Dissolution With a Bang

by Paris Waterman

Copyright© 2019 by Paris Waterman

Incest Sex Story: Although they are getting divorced, he agrees to go to her sister's wedding in hopes of getting one last time with her. He gets his wish and more.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Sharing   Incest   Sister   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Spitting   Voyeurism   .

Sandra and I entered the hotel. It would in all probability be the last time we stayed under the same roof together. She was still my wife, but we had already started the divorce proceedings. Her sister, Mora had gotten married that morning at eleven but we had not told her family yet not wanting to take away from her sister’s big day. Not that I thought it would. Sandra felt otherwise and to avoid further difficulties with our divorce I went along with her.

We were already living apart, she had the house, and I had taken an apartment across town. This was the first time we’d actually seen one another in two weeks.

But tonight we were to share the hotel room; to do otherwise would have sent up a red flag that neither of us wanted to do. Throughout the breakup we had remained civil to one another. I had suspected Sandra of having an affair with a former friend of mine. In this, I was proved right. However, it was me that got caught with Sandra’s allegedly best friend, Evelyn that set matters irrevocably on their current path.

I knew that weddings made Sandra hornier than usual and was already counting on nailing her one last time. She was, and always had been great in the sack. Always willing to try something different; even showing an innovative side that I never dreamed she had on occasion.

From my point of view the wedding had been an un-interesting mix of family drama, politics, and fawning over Sandra’s little sister, Mora. She had married an accountant or lawyer or some such. I found myself second guessing my decision to burn a perfectly good vacation day to make this affair when Sandra and I were getting divorced.

Sandra stopped, turned and looked at me. “Will it bother you if I change into pajamas without going into the bathroom?”

I shrugged, “No, not at all.”

She slipped out of her jacket and silk blouse. Her D-cup breasts pushed at her bra, the nipples already stiffened in the cool air. She unzipped her skirt, let it fall to the floor and stepped out of it. Her body still held my interest that was for sure. It was built more for comfort than speed, large hips narrowing to a thin waist, large breasts with wide, silver dollar sized areola and nipples the size of my pinky. She undid the bra and her breasts swung free. I felt a stirring below my belt.

“Hey, fair is fair, I am going to change.”

“Whatever,” she replied, searching through her bag.

I got up and stripped out of my suit, folding everything away for later. I grabbed a pair of drawstring pants and a t-shirt. I stood and turned to find her watching me.

“When did you get that?” she asked, pointing at the new tattoo on my leg.

“Last week. I thought you had seen it.”

She shook her head. “You are turning back into that wildman I knew a long time ago.”

I laughed and pulled a pair of boxers out of my bag.

Her eyes followed my hands as I slid my underwear down, and then focused on my now semi-hard cock.

“I guess I still do something for you.”

“Of course,” I said as I pulled up the new boxers and stepped into my pants.

She shook her head, turned and slid off her panties. Her ass looked as good as ever, kind of an upside down heart. My cock was getting more than semi-hard now. I lay back on the bed to watch her.

She looked at me with a bemused expression, “Hmmm, first the tattoo and now this.”

“What do you mean?” I asked, running a hand over my crotch.

“Don’t get mad, but you were kind of a prude before, never really watched me, and certainly never rubbed your penis in front of me before.”

“Do you want to find out what else I do now?”

She sat down on the bed across from me, spread her legs slightly. A lewd smile formed on her red lips. “Fuck yes.”

Yep, weddings still made her horny.

I told her I wanted to see her do that thing with her tits. I’d loved watching her do it during our better days and now she sat across from me, with both hands holding up her breasts and alternately taking each in her mouth. She moaned quietly as she sucked and bit at them but her eyes never left my hand.

That was because I had my hardon in my hand, fucking my fist as I watched her.

Her lust was evident from the sparkle in her eyes, as she dropped one tit and slowly slid the free hand over her stomach going between her legs until she found her clit then rubbing it, making small thrusts with her hips.

“Bite harder.” I whispered, surprised at hearing the crude raspy sound in my voice.

Sandra looked at me and I saw her teeth pull harder at the nipple, heard her gasp. I stood up and looked down at her. There was a knock at the door.

Of fucking course!

Sandra stood up and wrapped a robe around her body as I retrieved my pants. I heard her open the door and greet her sister, the newly wedded bride.

Fucking lovely!

I grabbed a t-shirt and pulled it over my head just as they walked back into our suite. I leaned back against the headboard and tried not to let my erection stick straight up.

Mora and Tony (the groom) had evidently gotten bored and decided to come down and visit. They had changed from their wedding clothes to polo shirts and khakis. Tony was a little shorter that I was, had an okay body I guess, along with brown hair and eyes; just an average sort of guy.

Mora was pretty much an opposite of her sister. She had short hair, was taller than Sandra with smaller breasts and narrower hips. Mora evidently took after their father’s side of the family, for the mother was definitely big breasted, either double or triple D’s. Oh, yeah, I’d had some thoughts about her at the beginning of our marriage. I took a good look at the sister. It didn’t look like Mora was wearing a bra to me.

I broke the silence by smiling and asking the newly wedded couple why they weren’t busy doing post wedding “stuff.”

Mora giggled, and then proudly stated: “Tony has already boned me hard and fast, if you know what I mean!”

She couldn’t have been more succinct, or obscene. Then as if pre-planned, she and Sandra giggled like school girls.

Wow. Mora had to be all lit up if she was talking this way. During the three really good years of our marriage I’d found Mora to be a real prude about sex.

Seemingly ignoring both our comments, Tony began to open the champagne bottle he had with him as the girls went into a kind of huddle, still giggling occasionally. I figured Mora was telling her sister the highlights of their rutting session in the Bridal Suite.

Tony found some glasses and began pouring the bubbly. Sandra sat on the corner of one bed and Mora sprawled out on the couch. Tony gave the bottle to Mora and she took a long drink then handed it over to Sandra. So much for the glasses---class will show every time.

I noticed Tony’s eyes going to the gap in Sandra’s robe as she bent forward to take the bottle. Having seen my wife’s tits so recently, I looked elsewhere and caught Mora peeking at her sister’s half exposed breasts as well.

Weird family, I thought; I expected no less from Tony. He was a man after all. Tony saw me notice and gave me a smile.

I’m fairly certain my wife saw the two of them looking. Women know when someone’s looking and either cover up, or put more on display. Sandra saw them, but did neither. She did however take a long swig from the champagne bottle.

Tony grinned at me. Man to man as it were. I didn’t grin back as I noticed Sandra now seemed focused on her sister; very focused it seemed.

Something was off kilter, but I couldn’t put my finger on it.

We sat around and talked about the wedding and the better days between Sandra and me. We finished the champagne and I opened a bottle of rum I had with me. We got some fruit juice and made a killer punch. I was starting to feel it and I wondered about Sandra, since her tolerance for booze was about zero.

Eventually Mora asked Sandra if she remembered their old hideaway. Sandra laughed and said of course she did. Mora straightened up and told Tony and I it was the room above the garage at their parents. The girls had put some furniture in there and had had locked themselves in, and their brother Keith out, for whatever it was girls did at that age.

I noticed Mora’s nipples seemed to be hard, and looked at Sandra. She gave me an odd glance, and then I swear to God, she looked at Mora’s nipples poking through the shirt as well.

I noticed Mora’s nipples seemed to be hard, and looked at Sandra. She gave me an odd glance, and then I swear to God, she looked at Mora’s nipples poking through the shirt as well.

Mora looked at me, and gave a lazy smile. “Sandra and I used to have some interesting times Jonah.”

Sandra cleared her throat, “Mora, maybe we shouldn’t go into this now.” Her voice was strained as well as slurred but she didn’t sound all that adamant about it.

I glanced at Tony. He seemed to be more in the dark than I was so I left it there figuring the champagne and rum would bring whatever the hell it was into the open soon enough.

Right again. Mora plowed right on, grinning at me. “You see Jonah; I had my fingers in your wife, as well as my tongue before you ever met her. Hmm, and I think once or twice afterwards as well. Of course it was more than fingers and tongue as well.”

“Jesus Christ,” Tony gasped. “Mora, where the hell are you going... ?”

I was astounded. I looked at Sandra, mouth open. She calmly and defiantly returned the look. I realized I looked like an idiot and closed my mouth.

The room went silent. Mora took a gulp of her rum drink. Tony put a hand on her arm. I thought for a second she was going to shake it off, but she didn’t and I turned to face Sandra, my soon to be ex-wife.

With a hint of challenge in her voice, Sandra said, “It was mostly before we were married and I didn’t cheat on you with anyone else.”

You could have knocked me on my ass with a feather. I was that surprised. Incestuous sisters, wow!

My next thought was that I wished I could have watched them and possibly joined in. My cock was diamond hard---with nowhere to go at the moment.

Then Mora got up and came and sat next to her sister. Once she’d settled in, she turned to me, ignoring her husband, and said: ““Jonah, we are sisters; it’s natural ... for us anyway. It isn’t cheating really. Um, are you pissed off hearing this?”

I found my voice and said, “No, I guess not. Um, if you two were ... um okay with it, fine by me.”

I was still flabbergasted that my conservative bitch wife and her absolutely uptight sister had fooled around in the past and I wasn’t done being shocked yet.

Tony had been watching us from the couch. He finally spoke up, “Mora, why don’t you and Sandra show us how you kissed?”

Mora looked at me, then Sandra. Sandra shrugged. She took her sisters face in her hands and gently kissed her lips. Sandra’s arms slipped around Mora and pulled her close. I saw Mora push her tongue between Sandra’s lips and heard Sandra moan. I was not sure how I felt about all of this yet, but my cock sure liked it.

I looked at Tony and he grinned and gave me a thumbs up.

Mora and Sandra broke the kiss and looked at Tony and me. Mora grinned at Sandra and pointed to my hard cock, “I think he likes it.”

I nodded at Sandra and she smiled. She looked into my eyes as her sister’s hands slipped inside the robe and began massaging those lovely breasts.

Sandra gave a little gasp and her head went back as Mora pulled and pinched at her nipples.

Tony stood up and slipped out of his shirt as Mora opened Sandra’s robe and began kissing and biting her way down to her sister’s fully exposed tits. He was one hairy bastard with a thick mat of dark hair covering his chest and going straight down to his navel.

Sandra gasped and moaned, watching me as she held Mora’s head in her hands, then she closed her eyes and gave in to the obviously thrilling sensations from her sister’s mouth.

Tony slipped out of his pants, pulled his underwear down to reveal his circumcised cock. It was half hard, but I could see it twitching as it hardened. Sandra turned her head and saw him as well. She looked me in the eye and licked her lips.

This felt really fucked up. I was kind of jealous, but on the other hand had no reason or right to be. We were separated and not getting back together that I could see. Nevertheless, I was getting jealous.

Mora held Sandra’s large breasts in her hands, giving the nipples little bites and then sucking long and hard on them. Tony sat down on the bed beside Sandra and ran one of his hands over his wife’s back and the other down Sandra’s side.

Sandra raised her eyebrows at me, and I shrugged. So she turned her head and kissed Tony.

I moved to the other bed to watch this, to see how far it was going to go. Tony took Sandra’s head in his hands and gave her several long hard kisses, feeding his tongue to her mouth. Sandra moaned over his tongue, her fingers in snarled in Mora’s hair.

Tony pulled Sandra’s lower lip out with his teeth, letting it go and licking her lips.

“How does that feel?” he murmured, “Having your sister lick your tits while her husband sucks your tongue?”

“Good,” moaned Sandra, “Very fuckin’ good!”

“Would you like your sister’s mouth on your cunt again? Like old times, eh? Would you like to finger fuck her and suck her clit again?”

“Oh fuck yeah,” she said, her sluttish side fully exposed for all to see.

Tony kept at her. “Would you like that? I mean you want Mora to lick your thighs?”


“How ‘bout having her fingers spread your cunt apart so she can finger you?”

Sandra now had a look of helpless wantonness about her and I began to resent Tony’s game, or whatever the hell he was doing to her.

He kept prattling on---”Want that mouth of hers on your clit, sucking and pulling at it, hmmm?”

I jumped in asking his bride if she’d like me to fuck her up the ass while she muffed her sister.

Tony heard me. I know he did, but he ignored me and went after Sandra. Mora didn’t bother replying either, being too busy tearing the robe from her sister’s body and tossing it to the floor. Next she pushed Sandra’s legs apart and dipped her head lower, biting and licking her thighs. Sandra began to pant.

The smell of aroused pussy began to permeate the room.

Tony continued berating my wife. “You like that don’t you, you little slut? You like my wife’s tongue and fingers in your cunt? Well fair is fair you know. Mora fucks you with her mouth, but what about me?”

Sandra opened her eyes and gave him one of those “Oh well,” smiles she was so good at, and then lay back on the bed and groaned, “So get over here, and show me what you’ve got!”

Tony moved and knelt across Sandra’s chest. “I’ve wanted your mouth on my cock since the first time I saw you.”

I couldn’t take any more. I slipped out of my t-shirt and untied my pants then reached in and began to massage my cock.

My soon to be ex grabbed Tony’s ass with both hands and brought her mouth around his cock. At the same time, Mora pushed Sandra’s legs up against her tits. Moments later I had a clear view of her sucking Sandra’s major labia, and then tongue fucking her while fingering her pussy and asshole.

Sandra looked past Tony’s thigh and met my eyes, and smiled. What a teasing bitch! Yet for some reason I let it happen and just looked on as she got fucked by her sister and brother in- law.

Sandra moved Mora’s face away from her cunt and pumped a finger into her sodden gash then held it out for her sister to lick clean. Mora did exactly that, and then my wife sent two fingers back into her pussy, stirring the pot as it were, shoving them as deep as she could. Then with both women giggling my soon to be ex ran the same fingers down Tony’s ass crack causing him to jerk in surprise.

Mora took a moment to unbutton her khakis then dived back into her sister’s snatch. In turn, Sandra pressed her finger into Tony’s ass as I watched, eliciting a deep groan from him, and a deep thrust of his cock that left him buried in her throat. He stayed there a moment; as Sandra’s finger began fucking his asshole. Then she couldn’t help but gag and they both pulled out of one another.

I knelt behind Mora and slid my hand down her arm, into her pants. I felt sparse wet pubic hair, then her hot wet cunt before meeting her fingers already pummeling her cunt. I searched out her clit, and finding it engorged began teasing it. She started panting into her sister’s pussy.

I ran my lips along the side of her neck and felt her small tits and hard nipples with my other hand. As she gasped, I moved behind her and slid her pants down to her knees, exposing her white thong panties and the fingers she had moving briskly within them.

I had her straighten up, pulled her shirt over her head and saw her breasts for the first time. They were a solid B-cup, with little pointed puffy nipples, as large as Sandra’s but her areola only half my wife’s size.

I lay down on the floor, my head under Mora’s crotch and managed to slide her panties off. She looked between her kneeling legs at me and smiled. I pulled her hips down to my mouth and sucked her clit into my mouth. It was much bigger than Sandra’s and got much harder under my teasing tongue. I continued teasing it, reveling in her growing moans, and then slipped two fingers into her cunt.

“Ohhhhh!” she gasped and tightened her thighs on my head while grinding herself against my mouth. I added a third finger and began to move a little faster and deeper.

Her pussy was making a kind of ‘sluck—sluck’ noise as she continued humping my face.

Suddenly Sandra shuddered against me then let out a deep groan. Wrenching my mouth away from Mora’s cunt I saw Sandra deep throating Tony while shoving her finger to the third knuckle into his ass. Almost as if tit for tat, her sister shoved three fingers into her gaping cunt hole. From Sandra’s reaction they had done this or something similar a few times before. My wife gave out a loud moan, shuddered violently and came hard.

Tony pulled his cock away from her and tendered it to his bride, who happily licked her sister’s saliva from his cock before starting to blow him herself.

Sandra lay on her back, legs splayed out, panting. “Some---someone please fuck me,” she pleaded, obviously not caring who did the job.

I took it upon myself to do the job and moved in to mount her. She looked up at me through half glazed eyes and said, “Fuck me hard, baby!”

Tony pulled his cock from Mora’s mouth and ejaculated onto her outstretched tongue.

“Mmmm,” she mewled, and licked the remaining gobs of semen from her lips and the head of his cock, thoroughly enjoying every moment.

As I moved between Sandra’s legs, Mora took my shaft and helped guide it into her sister. Sandra’s cunt was sizzling as my dick sank all the way into it.

Mora then straddled her husband’s face and rubbed her twat frantically over his mouth and lips, getting off, but not as big as her sister had; and then laughing like a maniac, she asked us to stop so she could arrange us side by side on the bed.

Sandra kept her finger and thumb around the base of my cock. Meanwhile her sister moved to us saying with a knowing smile. “Watch us, Jonah. We’ll show you how to please a woman so that she will never forget you.”

Then she leaned over Sandra, one knee between her sister’s legs, and arranged her long hair so that it lay upon Sandra’s breasts and belly. It was the only part of her touching Sandra. Mora moved her head slowly at first, gradually increasing the speed at which her hair moved across Sandra’s flesh until she was tossing her head from side to side and almost whipping Sandra with it.

I hadn’t realized how hard my wife had been gripping me until Mora finally held her head still and Sandra sighed and relaxed her hand a little. Sandra’s nipples were hard and her eyes were closed.

Looking at me, Mora lowered her face towards Sandra and kissed her on the forehead. She stroked Sandra’s face with the tips of her fingers, brushing her lips with her thumb. Sandra suckled it slowly, gratefully.

“She’s somethin’ ain’t she?” Tony gushed, obviously having been the recipient of similar treatment himself.

Mora withdrew her thumb and used it to trace a wet trail between Sandra’s breasts and down over her belly. Sandra closed the rest of her fingers around my cock and seemed to hold her breath. Mora let the moment of silent stillness grow until it was almost unbearable and then she finally took Sandra. Her tongue pushed its way into Sandra’s mouth at the same time that two of her fingers entered her cunt. Sandra’s back arched.

I could smell tantalizing pungency of Sandra’s sex; it took me back to our own wedding night. Moments later after wresting myself back to the present, I encountered yet another old memory repeating itself: watching several beads of sweat forming on her brow. Precum started to seep from my cock. I wanted nothing more than to fuck one of them, but something told me to wait---and I’m glad I did.

Mora rested most of her weight on the hand that gripped Sandra’s sex. I could see how she used her thumb to circle Sandra’s clit as she worked two and then three fingers in and out, spreading her sister wide and seeming to try and scoop the juices out of her.

It seemed so logical and yet I had never done it, not to Sandra, not to any female. But I would before the night was over.

Mora entered into what I’ll call her rut mode now. She had trapped Sandra’s thigh between her own and began working herself against it, all the while staring at Sandra and muttering, “Cum for momma, baby, cum for momma.”

Then, like a bird of prey, she descended upon Sandra’s right nipple and savaged it between her teeth. Sandra’s grip on my cock was suddenly so tight it was painful. She was groaning and raised one shoulder off the bed like a wrestler resisting being pinned. Mora’s palm was slapping against Sandra’s mound almost fast enough to be applause.

Sandra let out a long soft sigh, her body went limp and she lay there as still as the dead. Mora stopped and looked at her, more with curiosity than fear. “Well, well, a cum coma. I haven’t seen one of those up close before,” she said.

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