The New Arrival

by Marduk

Copyright© 2019 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: An unhappily married woman seeks a new assembly to find acceptance. The one she seeks, unbeknown to her pays homage to an African fertility god, being white she is welcomes and joins in the lunch that is laced with a sexual herb to increase the sexual appetite of the women, for his white woman it is explosive - read on

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Teenagers   Consensual   Slut Wife   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Orgy   Interracial   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   Exhibitionism   Food   Oral Sex   .

Alice stirred, it was time to get up and search for another assembly to engage for since all her associates had left the previous one she had been a member of for many years, she was finding that she was alone and was eager to find another venue where she would be welcome. It was silent and she knew her husband had gone for although they lived under the same roof there was no real communication between them, just what was needed to keep the system running; she knew he was on a rally and would be away all day.

She ticked off the assemblies that she had ventured into over the last two months, some were OK but others she hadn’t even been given a ‘good morning’, there were just two in a reasonable distance that she hadn’t investigated so she chose the one called ‘assembly of light’. It was a bit further but the traffic would be light and it wouldn’t take more than twenty minutes to arrive. She had her shower, washed the breakfast dishes, dressed to make herself noticeable, applied a little more make-up and left.

The assembly of light was not a large building but its surrounding were well laid out and there were a lot of flowering shrubs and a very nice garden. A well-dressed man, as black as night was at the door and just for an instant was surprised for this was the first white woman that had approached the assembly for it was an African community but that hesitation was quickly dismissed and he welcomed her with almost uncontrolled enthusiasm and for Alice it was a real surprise, because it was within seconds of being ushered in that she was surrounded by a very welcoming crowd, especially the men and for a woman that was so naïve as she was she thought that this was a genuine welcome, a gesture of friendliness that she was after, not for a second thinking that what these men’s interest was sex, because one of the age old customs and desires of a black man was to fuck a white woman and now into their presence came a white woman with a decent set of tits and no man had any other desire but to welcome, seduce and fuck her and that included the couple of teenage youths who were already nudging each other with lust dripping from their lips.

She was almost treated as an honourable guest and so delighted in the reception she was given, that she gladly signed the welcome book; she didn’t notice or hear the sniggers of the women for they knew why she was being given so much attention. They knew their men and well out of earshot of this woman they discussed how much cock she could take and how much length for all knew that most of the men were no smaller than nine inches when fully aroused and even the teenagers were at least seven inches for many of the women had already sample them as an educational lesson to teach them how to seduce a woman and how to enjoy the experience. They giggled as this woman they now knew as Alice was shown where to sit for the service or presentation was about to begin. “My dear people”, the lecturer, the presenter or whatever name he used addressed the gathering. “I would like you to welcome our new visitor Alice and make her very comfortable so that she will enjoy what we have to offer and would be willing to come again”. They was an array of clapping and just for a second her leg was given a very substantial grasp, but so delighted in the welcome that she was receiving that the grasp didn’t register.

It was the custom of this assembly to have a light lunch, this was prepared by the women so they put their heads together, all knowing why this white woman was being given such interest and they were also eager to encourage their men to fuck her and just keep fuck her till the poor bitch would have to crawl for they didn’t think she could take the sizes that their men had to offer. “We may have to hold her down”, one woman said and the others giggled as they prepared a lunch that had a little extra sexual ingredients added for they knew of an array of herbs that always had them eager for that after presentation entertainment which pretty well was an orgy for this assembly was geared to honour an old African deity who was a fertility god and after each meeting it was a full on sexual banquet.

Alice had never been so welcomed and eagerly partook in the lunch. “Try this Alice”, was a constant suggestion as the finger food, plate after plate was continually arriving. For the women the sexual herbs were just an appetiser, for them it was just to give that extra boost in other words make them just a bit more randy, but for Alice is was pure explosive, she began to giggle and laugh and when it was suggested that they all dance, not of course knowing that this was just the opening and that by the time the dance was finished they would all be so intoxicated with the effect of the herbs and under the hypnotic trance from the drums so they would be just clay to be moulded into the desires of the men and being seduced and stripped naked was the worship that the ancient deity demanded and then the fucking would commence. She hadn’t danced because she had always been taught that is was immoral, however, now bloated with finger food, laced with a sexual herb that had blown her mind she wriggled and swayed, following the example of the women as they formed a circle around a strange stone statue that had been placed in the centre of the room. A number of drums began to sound and then the singing and then the dance, around and around the stone statue.

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