Anna Loses Her Virginity to Her Grandpa

by mysteria27

Copyright© 2019 by mysteria27

Incest Sex Story: Anna is a virgin and asks her Grandpa to be her lover.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Incest   Grand Parent   First   Oral Sex   .

Anna Smith was introverted. She had no friends and often was by herself. She was very awkward around people. Anna had just turned eighteen and was in her last year of high school.

She never was invited to parties and didn’t really have anybody she could say was her friend. She was a virgin and had no experience with boys. She had crushes on many boys in her class and a man crush on her male teachers. She was too shy to make conversation with anyone.

She spent a lot of time at home and did a lot of fantasizing. She lived with her father and his girlfriend. Her mother died when she gave birth to Anna. Jasmine was much younger than her father. She pranced around the house and was treated like a princess. Anna was often jealous of the attention she got from her father.

He treated Jasmine like the queen of the house. He bought her anything she wanted and took her on nice vacations. Anna was still in high school so her Grandfather Max would stay with her when Jonathan took Jasmine on vacation.

Jasmine and Anna’s dad left on a cruise. Grandfather Max came to stay with Anna. Anna was old enough to care for herself, but her father worried that too much time spent alone wasn’t good for somebody who was often depressed.

When Anna arrived home from school, Grandfather Max was waiting for her. She liked her grandfather very much. He was very sociable and made Anna feel good about herself. She liked when he stayed with her.

Anna got off the bus and ran home to her Grandfather who was patiently waiting for her at the door. She was so excited to see him. She hadn’t seen him since last month when her dad and Jasmine were out of town.

“How’s my girl?”

“I’m great. So happy you’re here.”

“Glad to be here with my girl. Give grandpa a kiss.”

Anna embraced her grandpa and kissed him on his cheek. She loved him and liked being around him.

“My you’ve gotten bigger since I saw you a month ago.”

Anna laughed and took off her coat. Her and her grandfather sat in the family room where her grandfather was watching a movie. He turned it off to talk to his granddaughter.

“How’s school? Still getting all A’s?”

“School is fine. Still, have no friends.”

Anna put her head down and twirled her brown hair around her finger.

“I never can understand why you have no friends. You’re such a nice kid.”

“I think they find me weird. Nobody ever talks to me. I feel like a freak most of the time. Do you know I’ve never even kissed a boy! I’m eighteen and still a virgin. Who is still a virgin at eighteen?”

“You’ll meet a boy soon. I bet when you go to college.”

“I have no experience. I don’t even know how to kiss. I wish you could teach me how.”

“That’s crazy. I’m your grandfather and that would be illegal. Anyway, I’m much too old to be with such a young girl. They’d probably throw me in jail. That’s incest you know.”

“I’m eighteen and legal. I won’t tell anybody. Can’t you teach me how to be in love? I bet you know all the basics and then some. I could be your lover. Grandmother has been dead for a long time. I bet you’re horny too. We could help each other. You could show me what you like, and I can practice on you.”

Max looked at his granddaughter and to say he wasn’t a tad horny would be a lie. How exciting it would be to teach his granddaughter how to be his lover. He would be spending a week with the girl while his son was on vacation with his slut. He could teach Anna how to be an amazing lover. He felt a twinge going on in his boxers that he hadn’t felt in a while.

“What do you think? Could you show me how to kiss? Please teach me everything you know about sex. I’m absolutely clueless.”

“My son would be upset that I took your virginity away. I wouldn’t be a good person if I had sex with my granddaughter.”

“You would be a wonderful person still. You would show me what men like. I’ll be your sponge. I’ll do whatever you say to do. Please grandfather! Please show me how to have sex.”

“If I do this for you, you cannot tell your father. It’ll be our secret. Do you hear me, young lady! This can never be talked about with anybody! I’ll teach you if you promise not to tell!”

“Thank you, grandfather. I’ll be a great student. You’ll see!”

Max was completely psyched that he’d be showing his granddaughter how to be his lover. He was going to show her how to be a good cock-sucker. He hadn’t had his cock sucked since his wife passed away many years ago. Max was thinking about all the fun he’d have showing his eager granddaughter how to please a man.

“Let’s go upstairs into your room. Maybe you should take a nice bath. I’ll wash your hair and get things going.”

“Oh, that sounds really sexy. I’ve never had a man wash my hair. Oh, grandpa, this is going to be amazing.”

Anna and her grandfather walked upstairs to her room. Max went into the bathroom and drew a bath. He found the bubbles and poured them into the jacuzzi tub. He was really turned on and the thought of seeing his granddaughter naked was making him horny. She had a nice body that he could see in the tight clothes she wore around the house.

Anna entered the bathroom. She took off her robe and slipped into the tub. Anna had a great body. She was tall and had a nice bust. Her nipples were quite pert. She shaved her pussy which was quite smooth. Max was getting harder seeing that she had a smooth pussy. He couldn’t wait to taste his granddaughter.

Max stood behind Anna and rinsed her hair. He poured shampoo into his palm and worked it through her scalp. He rinsed it off and poured conditioner into his palm and gave her a nice scalp massage. He rinsed her hair and grabbed a sponge and washed her body. She had a nice firm body. Anna closed her eyes while Max washed her body. He gave her a nice neck massage too.

The old man was getting hornier by the minute. He couldn’t wait to lick her virgin pussy. After she’d orgasm, he’d teach her to be a good cock-sucker. He would save the finale for another day. He wanted to savor her virginity. He would take it very slow and enjoy her excitement.

“How is it, Anna? Enjoying yourself.”

“Oh yes! What’s next?”

“I thought I’d show you how to kiss. Why don’t you get out of the bath! I’ll towel you off. You look beautiful my darling.”

“Really. You think I’m beautiful.”

“Oh yes. You’re simply wholesome. A real sweetheart.”

Anna got out of the bath and Max toweled her off. He loved how firm her stomach was. He couldn’t wait to taste her. He wrapped the towel around her body and took her back to her room. He helped her lie down on the bed. He went next to her and placed a soft kiss on her lips. He slowly pushed his tongue into her mouth. They shared a French kiss. Anna’s eyes were closed while they kissed passionately.

“Honey, you sure you never kissed before?”

“Not ever. Just my dolls.”

“You’re doing great.”

He continued kissing her. He unwrapped her towel and held her breasts in his hands. She moaned while he caressed each breast. Her nipples were erect, and he knew she was excited. He continued kissing her while he massaged each of her breasts.

“Are you ready for some pussy licking? I want you to experience your first orgasm. Just open your legs and grandpa will take care of you. I’m so anxious to taste your beautiful pussy.”

Anna giggled and opened her legs. She played with her hair while her grandfather got comfortable between her legs. He massaged her legs and placed kisses on the center of her pussy. He inhaled her scent which was intoxicating. He smelled her pussy while licking at her folds and tasting her sweetness that dribbled out of her cunt.

Anna wrapped her legs around her grandfather’s neck while he licked her pussy. It felt amazing nothing like she had ever experienced. She let out little moans to let him know she was enjoying herself.

“Oh God! That feels amazing. I feel like I’m going to lose it. Fuck!”

Max continued to please her. He pushed his tongue deep inside of her virgin pussy. She was moaning and wriggling on the bed. He knew he was pleasing her. She let out a scream and orgasmed on his mouth. Her sweet juices ran down her legs. Max drank her luscious juices and continued to pleasure her with his tongue. She had multiple orgasms and he was glad to please her.

After about an hour of sheer heaven, he wanted to teach his virgin girl how to be a good cock-sucker. He knew she’d enjoy the task.

“Why don’t I stop, and you can pleasure me now. I’ll sit on the edge of the bed and you can get acquainted with my cock. I know you’ve never seen one or held one. I want you to hold it. I want you to work your hands up and down my shaft. Use me, baby!”

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