Back to Bernies Welsh Cob Time

by Marti

Copyright© 2019 by Marti

Erotica Sex Story: Jackie returns to Bernie's, unable to resist, but its a show that even J needs help with, a meeting with a lovely welsh fellow!

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Coercion   Drunk/Drugged   Fiction   Zoophilia   Cuckold   Wife Watching   White Female   Bestiality   Fisting   Oral Sex   BBW   .

The call came on the Wednesday, I said to her that she didn’t have to go and she said she knew. I told her, we should tell them no, no more. She said I was right and she would tell them that she didn’t want to go – But I knew it was a lie.

I got home on Friday and she was gone, I knew where.

She didn’t come home Saturday and I resigned myself to a lonely weekend.

But I was too far gone, too deep in, to do anything about it.

Sunday morning, I heard the letterbox clatter at about 8am. A small flat package landed on the mat. I looked out the bedroom window, and just caught Ian sauntering to Bernie’s Jag. I watched them drive away in a cloud of exhaust fumes.

A note, hand written, she’s ok, a big hit as usual! She will be back with you tonight. Here is a little something to keep you occupied. It was signed Bernie.

With mixed feelings of dread, guilt and perverted lust, I slipped the DVD into my laptop. The screen was dark, nothing showing then a voice, Bernie’s. ‘Well’, he said,’ no one made you come did they, you could have said no, right?’ A quiet voice, Jackie’s said ‘yes I know’. ‘But you came didn’t you’, Bernie’s voice firm, ‘and you knew what to expect didn’t you?’ ‘Yes’ replied the meek voice. ‘So what’s the problem, you knew, you came.’ ‘But Bernie, I can’t anymore, really!’ Jackie sobbed.’ Look’ said Bernie, ‘there’s a lot of people here today counting on us, on you. You don’t want to let them down do you?’ ‘No but’, said Jackie. Bernie interrupted ‘Well then’ he said.

There was a pause, then Bernie said, ‘do you want something to make it easier, something so you enjoy it, you do like to enjoy it don’t you?’ There was another pause and Jackie whispered’ yes I want to enjoy it’. ‘Good’ said Bernie, ‘have one, no two of these ... Here swallow them down with this’, I heard the Phhhhht of a can opening and the sounds stopped. The screen flashed and the yard appeared, about 15 older blokes wandered about, lots of old Barbour jackets and scruffy shooting tweeds, wellington and work boots. As the camera panned around a couple of the men, turned away or covered the faces.

Then the camera turned around further and there in the yard tied to a post was a Horse!

It wasn’t huge, but bigger than a pony, it was a dark grey colour with a mottle of white. Its mane was short and spiky and its tail was cut short to about a foot or so and it had been tied about with string in three places down its length.

It was a strong looking animal with strong front legs and a round muscular behind and thick muscular back legs, its hooves were black and polished, between its hind quarters hung an ominous cock sheath and an immense pair of bollocks! A voice, the camera operator, it was Billy, he circled the horse, he spoke. ‘This is Louis’ he said or to give him his stupid posh name Llewellyn’ Billy clicked his tongue ‘tut’ then continued ‘he is a very fine welsh cob’. Billy moved the cameral around the animal. ‘He’s a lovely fucking horse’, Billy muttered ‘in the trade we call him black beauty’ he said... ‘you’ll see why later’. The men began to mill around the horse, talking about him some stroked his flanks and neck. Then Billy turned the camera and Bernie came striding up, behind him came Jackie teetering in white high heels at least 4” and way too high to be wearing in the yard.

Billy ran the camera up and down Jackie. She had been made up again, thick red lipstick, falls eye-lashes and lots of makeup ... she looked slutty but sexy. Her hair had been pulled to the sides and was held in two little pig-tails, which made her look even sluttier.

She was also wearing white hold up stockings. Bernie always insisted on ‘sussie’s’- naughty, dirty girls always wore sussie’s. But bar make-up, stocking and heels, she was naked! She was trying to cover herself with her hands and arms, but trying to keep her balance walking in those heels, made this almost impossible. Now Bernie took her hand and walked her to the grey. The camera followed, already it was shaking and whinnying, its nostrils snorting, he knew what was coming.

‘Right Jackie love’ said Bernie, ‘you know what to do, give the boys here a lovely show!’ And he pushed her firmly towards the horse’s flanks and then encouraged her down to crouch by its hind leg. Already the horse was getting excited, his large phallus was extending, jet black! ‘See’ said Billy behind the camera, ‘Black beauty’ it was black, shiny, with an angry looking mushroom shaped head.

Jackie touched it and the cock twitched and grew a little longer and the head and girth swelled. She began to work her hand up and down the shaft, the horse whinnied and rumbled it satisfaction.

The cock was now huge, a good 16” long and almost as thick as a beer can!

‘That’s it Jackie’ encouraged Bernie. Jackie now crawled under the horses belly, the big cock pointed straight at her full round, slightly sagging breasts, her nipples were hard, was it being outside, or was she getting excited I couldn’t tell.

She was stroking, no wanking the big equine cock faster now, the large black cock against her delicate white hands was so sexy.

‘Go on Jackie’, Bernie sounded excited too, ‘kiss that beautiful sexy black cock head’. Jackie looked up, glancing at the camera, she looked vacant, but she smiled then turned and kissed the big head, then she licked it seductively, the crowd muttered its approval.

Come on bitch! Someone shouted, ‘suck his big black dick!’

But Jackie continued to lick, she ran her tongue up and down the big head and around the rim, she worked the tip of her tongue deep into the large eye of the huge phallus, firmly wanking the shaft as she did.

‘That’s my girl’, muttered Bernie, ‘slow and steady’.

As Jackie mouthed the equine cock, she looked into the camera, her eyes half closed she looked lusty and aroused.

The camera panned down, as she crouched to service the stallion, her thighs out stretched wide, exposing her shaven pussy, her thick rubbery labia, were flared and open, moisture glistened. So, clearly it wasn’t the cold. Another voice in the throng shouted obscenities, ‘Oh your dirty fucking cunt’, he barked, ‘you love that fucking horsy cock!’

And then Jackie opened her mouth wide, and slid the huge cock head between her stretched rouged lips!

It barely fitted and she gagged a little as she adjusted, but she managed it, and then she sucked it, her cheeks fluttered as she drew on the cock wedged in her mouth. The crowd where entranced. As Jackie became accustomed to the size, she began to work her mouth back and forth over the swollen hard horse flesh. With the cock embedded deep within her mouth she was able to free her right hand, whilst continuing to masturbate the pony shaft with her left ... But I watched as her right hand dropped to her own sex, and her fingers eagerly disappeared between her swollen and flared cunt lips. As Jackie sucked and wanked, the big grey horse, he began to get more animated ... his short tail flicked back and forth, he whinnied and snorted and shook his big head, Jackie sucked harder, her cheeks sucking in then out against the bulbous cock head filling her mouth. She moaned, the sound muffled on the cock, her fingers a blur between her own cunt lips. She gulped ‘Gulk’, her throat worked, she swallowed hard. And with an earnest look, she pulled her head back, and with difficulty drew the big black horse cock from her mouth, it was wet with saliva and strings of spit hung between her lips and the cock tip, but the tip was oozing, drip, drip, drip, big drops of creamy liquid!

The Stallion neighed loudly, his huge balls began to jiggle. Jackie licked the huge seeping cock head again. It seemed to swell even larger, and then, with a fizz a gout of spunk shot from the eye and splattered onto Jackie’s face and mouth!

And then another spurt hit her spraying her hair and face again, then the cock fired another longer spurt which shot, out as a continuous stream of cum, which again covered Jackie’s face filling her mouth as she gasped, swallowing a mouth full of horse cum as she did. Leaving her own desires, she had grasped the cock with both hands again, and now she directed the pulsing stream of horse jizz down over her tits and belly, gasping and laughing in excited surprise, and then, she aimed it directly onto her open cunt.

The crowed clapped their approval! Jackie’s eyes rolled, she licked her cum sodden lips and allowed the stream of hot horse cum to jet into her quim ... a shudder, quivered her body, and she returned her right hand to her pussy and began to feverishly strum her clit. She let the now shrinking horse cock swing free, still spurting its hot thick cream, and as the cum spewed onto her belly and crotch, Jackie masturbated furiously, she dropped back onto the gravel surface, her naked arse sank into a deep puddle of horse spunk, and with her legs splayed wide she diddled herself, strumming her clit until with her eyes screwed tight and her lips pursed, she came hard. ‘Ooooooooh Yesssssss!’ She hissed, the crowd again clapped its approval.

She kept her cum going as long as she could, rubbing herself luridly with no thought or care for her audience only her ernest pleasure. But eventually with a growl of satisfied lust, she pulled her hand away from her sopping crotch, and sat panting, her tits rising and falling with each labored breath, the camera, zoomed in on her face.

Eyes half closed, face cab ragged breaths; and then the film faded and went blank.

There was a flash of bright white, then another and the screen filled with an image again. I recognized the inside of the sales barn.

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