Being Nice

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Naïve young wife takes husband too literally, or does she?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   NonConsensual   Romantic   Sharing   Slut Wife   Wife Watching   Group Sex   Polygamy/Polyamory   Pregnancy   .

I was almost to my apartment door when Biff, a longtime buddy, came around the hall corner. His face lit up when he saw me and, without stopping he said, “Hey man, thanks so much!” and high-fived me. By then I was at my door and Moira, my bride of two years, was in the kitchen fixing dinner in her robe, unusual dress for this early.

She rushed to greet me as usual with a big kiss. I smelled sex. Without letting her go I asked, “I just saw Biff in the hall and he thanked me. For what?”

My sweetie smiled and replied, “Well, I was just nice to him.”

I was puzzled, “Nice?”

“You know, have sex.”

I pulled back, opened her robe, and sure enough she was flushed like when we did it! The fragrance was very strong.

“What the hell did you do that for?” I roared, my hackles rising.

Moira looked shocked at my reaction, “I just did what you said!”

“The hell you did!”

She got angry and raised her voice, “You have over and over told me to be nice to your friends. When you want sex you ask if I will ‘be nice’ to you. So I figured, therefore, you wanted me to have sex with your friends.”

I sat down. My mind was whirling. I knew how damned logical and literal she was. Obviously, she wasn’t being sneaky and trying to cheat. How could I be mad? But I was.

Moira came over to stand by me and touched my shoulder. “I’d like it if you’d be nice to me right now. I need your loving.”

I was ferocious on top of her, feeling that extra slipperiness like when I was doing her for the second time in a row. She thrust her hips back at me and made guttural noises as we coupled. I was almost there when she started shaking and groaning and clamped her legs around me. OMG, my cock was giving her an orgasm for the first time. It usually took my fingers or tongue after I finished to get her off.

We lay panting for a bit then took a shower together and got to our delayed dinner. We ate quietly but I noticed she got extra helpings of wine.

After watching our favorite TV shows we went to bed. As often happened, she rolled over against me to snuggle. This time her hand searched for my cock and wordlessly she let me know that she wanted more “nice”. She was on top this time. Her firm tits loved any attention they got and the invitation was never refused. I got a wild thought in my head and asked, “Did Biff like these beauties?”

She clamped on my cock as she whispered, “Of course he did. Especially the time which was like this.”

If I hadn’t been so well drained before dinner I’d have blown a nut right then. “Tell me what happened.”

She moved slowly on me as she remembered, “He came by after lunch looking for you. I told him you went to a ball game but could I help. He said maybe. He’d just lost his job and had no money. His rent was due and his whole world was turning to shit. I could see he was nearly in tears. He had nobody else but you. I remembered how having sex made you feel better when you were down, and what you had said about being nice, and I’d had sex with a couple of guys before we met so it seemed like the right thing to do.”

I couldn’t figure out how to explain the difference between “being nice” to me and “being nice” to other guys. Poor choice of words on my part so I had to take some blame. It had sure made her feel good though.

I had to ask this too. “So have you ‘been nice’ to any of my other friends?”

“Only one. Jimmy, last week.”

That made my dick jerk, “But he’s married!”

She looked serious, “That’s what the problem is. His thing is so big that his wife doesn’t like doing sex. He wanted to get my advice.”

“So you fucked him for that?”

“Don’t use that nasty word for something so good. You taught me that sex is natural and beneficial so I figured it was a good thing to help him with. I had to check out the problem and his thing is the biggest I’ve seen. It only got half in me at first. I could take most of it later on though. He only knew how to do it doggy so I showed him other ways that wouldn’t go so deep and where he could pleasure her differently. She’s not had anyone but him so I suggested that you should sex her with your smaller thing. Would you?”

Hell yes! She was a blond hottie with monster tits. I nodded so Moira continued, “She will do anything he says so I’ll set it up. Maybe we can all be in bed together. That would be nice I think.”

I blasted a big load and went down on her to get her off too and we slept.

It was Sunday morning and I worshiped at the “temple of love” after breakfast. As we rested in our afterglow, Moira piped up, “Oh, there was one thing I forgot. Biff is losing his apartment and I said I’d ask you if he could stay here for a while. It would be a good thing to do for him. Our bed is big enough for three, don’t you think?”

It’s been six months and Biff is still living here. Moira hasn’t said a word about wanting him to leave. From her viewpoint, why should she?

Biff got a second shift job and with his income she could stay home. Very convenient for being nice to her two resident men. During the week she would have him available after I went to work until late afternoon, then have some time to herself before I got home at six. We’d have a normal husband-wife evening and bedtime. We’d often have sex and I had quit asking how many times she’d already had it that day.

The bed would be moving again in the wee hours when Biff got home. There would be payback though as I often got a piece before I went to work as he tried to sleep beside us.

About once a month we’d check up on Jimmy’s marriage. It was going much better now but he still liked Moira’s lessons and she liked his big cock. His wife Cathy said she looked forward to me too. Bigger was not always better, except I’d never say that about her full and firm tits!

Moira would be a bit stretched after taking all of Jimmy’s big sausage but quickly regained her usual snugness and Biff knew better than to complain. He had an older female boss who had been dropping hints, he told Moira. She advised him how to check it out carefully. One morning he arrived much later than usual and only snuggled with my wife.

His story when he woke up was that his boss had been “very nice” to him after work. He’d been asked to “help her out with something” so followed to her house. The “something” was her horniness and he’d taken care of that twice in a row.

This woman was more than double his age of nineteen and had a somewhat dumpy body but was very eager for his attentions inside and out. She screwed him every morning after work for a while then tapered off a bit. Her weekends were spent with a boyfriend so Moira still got her usual weekend threesomes or turn-taking.

Another six months...

Biff’s boss’s boyfriend moved in with her so that made his sex life more awkward. Moira wasn’t as interested in banging him any more either. Then fate intervened. The boss’s eighteen-year-old daughter got home from college and all her previous boyfriends were unavailable. She’d gotten used to a steady diet of sex at school so latched onto Biff on her mother’s recommendation. He reported she was fucking him silly.

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