither cock could rise to the occasion any more. Patsy snuggled up to me and I fell asleep with my hand cupping her soaked and sexy snatch. She was special!

That was the only time I saw Andy. She confided in me that if he wasn’t so much younger he might have been competition for her heart instead of just a helper for her pussy. Now THAT gave me a twinge of jealousy, interestingly enough.

When her employer went bankrupt she came to me for help. After breaking her lease I rented a truck and fetched her belongings to a storage unit near my place. She would live with me, at least for the time being. We hadn’t seen each other in a few weeks so after we slaked our lust I asked, “Are you going to miss Andy?”

She gave me a deep kiss, “Not at all! He was only a surrogate for who I’m naked with right now.” Great answer I thought, recognizing once again the depth of feelings between us. I also realized that this would be more like being married than I’d ever experienced. Could be interesting!

Sex was convenient and plentiful of course and I cut back on my casual fuck-buddies to the point they broke it off. Another watershed. I’d not been exclusive ever except for short spells. It went well, helped by little episodes such as Sammy’s visit to his home town and I encouraged Patsy to check him out as a much more mature person. She came back pleased but not interested in doing it again.

As mentioned earlier, there was Carol who got with me a few times a year. Patsy had known about her for a very long time and that was who Sammy had come to visit. They were still screwing too, according to her. She hoped her pussy never stopped having visitors but they weren’t as frequent these days.

I guess it wasn’t surprising that the long-deepening and long-buried feelings between me and Patsy would surface with cohabitation. I’d spent many nights and some weekends or longer with other women but it was just for the fun and fucking. Now our lives were mingled day to day more than just our genitals. I helped her look for work which, with age discrimination, wasn’t easy. This was a good excuse for me to slow down in my business and spend more time with her. There was no urgency to be naked and couple since the opportunities were easy. We rarely went to sleep with unrequited lust.

The tipping point was the moment Patsy asked me if I was ever going to experience marriage in my life. Good subtle way to bring up the subject. The next day I had a ring and proposed to her at a nice dinner. She wept as she said she’d wanted to say yes for years.

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