The Four Coulter Women

by Rodav

Copyright© 2019 by Rodav

Fan Fiction Sex Story: This is a fan fiction of Nick Scipio's Summer camp universe. Another private swing party of the nudist families.

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Consensual   Humor   Sharing   Incest   Brother   Sister   Father   Daughter   Group Sex   Swinging   .

This is a fan fiction of Nick Scipio’s Summer camp universe. Big thanks to Nick for his generosity. Though this could be a stand alone, the author recommends to read the “Summer camp” to appreciate this story better. Thanks to Taz40 for editing this story.

In one summer afternoon, Susan went to visit Atlanta. So as Kara and her husband Victor was coming from Chareston. So, the Coulter and the Hudges had another private swing party. This time they all decided that the four Coulter women will be having sex all at the same time. Elizabeth, her three daughters Kara, Gina and Leah.

Since they have rules that there’s no sexual contact between parents and their own children and vise versa, Chris had to fuck his wife Elizabeth, then Victor fucks his wife Kara. Then Paul fucks his girlfriend Gina. And David had to fuck Leah.

They spread a cushioned mat by the poolside. Then the four Coulter women laid down on their backs and their respective partners started fucking them side by side in a missionary position.

Susan went around and started taking pictures with her Polaroid camera.

After a while of fucking, Susan directs the males to raise their bodies and their heads up while still fucking their respective partners.

Beth started to move and positioned each of her foot on each side of Elizabeth’s chest facing Chris. Then bends her knees to squat a bit to level her crotch with Chris’s face, pushing her pelvis forward and pressed her pussy and slowly grinding it on his face.

Susan took a picture of that exciting scene of Chris face between Beth’s legs. And underneath, Elizabeth could clearly see her husband’s lips connected to her best friend’s pussy lips.

Then Susan followed sought and straddled Kara’s chest, bends her knees in a squatting position, leveled her crotch on Victor’s head and pushed her pussy to his face.

Erin knew she could not have sexual contact with her dad because of the rules but permitted to fool around with her brother. So she straddled Gina’s chest and did the same thing the way her mom and Susan did.

Then Erin squatting a bit to level her crotch with her brothers head, then pushed forward towards his face but then stopped short just an inch away. Then she held his forehead in place to prevent him from touching her slightly parted pussy lips, just very close enough that he could breathe on it as she looked him in the eyes and smiled

Underneath Erin, Leah said, “Erin, you just want your brother to smell your peachfish first ha! just like what my dad did to you before!”

“Actually, your dad ate my peachfish!” Erin responded and chucked.

Beth glanced their way, then rolled her eyes and laugh.

Susan joined in laughing.

Then Erin released the head of her brother and grind her pussy on his face and moaned as she said, “eat my peachfish big brother!” Then she looked sideways catching her father’s eyes who was looking her way.

Erin gently pushed Paul’s face away then stood straight and then turned her body towards her dad. She looked him in the eye as she spread her pussy lips with her fingers. David’s eyes went wide as he saw her daughter’s pussy gaped open showing him her wet inner pink rose petalled labia.

Then Erin once again held her brother’s head as she pushed her pussy on his mouth and grind it in a slow circular motion. “Oh Paul, I just loved how you eat my pussy.” Glancing sideways towards her dad who by this time was watching her grinding her pussy to her brother’s face as he continued fucking his girlfriend, Gina, and the same time David continued thrusting into Leah.

“How I wish we could bend the rules a bit more so I could also grind my pussy on the face of that guy.” Then gestured towards her dad as she said, “beside you.”

“Erin! You’re so bad!” her mom chuckles.

Then she looked back to her dad and caught his eyes and she smiled sweetly at him.

After few more minutes of continued simultaneously fucking the four Coulter women, each and everyone started to reach their climax.

They all took showers then enjoyed swimming and did horseplay in the pool.

The following day, it was already mid morning when Kara came down to the living room wearing her short nightie with the hem below her navel but not enough to cover her public hairs.

“Good morning you two!” Kara greeted her husband Victor and her mom.

“Oh, hi! morning honey!” As Elizabeth turned her head towards her daughter quite surprise as she smiled guiltily. Though she and Victor were casually having a nice conversation, Victor was laying stretched on the couch while Elizabeth were straddling him sitting in his lap facing him.

Kara sat on the couch opposite them and noticed that her mom’s nighties rose a bit and Kara had a glimpsed of her mom impaled in her husband’s cock.

“Uh-Oh!” Kara exclaimed, she bends down to check closely and raised the hem of her mom’s nighties to confirmed that Victor’s cock was inside her mom’s pussy.

“Hmm, you’re fucking!” Kara said grinning at both of them.

“Oh no honey!” Elizabeth feigned innocence, “it’s not what it looks like!” As she held the hem of her nighties down and tried to cover their connected genitals as she chuckles.

Kara laughed at her mom’s playing this kind of pretend games. “So, what does it looks like Mom? What I can see is that my husband’s dick is inside his mother in law’s pussy.”

“It’s not that we’re having sex, it’s just because when I sat on his lap his dick becomes hard and was in the way. So we decided to keep it inside me so it won’t be poking me everywhere.” Elizabeth said still like to play that innocent game.

“Yeah, honey, it’s true!” Victor said decided to join Elizabeth with mock innocence.

“Oh, you too?” Kara shook her head as she laugh and she can’t believe her husband was also playing that game.

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