Jackie Takes a Walk (or Walkies!)

by Marti

Copyright© 2019 by Marti

Erotica Sex Story: A weekend trip to the countryside reveals an ulterior motive, but eventually proves a welcome ordeal for our heroine.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Drunk/Drugged   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Lesbian   Fiction   Zoophilia   Wife Watching   Wimp Husband   White Female   Bestiality   BBW   Size   .

Jon was very pleased with the DVD I sent and couldn’t get enough of watching Jackie with his old dog Bruce. We spent many an hour discussing it and then one afternoon, Jon asked if I was ready for round 2? Jon said he had a friend he owed a favour and that we could kill 2 birds with one stone. He asked me if I fancied a weekend in the Quantocks?

Jackie’s story

Mart suggested we have a weekend away, and he mentioned that the couple who owned Bruce, the dog we’d looked after, had offered the opportunity of a cottage in the Quantock Hills in Somerset, not far from the coast. Mart said the walking in the area was amazing and we’d only be a stone’s throw from Taunton and Weston Super-Mare. I needed no further tempting and didn’t hesitate to jump at the chance I love Somerset and I knew we’d be close to Dunster, and its beautiful there.

We arrived Friday evening and we had a quick dinner and headed for bed, a bit of a fumble between the sheets and then sleep, we had planned a day of walking for Saturday. But just after 7am Mart’s phone rang. I was a bit annoyed, I had been hoping for a Saturday morning session, a little slower and less earnest this time. I told Mart to leave it as I knew it would be work. But Mart said he ought to answer, just in case. He leapt out of bed grabbing his phone and headed down stairs, I rolled up in the duvet, oh well I thought, a lay in will be just as nice.

I could hear Mart talking down-stairs, he rang off and came up-stairs. He had that sheepish look, and he then explained that it was work and something had gone wrong with an order and they needed it sorting out, he said he would have to drive back and sort it. He left within the hour, I was a bit miffed and a bit frustrated sexually, but he said he’d be back by lunch time and that he’d take me into Dunster for a look round when he got back. He said there was some walk leaflets on the kitchen table and that it was a lovely day and I could have a stroll while he was gone. It was a fair trade off and a walk with my own thoughts was a nice idea.

I showered, put a bit of makeup on and got dressed, jeans a sweater and then went to find the walk leaflets, I wondered just how close were we to the sea? Well the leaflets weren’t actually leaflets, rather printed copies of leaflets and all mostly of the local area and apart from 1 were pretty much un-readable! So that solved that, I took the decent map, put on my walking boots grabbed my light walking coat, though the weather was fine. I popped my phone and some water in my little rucksack and a ten pound note in the zipper and off I went. The walk was un-eventful at first and fairly easy going, mostly good paths well signed. But then after about ½ an hour, it turned off and went over a stile into some fields and headed over farmland. The signing stopped but the maps description was still good and I was able to navigate, eventually finding myself on a farm track that led up to a ram-shackled but rather quaint farm. The directions said walk through the yard and then turn down a lane after the old farm house. As I approached the house, a rather large, scruffy man appeared at the door, he had a round and whiskered face and quite a large round belly supported by short stocky legs, we was wearing wellingtons, the expensive kind. As I was about to pass him, I called out my hellos and suggested it was a lovely day; but was surprised, when he said, rather abruptly. ‘Well about time too, you’re late!’ I stopped,’ sorry?’ I said.

‘You’re late’ he said again, ‘but no matter’. ‘No’ I said.

‘I’m just out walking, I’m staying at the cottage’ and I pointed back the way I came. ‘No’, he said,’ Jon has sent you’. He looked at me, ‘see’ he said ‘you’ve got the map!’ And he snatched it from my grasp. He looked at it, ‘but!’ I said.

‘I don’t know any Jon; I think you’ve made a mistake’. ‘No, no mistake’ he said, ‘this is the map’, and he turned and walked back into the house, ‘come on! He called ‘Rosie’s got the kettle on’. And he disappeared!

‘Hey’ I yelled,’ I need that!’ Meaning the map, and foolishly I followed after him. I found him in a large farmhouse kitchen, holding the map and talking quietly to a nice looking woman. She looked like a typical farmer’s wife, about my age dark hair wearing a black cardigan over a pink summer dress. ‘Sorry’ I said.

‘but clearly there has been a mistake, can I have my map back please, I need to continue with my walk, my husband is expecting me’. The woman, Rosie, beamed, ‘yes, yes,’ she said, but before I knew it, she had me sitting at the table a cup of tea in my hands. ‘What a palaver’ she said smiling gaily. ‘Davey here, was convinced that Jon had sent you up to use’, she said. ‘Well she has got the map’, Davey said insistent, ‘so he must have!’

‘Are you sure Jon didn’t send you?’ Rosie asked, ‘no’ I said gulping a mouth full of tea. ‘I’m out walking and I need to get on my way’, I added. ‘Cold feet perhaps’ Said Rosie. Odd I thought, but’ no’ I said.

I took another big gulp of tea, the quicker I finished it, the sooner I could be on my way. Rosie turned to Davey, ‘it is odd though’ she said, she picked up the leaflet from the kitchen unit where Davey had left it. She looked at it quizzically, ‘its definitely the map!’ she said, then slid it to me across the table. I drained my cup and set it on the table. ‘Well’, I said and I reached for the leaflet, ‘I best be on my way’. But as I reached for the paper, it seemed to move. Suddenly, my walk felt un-important and the kitchen felt such a nice place to be, I went to get up but my legs felt heavy and something in my head said why walk, just stay sitting down. I looked up, Rosie, stared at me intently, but that was fine, Rosie was lovely I thought. ‘Well love’ she said smiling. ‘How you feeling?’ she asked her voice was warm and soothing. No cold feet now she said, my feet were warm as toast, so, ‘no’ I said.

‘Good ‘Rosie replied.

‘Let’s get that Jacket off and put away shall we’, and she helped me remove my jacket, my arms seemed heavy and slow to respond, but it all seemed normal. She put my coat and my little rucksack on a hook behind the door ‘that’s better much more comfortable’ she said. She then turned to Davey, ‘you were right’ she said, ‘Jon must have sent her’. ‘Yes’ said Davey,’ I knew she was the one, can’t understand why she made a fuss!’

‘Right’ he said ‘everything is about ready to go, I’ll go get things started. The conversation was strange, but it all seemed perfectly logical to me, I then realised that Rosie had taken my boots off! ‘There’ she cooed, ‘nice and comfy are we?’ I felt warm and very comfortable... ‘Mmmmmmm yes’ I heard myself say. I sat and looked round the kitchen, I felt very relaxed and quite at home. Rosie busied herself, and then came and sat with me, ‘here’ she said and handed me another cup of tea, I was so pleased I had a raging thirst! It was almost cold so I gulped it down ... Rosie laughed, ‘steady ‘she said, but I drained the cup. Rosie took the empty mug and set it on the table. We started to chat, and I found myself telling Rosie, my name, I told her about work and why we were in Somerset, it all seemed perfectly innocent. Then Rosie asked me if Jon, really had sent me? I thought about it, had he sent me? I tried to think, ‘which Jon?’ I asked, I didn’t know, I thought, he might have done? Perhaps he did? ‘I’m not sure’, I told Rosie, ‘maybe’ I said.

‘but I just can’t remember’. ‘That’s all right love’ she said, she put her hand firmly on my thigh and squeezed, I felt a thrill shoot through me! ‘It doesn’t matter, you’re here now’ she said cheerily and don’t you worry, we will certainly give you just what you’re after!’

‘Good’ I said.

not quite sure what it was I actually wanted? But it made me feel all warm and it felt nice being with Rosie. ‘So?’ she said, ‘do you know anyone called Bruce?’ This made my heart jump, and I realized that my pussy was hot and tingly! I could feel myself blushing. I couldn’t help it, I giggled and told Rosie that I did know a Bruce, but I whispered, ‘he wasn’t a, who he was a, what!’

‘Oh?’ Said Rosie, she lent close to me,’ tell me all about it,’

‘Bruce is a dog’ I said.

in a whisper, ‘we looked after him a few months ago’. ‘I see’, said Rosie, ‘but why the secrecy?’ And then I couldn’t help it, it welled up inside me and I just had to let it out! ‘He fucked me!’ I said.

I clasped my hands over my mouth, fuck I thought don’t say that! But it was too late, I’d said it. ‘Good heavens! ‘Exclaimed Rosie, ‘that’s so naughty’ she said, ‘I know,’ I said.

‘What was it like, did you enjoy it?’ she asked, her voice a whisper too. The urge to tell was compelling, ‘it was amazing!’ My heart was pounding ‘I never meant for it to go that far’ I said ‘but in the end I loved it’ I whispered. I couldn’t help it, my pussy was tingling with the memory, and I felt devilishly naughty that I’d told someone my secret. ‘Well that’s good’, said Rosie, she chuckled, ‘you’re secret is safe with me and let me tell you, you’ve come to the right place’. And then Davey came back in the room.

‘Oh good’ said Rosie, ‘here’s Davey, are we all set love?’ she asked him Davey nodded, ‘yep’ he said. By now I was snuggled in the chair feeling cozy, happy and serene, and my god! Very, very horny!

Rosie took my arm, I smiled at her, gosh I thought, she is so attractive, ‘up we come, my lovely’, she cooed. I tried to stand but felt a bit heady, my legs struggled to lift me, I laughed, ‘ooops’, I said as I gained my balance. Rosie held me around my waist and steadied me, I gripped her tight, it felt nice, which made me feel better, she walked me to the door, Davey had already disappeared through it, as I walked my muscles began to work better, but Rosie held me tight and guided me down a hall way and then up some stairs, ‘up we go’ she chanted as we climbed, as we did her hand dropped to my bottom and she squeezed it, ooooh, that thrill again, and it centered in my pussy! At the top of the stairs was an open space with a door at the far end, it seemed a long way away. The wide room was very bright, there were no windows, but sky lights allowed bright day light in. But it was so very hot. There were 3 large lights on stands shining into the room, illuminating a large leather footstall in the center of the room. I thought that It was a little strange, and a surprise to have this at the top of the stairs, we had bedrooms and a bathroom at home, but Rosie and Davey had a big white room!

Rosie walked me to the footstall, and then I noticed what looked like a camera on a tripod, it was like Mart’s little video camera, but bigger. But again it seemed odd to me, but I didn’t pay anymore notice to it. ‘Gosh its warm’ said Rosie, I nodded,’ yes’ I said.

I was hot and thirsty again. Rosie took off her cardigan and threw it in the corner by the stairs. Then she walked over to me and started to pull up my sweater, something in the back of my mind wanted to resist, something wasn’t right, but when Rosie said gosh your sweating Jackie, I was reminded how hot I was and I simply allowed her to slip my jumper up and over my head. ‘That’s better’ Rosie muttered,’ cooler now?’ And she threw my sweater in the corner with her cardy. Next she un-buttoned my jeans, I looked at her, again i felt confused. ‘Don’t worry’ she said, ‘we are all friends here’, and she began to ease my jeans down. Then Davey stood beside me, for a fleeting moment, I felt embarrassed and went to stop Rosie, but Davey offered me a bottle of water and he didn’t seem the slightest bit concerned that I stood there in only my bra, with my jeans now down around my ankles. And the water was so enticing, I took the bottle and drank, as I did, Rosie lifted first one leg and then the other and slipped my jeans off, taking my socks with them. I was so thirsty! I drank deeply, the bottle collapsing as I gulped. ‘Steady!’ chuckled Davey, ‘save some for later’, I stood there in my black bra and half cut comfortable knickers and meekly I let him take the bottle. I was still confused, something, vague and in the back of my mind, was trying to tell me something but I still felt warm and happy and oh so sexy ... It was strange, I really wanted to touch myself ... And worse, I really thought that it would be, absolutely ok even with Rosie and Davey there with me!

Rosie broke my thoughts and gently led me to the large brown leather footstall, it was huge, with a thick seat and short exquisite turned legs. Rosie suggested I sit down I was now facing the door at the far end of the room, the camera to my left. The leather was warm on my bum and it yielded and felt oh so comfy. ‘Why don’t you lie back Jackie’, Rosie cooed, it was so comfortable and I was driven to comply. Oh, the leather felt wonderful on my back, so cool. I was reveling in the feeling, but was interrupted when Davey pushed my right shoulder up and deftly unclipped my bra strap, with one deft movement he grabbed the black lace between my tits and pulled the whole thing away from my body, my arms pulled up unceremoniously as the straps where whipped away, to leave my breasts bare and exposed. Unconsciously, and still in a state of confusion, I gained some control of my flailing arms and covered my breasts, but the feel of my own hands over my boobs only made me feel sexier and I could feel my nipples hardened against my palms. But covering myself, touching myself, wasn’t to last. Rosie stepped up and bending looked into my eyes... ‘Comfy?’ she said. All I could do was mumble, the words simply wouldn’t come. She took my right hand and moved it from my breast and pulled it down the side of the footstall and then I felt cord slipping round my wrist, I weakly tried to pull away and still the words wouldn’t come. Then she did the same with my left arm and through the fog of my mind I vaguely realized that I was now firmly secured to the stool! A weak wave of panic finally began to fill my mind, something wasn’t right, I looked down my body at my breasts, my hard dark nipples stood out luridly, as I looked I saw that I still had my knickers on ... and for some reason, my mind rationalized that my modesty was still in-tacked and that everything was actually fine. Davey walked passed, ‘stick these on her Rosie’, he muttered, he dropped some shoes, slutty, looking heels, on my tummy, ‘the punters don’t like bare feet’, he said. Once she’d placed them on my feet, (they felt a little loose) Rosie sat on the edge of the stool pressing her ample bottom next to me, ‘you look lovely Jackie’, she said, I managed to say,’ but?’ and looked to my left and right. ‘Oh don’t worry about that’ she said and quickly slipped a blindfold over my eyes ‘Aaaah no’, I complained, but it was too late, I was in the dark! Rosie’s voice was in my ear, ‘remember Bruce’ she said in a seductive whisper, ‘think about it, remember how you felt’. I tried not too but the dark void conjured up lurid images, with nothing else to focus on, my mind raced back to that Saturday morning and the sensations that I experienced. I heard a lustful moan, as I hallucinated behind the mask, but then i realized that the sound was coming from me!

No, I’m not going to tell you the sordid details; I am ashamed of myself and what I’ve become. If you must know, let’s just say I indulged in another depraved and disgusting act. It turns out I did know what I wanted. I’m loathed to admit it, but eventually, yes, I knew what was going on, and was complicit. And yes, it’s terrible I know, but I ended up loving it, and god forbid, I fear I may need to do it again.

Mart’s story

The DVD opened, I wide bright room, there she was, I felt a sharp pang of guilt, but it was short lived, she was on her back on a low platform, it looked like an over-sized stool. She was blindfolded, but I could tell it was Jackie she was naked, except for a pair of black knickers, her tits where bare, large white orbs, resting on her chest tipped with pert brown nipples. Her arms were hanging down the side of the stool, and ... And her wrists were tied to the wooden legs! Fuck oh fuck I thought she’s been tied down!

Her head laid back slightly over the edge of the platform, so she would have been looking up and slightly back if she hadn’t been blindfolded. She didn’t struggle or try to resist, she seemed calm and relaxed. A scruffy man walked in and out of shot, portly and with a very hairy head! And a woman, again plump with dark hair and a pink dress walked over to Jackie, she whispered something in Jackie’s ear, and Jackie nodded. Then the camera turned and fell on a door, the woman walked over to it and opened it. I knew what was coming, or at least I thought I did. Out of the room walked a dog! But not Bruce, this was a huge brown shaggy beast, Christ! More like a bear than a dog! He was enormous, a large broad head and a large short snout, his jowls black, his tongue dark red, he licked his mouth as he wandered in. A wide, deep barrel chest and four big strong legs! He ambled in, and then; another identical hound wandered in behind him! Oh fuck! I thought, No, No. But I was powerless, I feared the worst! But the DVD continued. The pair seemed more interested in the woman and they turned to her their short hairy tails wagging. She stroked them and tousled their big heads; then she called ‘come boys!’ And led them over to where Jackie lay, prostrate and secure. As soon as the two big hounds were aware of Jackie their behavior changed, they became more animated, more excited, one sniffed at her leg and the other sniffed at her hair, pushing his nose in around her ear and neck. The woman took the dog by her head and led him away and secured him to a ring on the wall by a leash then she returned to the second dog, which by now had its head across Jackie’s thigh and was sniffing at her belly and crotch.

The woman heaved the dog off of Jackie and re positioned him in front of Jackie’s knees, she told him to sit! And he did perfectly, his tail wagging and his tongue lolling. She then lent forward grabbed Jackie’s knickers on either side and yanked them off! She pulled them down Jackie’s right leg, stretching the material to its limit and lifting Jackie’s leg she slipped the knickers over her foot and off, she let Jackie’s leg drop down and the panties sprang back caught around Jackie’s left leg at the knee, they hung there like a skimpy black rag. Now the woman called the big brown dog, ‘here boy’ she cooed, ‘what’s this then?’ She pushed Jackie’s thighs apart and slapped her seductively on her full round belly. Jackie finally gave a sharp cry of surprise. The hounds ears pricked and he sprang between Jackie’s knees, his nose searching. He found what he wanted, Jackie’s neat plump pussy, immediately he began to lick! The camera moved in close, catching his tongue on her twat, his tongue deftly parted her lips and licked inside her, grazing her clit as it did. The camera caught the sound of Jackie gasping, possibly in surprise but more likely from pleasure!

As the big dog licked Jackie, enjoying her sweet taste, the woman went and retrieved the second mastiff, and led him to the stool. The dog was keen he strained to reach her his nose twitching. The woman made him stand behind Jackie’s head, then she commanded ‘Up boy ‘and the dog jumped up landing his strong powerful forelimbs on the stool either side of Jackie, he now towered over her face, he leaned forward, stretching towards his companion, who was feverishly licking Jackie’s now dripping cunt. The camera now zeroed in on this dog’s lower area, his large heavy sheath swung just a fraction above Jackie’s blindfolded face, she seemed oblivious to his presence, she was grunting now and sighing, no doubt unable to resist the sensations that her licking K9 lover was soliciting. But already, the second dogs cock was extending from the sheath, about an inch of dark pink shaft appeared, with the strange pointed head, and it slowly grew, longer and bigger, then as the big cur lent forward trying to access J’s cunt, the tip of his growing cock touched Jackie’s face, she squealed and turned her head from side to side, and mumbled something, which the camera didn’t catch.

Now the woman leaned in to Jackie and whispered in her ear, the cameral picked up what she said. ‘How does it feel Jackie?’ She asked. Jackie was panting and moaning ‘Ugh Ugh, Ooooh Mmmmm. Oh Rosie’ she purred, (so the woman was called Rosie) ‘Its so fucking good’ Grunted Jackie, ‘Bruce licking me, licking my pussy, he makes me feel sooooo good’. ‘Good girl’, cooed Rosie,’ but its not Bruce darling’ she said,’ its another, just as good, better even’. ‘You like him, like what he’s doing, yes?’ Asked Rosie, Jackie nodded her approval ‘Mmmmmmm yes’ she sighed. ‘Oh good’, said Rosie,’ he likes you to babe, he is loving your taste he can’t get enough. God he can’t get enough’. She said ‘you are sure to cum. Do you want to cum Jackie?’

‘Ooooh yes’ replied Jackie, her voice small filled with lust. ‘I thought so’ chuckled Rosie. ‘He will make you cum’, said Rosie, ‘and I will make sure he does’ she added as she ran her hands over Jackie’s tits pressing hard on her nipples, soliciting a deep groan from Jackie, then her hand moved down her belly and then on to her hot wet, dog slobbered cunt. ‘Ooooh yes’ keened Jackie, ‘so close’ she croaked, her voice deep, husky, lust filled.

Rosie moved her hand away quickly, her tone changed. ‘But Jackie he needs to cum too, will you help him?’ she asked. ‘I, I’ Jackie mumbled, ‘I don’t know what you mean?’

‘Its ok’, Rosie whispered, soothing again,’ lean your head back darling, that’s it, a little more’, Jackie moved her head as far back as she could, as she did Rosie, squeezed and massaged the big doggy sheath hanging close to Jackie’s up-turned face. I could see the pink, cock head begin to swell, and it began to extend from the sheath, it quickly became engorged as Rosie continued her ministrations. Jackie was still panting and moaning as the dog working her pussy licked her fervently, his snout was burrowed deep between Jackie’s labia, her lips flared wide around his maw. Her mouth was open, as she panted and moaned, her tits rising and falling with each breath, her nipples hard and erect, she licked her lips luridly as she rode her pleasure. But the cock above her head had grown; it was now 7” long! Andalmost as thick as a red bull can! The pointed tip angled down and was beginning to seep precum. Now Rosie directed the tip to Jackie’s open mouth. As it touched her top lip, Jackie started, ‘oh’ she cried, startled. ‘Help him cum Jackie’, Rosie said insistently,’ he is doing it to you so well Jackie’ she added, ‘he deserves your help, use your mouth baby, do it! Do it, for me!’ As she goaded Jackie on, Rosie slowly eased the huge pink cock till it slowly entered Jackie’s open mouth. It slipped between her pouting lips, Jackie coughed and angled her head further back, but she didn’t resist, or pull away. ‘Good girl’ Rosie chimed, ‘suck him Jackie! That’s it, use your tongue yes, yes good girl Suck!’

Oh my god! As Rosie encouraged her, I watched as Jackie slowly closed her mouth around the, by now dripping K9 cock! Her red lips encircled the thick member and her cheeks moved as she began to suck!

Fucking hell she was doing it, without complaining or any remonstration ... She was sucking on a dog’s penis! I could see as she sucked, her throat moving as she swallowed, then she moved her head back and forth a little working the dogs cock, her lips moving along the shaft! ‘Ooooh that’s it baby’ crooned Rosie, ‘suck it, ohhh sooo good, its so hot, yes that’s it suck! Yes, swallow his cum, can you taste him feel it filling your belly!’ Jackie, could only gulp and gasp snatching gulps of air, ‘Nnnnugh gug, gug’, her throat was moving frantically as she swallowed, and she fervently fucked the cock with her mouth. It was a filthy nasty scene! But Jackie seemed to be loving it, her hips started to move, she thrust her pleasure consumed cunnie against the other dogs muzzle, the dog was now licking furiously his tongue lashing and slavering over Jackie’s cunt. The dog above her head was moving his haunches back and forth, more of a shake than a thrust, his tail was stretched straight and his head hung low, his tongue touching Jackie’s belly. Then the big knot began to swell, the camera picked it up, Christ she’d never get it in her mouth! Rosie, saw it too, ‘easy’ she whispered, she placed her fist around the shaft and held the swelling from J’s mouth, she then snaked her right hand down to Jackie’s pussy and plunged two fingers down, between her labia and the dogs slavering tongue. Jackie’s reaction was explosive, her back arched and she grunted, ‘Uuuuurgh! Huuuuh!’ Rosie’s fingers began to rotate, strumming Jackie’s sensitive clit. Jackie groaned again, the noise muffled by the gargantuan cock between her lips. Her hips bucked uncontrollably, and the licking dog, perturbed, stopped his licking and backed off and sat between Jackie’s knees. Jackie was in ecstasy I was sure of that! She was still sucking hard on the cock in her mouth, and surely swallowing cupful’s of cum, but between gulps, she grunted and moaned her pleasure, as Rosie mercilessly frigged her hard clitoral nub. She was very close to cumming I could tell, and what a cum it would be! The dog above Jackie stopped moving, his knot was huge, and Rosie had trouble stopping it from forcing itself further up the shaft and slipping between J’s lips. Rosie sped up her fingers, working Jackie’s clit hard and fast and she got the reaction she wanted! Jackie with a muffled grunt, Pushed down with her feet and lifted her bum off the stool, forcing herself onto Rosie’s expert fingers! And then she stiffened, in that position, and then she came! It was amazing! Her body shook, her hips bucked uncontrollably, her tits and chest flushed bright red, fuck! Thick viscous pussy juice spat from her ragging twat! And she roared her lust, the cock no barrier for her deep throaty passion filled groan Hhhuuuuuuooooooooh! At that very moment Rosie yanked the doggy cock from between her lips, five inches of thick fat doggy cock emerged with a pop! And shot a rope of thin pale dog jizz between Jackie’s tits, and then another and another, covering her belly in a pool of k9 cum, her belly button filled with the foul cream. But his cock kept on pumping, as Jackie thrashed thru her all-consuming climax, Rosie pointed the spurting cock, drenching Jackie’s tits with the emission.

And then it was over, the big dogs cock began to shrink, though still shooting short strings of dog semen, he began to back off from Jackie, as he did he shot the last of his cum, over her face, the blind fold got spattered and his jizz drenched her hair until it was sodden.

Jackie slowly dropped her bum back down on the stool, but she still humped Rosie’s fingers which still stroked her clit, though slower now. ‘Oh fuck oh yes huh ugh, yes’ babbled Jackie ... Until with a moan of tension, Jackie keened ‘enough enough! ... sensitive, to sensitive’ ... and Rosie pulled her fingers from J’s wet and frothing pussy. ‘Fuck! Did you get that!’ Rosie said to the man holding the camera. ‘Oh yes’ replied the man’s voice, ‘every filthy frame!’

‘God!’ Quipped Rosie,’ I don’t know where Jon found her but she’s certainly a keeper!’ The man just chuckled, ‘she’s a bloody gold-mine’, he said.

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