The Last Sigh of the Day

by mattwatt

Copyright© 2019 by mattwatt

Romantic Sex Story: An intern doctor finally comes to the end of his years of preparation, and now seeks to look to his future with the apple of his eye, Jennie Buns, with whom he is rooming.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Heterosexual   Oral Sex   .

It was certainly that for Ryan Blake, that is Doctor Ryan Blake. He reflected on that feeling, when he emerged from the hospital, and he realized, instantly, that it was a very good feeling, a very good feeling indeed.

The fact was that his long, long years of learning, and trying and practicing and interning and all were finally, finally over: simply done.

He was sighing this last sigh of the day and realizing that it was also the last sigh of his years of preparation, which led to this moment, this last sigh and opened for him, for Dr Ryan Blake, his future.

He had a few weeks to decompress now and was due, shortly after that to begin his work as an internist in a very well respected medical practice, for more money, actually, than he’d ever in his short life thought about.

That fact alone turned his ‘last sigh’ into a kind of a chuckle with the words spoken to and for himself: “Nice for you Ry, just nice for you.”

His thoughts turned, as they had been for a few days actually, to topics like: a house, a new car, maybe, just maybe a short trip during these two weeks, though for that matter, he realized full well that what he actually relished for these weeks was just down time for him, down time for Ryan, Dr Ryan.

He realized that the idea of a house was one that he could well afford to put off. He had a room in the home of Jennie Alford, and one of his realizations was that he wasn’t inclined to move from that situation at all.

He let himself dwell on that idea for a few moments. The thing that impressed itself on his mind, regarding his room at Jennie’s was Jennie herself.

It is certainly true that most men have a kind of bell ideal that they would dwell on where women were concerned. Some men wanted a Twiggy; a tall blonde. For Ryan the picture that presented itself was always the same. It was the image of a shorter woman, who was a bit hefty, as he put it to himself. This image for him, was an image of large tits, a bountiful rounded ass and even a bit of a bulge in the stomach. The very idea made Ryan grin.

And that very idea, to tell the truth, presented to his mind the image, the very image, of Jennie Alford. It caused him to smile, as he got into his car, his current ‘beater’ for the drive ‘home’ to Jennie’s.

She too was aware of his timing. Jennie Alford realized full well what the significance of that day was for Ryan. Of course, she also dreaded the day. She was afraid that it meant that Ryan Blake was going to leave her. The thought was that, him having realized his goal of being a doctor, with all that it involved, including expanded resources, would mean that he was going to move on, certainly to his own home. Jennie didn’t like that idea at all.

She consciously tried to hide, even from herself, at times, her feelings for Ryan Blake, not always successfully. But she at least hoped that she’d hidden them from him. She didn’t want to play the part of the anchor around his neck, the weeping and moaning woman who didn’t want to be left behind. That was Jennie’s resolve in this case.

She was waiting for him, when he came home from his final day. She launched herself at him the moment he was in the door. He was grinning from wall to wall and she was wailing her congratulations to him, as she wrapped herself around him.

The thing that she didn’t know, that she didn’t allow herself to suspect was how Ryan felt about being up against her, his Jennie, as he thought of her.

“My, my,” went his thoughts “Doesn’t she feel that wonderful!”

His thought process was interrupted now, however, by Jennie’s loudly proclaimed congratulations: “Hail the conquering hero, the great and grand doctor!” she fairly trumpeted.

He leaned back then and simply grinned at her. “How’s Jennie Buns?” he asked playfully.

She hooted then and said: “Who?”

“Jennie Buns,” he said again and clasped her to himself again.

“She’s fine, doctor, doctor, oh great successful one!” Jennie fairly hollered next, and then before they broke up the hug, he inadvertently mashed his lips against hers.

He felt, immediately, that this was too much and was saying ‘sorry’ immediately.

“Sorry, I don’t think so!” she wailed and then she waded in for her own kiss.

All the while, though Jennie didn’t know it, or maybe suspect it, Ryan’s mind was alive with the notion: “Wow! Talk about tits and ass and here she is in the flesh!”

“Celebrate!” she said then, “I already have a bottle of wine and some munchies for us. I know it’s late but this demands, absolutely demands a celebration!”

“I agree, Jennie Buns!” he said, getting a giggle from her, as she moved off to get the wine and munchies, with him simply ogling the sway of her fantastic ass, beneath the softness of her dress, while she was walking away.

The thought struck her and she turned her head and said: “And don’t you be staring at my butt!”

“Sorry, Jennie Buns,” he said, the good humor of the situation simply taking over, “That train has left the station!”

She gave a giggle again and now, as she went into the kitchen for their treats, simply exaggerated the sway of her hips even more.

“Oh, damn!” he said, getting a grin from her in return.

Right then Jennie was determined to let this night be whatever it could be. She was certainly aware of his probably going to leave to get his own home and she wanted whatever the situation might bring for them this very night, this magic night.

She came back with the wine and snacks; she poured and set the bowls of snacks down on the coffee table and then it was time for a toast.

“To the newly minted, totally successful doctor!” she said, raising her glass. “To Doctor Ryan Blake, great internist!”

“Here, here!” he said clinking glasses with her and drinking up.

They sat and chatted then, with her giving him the time and opportunity to talk about all the years of preparation and even a bit about the future, though that part of it made Jennie sad, with its message to her of his leaving for his own place. She hid that though, being determined to not ‘rain on his parade’, so to speak.

They talked, drank the wine and finished the snacks. One of the results was that for Ryan, who was not a great drinker in the first place, at the end of his long, long day, he’d been on duty at the hospital for a bit over 12 hours that day, the wine was simply sleep inducing. It put him, after only a little bit of time, simply out of it.

She didn’t say anything but let him go and slip into a fairly deep sleep in just a little bit.

She got up then and helped him to his feet. She realized quickly that he was that tired that he didn’t really awaken at all but only shuffled along with her guiding him.

She said to herself then: “Well, Jennie, girl, go ahead and live a little. Time is passing you by with this gorgeous man.”

She drew him, along with herself, into her bedroom and supervised his fairly automatic removal of his clothing. She didn’t want to go rooting around for bed clothes and liked the look of him naked.

“Very nice!” she said to herself. “Treat for our Jennie.”

Then, with him deposited in bed on one side, she removed her own clothing and got into the other side.

She thought for only a few moments and again spoke to herself about enjoying the situation.

She realized that he was deeply out of it, and she slowly slipped the bed covers down and off of him. In his deep sleep, he’d achieved a nice sized erection. She stared at it and giggled softly.

“Oh,” she said to herself, “Gifts for our Jennie! Gifts for this Jennie Buns!”

She moved then so that her head was down at about his hip and slowly reached her hand out and took it. The stiff cock felt warm in her hand, warm and hard and yet incredibly soft at the same time.

She moved her head, all the while being careful not to awaken him and rested her head on his stomach. The cock was now just in front of her face.

She held it, loving the feel of it in her hand. She moved her head then and licked the head of his cock.

The taste was instantaneous. “Oh,” she said softly. “Love that taste.”

She simply stared at it again. “Oh, my!” was her reaction and now she had this tasty cock head in her mouth. She did it slowly and carefully, but all the while noting that Ryan didn’t wake up at all.

It was the realization of a goal for our Jennie. She finally, finally had Ryan Blake, and she simply enjoyed it. She sucked on his cock, licked the head, taking all of the slimy accretion that was there for her own, into her mouth. She sucked him clean and, when he gave a kind of bare moan, took it all into her mouth, pushing it against the back of her mouth and edge of her throat, as he spurted and spurted into her mouth.

Then she lay back and let the sleep come, as he inadvertently snuggled against her naked ass. With one last sigh for that day, she drifted into sleep.

Ryan, meanwhile, was having one of his very rare erotic dream. He, in the dream, had bedded down some beauty and was about to send his erection home into her, enjoying all the while, the very sweetness of it, of the dream.

It was just as he was, in the dream, about to send himself ‘home’ into this wonderful feeling woman that Ryan woke from his dream state.

He realized it instantly. He was in bed naked with an equally naked Jennie Alford. He was pressed up against her nakedness, with his arm splayed around her waist, and resting on her bottom thigh, feeling, with it in that position, the scratch of her abundant pubic hair against his thumb.

He took it all in, in only a matter of a moment or so.

“Wow!” he said to himself. “Even better than I thought it might be.”

Then she moaned and said: “Doctor, doctor!”

“Hi, Jennie Buns,” was his reply.

“Whatcha doing?” she said in a sleepy voice.

“Invading!” he said with a chuckle.

“Oh, invading!” was her reply. “How nice! All naked doctor invasion now!”

Jennie certainly had no illusions about their future but was intent upon taking advantage of their current situation. She moved herself just a little bit and wiggled her ass against his nakedness.

“Oh, shit!” he expostulated.

“What’s wrong, Dr. Blake, Blake?” she said softly with a lingering giggle.

“Wrong? Wrong?” he said softly into her ear, “Nothing is wrong but your ass is fantastic.”

“Fat ass!’ she said over her shoulder to him.

“Don’t you,” he warned. “Don’t you use that word!”

“Or what, Dr Dr Blakie Blake?” she asked him.

“Or this!” he said, and moving down, actually bit her ass cheek.

She shrieked.

“You bit my ass! Dr Dr Blakie Blake!” she said.

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