Pizza Delivery II

by wendyk52

Copyright© 2019 by wendyk52

True Sex Story: I was feeling lonely and bored then I decided to go get a hotel room in a nice hotel drink some more wine and order a pizza for delivery to the room with the hopes of the delivery guy would be a young guy that delivered it.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   True Story   Cheating   Gang Bang   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex   Public Sex   Teacher/Student   .

My husband is an senior engineer for an oil co. and is away a lot, so i have plenty of opportunities and I have been doing younger guys for 16 yrs.+, without him knowing. He couldn’t handle seeing me being fucked by a young black cock, he’s very jealous with me he’s too uptight about sex for the sake of sex alone. He is overseas for a job and will be gone for 4-6 weeks this time.

I was feeling lonely and bored then I decided to go get a hotel room in a nice hotel drink some more wine and order a pizza for delivery to the room with the hopes of the delivery guy would be a young guy that delivered it. I wanted to surprise him by wearing nylon stockings with no panties and a push up bra along with high heels to show off my legs. First I bathed and made sure that my pussy lips were freshly shaved and the rest was trimmed nicely, with just a landing-strip of hair above my pussy. After putting on some very expensive sexy smelling perfume on my thighs, tummy, between my tits and neck. Putting on some red lipstick I was then ready to call for pizza.

I called the Pizza Hut to order my pizza to be delivered asking for a young delivery guy, saying that the last time I ordered pizza the older guy that delivered it was rude with me. The man on the phone said that all his delivery guys were still in school and very well mannered, hearing that brought a smile to my face and I licked my lips.

He said it would be 20-30 minutes, saying thank you and I hung up.[ I could feel my pussy getting moist just thinking of a young cock.

Then I poured another glass of wine and waited. Then I heard a knock on the door and the guy saying Pizza Hut delivery for Ms Wendy. Rushing to the door to answer, my pussy was very wet with the anticipation the young man. Opening the door a crack to see him, before letting him see me to make sure he would fill my needs. I see that he was a young black guy nicely dressed, and cute gauging his age to be eighteen. Opening the door more so he could see more of me I told him that I need to get my purse for the money. His eyes went big as he seen how I was dressed and he mumbled that it was his lucky day. He held the door open with his foot as I turned to get the money. Knowing that he was watching me walk slowly to get the money I swayed my hips more [wonder if he has a big cock as the last young n**ger I had]. Glancing over my shoulder at him he had came into my room and let the door close, looking at his crotch seeing nice size bulge I licked my lips and smiled.

He then put the pizza down and asked if he could use the phone to call his work and let them know that He had car problems and it would be a while before he would return, I said yes sure the phone is in the bedroom by the bed and he was welcome to use it with a big smile on my face. I was thinking this n**ger has done this before with a customer.

He went into the bedroom and called as he was talking he was also undressing, I seen the blackest cock on him that was hanging semi-hard that looked very mmmmm good! Knowing that he knew what the score was I went in and got down on my knees in front of him taking his young cock into my hands.

As I played with his dick he said what he needed to call his boss at work, telling him of his car troubles the boss told him that it was okay due to it being a slow night and that he should get it fixed and be at work tomorrow evening. As he was talking I had slipped his cock into my mouth and was sucking him slowly, just the head of his dick. mmmm it tasted good to me.

He looked at my hands and seen my wedding ring and asked if my husband knew of my desires. I assured him that he knew nothing about me doing this and never would. That I crave young cocks and have been cheating on him for over sixteen years with young guys. I also told him that I love 2 at a time at times, my limits are no, pain, anal, scat, pee or other off the wall weird stuff and that they respect me and my limits or they’ll never have sex with me again! He smiled and said that was good by him as he loves a white woman sucking him off, especially a beautiful mature married white slut like I am. He asked that when he fucks me if I’d leave my stockings on while fucking. I smiled saying if that’s what he likes.

So I’m there in a hotel room stripped down to my stockings and heels as I keep on sucking his lovely thick black dick.

Then I asked him if he has a close friend that could maybe join us sometime, saying again that I love being split-roasted. He said, damn it you are a pizza delivery guys dream, a married white chick, a hot slut who just wants to fuck young black cock. I spread my legs showing him my sooth shaved soaking wet pussy; I get really wet when I suck big black cock. The delivery guy slowly strokes his fingers across my labia, spreading them gently. He must be a mind reader because as soon as I think it he is down there massaging my clit with his tongue. He is driving me wild as I hook one leg under an arm and let the other spread wide exposing my pussy for him to taste as deep as he wanted and he forced his tongue all the way as far as it would go. My husband would never do this for me; he’d have shot his load already.

I could feel my first climax arriving quickly as he concentrated hard on my clit, I found myself saying, eat my juicy pussy, eat my white slut pussy. He didn’t stop until I was trembling hard, he said, you liked that didn’t you slut!.I was so wet, so turned on replying, hmmm yes just love being a slut for you. The delivery guy was back eating my clit again, damn it was intense, I wanted it so bad, I was reaching another climax almost immediately as he tried what had worked before. I wanted his big black cock so bad now. He knew it and moved to slide his hard black cock over my swollen wet pussy.

The delivery guy asked if I wanted his big black cock inside my pussy. I enjoyed acting like a slut so I replied; yeah you know I’m a slut for big black cock. I still had my legs spread wide so he was able to slide his big black cock inside with ease. I was soaking wet but he went slow anyway allowing me to savour every last inch as he went deeper and deeper. He felt so big, I looked down and he wasn’t all the way in yet, still three inches to go and I was starting to climax again, feeling his girth stretch me so nicely and his ockc was reaching all the right places. I realised then that I was holding his ass and pulling him closer, deeper and quickly, I was such a slut I couldn’t wait to feel how deep he would go. I was reaching another orgasm, this one was a from such a deep place I was gripping his cock hard as he withdrew watching my pussy contract hard as my climax kept on coming. I moved to suck his glistening cock, tasting our juices from his hard swollen black cock. He was slowly massaging my pussy with two fingers as I sucked on his cock making sure my orgasm didn’t stop any time soon.

The delivery guy wanted to know if i was going to swallow his cum or if I wanted him to cum somewhere else. There was only one place I wanted to feel his cum, so I took hold of his cock and lay him back in the bed. Sitting astride him, feeding his big black cock into my pussy. I could feel my muscles massaging his cock hard as I took every inch he had to offer. You sure like fucking black cock don’t you he said. I couldn’t talk properly as he had his juice laded fingers in my mouth as I rode him faster and harder as each moment passed. I was already riding through an orgasm as he started to buck back as he came. Sending me deeper into my own climax as I lay trembling on his young black cock.

He left is card with his own name and number hand written onto it, saying a Tuesday night is best as he doesn’t work then and his friend wold be sure to come along once he told him about how much of a slut I was for a young black cock. I let him take a picture of me naked on the bed to show his friend. I wanted them to call me so bad.

I never felt so satisfied after sex. I looked at my naked body in a full length mirror. My breasts were firm and pert, while my pussy was sensitive to the touch. I didn’t need the dildo I’d brought as backup. I showered and went to bed naked as every slut should.

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