Mary & Joe Resume Their Vegas Fun

by Just24Fun

Copyright© 2019 by Just24Fun

Fantasy Story: Mary and Joe have fun at the pool, and are invited to a basketball tournament where Mary shows her assets.

Caution: This Fantasy Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Fiction   Wife Watching   Interracial   Black Male   White Male   White Female   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Voyeurism   Size   .

Mary and Joe were having a great time in Vegas. The night out at the dance club really excited them both. Joe was amazed at the way Mary opened up, and how brazen she had been around the black men. She really liked to tease them with her sexy body, making her very excited. Joe knew it as all in fun, and always kept a close eye on her, being alert and ready to intervene if things had gotten too much out of hand. He would protect her, at any cost, while she played and enjoyed herself.

After all, they were both exploring new territory they had not ventured into before. It was exciting, new, and brought them both closer together. How could he put restraints on her? It was her decision to go as far as she wanted, not his. As long as there was no danger of her getting hurt, why not. And it brought both of them great pleasure exploring their sexuality, where no one knew them, and they could be free to express themselves openly.

After all, it was the City of Sin, and what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!

It had just been a few days ago that Mary and Joe had been to the dance club. Meanwhile they had gone to a couple great Vegas shows on the strip. They were really taking in the glamorous city to its fullest, enjoying the time together more every day.

Of course, the teasing continued. Mary really got into the Vegas spirit. The temps were very warm, even for Vegas, hovering near 80 degrees and sunny every day. Perfect weather for the skimpy outfits Mary had packed, hoping to wear for her man. And Joe really enjoyed how she dressed up. Her sexy body was always very exciting to him, no matter what Mary wore. But with the warmer weather, she really loved dressing up in her sexy outfits. Proof of this was always evident in Joe’s trousers!

Tonight they were headed out to another show, and Mary was dressed to kill! Joe let Mary pick out her own outfits for the evenings. He did not want to talk her into something she would feel uncomfortable wearing. And she always surprised her man every time. And tonight was no exception. The bright red short dress she wore highlighted her great body and shapely legs adorned with stiletto heels. Joe’s cock hardened as she came out of the bathroom, his eyes taking in the deep V front, showing off her ample cleavage. The short red dress just barely covered her matching red panties, hidden just under the short hem. She wore no nylons, her golden tan getting darker from the days out at the pool. She really tanned easily, her soft skin turning a golden bronze, except for the perfect triangle around her crotch and pussy area. Joe loved her tan lines, especially when she teased him, showing them off.

Mary also loved the way she looked, turning heads as they walked the strip. The short dress flowed with her alluring stride, moving with her tanned legs showing just a glimpse of her pretty lace panties below. Joe was very aware of the stares she drew, which seemed to spark a light skip in Mary’s sexy walk. She knew how her sex appeal effected the horny men around her, wondering if they were getting stiff cocks as she teased them. She could probably pass as a very expensive call-girl. The ogling men thinking how lucky Joe was to be with her. But she appeared not interested in the least as they walked hand in hand towards the hotel which they had reservations tonight. It was a hypnotist, well know on the strip. His show was ‘R’- rated, and for adults only. The previews and reviews looked very good when they had booked it months ago. People acting like chickens, or thinking they were naked in a crowd, put a sexy and comical spin on this highly rated show.

They arrived about 45 minutes before the show began, and decided to wait in the casino’s bar and have a drink before heading in. Mary ordered her usual; vodka charge with a lime. And Joe his favorite; a brandy old fashioned. They were free in the casino, and were well poured, not skimping on the alcohol. They went down faster than the couple thought, soon finding empty glasses in front of them. Joe was happy they had a good supper before hand to mix with the strong booze. Seconds were ordered promptly, but consumed at a much slower pace this time. After all, Mary’s limit was two for the night. More than that, she might miss the show!

Sitting on high stools by a roulette table, the love birds tried their hand at the numbers. They were not gamblers, but a few bucks here and there would not hurt. And as long as the drinks were free, throwing a twenty on the table evened it out.

“Lets go for broke”, Mary said with a slight slur in her voice. She was not a gambler at all, but they way she felt tonight in her revealing dress, gave her the courage to go for higher stakes. She put the whole twenty on the lone green O. Odds were at 48 to 1 on this spot. A passionate kiss from Joe, and the wheel was spun. Around and around the little white ball danced, bouncing all over the numbers. Once the table stopped, unbelievably, the small white ball landed on the single 0. They had won! And at 48 to 1 odds, they soon had $960 in their hands! Maybe not a lot of money to most of the gamblers around them who seemed uninterested in the big win. But to them, non-gamblers, it was huge! Free spending money for the rest of the trip.

Joe grabbed his sexy lady giving her a passionate kiss right there in front of everyone. He did not care who saw him grab the beautiful woman, his hands automatically cupping her ass cheeks in his big hands.

“My lucky baby”, he said to Mary with joy in his heart.

“Lets burn the city down babe”, she said back to him with fire in her eyes. Her hands brushed casually over his hardening cock between his legs. She really knew how to turn him on. And just looking at her sexy short red dress and deep cleavage, who could argue. Joe tried in vane to hide his growing cock, grabbing her hands.

“We better head in to the show”, he tried to change the thoughts from his growing cock. The show would start in about ten minutes, so the happy, richer couple headed into the theater hand in hand.

As soon as they were seated in the front row, the waiter asked if they wanted another drink. They were also free, so why not they thought. They could sip them as the show went on, making them last for the next hour and a half easily. In a few minutes, the vodka and brandy drinks were delivered, just as the lights dimmed for the show.

Mary and Joe really enjoyed the show, being even better than they had ever expected. People barked like dogs, clucked like chickens, and thought they were naked in front of everyone. It was hilarious, and well worth the money spent. And the forth set of drinks they were served, helped in the appeal of the great show too of course.

By the time they got up after the show, both Mary and Joe could feel the effects of the strong drinks. The walk back to the hotel would hopefully help sober them up a little. The night had cooled just a little, but was still at a balmy 75 degrees. The two blocks back in the cooler night, had Mary walking with a little swing in her hips. Joe knew she was thinking of the good fucking she would get once back in the hotel room. Her thoughts affirmed his own excitement as she teased his stiffening cock with light brushes from her hands. He was having difficulties walking himself, and not from the drinks, but a growing hard-on that Mary teased along the way. And she also teased him with her short dress, walking ahead of him slightly as they climbed the steps to the strips overpass. Her short dress bounded on her shapely ass, showing the red crotch of the lacy panties she wore. Joe noticed a bunch of men behind them ogling her charms as she bounced up the stairs. They were obviously part of a bachelors party, looking for ‘action’, and all horned up probably just from a strip club. And the sexy tart in front of them continued with the show, her pretty panties being flashed to them as she climbed the steps in front of them all. And Joe knew she was doing it on purpose. The sly grin on her face said it all. Her sexy body aroused them all, stiff cocks springing to action at the sight of her charms. And loving being a cock tease, Mary made sure they had a good show. Once she got to the top of the tall stairs, she bent over to pick up one of the many sex fliers on the ground. She knew exactly what she was doing, as groans came from the men behind Joe who got a full shot of her shapely ass cheeks just barely covered by the sheer red panties.

Dam, she really knew how to work a crowd, Joe smiled, his own cock hard as steel from the sexy sight before him. What a tease! She was really going to get fucked tonight when they got back to the hotel room!

Once in the room, Joe brought her tightly against his body, her beautiful breasts pressed into his chest. His hands went automatically to her wonderful ass, sneezing the soft globes in his meaty hands as she sighed into his neck.

They began to undress each other, the excitement growing between them like a forest fire. Mary was really turned on, the show she gave to the young men exciting her. The dew from between her thighs began to wet the red panties between her crotch as the couple embraced in a love that seemed to grow each day.

“Lets have a shot of Fireball to cerebrate”, Mary quipped. They did not need a special occasion, just being together was enough. With a light ‘clink’ of the two shot glasses, down the hatch went the potent elixir. The strong shot warmed their bellies, and had them both holding toughly onto each other for support.

Looking through the floor to ceiling windows, Mary noticed the dark pool below them. All that illuminated the waters, were the soft blue underwater lights. It was nearly 3am, and the pool was closed, encased in total darkness except for the shimmering soft pool lights.

With a devilish grin, Mary said, “Lets go for a swim big boy”.

Joe saw the fire in her eyes, and glanced down at the empty pool below them. Why not he thought. If they were quiet, and stayed in the far corner of the dark pool, no one would see them. It would be a great way to cool off too.

“Lets go”, he said to Mary reaching for his suit.

“We don’t need suits, no one can see us anyway, and who cares”, she replied to a wide eyed Joe.

This was very unusual for her to act this way. Mary was very conservative, and this was definitely out of the box for her. But as she said, who cares, its Vegas after all!

Hand in hand, with only their underwear on beneath the terry cloth hotel robes, they headed down to the empty pool. Once inside with a quick pass from their security room key, they quickly headed to the dark corner of the pool.

Being so early in the morning, it was very quiet, and the pool area was completely deserted. They could hear the bubbling hum from the warm jacuzzi coming from the dark corner of the large pool area. With a quick nod to each other, they headed towards the inviting sauna. Throwing the robes to the side, they slipped into the warm clear water. Since it was still considered early spring in Vegas, and with the sudden unexpected warmer temps, the pools heaters were still on high, bringing the water up to a warm 104 degrees. It was heavenly, instantly warming the couple up as they embraced in the clear bubbling waters.

The two caressed each others body in the empty jacuzzi. Joe kissed Mary with a deep full kiss, his tongue pressing into her open mouth in acceptance. His hands wandered all over her toned body feeling her tight curves as he groped at her sexy body. His cock sprang forward, poking into Mary’s flat tummy.

Suddenly, Joe picked her light tiny body up, sitting her on the jacuzzi’s ledge before him. He spread her toned thighs, and pressed his face into her wet crotch. Joe pulled the clinging red lace panties aside, revealing the soft pedals to her sweet pussy. His tongue poked between the pouting lips, sending shivers up her spine as he licked the nectar from her pussy. She was really wet, the nights teasing having an effect on her exited pussy.

Joe pushed his rough tongue into her opening pussy lips, sucking on the hardening clit that made Mary swoon. She laid back on her elbows, watching as Joe expertly worked over her puffy lips, starting her towards an orgasm. She was getting closer, opening her thighs wider for him. She closed her eyes, concentrating on the pleasure between her legs.

Her senses took in all the surrounding sounds and smells of the empty pool. The booze put her in a dream state, adding to her excitement. All she could hear were the hum of the pools jets warming the clear convulsing waters. The aromatic smell of flowers and,... ‘what was that sweet smell? She tried to remember the oder wafting through her nostrils. Then she remembered its pungent smell. It was marijuana! But where was it coming from?

Mary looked around, her eyes trying to peer into the dark corners of the pools lounge areas. Suddenly, she saw the red glow from a cigarette, or presumably the weed she was smelling. There was someone in the far corner of the dark pool! They were not alone! She tried to pull Joe’s head from between her thighs, but he was plastered to her throbbing pussy, not ready to give up his prize. Their robes were too far to reach too. They were stuck, whom ever was in the corner was getting a good look at the nearly naked woman sitting on the pools edge. Mary suddenly realized her see-through bra did nothing to conceal her full breasts, especially now that it was wet. She might as well have nothing on her heaving breasts and hardening nipples, clearly visible under the see-through lace fabric.

But, oh my, Joe was really working between her thighs. Her pussy was dripping with her excitement, and the glowing ember in the corner seemed to become less of an obstacle as her body continued down the path towards her release.

The booze also seemed to lessen the effects of being watched, and Mary just surrendered to her surroundings. It actually sort of excited her more being watched. The dangerous element of being discovered heightened her awareness. She finally just let it go. Who cares, she thought. Everyone fucks. And everyone has seen a half naked woman before, she assumed. Besides, Joe was really working over her clit, and all she wanted now was to cum on his probing tongue.

With half open eyes, Mary watched as the figure stepped from the shadows of the lounge area. As in a trance, the shape started to approach them. Who. or whatever it was, was very tall. The shape seemed to be a giant, slowly getting closer to her almost naked body. As her eyes tried to adjust to the darkness, the faint glow of eyes, and white teeth began to appear on the huge figure. She thought about pulling Joe from her thighs, but he was too busy, buried deep within her aroused pussy. Joe could stay down on her for hours if she let him. He was a happy man munching on her flowing pedals. And he continued to bring her closer to the orgasm she longed for. The whole scenario seemed more like a dream by each passing second. They never spoke a word, as nothing but the whirl of the hot tubs jets seemed to fill the nights air. There was no need to talk, the body actions were loud enough.

The dark shape seemed to glide towards them, and soon the figure stood next to her. She was not afraid, or worried about the dark stranger seeing her almost completely naked. The sweet smell from the marijuana filled her nostrils as the red glow came closer to her full lips. The joint touched her parting lips, and Mary sucked the potent smoke into her lungs. It filled her body with an erotic jolt that took over her body like never before. So quickly in fact, she began to feel it’s effects immediately. It must have been very expensive marijuana to hit her so fast. She exhaled the faint smoke from her lungs, smooth enough that she did not even cough.

Mary’s eyes clouded over. Her senses heightened ten-fold as the drug surged through her warming body. Mary felt the glowing effect overtake her as her breasts heaved forward. The hard nipples even seemed to grow longer, and it felt as though Joe was sucking her clit into a long hard bud between his expert lips like a power vacuum.

Her orgasm seemed to linger forever on the brink of explosion. The sweet drug prolonged her escape, and added a slow shiver that came from the tips of her toes dangling just under the warm water.

Mary looked into the strangers eyes as the red glow became brighter when he pulled a long hit from the small cigarette.

It was the huge black man Marvin she first saw in the pool, and later at the dance club. She blushed a little, remembering all the sexy stuff they had done that night. He obviously had not flown out like he said he would. The big man just stood above her, taking in her toned body with a lustful stare. His big cock started to move downward as he took in her almost naked form.

Mary’s breasts began to rise and fall with her heavy excited breathing. Her thighs parted even more for Joe, who took the invitation to move even deeper between her trembling legs. He had no idea the huge black basketball player stood next to them.

Mary just stared at the tall black man, becoming mesmerized by his large size. He looked even darker in the faint glow from the main pool lights. All the big man had on were his baggy silk basketball shorts, which were also black with very thin white stripes down the outside legs.

As Mary looked over the huge giant, she saw him reach for his crotch area, and he began to stroke his cock just beneath the fabric. He obviously did not have underwear or a jock strap on, as his huge cock danced freely beneath the black shorts. It swayed from side to side under the mid-thigh shorts as the black man slowly stroked it.

She watched in awe as the thick form began to grow within his huge meaty hand. The man’s cock began to appear just under the lower hem of his shorts, a very dark black mushroomed head started poking out. His black cock had to be at least 8 inches long, and it was still growing!

With an outstretched hand, the big black man coaxed the tiny woman below him to take his hand. In a trance, Mary reached up to the huge man, allowing him to place her hand on his growing cock. She shuttered as she felt the powerful penis with her small hand, still hidden under the shorts. With a little guidance, Mary began to stroke the hardening cock as it began to expand right before her widening eyes. She had never felt another mans cock like this before, especially with Joe right there, still busy between her trembling thighs. She was fixated on the growing cock in her hand, stroking it by herself now as the black man pushed his hips forward for her to easily reach him.

Mary grasped the hardening cock as it began to drop further below the shorts. Up and down she rubbed the huge organ, watching it get bigger from her tiny hand.

The tall black man reached down, pulling his hardening cock free from the woman’s hand, and flipped the black penis up and over the waist band of his shorts. His large, orange sized balls were just over the elastic band of his shorts, his growing snake arching out to Mary’s face in the glow of the soft lights. It was absolutely huge! The mushroomed head flared out from the dark veined shaft in a long arch downwards from the weight.

Marvin reached out with her tiny hands once more, placing the small fingers around his wide cock. They did not even fit around the black snake as it seemed to move within her trembling hands.

Mary’s breathing hastened as she began to wrap her small hands around the black shaft feeling the raw power it possessed. Slowly, she began to slide her hands up and down the hardening black cock once again. It still grew within her small hands, her red fingernails scraping lightly along the thick veined sides.

From above her, Marvin offered the once shy small woman another hit from the glowing blunt. She took another deep breath from the potent cigarette, the drug building within her excited body. The warm feelings came back even stronger, helping her calm down. Her breathing returned to normal as the rush came over her erotic body. Mary’s nipples still stuck out like erasers and she began to notice Joe once again between her legs pushing forward even more to lick out her flowing nectar.

Mary concentrated on the huge black cock hanging right in front of her face, stroking the hardening shaft like a pro. With both hands moving in rhythm, the tiny sex pot began to work on the giant cock in earnest. Up and down the black shaft Mary moved her small hands. She could see the large slit in the huge black head as she worked over the massive shaft. A clear drop of cum dripped onto her small palm helping her hands move easier. Every time she squeezed the huge black cock downward, another large drop of cum flowed from the mushroomed head. It was almost like the big black man was cumming in small amounts, just enough to coat her tiny hands with the musky lubrication.

Mary’s face was hardly an inch from the huge black cock’s head, watching in fascination as the powerful organ throbbed in her stroking hands. She could feel the blood cursing through the large veins, bringing the massive black cock down to almost touch her pouting lips. It almost seemed natural at this point to at least lick the clear drop of dew from the huge head.

Mary stuck her wet tongue out and pointed it at the large slit in the black mans cock. She tasted the salty drop, surprised by the flavorful taste that danced across her pointed tongue. He actually tasted quite good, almost as good as Joe’s cum, but different. With a glance up at the towering giant man, Mary opened her mouth as wide as she could, taking the black mushroomed head into her warm mouth. She’d given Joe’s average sized cock many blow jobs before, but this massive weapon was about as far as it would go into her small mouth. With her hands, she began to pump up and down the huge black cock, trying to push more past her red lips. The giant organ began to throb in her fast moving hands, the blood cursing through the large veins under her expert fingers.

Mary felt compelled, and excited beyond words now, longing for the black snake to shoot his seed into her open mouth. Faster and faster she massaged the massive cock, pushing even more of the bulbous head into her open throat. It was like trying to swallow a soda can. She had taken about four inches past her open lips, the massive head mushrooming out even more as she stroked the giants organ forward. She could feel Marvin tense up, his tall body stiffening above her.

Suddenly his black cock erupted like a volcano, sending his hot seed into her open throat. Mary could feel his huge cock pulsate within her tiny hands as he came. The hot sperm coated her tongue and ran into her belly below like a small river. He kept cumming and cumming, over and over in hard jets that shot into her open throat like a cannon. She swallowed as fast as she could, greedy not to miss a single drop of his sperm. She sucked the huge black organ with a sexual urge unknown by her reserved demeanor.

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