Sirens by the Sea

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: An aspiring woman artist discovers a lot about herself in the process of developing her artistic and other talents.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Romantic   Cheating   Sharing   Slut Wife   Nudism   .

Well, it took place by a lake but the title sounds better. I was attending a week long art camp, a birthday present from my husband. Now that our two kids were in school I had time to explore some things for myself and I’d always wanted to try pictorial art. I liked sketching as well as watercolors so this camp would let me have some intensive guidance and practice.

The first part of the week focused on landscapes and nature. As the attendees got to know each other better we moved into portraits and finally nudes both indoors and out. I wasn’t too sure about that since we were expected to be the models too. After all there were four men and four women plus our instructor with widely varying ages. I’m a mom, mid-30s and married for almost 15 years. I had a conservative upbringing and we weren’t even naked around family, let alone strangers.

It was the last day of classes and we were out by the lake trying to decide what to do next. The sexual tension was high, I guess, because one of the women just turned around and sat down on the lovely erection of a boy notably younger than herself. As I watched and began sketching the erotic scene, entranced and aware of my own arousal, I felt a hand on my shoulder and another on my hip bending me forward. A blunt fleshy object was probing at my cleft. I didn’t object or pull away as it found where it was seeking and felt very good as it slid inside me. I am married but it had been days of repressed desire. We were somewhat hidden behind my drawing board and I just held still as he moved a very few times before the hot spurts inside signaled his finish. I didn’t turn my head as he walked quietly away. I flashed on Erica Jong’s book, “Zipless Fuck”.

My emotions were running rampant as my pussy dripped my own secretions as well as my recent visitor’s. I’d only been with one other man before my husband so this was very wild and wicked. I finished my sketch and headed back to my room to shower and get dressed for dinner.

As I looked at the men I couldn’t pick up any clue as to who had fucked me. It was kind of like rape but I hadn’t objected or fought him off so I guess it wasn’t. Our last evening was a lot of fun and celebrating and I had more alcohol than usual, but not enough to be drunk.

I slept nude that night which I only occasionally do. We never locked the bedroom doors either and I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised when I felt a mouth on my nipple and a hand on the other breast. My pussy began to tingle as it always does when my husband does that. I stayed turned away as fingers and lips and tongue explored every part of my body they could reach. Raising my leg give the access that was desired and it felt awfully damn good to just accept. Wicked, even, knowing what happened not too long ago down there.

Well before I felt the hard shaft fit into me I knew who this one was. Only one man had facial hair and he was someone who would go out of his way to visit with me during the week. I liked him. Todd was a few years younger and a better artist, in my opinion. He brought me to an orgasm, which my earlier visitor had not, and I felt him flood my depths.

He stayed embedded and whispered to me, “I saw what happened this afternoon. I wanted you all week but didn’t think you were approachable. This will be a wonderful memory for me, and I hope for you as well.”

I simply nodded and gave his balls a gentle squeeze before he pulled out and left. My fingers played in his creamy gift until I fell asleep.

The next morning he acted just the way he always had and everyone wrapped up by midday and bid adeiu. I texted my husband on the way home with my ETA and told him to find something to keep the kids busy or take them next door. I knew he’d get the idea and would be horny himself.

I’d left my bra and panties off and we were screwing on the living room carpet within minutes of my arrival. I was in a ferocious mood and he really got worked over. Over and over the thought went through my mind that I had doubled my lifetime cock count and had three different ones in less than 24 hours. Shit, I’d never even had two different ones the same month before. All he could pant out as he lay exhausted and wilted was, “I guess you missed me!” I told him to reload before bedtime.

Those were some memories that kept me pretty riled up for a while but life settles down and was pretty routine for the next year, although I did inspire my husband to try some other places to lay me and do some other lovers’ getaways.

When he showed me the flyer for the art camp again, I was really torn. What if the same men are there again? What if they’re not? What did I really want?

My husband knew how my art had benefited and didn’t realize the side effects for our own sex life. How could I explain my reluctance without divulging a lot more than I wanted to? My imagination made my pussy tingle a lot and my husband was delighted with my libido as the time approached.

The instructor welcomed me back. I recognized two women and two men that had been in my session a year earlier and were now taking this next level offering. One of the women was noticeably pregnant and I didn’t think that she was married. Then I remembered that she was the one that I’d sketched sitting on the young man’s erection. It had been a whole year so that wasn’t a moment of fertilization.

One of the men had a goatee. Yup he was the one that had visited me on our last night last year. He gave me an enigmatic smile. I glanced and there was no ring on his left hand this time either. “Okay,” I thought, “is he going to be expecting what he got last year? I guess the big question is do I want to give it to him.”

The first night was a mixer, like last year’s, so people could get acquainted with each other since they were going to be working with much the same things for the week. Todd visited with me about the same as anybody else and made no overt indication about our history. I respected him for that.

Even though I left my door open, nobody came through it that first night. I guess I felt a little disappointed. Was I not attractive enough for a second time?

The next day was pretty conventional and roughly followed the pattern of last year. After dinner Todd asked me to go for a walk down by the water. It was nearly a full moon and there was a nice path around the small lake. He began the important conversation, “I made it a point to sign up for this session, hoping you would also. I guess I didn’t traumatize you last year although you sure seem to enjoy my presence at the time. I just wanted to say that I would enjoy being close to you again and as often as you wish. I have my own relationship back home and have no intention or desire to disrupt yours. I went back and watched that old movie, “Same Time Next Year”, and thought about us.”

I gave a little laugh, “I remember that movie now that you mention it. A big difference is my husband hasn’t got a clue. Yes, I’ve often thought about that night and was half hoping that you would be here. I’m far from promiscuous so I wouldn’t go for anybody else if you weren’t. To be rather crude, now I must either shit or get off the pot. I will admit I have very mixed feelings.”

Todd stopped and gave me a very close and long hug. “My partner does know about us because we have an open relationship. She will not be celibate in my absence and that doesn’t concern me at all because we have a very deep trust in each other. Don’t let that be of any concern to you.”

I was quiet for a while, wondering what it would be like if my husband and I could ever reach that level. I’d never asked him about any fantasies he had or any desires that might arise when he looked at an attractive woman. Did he watch porn? I didn’t know. I’ve never watched it myself. Maybe I ought to.

It wasn’t surprising when Todd led me off the path and the way into a clearing where the moon shone through and spread out a blanket he’d stashed there earlier. He took me in his arms and gave me a deep kiss, the first one since he’d avoided them a year ago. My pussy’s reaction let me know I was a goner, now firmly addicted to the eroticism of illicit sex. I watched him take off my clothes and I took his off. Just like the porn movies I later viewed, I knelt down and explored his erection with fingers and mouth and tongue. It was longer and slimmer than my husband’s, something I hadn’t noticed when we’d fucked. Not that it really mattered very much.

This time I lay back in the classic invitation and watched as his organ entered my adulterous pussy. I guess I was anticipating a lot because I came after two strokes, touching him and trying to suppress my squeals. He was damn good holding out and fucked me to another orgasm before blasting his hot cream deep inside me. Then he said, “You don’t need to be concerned, I’ve been snipped.”

I chuckled a little, “My production line got shut down after two so I guess we’re doubly safe.” He was staying pretty firm, better than my husband usually managed and I kept humping back in wanting all that I could get from this transgression. He did manage to get me to another orgasm but couldn’t get himself off again. He rolled the blanket up in a plastic bag and hid it away again, probably hoping we would use it frequently.

We hadn’t been missed back at the main building so we enjoyed another drink and visited with our fellow students. When I went to bed later, I didn’t shower, enjoying rubbing his cream on my pussy, giving myself more pleasure.

Damned if he didn’t visit me again in the night and spooned me like the first time. He’d reloaded and gave me another hot shot of his male fluids. As we snuggled I had a question that I kept getting distracted from. “You said you saw me get taken last year. I didn’t know who it was. Will you tell me?”

“I can do better than that. I got a quick video of it on my phone and I’ll show it to you tomorrow when it’s with me.”

That sure titillated me! I had to put it out of my mind to get some sleep. I guess that made me a little bit of a porn star.

Sure enough, he got about 15 seconds of a man standing behind me and pushing his pecker. I was surprised. It was the oldest man there who was probably 20 years older than me and hadn’t seemed to pay me much attention. “I guess I made a real memory for him,” I told Todd. “If he was here again this year should I have fucked him too?” I said mischievously.

Todd laughed, “I’d want to watch again if you did. I’ve seen my partner take on another man and it’s pretty damned erotic. And, yes, I wanted her immediately afterwards because she loves it as much as I do. That’s why I didn’t mind one bit that you were extra juicy when I joined you.”

Sleep evaded me for quite a while after he left with all those thoughts running around in my head. If I was having this much fun with Todd, somebody I liked but did not love, what would it be like with my husband?

I was getting laid more than I remember happening on my honeymoon. I guess it was the wickedness of it that kept my interest at a fever pitch. We’d go back to our rooms, walk down the trail, even go behind the swim float out in the lake. All this copulation became much easier because by Wednesday our teacher suggested that we all be nude as much as possible. We were moving into figure studies and even some erotic arrangements like spontaneously happened that day last year.

The subjects of our painting kept getting more and more stimulating too. Besides showing couples entwined in various erotic ways, I was doing still-lifes of individual erections, kinda like Georgia O’Keefe’s portrayals of female genitalia. I would paint them after I got them erect and would have to keep them erect in various ways short of engulfing them with my pussy which kept asking to do just that. My mouth got to feel and taste more cock in those couple of days than it ever had in my whole life. Todd was eagerly sought after to take off my edge. He been doing the same thing for females although without the extra work.

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