The Strawberry Patch - Bonus Story - Lynn's Birthday

by Writer Mick

Copyright© 2019 by Writer Mick

Romantic Story: I have a series of Holiday stories for The Strawberry Patch. So here is the first one celebrating Lynn's birthday. This takes place after the home invasion.

Caution: This Romantic Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Fiction   Polygamy/Polyamory   .

Bonus Chapter – Lynn’s Birthday

I am so happy to have all of the craziness behind us right now. I am going to say right now, because Fate is an evil bitch and I don’t want to piss her off too much. Since we have been together, I have had to deal with Lynn’s and Erin’s stories, then Lynn’s family secret and her sexual incident, then my Houston adventure, then Blossom, then Erin’s melt down, then Blossom’s death and return, then Erin’s and Blossom’s rapes and Taylor’s murder. Throw in being married to three women, all of which are popping out babies like Lottery balls, plus being involved in two bands and two bars. Yeah, nothing to see here, Fate. Nothing to see.

Anyway, I said all of that to say this. This will be the first time the family will get to celebrate Lynn’s birthday together. It is sad that Taylor Erin will not be here, but we will take a moment at her grave, so we can include her memory in our lives.

My dilemma is what to do for a woman who is brilliant, sexy, rich, a mother, bald, tattooed, and in possession of the single sexiest, bright red-haired pussy in the entire expanse of creation? I know I would like to give her my tongue for about 23 hours, but that would be for me and not her.

Almost as difficult a question as which came first, the chicken or the egg, is the question, what do you get for the woman that has everything? I guess I could try to give her more babies, but she is already knocked up, you are welcome. I must have really been thinking hard because I couldn’t come up with anything and Erin and Blossom were staring at me.

“Sweetie? Are you ok?”

“Yeah. No. My brain hurts.”

“Can we help?”

“You are going to have to. I have been racking my brain to think of a birthday gift for Lynn and I come up with nothing.”

“Is that all?!”

Erin smiled and patted me on my bare ass.

“Yes! That is all. She can have damn near anything she wants, what can I get her? What are you two going to get her?”

“I’m going to get her a set of crotchless panties that will match the underwear we gave you on Valentine’s Day.”


“The better to eat you with, my dear!”

“Nice. And Blossom, what about you?”

“I am getting her this silk scarf that she saw at an online store. It is hand dyed and painted and will go great with her red wig or her pussy.”

“I don’t want to do lingerie, or perfume, or clothes, or anything like that. Besides since she does the house finances, she will know what I get and how much I spent. I am lost.”

“Sweetie, give her something she can’t buy. Give her something that is so ‘you’ that it will touch her heart. But remember, K.I.S.S.” Erin smiled at me.

“Keep It Simple, Stupid. Very funny. Simple. Hmmmm. Simple. I think I’ve got an idea.”


Erin almost shouted the question.

“Oh no. I gotta fill this idea out. If I can pull this off it will be cool.”

“What is it?” Blossom calmly asked.

“Thank you, Sweetie. You too Baby.”

I stood and walked away, with the gears in my brain spinning like crazy. By the time her birthday arrived a week later, I was ready. I pulled Erin and Blossom to the side the night before as we were getting ready for bed.

“Sweetie? Baby? I need to ask a big favor for Lynn’s birthday. In the morning, would you two please make love to her for a long time? I need time in the morning in order to give her my gift.”

“Gee, husband, do I want to spend time making love to my wife on the morning of her birthday? Let me think. Yes!” Erin laughed at her own joke.

“I don’t think that will be a problem. Erin can take care of her in bed and I will clean her up in the shower before we come down for breakfast.”

“Thanks. I love you!” I kissed both of them When we woke up that morning, all I did was kiss Lynn and get out of bed and leave. Erin made love to her until Lynn couldn’t stand anymore. She got out of bed and staggered to the shower, where Blossom caught her. Blossom took her in, under the warm water and brought her off for another dozen orgasms. By the time Lynn was ‘clean’ she could barely walk a straight line. But she was smiling!

“Paul asked that you get dressed for breakfast. He said t-shirt and shorts would be fine.”


Lynn dressed as requested and when she finally staggered into the kitchen for breakfast, the girls were ready for her and gave her handmade cards and handmade ankle bracelets. I walked over to her, kissed head her again. She looked at me and I held out my empty hand.

“What is it?”

“Take it.”

She took my hand and I kissed the back of her hand. Then I placed it over my heart.

“I only have this. I have been going crazy trying to think what to give you that would mean something special. Erin gave me the idea that I should give you something that could not be bought. So, I started to think of priceless things and all I could think of that could not be bought was my love.”

She teared up and hugged me. I then walked to the kitchen counter and picked up my wallet. I pulled out a puzzle piece, walked back to Lynn and gave it to her, then I walked away. She looked at her wives and shrugged her shoulders in return to their similar movement. Erin gave her the panty set and told her that she would show her how to use them properly tonight. Blossom gave her the silk scarf which she immediately wrapped around her neck.

Lynn then helped clean up and when she lifted my plate to put it in the sink, there was a puzzle piece under it. She then looked under each plate and found more pieces. They were under the other dishes as well. She looked under the butter dish and there was a piece.

She went to put the orange juice back in the refrigerator, she found another puzzle piece. Lynn held each one up for her wives to see and they laughed. She began to look around and found piece after piece scattered all over the kitchen.

The girls came running into the kitchen giggling like little crazy people and they each had puzzle piece stuck to their foreheads and when they turned around more were stuck to their little bare butts. Lynn went to a cabinet and got down a big bowl so she could gather the puzzle parts and found a piece in the bowl!

She went to the family room to find her wives giggling.

“Do you two know what this is all about?”

Erin smiled, and lifted up her massive tits to show puzzle pieces stuck to the undersides of them. Lynn gasped, Then Blossom stood and showed her butt and there were two pieces there. She went around the family room and found pieces under flower vases and behind family pictures. She opened the doors to the ballroom and there was a line of pieces right down the middle of the room. She gathered them as she went and put them in the bowl.

The line continued to the spiral staircase at the back of the ballroom and there she found a piece on each step. One by one she took the pieces and followed the path until she got to the top of the stairs and there was another path. Now her curiosity was just running on full. What was this picture going to be?

She walked into the nursery to find pieces on her babies’ foreheads. The babies giggled when she took them. It was like they were in on the joke. She then went through each of the bedrooms and found more pieces. She needed to find me and get me to tell her what this was going to be. At the end of the hall she entered the master bedroom and there was a big heart on our bed, made of puzzle pieces. Now she was laughing. This was wonderous.

Well, I wasn’t there so she went through the bathroom and picked up more pieces. None were hidden, all were in the open, but they were not there when she had gotten up. She headed out of their bedroom and went to the stairs down to the family room and there were more pieces on each of the steps on the way down. They were not there before. She figured that I must be spreading the pieces and just keeping in front of her.

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