Pizza Delivery

by wendyk52

Copyright© 2019 by wendyk52

True Sex Story: I moved out of my parents house right after graduation and my teacher's salary didn't cover all the bills so I had a weekend job delivering for Papa John's. I was surprised by the name on the delivery slip as Wendy R. at room 240,

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   True Story   Cheating   Slut Wife   Interracial   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex   .

> It had been a slow night, summertime was slow enough for pizza delivery, but when delivering to a hotel tips where even worse. I moved out of my parents house right after graduation and my teacher’s salary didn’t cover all the bills so I had a weekend job delivering for Papa John’s. I was surprised by the name on the delivery slip as Wendy R. at room 240, The Hilton Garden. Mrs. R had been my guidance counselor, during my freshmen year at State college, rumor had it she was an easy lay for the jocks, of which I was not. I was surprised by the fact she was staying at the Hilton, when she only lived 20 miles away. During college I had gone from a tall out of shape k** to a “ripped” grad student after slimming down and building muscle definition, at the gym which led to my teaching physical education to a bunch of teenie boppers at a small high school.

> > > It was almost 9pm when I pulled into the parking lot at the Hilton, I parked my car and grabbed the pizza bag and headed to the elevators. I walked off the elevator turned right and went down to the last door on the right, and knocked twice. I almost dropped the pizza when Wendy opened the door, she was wearing a black push-up bra and garter belt, with white stockings. I couldn’t help but notice her nice tits and trimmed pussy, all that was left was a small tuft of hair above her slit.

> > > She smiled and asked me to come in, she stepped back as I walked thru the door, letting the door close behind her, she asked for the total and I was tempted to say “free” but went ahead and said Thirteen dollars and twenty-seven cents. Wendy said, “I forgot to bring my wallet up from the car, could we work out a trade for the food.” I told her to wait a minute, as I called the store to tell them I had a flat and would be late returning to the store, Wendy was rubbing my crotch while I used my middle finger to caress her slit.

> As I hung up the phone, and slid it into my back pocket, Wendy continued to rub on my rapidly hardening cock through my slacks, I reached out and grabbed her hair and pulled her into my mouth for a hot tongue swilling kiss. While I held her mouth against mine with my right hand, I slid my middle finger of my left as fall into her clit as I physically could and Wendy moaned intensely into my mouth. I walked her backwards out of the foyer and into the sleeping area, where I found a king-sized bed with a medium sized black dildo and a silver bullet laying on the bed. I broke the kiss and as I looked down into her eyes, you could see the total lustful look in her eyes.

> I asked her if she liked what she was rubbing and as she bit her lower lip she shook her head up and down. I told her she can have a closer look and as if on command she dropped to her knees and quickly unleashed my cock from my slacks, although she never gave me a second look back in college, I had a 9 inch cock that was as thick as the top of a coke can. When she pulled my slacks down my cock popped up and hit her in the chin as she sighed while looking at the size of what would soon penetrate her body. She wrapped her right hand around my cock as her lips parted to slowly kiss the head and lick the shaft, her left hand reached around to my back and pushed my slacks down the rest of the way to the floor, where I stepped out of them. Wendy bobbed up and down on my cock trying to take as much as she could but at best just about half of my thick cock was getting any stimulation.

> After about 10 minutes, I had had enough of her oral stimulation and reached down grabbing a handful of her hair I pulled her up and shoved her backwards onto the bed and told her itI walked in was my turn, I reached over by her body and picked up the dildo and stuck it into her mouth and told her to practice on something smaller. Then I picked up the silver bullet and pushed it into her already soaking wet pussy, took hold of the controller and turned it on high, Wendy moaned again as the toy started to buzz around inside her pussy, I lowered my mouth down and locked my lips onto her slit and slid my tongue into her pussy to feast on the sweet nectar of her body, as I licked and sucked at her pussy I could hear her moans as she sucked on the dildo while she pumped it in and out of her mouth, Suddenly, and without any real warning, Wendy arched her back as she was overcome by a massive orgasm. I noticed something was amiss because she stopped thrashing around on the bed and I realized she had passed out from her orgasm. I was not about to go away without fucking her, like I use to dream about when I was a freshmen. But at the same time, I had to get back to work and cash out for the night, I turned off the vibrator, then pulled her thigh high stockings off and used them to tie her to the bed. I looked thru her overnight bag and found a pair of black laced panties to match her garter belt, and slid them onto her. As she lay there I took the time to get dressed, as she came back to reality and discovered she was tied to the bed she began to show fear for what was about to happen. I told her not to fear, I had to go cash out and I didn’t want her changing her mind about us having sex, and the restraints where to keep her waiting for wet and unable to stop what I was going to do before I left, I took my phone and snapped a few pics of her tied to the bed, then grabbed her room key off of the nightstand. I told her I would return in an hour to finish what we had started, then i reached down and turned the silver bullet back on low power, and said this should keep you wet and ready for my return. I grabbed the empty pizza bag and let myself out of the room as I raced to get back to the store and cash out so that I could return and take possession of my new prize.

I pretty much set a land speed record racing back to the store, I walked in and apologized for the flat tire, my boss said it was OK, then allowed me to cash out and take off from work, as I left the store. I grabbed a small bottle of icing that we use on the cinnamon desserts and a bottle of Mountain Dew. Just as I reached the truck, I heard someone call my name, I turned my head and instantly had a sickening feeling, there stood Nicky a semi-retarded k** whom the store had hired a couple of weeks earlier to help in the back of house folding boxes and doing prep. Then I realized I had promised to take him back to his place after work, he was fresh outta “High School” or what ever they called the Special Ed department. I looked at him and told him to get in the truck, when we settled in, I asked him if he had ever been with a girl in a sexual way, he kinda looked downcast and said, “no, I was teased a lot in school by the snobby girls but they only teased me and wouldn’t have sex, they always lied and told me I was stupid.”

“Well, I left a married 50 year old woman with a nice set of tits tied up to a bed at the hotel I left a little while ago, and was wondering if you would like to go back to the hotel with me and have a threesome with her.” His eyes lit up and he smiled, then as if I flipped a switch, he got a puzzled look in his eyes and said, “Whats a threesome?” It was my turn to smile as I explained it to him, he thought about it for less than a heartbeat and agreed. As we left the parking lot, I was really hoping to find Wendy still tied to the hotel bed and what her reaction would be to having a 24 year old redneck and a 18 year old mentally retarded African American fuck her. We raced back over to the hotel and headed to the room, as I opened the room with the access card the smell of sex hit me like a brick, Wendy was still tied to the bed but the sheets were soaked from what looked like a couple of intense orgasms, when she saw me she smiled but when she saw Nicky walk in behind me she literally had another orgasm.

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