Dara Visits a Resort (6 - End Bk. 1)

by LolaPaul

Copyright© 2019 by LolaPaul

Erotica Sex Story: For her last week in Thailand Dara visits a special adult couples resort with her husband. The varied experiences bring her to a turning point, an awakening in her body. Also, in the middle of her journey to Hong Kong, something of her home awaits.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Heterosexual   Cuckold   Sharing   Black Male   White Female   Oriental Male   Oriental Female   Indian Female   Exhibitionism   Squirting   .

For her last week in Thailand Dara visits a special adult couples resort with her husband. The varied experiences bring her to a turning point, an awakening in her body. Also, in the middle of her journey to Hong Kong, a part of her home awaits.

This stand-alone story covers the end of Dara’s time living in Thailand, and ends with her flight to Hong Kong where he husband teaches at a graduate school of business. But before they go to China Dara journeys with her husband to a seaside resort with a very adult reputation. Reading the other “Dara...” stories is suggested but not required. For the convenience of those who read the other stories, the chapters are numbered sequentially.

In some professions the world is a small place, as Dara finds when her husband introduces her to some people he knows who are at the resort at the same time. The resort ambiance has a very specific purpose, and Dara joins her husband under its sway. Her body is also tuned and honed to the expectations of a faculty wife, albeit a very young one. The events take place during the last week of their time in Thailand after his last seminars.

Chapters 12 and 13 occur mainly at the resort in West Thailand. All sex is between people who are 18 or older.

Chapter 12. Couples Resort Summer 2006 Four Weeks After Marriage

Originally, Sung had planned to visit a hotel by the ocean in South/East Thailand for the week after his last seminar. From that location we might visit my family at their new house. However, with his bonus, and a new wife, and now with Cara out of pocket, he changed his reservation to a much fancier place, a new “couples resort” on the West coast that was one year old. This resort was on a secluded cove and shared a lovely beach with two other hotels; the beach was available to all, but the resort had many special amenities so we only left the grounds once to spend time on the beach. Sung had first heard of the resort last year, from a number of his bankers who raved about it. It was new and apparently it was very popular with the executive class; bankers learned of such places first - long before they were built - because of financing. It was strictly for “adult couples.” Cara did not wish to share a bed with him, and he was not interested in “renting a resort wife” so he did not go last year. But with me as a loving companion he really wanted to try it.

I did not know until later that his real motivation was having sex in public with me. He had heard that the resort had special activities and he really wanted to try them.

It was very far from my family so he would have me entirely to himself - or so I thought.

Single men who wished to visit the resort were known to hire a “resort” wife (women who specialized in such things, they were very expensive). When he was in Thailand last year he had considered employing such a woman to attend the resort. However, the combined cost, plus being with a stranger every night, gave him pause. Since I saved the cost of renting a wife the resort was much more attractive. Plus he had his bonus. So Sunday while Cara went to stay with Father, we flew to the West Coast of Thailand. At the airport we were picked up by a car and driven to the resort, which was plush and had every accommodation you could think of except golf. We arrived in the evening, in time for supper, which was wonderful. Then Sung signed us up for the week of activities; this was not a “lay on the beach” stay for us.

For me, the daily routine included exercise, swimming in the pool, and sunbathing under the watchful eye of my own expert trainer who promised to get me the best tan possible, and the best shape possible, in the time allowed. They were very good at motivating me. I used all three types of swimsuits Cara bought for me, and I must admit they worked well. My trainers were very careful about how much time I spent at each activity, adjusting for the time of the day and cloud cover (for the sun’s intensity); they had meters hooked to a computer that kept track. Sunbathing was done in an area where men were not allowed so the tiny bits of fabric which were so embarrassing in Bangkok were worn by everybody in the tanning area. Some of my skimpy suits were the “most fashionable” according to some other guests. They also did their jobs; the strings were too thin to leave tanning lines and the “sun through” cloth areas allowed enough sun so it was almost like I tanned naked. (Note: the “almost” was critical, nudity was not allowed under the sun at the resort.) I actually bought more tiny outfits while I was there.

With exercise, swimming and sunbathing all on a schedule that changed with the clouds, we also had to schedule our pleasures: meals and sex. For some reason scheduling sex made me horny all the time; I stayed naked in our apartment and kept myself ready for sex at all times, in case we had some spare time to “sneak one in.” The first time I said that, Sung lit up like a rocket and we were late for dinner. I admit, I even played with myself, sometimes while Sung watched. It was like there was something in the air. My husband made it clear that he appreciated all of it and he often grabbed me, kissed me, hugged me etc. at all hours. I started doing the same, and he let me.

As a rule Sung and I got naked and sweaty with climaxes for about three times a day. He was my alarm “cock” in the morning, making a very nice wake-up. Then between 10 and 4 we had lunch, a shower, our most active sex and a siesta, in whatever order worked; this always included one or more oral components. I was improving. Then at bedtime we had relaxing, romantic sex in bed. The ambiance of the resort and the abundance of exposed skin enhanced our sex drive, and the nature of the sex made me fall a little bit in love with my husband every day.

Our suite was fitted with furniture that allowed a wide variety of sexual positions, it was designed for that purpose. There was a coffee-table book of suggestions using attractive models instead of abstract drawings. The tasteful, explicit artwork in the rooms (X to XXX rated) and hallways (PG rated) of the resort also encouraged the mood, with inspiring erotic pictures and sculptures wherever you looked it was difficult to avoid being turned on. These were particularly inspirational for our afternoon sex.

In the tanning area I met Pihu, the thirty-something wife of a banker named Kawin. I had met both of them briefly at last Friday’s royal cocktail party. Kawin was his bank’s new marketing VP and social media manager, he attended my husband’s seminar for the first time during Sung’s first week, before he met me. Pihu said she was not really surprised to see a familiar face, bank executives from all the banks favored this resort so there was about a 50% chance of seeing somebody she knew.

Pihu was not Thai, she was a dark-skinned woman from India who met her husband when he was attending grad school there. Her parents planned a marriage for her when she graduated college, but she opted to select her own husband before graduation. It was a scandal. They had two children who were with his family in Bangkok, the couple always took a week of “alone time” at the seaside.

I had to ask Pihu about George. He was at a different bank but they socialized enough that she knew him. She said he had three “wives” to use as needed, besides the one I had met the others included a tall black woman who spoke only French and a tiny woman who looked Chinese. All three were attractive, but their presence did not stop him from being a notorious womanizer. Pihu said, “I have never seen him with a virgin, a newlywed, or a woman who has given birth, but I have seen him sneaking out of a party or a gathering many times with other women. Wives are his usual target, but he will also explore female executives, and the daughters some older executives bring, if they strike his fancy. He seems to attract these women, like a spell or something. A few words and they are off to a private room with him, for a meeting conducted without clothing. It is amazing. I consider myself fortunate that I did not meet him until I had my children.”

“The bank allows such behavior?” I asked.

“Honey, George IS the bank. The CEO and Board Chair are just figureheads, they do not stand up to him.”

We talked about her children, and her childhood in India. Her experience with arranged marriage was the opposite of mine. She said her parents tried to make a match for her when she was 14, but she convinced them they could do better if she had a college degree. There was a feeler at 18 (“did she really want to go to college?”) and another at 20, plus she knew there were others that did not get to the stage of meeting her. Her grades were very good, so her parents allowed her to continue. But she was not allowed to date, and her parents drew a bright line at her graduation date. When she met Kawin, who was a graduate student, she had to make a difficult choice, at great cost to her. “Love won ... I married Kawin a month before graduation. My parents had a groom picked out for me and had made arrangements, they were deeply dishonored. Kawin is older and was going back to Thailand the day after graduation, so I went with him. But I cannot see my parents any more, they disowned me and cut all family ties. One younger sister followed me here, she had one year of college but our parents would not have allowed her a second year after my example - they planned to give her to the man they picked for me, because that would salvage their honor! Kawin was glad to give her refuge. But the rest of my brothers and sisters did as they were told, married as our parents arranged, and stopped communicating with my sister and me. From what I hear second-hand they seem happy ... but none of them are as well off as I and Kawin. His family welcomed us warmly. My parents hate that they have not seen my children, but they made their choice.”

At supper on Tuesday Sung had a suggestion for us about sex, in fact he had made a reservation for that evening. It turned out this was actually is main reason for coming to this resort. He explained how, instead of waiting for bedtime, he wanted us to shower, and then prepare ourselves with oral sex and a brief penetration. Then once we were “warmed up” he wanted to go to the group sex room, where couples had sex. This was a dimly lit room with several rows of beds, all without the upper sheets or blankets. The idea was that couples would have sex in the same room as other couples, for mutual benefit.

There were strict rules for these events. The beds had to be reserved in advance. One could only enter the room as husband and wife. At all times each had to wear a bracelet, anklet or necklace that matched their partner. (We would have bracelets.) There was a changing room and shower, nudity was only allowed in the designated areas. Each couple had a bed; no contact between couples or beds was allowed. Watching and being watched was the primary activity expected, it was not polite to just watch, every couple was expected to do things that others might watch and be inspired by.

There were other rules in effect for other nights, but Sung wasn’t interested in “swap meat” or “orgy night” or the “masked ball” nights. Tuesday and Thursday were for couples who planned to stay together, and that was what he wanted.

Sung said that some guests used the room to advertise for “private multi-person parties” in their room afterward. There was a code system that involved the placement of jewelry. But he had no interest in getting into that. So he said.

When I resisted Sung reminded me of how turned on I got when Minny and Jazz came over to our apartment and we watched them. Was I not stimulated? Of course I was. I recalled he was stimulated more. “Is that a bad thing?” he asked.

I made excuses, I was modest by nature. But he seemed very attached to the idea, it was actually the biggest factor in selecting this expensive resort. He pointed out that everybody in the room would be as their creator made them, and that all would be celebrating marriage in the most natural way possible. He repeated that point several times. I suggested that husband and wife disagreements might be more natural.

He said, if we didn’t touch others, was it any different from having sex on the couch or in the shower instead of the bed? He said that he would confine himself to fucking and eating my pussy; there would be no anal contact and he would not ask for my mouth on his cock. He stressed that it was a chance for education; one had to go to school for an education so I could view this as school for married life. He compared it to the sauna where we had sat with my Father in Bangkok - I must say that was a powerful argument because it validated nudity. He was my husband, and he wanted to do this; that was also a powerful argument so I felt I should do as he required. You must understand, obedience to my husband is a strong compulsion for me. Finally I agreed to go with him. But I was not sure I would like it.

He was very pleased with my decision.

After a light supper we took a shower, then he pleasured me for a time. He was very romantic with kisses on my mouth, my breasts (when seemed to be getting bigger each week) and my sex. He was very careful to stoke the flames, but not to let things get too hot, as we did not want to exhaust anybody. Then we “dressed.” We had two choices, either a light bathrobe or a item like a one-piece sleepwear, a garment combining loose shorts and a loose short-sleeve shirt. He called it a doublet. I was not interested in the bathrobe with nothing underneath so I picked the doublet; it was loose, but secure. He put on the robe.

All my makeup had been washed off. As I stepped outside I realized that this was the first time in my married life when I was outside without any makeup. (Yes, I wore makeup to sunbathe. It was silly, but the force of habit is strong.) Sung said I was a natural beauty who did not need such things for him, in fact being at a resort like this meant I really never needed much. However, he admitted that, as a faculty wife, makeup was essential and must always be worn.

As we made our way we saw Pihu and Kawin, both in robes. I was surprised but Sung confessed that he and Kawin had talked about it at the tennis court Monday and today, plus maybe last Friday as well. They were not sure about my reaction, but were pleased to see us. I was not sure about being so exposed with people I knew, but Pihu was very pleased to see “a friendly face” and after all, we had each seen 99% of the other’s body.

Sung also knew another couple walking along the path. Rafe was at school with him (Rafe was 2 years ahead in the PhD program) and was married to Tammy. They were also spending a week here. Rafe was a tall black man now teaching in Texas; his wife looked to me like a typical California surf bunny, with blonde hair and large breasts. They had heard of this resort the year before, when they both had some minor plastic surgery in Bangkok. Because of the cost involved for the surgery, they needed a banker to transfer funds. The banker had some pictures from the resort on his desk, and when asked he praised the facility. Along the way Sung organized a meeting for tennis the next day; Rafe said he might have a fourth. It seemed that at resorts, men over 30 either played tennis or went golfing. This resort had no golf course.

Tammy pulled me and Pihu to one side and asked if any of us had “extra bracelets or such” along. We knew that those were used to signal indecent “hookups” between couples, some of which involved money changing hands while others were just very friendly. We both said “no” and she was very relieved. She did not mind the “sex-in-public” thing with her husband; she had done it before, variety was fun and it built memories they would use at home when either of them had a rough day. But she was not interested in being anybody’s “temporary wife for the night.”

As soon as Tammy said “temporary wife” I gasped, thinking she was talking about me. But I realized she meant bedroom activities where people exchanged partners with others in the resort, without the blessing of a mosque. I excused the sound I made, I said it was just a cough that did not finish, and we all laughed it off.

Still, I admit that after just a few weeks, I did not feel “temporary” in any way. It was still a new, fish-out-of-water experience, but I was confident about my husband. So I was doing things like this, well outside of my comfort zone.

Pihu said she was looking for memories, the same as Tammy, but added that sometimes she liked to think about “a third” who could pleasure her while her husband “took a break” from the action. Tammy said that was a very naughty idea but it was great fun, she implied that she had played such games, with both men and women as the “guest” in bed, or on the beach, “or while praying for surf ... in their woodie with Jan and Dean” whatever that was. I thought a “woodie” was something a guy had between his legs. She sighed that those days were over now, but the memories still remained.

Pihu pointed out that “extra” partners was natural, since “a woman can accept pleasure much longer than any one man can provide pleasure” to her.

Tammy asked, “What about the mess?”

Pihu replied that Kawin, unlike most men, was not bothered by such things. “Of course, for me the other guy is usually one of his brothers; they get along very well. They learned at a young age to take turns with their toys.”

I must have looked aghast at this idea. Pihu pointed out that I was a newlywed, childless, and much younger besides. Then she begged my forgiveness if they were too frank, they had enjoyed some wine with supper. Her husband’s siblings and mother lived in Kawin’s house, he was successful while they were not. Kawin’s two younger brothers were not married and it was a very friendly house. She was sure that my husband was wonderful and was enough for me. But after their first year together her sex drive kept rising, while her husband’s had “flattened.” He had some very nice younger brothers who liked her and were so easy to play with. What type of woman would she be to turn them away, to the uncertainty of whatever they found on the streets? Dirty girls, and guys who looked like girls, were a serious problem for hard-up young men. She kept “his dear brothers” safe. Pihu said that Kawin had a married sister who lived upstairs, she did not like what Pihu did, but since it was Kawin’s house she held her tongue. Pihu repaid her kindness by not pleasuring the sister’s husband. Pihu cast the sister as a skinny, under-endowed perpetual scold, whose husband was always willing for new pleasures.

Tammy laughed uproariously at that.

I said Sung was enough, and he had no brothers. But in truth I had to wonder about the idea of a “reverse-harem” of husbands. I did not say it, but I had naughty thoughts of my Father; wasn’t that much worse? In the old book, when a man died sometimes his brother took his widow to wife. Why not get used to each other first?

I also wondered about the sex-drive issue. In ten years, when I was less attractive, would I be alone with a higher sex drive? Maybe Pihu, who was from a culture that depicted sex on the walls of temples, had an insight that was valuable.

Tammy suddenly insisted that we change to subject, we were having fun and she wanted to discourage the men from coming over. I had just the thing.

I said that it was interested how all three of us women were so comfortable together without lipstick or eye shadow or any of the other “warpaint” (Tammy’s term); it was like we felt more open and honest this way. (The men turned away at the mention of makeup. Tammy chuckled at my cleverness.) I said that I felt good about both women and I hoped that we had beds close together, I was to the point where I thought I would enjoy watching them and having them watch me. The other two nodded agreement, in the short time we had made friends - without the usual female ornamentation of clothing and makeup - all because our husbands were perverts who wanted to fuck us in front of others. “Well, they could want worse things,” I said. When I said that the other two howled with laughter.

Tammy followed up saying that “of course, we are not perverts ... we just let them.”

“Dutiful wives,” I said.

“Speak for yourself. For us this was my idea,” Pihu said. We did not know how to take that, she said it so straight. Either way, we laughed again, drawing confused looks from our pervert husbands.

A little ways longer, around a corner, and then we were at the door to the sex room so we rejoined our loving husbands. But I dare say, after the comments about “a third” and Pihu’s story of brother-in-law loving I was looking forward to the exercise, and seeing the other men perform, more than I had before. The other women favored their husbands with a wifely kiss before they went in, not a peck on the cheek but a more “I am happy with you” kiss on the mouth with extended embrace. Of course, a good girl does not do such things, but now I could see how a wife acted, and to be honest, such an act was inline with my feelings of the moment, so I did the same. Maybe I surprised my husband, because we were the newlywed couple, maybe I did it with a bit more verve than the others. I also reached into his robe, rubbed his cock (which smiled, I know the little monster) and grabbed his bottom.

Sung liked that, I could feel him respond, both in the kiss and the other. The robe did a better job of hiding his response that a doublet would have, and his eyes positively sparkled.

Our names were checked off a list and we went to an undressing room. No sense in being shy, we all got undressed. In the numbered cubby we each had, there was a bracelet we put on. “Our left wrist, we are married,” Sung said. We helped each other, his bracelet had a place for our room key, which was the only other item we took with us. The other couples were in the same room with us, but we only focused on each other, it was like the others were not there. I could see how pleased Sung was as we put our minimal clothing in the cubby. Then we made our way to the big bedroom.

There were 3 rows of 5 beds each; the aisles between the beds were wide enough for a couple to walk side-by-side, so there was no question of contact or even whispered conversation between the beds. The beds were reserved by number. Sung said that the “interior” beds in the middle row were reserved by the “show-offs” who were looking to attract others to a disgusting after-party. Tonight there were 2 such couples.

Sung had us in a corner bed, he thought I might be happier with fewer couples close by and the corner bed only had 2 of the 4 sides exposed facing neighbors. I thanked him for this, it was another example of his consideration. Pihu and Kawin were in the bed next to us with the best view while Tammy and Rafe were in the bed at the end of ours. A show-off couple with oiled bodies and more obvious bling advertising was kitty-corner from us.

The beds did not have headboards or any other indication of orientation, so when I got on the bed I made the end near Tammy and Rafe the head. That way nobody was looking up my shaved crotch. Tammy and Pihu both saw what I was doing so they “put our heads together” on their beds; that way we could see each other easily. The smiles of the men showed they were all pleased with this arrangement.

The informal rule was to hold off on any “serious” action until the lights were dimmed and the doors closed. With the light dimmed one could see the adjacent beds, but further beds were more in the shadows; this effect both contributed to a feeling of isolation and made the room seem larger. I was surprised to see guide lights attached to each bed near the floor showing where to walk safely. The exit led to a shower room. Both a group shower room and “couple-sized” shower stalls, with shower curtains for privacy, were available.

“Why privacy curtains after...” I asked later.

“Some people might have to adopt an uncomfortable position to wash more private areas,” Sung said.

What could count as ‘more private’ I wondered aloud. Then it came to me. “Oh!”

“We may see some anal sex in addition to the other types,” he said.

I agreed, to wash in some places privacy might be a very good idea for all parties.

While we waited for the room to fill we began kissing; we quickly moved to passionate kissing with probing tongues, with our naked bodies pressing together and hands moving freely. It was hot, I felt very married and sexual because I was naked with my husband in public while others were still walking by. Out the corner of my eye I could see other couples doing the same. Our friends looked like they were long-time lovers together. The one “show-off” couple kitty-corner from us looked stiff, like their movements were choreographed. I even saw them repeat the same sequence of movements and kissing three times, and I was just catching their act occasionally. They could not mean it, so why did they do it? Then I thought of that pimp from Hanoi who proposed to meet me.

Finally the lights were dimmed. Sung whispered that he would be very pleased if I sat on his mouth, in a position where he could see my face. My first thought was how sitting up straight like that would expose my body to all. He knew that, his smile told me he wanted to show me off because he was so pleased with me and my young, slim, supple body. I knew he really was proud of me. Plus, besides our friends only the show-off couple could really see me that well. Also, truth be told, I was young and hot for his attentions. So I did as he asked. However, as I started to get up, I whispered to him that I might have a problem with uncontrollable noises.

He said I should clamp my thighs to his ears so the noises didn’t bother him. As far as anyone else hearing me, he said it was good advertising but he promised to turn them all down if they wanted to same from the “Korean with the Golden Tongue.” (We had watched “Goldfinger” last week.) We both laughed, he looked the happiest and most relaxed I had ever seen. A couple of pure vacation days with tennis, good food, and a very willing wife pleasuring his cock thrice daily had done wonders for his attitude. I had not noticed how tense he was teaching the seminars until just now.

I sat on his face as requested. I was clearly on display, but nobody was paying any particular attention. I did, however, look around at the other couples that were adopting positions where they could have sex.

Pihu and Kawin had moved quickly and easily into a very loving 69 position with her on top. She had his cock entirely hidden in her mouth! Her cheeks and throat were moving, I could tell she made it a very passionate and emotional kiss for him, and very delightfully loving for her. With his head between her thighs I had no evidence of how he was feeling. But by the way his head was moving, he was loving all of her pussy with his tongue.

Tammy and Rafe were fucking and kissing in the prone position, with her flat on top of him with her legs outside of his.

I spared a quick glance at the “show-off” couple nearby. Both of these were Thai’s with similar hair styles, like the early Beatles haircuts. They were very attractive and wore a gold neck-chain (too heavy to be called a necklace), 2 bracelets and one anklet each. In addition to the oil they also wore glitter. That was when I noticed that they had a spotlight on them. They were on their sides, with him behind her, and their backs to me. He entered her from the rear; they had their arms and legs in a complicated arrangement to stay in their position. The position displayed her body, highlighting her enhanced tits with erect elongated nipples, to more than half the room. I imagine that it also highlighted his cock. Perhaps it was long or wide, I did not notice before. I mainly saw his back, which was muscular and had no tattoos.

Later, I was surprised to realize that I had no idea of how big our friends’ cocks were. Tammy and Pihu both had tits that were larger than mine, but mine had more of what Sung called “pertness.” Well, my nipples were very proud as they stood up. Of course, they were both over 30, and Pihu had nursed her children so her breasts sagged like half-inflated balloons.

My observation period did not last long, my husband’s wicked tongue was very distracting. I found myself quickly getting aroused as his tongue went up and down my slit, molesting the sensitive points he knew at both ends. Feeling so good was a great distraction. Normally, with such intense treatment, I would not last 5 minutes before my first climax. But Sung was doing something different today, it was like he was applying more stimulation, building my climax up, but not letting me get to the point of release, which always seemed just out of reach.

I will not say this was frustrating, in fact it was wonderful. But there was a dash of frustration spicing the pleasure. In the back of my mind I wondered how he got this skill, and why he was working on this effect now for the first time with me in public. Okay, I also thought about what sluts from his past had taught him this. (I am unkind in thinking all the women he had been with before were sluts. After all, I did not give him my sacred pussy until we were properly married ... even if our engagement was only a matter of minutes.)

I looked down between my thighs, into his eyes. He knew I had caught him at something, and he was very amused as I tried to figure it out, but kept getting distracted. With a few extra well-placed tongue lashes every minute or three he emptied whatever train of thoughts was building in my mind, so all I could do was experience the wonderful roller-coaster of pleasure he had me on. It was a good experience, it was very easy to lose myself in the waves of pleasure that were building and falling in my body.

At an ebbing point in my very nice pleasure cycle my husband suddenly launched a series of specific tongue lashes to my clit, it was a routine that ALWAYS got me off. He knew me too well. Just like that, I had a climax on his face. I must have squeaked or something because both Tammy and Pihu quickly looked my way with these surprised and happy smiles. Sung’s eyes also showed an intolerable smile at how well he had mastered my body. I was cumming at the time, so I really could not evidence my displeasure, but I had to wonder why he did it then, when I would enjoyed it so much more at a high point.

Maybe that was the point. There were more tongue lashes and just like that I got off again. No squeak this time, I kept the sounds to a sigh. But I knew my body language was 100% articulate to anyone who saw me, I was getting off really good.

About five minutes later, when I finally got me breath back, he wanted me to sit on his cock. It was not a hardship, and the nice thing was that there I had control. So I got to it.

My husband’s tongue is very skilled, and gives wonderful pleasure. But something inside me always preferred my husband’s shaft inside my body, where I could make a baby, even if it was not possible now. The truth was that, at this early stage of my marriage I liked his cock best from the back, when I was standing bent over supported by a table or something. I don’t want to say I was distracted by my husband’s face, but I must confess that sometimes the “faceless” feel of a fucking lover was more appealing to the bad thoughts I sometimes called to mind at particular moments. I guess I was a bad muslim wife. In guilt I looked at my husband’s face with contrition. From his look I told myself I was sure he understood. Or that he wanted me. Either worked.

Now Sung wanted me in cowgirl, facing him, on public display while doing all the work of lifting. Meanwhile his wonderful indecent fingers played with the wonderful spot he had discovered at the front of my slit. Within a few minutes, Tammy and Pihu were all in the same position, facing me. Kawin had even spun around on his bed so Pihu and I could be face-to-face. Something told me that this was not an accident but rather was something our naughty perverted husbands had discussed over foul strong drinks after beating up innocent tennis balls.

Then Pihu started using it for me! it was clear that anything she did was visible to both me and her husband. Well, she was looking right at me when she started playing with her tits! She was intentionally making a show of it for me. Not casual touches either, she started twisting and pulling her magnificent nipples, working them from their wide limp form until they were hard and long and pointy, so erect and hard that they looked like they were pulling themselves enough to hurt, never mind the way she was abusing and molesting them.

Big soft breasts with stiff nipples make a powerful visual statement to me, they speak of motherhood achieved and aroused again.

Kawin did not seem to mind. Pihu’s face showed no great pain. I guessed that it was a case of “to each their own.”

Then, like a gunshot, I heard a slap. It seemed Tammy had her own take on the pain-as-pleasure thing. She was holding her large sagging right breast in her right hand, and was slapping it loudly with her left hand. She was also smiling broadly at me. She did the same with the other breast, then repeated the routine three times, obviously loving every bit of it.

“Are you getting some ideas, Darling? Something you might share with the class?” my husband asked. He was staring at me so he could not see either woman well, but I guess he knew what they were doing. I looked up again, now both women were holding their nipples, playing with them while looking at me with anticipation. Well, I was not much for the slapping thing, plus I did not really have enough to hold much less slap. But I decided that, in the name or fairness, reciprocity and playing nice with others, plus a general turn-on, at the least I owed them some public nipple abuse.

I grabbed my right nipple tightly, pulled it out, and gave it a hard twist. I acted rashly, all three acts were stronger than anything I had ever done to myself before. It hurt. But it also felt fucking GOOD down below! I moaned, I heard it and so did the others. There were smiles all around and I turned red. (I was naked, posting up and down on my husband’s cock, showing it go in and out of my body to a whole room, but I was embarrassed by what I did to my own nipple. Is that fucked up or what?) I found myself showing my friends the same nasty thing with my left nipple. I put more into it and had a stronger reaction.

Then I automatically did both.

Two is a funny number. Doubled or squared or added to itself, they all give the same result. But two nipples was not doubled or squared or added together. When I set my mind and did the routine to both nipples I fucking got off with loudest moan in the room. “OHHHHHHH FUCKKK MEEEEEEEE ... YYYEEESSSSSS!” just came out. It was a full yell with my outdoor voice, my call-the-twins-home-from-half-a-klick away yell. I was shocked to hear what was the loudest sound in the room before or after that point. The feeling was like that pleasure-taser thing, only beyond multiplied. My head shot back and my eyes closed tight while every muscle below my tits, inside and out, clenched damn hard. Tammy told me that Sung’s eyes almost popped out of his head. Kawin and Rafe told me the next day that even the “show-off” couple looked, and it was not just a glance either, they heard enough theatrical orgasms to know the real thing and were awed by it. Pihu said the sound came from my chest and throat, not just my mouth, and it was as sincere as any climax she had ever heard. (Kawin, who was standing slightly behind his wife at the time she told me, shook his head to the negative and pointed at his wife, then did the “about the same” sign with his hand.)

I don’t know much about male climax, but apparently some combination of factors meant that, while Sung really, sincerely enjoyed the divine pleasure I was gifting to his cock at that moment, he was able to keep his own business under control enough so, despite shooting almost to the edge of the cliff, he was able to eventually wrestle his own climax back so he did not end our evening.

Rafe and Tammy, on the other hand, were grabbed by the sound and went with it. Tammy got off on just the sight and sound of my climax; maybe what she was doing with her tits also helped, but in any event she was right behind me in enjoying her release - with less intense sound effects. Naturally, her extended full-body climax also summoned a deep male roar from Rafe as he emptied his balls into his wife - to their obvious mutual satisfaction. Rafe had a voice that carried. The exercise ended their time in the room, by the time they got up off their bed I was panting but was back to my new normal. Tammy broke the rules by giving me a kiss on the cheek as she walked by, she was very happy to have seen me. I felt the same about her. She would join me and Pihu often for the rest of our stay. Even after what I learned late in the week.

They were not the only ones inspired. About a half dozen other couples - more than a third of the room - left in the next few minutes.

Pihu and Kawin did not follow suite. They have this tantric thing which allows them to postpone the end for quite awhile, then summon all of the pleasure they passed over into one spectacular cum when they are transported for a moment to Nirvana and the garden of Shiva or Vishnu or some-such Worthy for tea and ambrosia. As a muslim I don’t believe that, of course, but I must say they are very convincing when they talk about it.

My climax wore me out a bit so I leaned forward and settled on my husband’s chest. Our lips met but just rested against each other, he was very appreciative, willing to let me rest on his body, just hugging and holding without anything special below.

I thought for a moment about love. Were we in love? We were very comfortable with each other, even if we were both sweating profusely. His body was still inside of mine, he wanted me plus he was patient and understanding about it. Relaxed. He gave me pleasure. Maybe in the West love is different, all the movies show it as something else, free to the rich and poor to enjoy equally. But everything in the movies was more dramatic, and the divorce rate in Hollywood is a scandal and a fright. In Asia, where most marriages are arranged, I felt that what we had was pretty good. Maybe there was an Eastern love that we shared. In ten years, I was not sure what would happen. But I could live like this and call it love for five years.

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